Jan 02 2007

The smoke clears

Unrelated foto-du-jour: my 3-year-old niece Rotel Faster, in cow-print jammies, at the moment of impact after having been chucked into a puffy chair

I’ll be out of the office for the next day or two, but before I biff off I’d like to express my appreciation to those readers — particularly those who emailed me say that my work here has been a positive influence in their lives, and those offering apologies — who refrained from the apparently irresistible urge to wax mean-spirited on assorted blogs during the recent unpleasantness. I read through some of that stuff last night, and, after throwing up blood, made a couple of enlightening discoveries. For example, according to a few liberal progressive kindhearted feminist visionaires and blithe spirits,

I hate men.
I don’t hate men enough.
I love men too much.
I hate women.
I am a feminazi.
I hate feminists.
I hate red-headed people.
I hate straight people.
I hate children.
I hate poor people.
I hate Korean farmers.
I was once the most hated and hateful restaurant critic in the history of alt-weeklies.
I particularly hate _________ (your oppressed group/issue here), I am full of nothing but hate, and I Blame the Patriarchy is a hate site.
Hating me is fun!

I would like to assure you that the seeming popularity of these ill-considered beliefs has reinvigorated my determination to continue — supercilious tone and all — the fight against high heels, the global paradigm of dominance and submission, binary sex roles, poor grammar, frisée, femininity, and other corrupting forces in society that perpetuate dependence, ignorance, misogyny, indigestion, and, yup, hate.

Oh, and one last thing: I strongly urge everyone to go to the Project Implicit site and take a couple of the demonstration tests. The tests attempt to measure “conscious-unconscious divergences”, i.e. hidden biases, that exist in the nether regions between what you think you think and what you really think about race, gender, disability, and a lot of other stuff. Whether or not you agree with the methodology and results, I believe you’ll find it an enlightening exercise.

Happy new year.


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  1. alphabitch.org

    Thanks for the summary. I’ve been offline for days. So glad I missed all this.

  2. reclusiveleftist.com

    Twisty, I am so sorry about all this. Until this post I hadn’t realized how much this has affected you, but of course I shouldn’t be surprised. Even a mighty spinster aunt like yourself can only take so much hate.

    Hating me is fun!

    Ain’t that the fucking truth. There’s a lot of bullshit factionalism afloat and you are too often the target. People’s Front of Judea and all that. If it’s any consolation, the reason you’re a target is of course because of those 20,000 readers a week who don’t hate you, not one little bit, and are grateful for your blog, your blaming, and you.

    I would like to assure you that the seeming popularity of these ill-considered beliefs has reinvigorated my determination to continue — supercilious tone and all — the fight against high heels, the global paradigm of dominance and submission, binary sex roles, poor grammar, frisée, femininity, and other corrupting forces in society that perpetuate dependence, ignorance, misogyny, indigestion, and, yup, hate.


    Twisty, happy new year. For all the times I haven’t thanked you for this blog: thank you.

  3. tuckova.com

    See, I come to stay up-to-date with the blaming, but I keep coming back because of the delicious supercilious tone and because I aspire to string my thoughts into sentences with some degree of coherence, and am led to believe that regular exposure to your brilliance is important to achieving this. Also, I like a woman who knows how to throw around “recent unpleasantness.”

  4. alphabitch.org

    PS — the pic of young Rotel is delightful. Also, the IATs at Project Implicit are indeed fascinating; I’d forgotten all about those. I just learned, for example, that I have a slight automatic preference for fat people as compared to thin. Who knew?

  5. I’m sorry you’ve had to endure all this, Twisty. I have only love and admiration for you and your site. Your admirers are many; the haters are just louder than we are.

  6. According to the one I took I have a strong automatic preference for gay people over straight people, which I’m not entirely sure is so.

  7. No hate from here. Nothin’ but love.

    Koolaid mustache and all.

    Happy New Year! Keep rockin the blog!


  8. animeg.blogspot.com

    You also hate women who wear thong panties.

  9. Greetings Twisty. I’m new to the blogosphere and kind of nervous that I will make some horrible faux pas. Please let me know if I do. I decided to jump in here since this seems like one of the more thoughtful and intelligent blogs where there are some standards for knowing what you’re talking about and saying it well. Don’t know if I measure up, but I’d like to be part of the convo. I’m not new to feminism, though my theoretical background is self-taught and a bit spotty. I hope to listen and learn on this site and others, but I’m pretty put off by the “recent unpleasantness.” Is this what the feminist blogging world looks like? Given the vastness of women’s oppression, the endless nit-picking and mean-spirited arguments seem like such a waste of energy.

    I’m glad you’re still determined to continue plodding forward in your sensible shoes (farmer boots?) Your witty and intelligent (i.e. supercilious? oh please) thoughts are an invaluable contribution to feminist consciousness. Happy New Year.

  10. Thank you for your clear analysis and stimulating writing. Happy New Year!

  11. Dear Twisty,

    joining in here with the commenting and non-commenting throngs (of which I know there are many) to shower you with appreciation and gratitude.
    What you have to say isn’t always easy to hear, but I thank you for it.
    Wishing you the best of all possible New Years.

  12. I agree; frisée is gross.

    I apparently prefer old people to young people, although I wouldn’t consider myself an old person.

    Thank you for your blog, and happy new year.

  13. Thanks for a terrific year of blaming and frisee-hating. You are a brilliant writer and an inspiration to this old lady.

    Happy New Year, and Blame ON!

  14. spinningtumor.blogspot.com

    Rotel for President!

  15. blamethedrugwar.blogspot.com

    Keep up the fight Twisty. I get called a man-hater all the time. It doesn’t bother me so much anymore. It just means you have struck a nerve. That isn’t a bad thing. Just keep up the excellent blaming. The world needs far more spinster aunts.

  16. Just another husky voice in the Thank Twisty Chorus writing to wish you a happy new year. May you have an endless supply of beautifully turned phrases with which to battle the patriarchy this year. I enjoy your site. I need it. It sustains me here in New Hampshire.

    And to all the regular (and irregular) commenters here, thank you for all the enlightened conversation at IBTP. It’s almost always an educational venture (eduventure?) when I log in. Good for my mental acuity. Keeps my underemployed brain from turning to mush.

    Cheers all around!

  17. Rock on, Twisty. You can’t please all the people all of the time, and you know that already. Just think: when people get their underwear in a twist about something you have said, that means it is significant enough to cause a splutter of defensive fizz, and therefore must have some weight. Everyone is always trying to silence those interlocuters who are fucking up their convenient untruths. If you were spewing nonsense, not many people would care. The truth makes people REAL uncomfortable. I hope you continue to twist people’s underwear for a long time to come.

    Happy New Year!

  18. You hate redheaded people? Damn, I missed that one! Here I thought for sure my flowing auburn locks were enough to keep me on your apparently vanishingly small good side.

    I suppose it’s a sign of excellent training on the part of the patriarchy that despite your clear hatred, I still love you madly.

    Blame on!

  19. faultline.org

    You left out my favorite one, TF, in which you take time out from all the above only to wax lyrical about “rich people food.”

    Damn you and your bourgeois taco fetish anyway. Pig.

  20. What VioletSocks said, and, 3yr old nieces – ahh – an excellent way to keep sane.

  21. katelynsack.com/visiopoetics

    I have been lazily tuning out the dumbass noise whilst enjoying the holidays and only intermittently feeding my patriarchy-blaming addiction. Bad, lazy Hermit. (Hermit the Cog, if you will.)

    To join in the singing out:

    You are wonderful, dear darling Spinster Aunt. Please do not fret over the fritters. You know where the main course is.

    Happy holidays and much hat-tipping to you, away from the hazy bloggosphere. I greatly look forward to more beautiful art, impeccably clear yet creative writing, and brilliant, necessary blaming.

  22. hedonisticpleasureseeker.wordpress.com

    You hate redheads? Awwww rats. Guess I won’t be turning lesbian, after all.

  23. I hate the genderless bees from the future that are flying through a portal in time and up my ass. Hey! They’re flying up everyone’s ass!

    Are you sure those are cows on those jammies? It looks like the blur of wings to me.

    yrs, BDL

  24. Happy New Year Twisty. I love your writing, I love that you have re-introduced me to feminism, reading the discovery and I love you.

  25. I thought I typed reading, and discovery. Now if you could fix my vision, after you’re finished with the patriarchy, I’d be much obliged.

    I won’t be posting much anymore. Best to everyone.

  26. reclusiveleftist.com

    I hate the genderless bees from the future that are flying through a portal in time and up my ass. Hey! They’re flying up everyone’s ass!

    And you, B. Dagger Lee, damn near always make me laugh.

  27. evidently, i missed the earthquake and have only caught a few of the aftershocks. i generally only hear unpleasantries of that magnitude from cranky hormonal teenagers who have the misfortune of living at the same address, and usually they apologize. whole bundles of fun, but at least i have the consolation of becoming somewhat less “stupid” as they grow more mature. and, i could always change the locks.

    did someone really complain about your food posts? i seem to recall some dog-hatin’ comments, too, along about the time bert turned the yard into a minefield of ankle-twisting possibilities and chewed some of your favorite shoes. a few of your public cans of austin reviews have been less than complimentary, as well.

    here’s to a blaming 2007!

  28. I havnt commented since you password-protected but I read every day. You make me think most of the time, but you always make me laugh.
    Those other bloggers, the haters, I read them too, for enlightenment, for news, to feel some solidarity. But if I read them for too long, these others who rarely find humor in our oppression, I lose my own sense of humor.
    I can always count on coming here to get a laugh.
    The weight of the patricarchy bearing down can seem like an unbearable burden without that laugh, and there is nothing I could say that would adequatly express my heartfelt gratitude at the spring you bring into my sneaker-wearing step.
    I would also like to note that, as a fellow human being, who fucks up upon occaision, there is not a single other big-time feminist blogger I have ever read who has admiited that they were wrong, mistaken, or otherwise not perfect. Except you. Let them have their perfection. I’ll take human.
    As for those who criticize your moderation – 1) While I appreciate the need for “safe space” in any community I dont think every space has to be safe. I think that hatred, intolerance and stupidity speak for themselves and require no moderation. The whole “If you stand by without action you are just as guilty” argument is powerful but the people making it cant be serious or they wouldnt have time to make it in the first place.
    I thank you for everything you have given me and wish you a much healthier 2007.

    -a 36 year old practising hetro soccer mom from suburbia who gives blow jobs, hates food, is overweight, doesnt shave her legs, doesnt wear makeup or high heels, dresses like a bum, watches too much tv and doesnt know how to knit and wishes she could sit with Twisty every day and blame.

  29. Oh laugh away, Violet Socks. Your bee is tardy.

  30. Many years ago I worked at a tourist attraction. It was a very attractive attraction all summer. Around about August it seemed that the visiters were getting crazier and crazier; they demanded to be admited when we were closed and so on.

    My boss at the time was a spinster aunt of infinite patience. She would proclaim after a particularly obstreperous encounter: “People are ready to go back to work.”

    Exhibit A: IBTP readers and commentators

    Exhibit B: DTWOF commentators

    Since the holidays are over, can we leave the earnestness to other blogs please? They do it so well and you write a mean satire.

  31. Dear Twisty,
    Your efforts on this blog have profoundly changed my relationship with my family members. I have told you this before, but in light of the recent unpleasantness, I need to remind you. There are young men who read this blog in an effort to recognize that which is obvious to us and invisible to them. For the sake of the children, please stay shrill and blame on.
    I love all you guys, but I love Twisty best. Happy new year.

  32. thebelderness has reminded me — one reason i read this blog is to maintain sanity, another is that i need to keep remembering what my kids don’t know, and also i need to laugh. i have a son and a daughter. much as i have tried with my boy, there is a ways to go, and maybe there always will be. my daughter — she is reasonably sensible, but she kinda thinks the fight for equality is over, and she hasn’t hit any of the bad roadblocks yet.

  33. faultline.org/place/toad

    (waving lace hankie) Aloha, and a relaxing and encouraging coupla days to you. And tell that Bert to behave himself!

  34. Better late than never?

    I’m a habitual reader and I adore this site and your writing, Twisty. I know that you’ve broadened my thinking and the thinking of my friends and spouse. I’m so glad you are still alive and blaming.


  35. flewellyn.livejournal.com

    Well, never let it be said that you can’t handle a firestorm of angry, hyperbolic, and sometimes incoherent criticism and vituperation with aplomb.

    Or, at least, with something other than your fists or shotgun.

    Thank you for writing what you do. You may not be totally perfect, but parts of you are excellent.

  36. flewellyn.livejournal.com

    And by the way, I tried the “White vs. Native American” IAT, and apparently I “moderately” associate white people with foreignness, and native people with Americanness. Apparently only 9% of respondents get this result.

    Piqued my interest, for sure.

  37. I’ve only been readin’ and lovin’ the site for a few months now, but am so glad it’s here. Thank you!!
    –gb (a 49-year-old asexual female who is long-term partnered with a bisexual male; it takes all kinds, eh?)

  38. alphabitch.org

    Hedonist: There are plenty of other lesbians who like redheads.


  39. blog.3bulls.net

    Ditto to Chris Clarke. The thing is, if someone wants to play dirty, they will not attack your views about stuff, they will attack aspects of your personality they perceive gives you joy (i.e. the morsel institute) or they will attack anything that suggests a class divide (big words or access to health care (how could you accept cancer treatment?), they will attack the things you can’t change or wouldn’t want to change (the things they perceive as the actual you). Of course this very comment will be used as fodder, because what are Chris Clarke and I but a cabal of dudes.

    Now, none of the above approves the fallacy than any criticism of Twisty cannot be correct because she is simultaneously attacked for paradoxical reasons.

    I do see how there is a very difficult area between hating behavior/choices enforced/thought to be enforced by patriarchy in principle and dealing with how that criticism affects actual women that partake in the behavior. These are legitimate concerns. The only way to deal with it is to keep arguing about it and discussing it.

  40. mjroseblog.typepad.com/buzz_balls_hype

    I missed the brouhaha as well, and all I can say is that I’m sorry for the abuse that has been heaped on you as a reward for your unremitting honesty and appreciation for nuance. You are unique, hilarious, and insightful, and this combination of outstanding qualities apparently invites misreading and hostility. You deserve much, much better.

  41. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    I truly do not understand the nature of this particular factional fight. I think it may have something to do with aspects of American culture with which I am not familiar.

  42. I was trying to think of good things that happened in 2006 and then I remembered, I discovered you, Twisty, and my brain woke up. That discovery alone gave the past year a supernova platinum star and gave me something to look forward to in ’07.

    I missed the frisee controversy. It’s very good with thinly sliced asian pear and a mustardy vinegarette.

  43. I raise my kool-aid to you as well – every day, whether or not you post, and whether or not I agree with everything you say. (Let alone everything the commenters say – that aspect of the whole mess just boggles the mind.)

    I’m thrilled to hear that you’re feeling reinvigorated by all this. Perhaps we owe a big thank you to the Blame the Blamers bunch for that.

  44. paycheckparty.org

    I love you, Twisty, and I hate men, and you don’t hate me, not to mention Joe, and I’m a man, so you can’t hate all men, so all the absolutists who insist on seeing everything as if it were male or female, or any other use of categories to divide and destroy rather than unite and inspire can just keep on with their blaming everything and everybody but the patriarchy.

    But I, thanks to you, find it much easier to blame the patriarchy.

  45. Thanks fer bloggin’. Sorry for poopin’ in your litterbox, though.

    Actually, one of the things during the recent unpleasantness that made hopping mad was the dismissal of “rich people food.” Like OMFG that’s insane. Everyone, sometime in their lives, should eat at a starred restaurant. I mean, if one can afford a computer and internet connection, then one can afford to spend a wad once a year at a well-regarded restaurant.

    Food is good. Mama’s home cookin’ is great. One’s favourite restaurant is great. A four-star restaurant is… transporting. I’d never have believed or known that food could be so amazing, so transcendent. Anyone who scoffs at rich people food knows fuck all about eating.

  46. Twisty

    Somehow I missed the “rich people food” thing. A real tragedy, as it would have made a much better post title.

  47. Just wanted to post to THANK YOU for your blog. Just thinking about a internet sans twisty is an unpleasant experience! So thanks again and happy new year!

  48. bourgeois taco fetish

    Ooh, great name for a band!!!

    Twisty, don’t let the haters grind you down. Keep On Blamin’!

  49. I missed the brouhaha, so I know not whereof I speak. But I’ll say this: I love Twisty, and coming from me that means something.

  50. 27july1869.blogspot.com

    I’m not even sure what the unpleasantness was, but I’ve got no mind to go in search of it. I have limited amounts of time and energy, and I admit that I often read your post but don’t wade through all of the commnetariat’s leavings, not least because they often seem to go off in a direction that wasn’t even suggested by your original post. I love you, Twisty, as I’ve said before and will say again. I don’t always agree with you, and what I’d like more than anything is to sit down with you over a meal and discuss some of this shit in person, because I think it’d be one hell of a conversation. Plus, we see eye to eye on the frisee thing.

  51. As far as greens go, I certainly prefer radicchio, arugula, and endive. But what is so bad about frisee?

  52. faultline.org/place/toad

    Psst! Chris? Pinko? Is she gone yet?

    OK, break out the frisee! Party party party!

  53. vera.wordpress.com

    Twisty had better be monitoring this comment stream for references to frisee.

  54. Twisty, I hardly ever post here, but I read you faithfully everyday. I don’t always agree with you, but I think you have one the of most intelligent, well-written, thoughtful and genuinely funny blogs out there. I have come to depend on my morning Twisty-and-coffee combo–you’re more filling than doughnuts and you always get my brain kicked into gear. And, you keep me honest.

    I was shocked by the fevered pitch of “witch-hunt” hysteria that was reached in the blogosphere over the last several days. I did read a number of the posts on some of the blogs and the whole thing was really disappointing and very unfair to you. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, and I just wanted to let you know that you have nothing but love from me–even if you do hate redheads.


  55. arsepoetica.typepad.com

    Twisty also hates ellipses. Poor, defenseless ellipses! They’re no match for a supercilious* tone.

    Did I mention that I saw (w/ my XX-ray spex) some male gaze sneak into the framing of a couple of the varmint pictures? Yuh huh. Like when did she join the Men’s Libbers?

    Oh, and she pinches kittens. But nobody’s perfect.

    [*”Uppity,” anyone?]

    P.S. I was away and missed the whole dust up. This just happens to be my comment.

  56. faultline.org

    Men don’t say “supercilious.”

  57. Agh! Arugula is mentioned again! How can you call this a genuine feminist blog when people keep talking about arugula?! Across the pond they call it rocket. IBTP.

  58. Twisty, I love you fellow spinster aunt, you’ve contributed much to this young onion, and I would sooo make out with you. So, if you’re ever in the mood to shed that mostly celibate label you know you can count on your blaming public to help a sister out, starting with moi.

    Here’s to a fantastic 007.


  59. blog.3bulls.net

    Super elitist frisee hating fem blog commenting dudes don’t say “supercilious.” They are it, and frankly if you were learned and subtle enough in your reading comprehension you would know it, my sad friend.



    PS too many italics?

  60. I am glad to hear that the last few posts haven’t blown this blog all apart and Twisty remains Fast in her resolution to persist with the blaming.

    I for one found the exchange quite interesting and enlightening. I still have much to learn and intend to continue learning; reading list which I’ve collected from the commenters here not withstanding. I have been stomped on here before and I imagine I’ll get stomped on a few times more. We all know that most change comes with some pain and struggle.

    I do think that anger can be constructive and I also hope that those who were angry can at some point return on a calmer note as the engagement, I think, of all sides is important. We all have value here in the discourse and I really did like Mar, Lucky and the others who have said they choose to opt out of here.

    The vibrancy of the controversy and conflict is what makes this blog interesting, deleting or limiting that for the sake of everyone’s comfort makes for boring back slapping with little challenge.

  61. Twisty, the only reason you get up the nose of people is because you don’t stint. I’m SICK AND FUCKING TIRED of blogs that stint or backpedal to keep their readers from feeling queasy about something or to allow them to rest in denial or a false sense of ANYTHING, really. Your blog is quite literally the only place I know where you hear the goddamned unvarnished truth a la:

    “But isn’t there a way for me to turn wearing a pink sport corset into an ironic post-feminist political, pro-woman act?”


    “But surely we’ll be able to enjoy a total victory over the patriarchy in my lifetime?”

    No, we won’t.

    “How can I get free of people hanging political baggage off of my body and habits?”

    You can’t.

    “But surely pornography can be a pro-woman, positive thing!”

    Not on this planet.

    “But why aren’t my high heels woman-positive?”

    Ask a man why he’s not wearing them.

    “But MY love of miniskirts is entirely free of patriarchal programming!”


    I mean, none of these things are pleasant, but in the face of them, denial and a fake-chipper “here’s how You Too Can Reclaim Your Sexuality through pole-dancing and blow-job lessons!” or whatever just fucking grates on you after a while. I have had it with blogs, books, and people who insist on sticking their fingers in their ears and humming loud. And we wonder why we turn on one another and end up screaming and arguing about shit like this! It’s because we’re not calling the elephant in the room an elephant in the room — and once we won’t say what’s really going on, we’re just arguing over our particular delusions.

    I mean, what? Goddamn it, am I the only person who sees this? Am I the only one who sees something this huge, all-encompassing, and isn’t drinking the right kool-aid (the OTHER kool-aid) that most of the other blogs are drenched in such that they always churn out shit like, “Okay so things sort of suck for women, but we’re just making TONS of progress and we’ll be dismantling the patriarchy any day now, and all of sexism is only due to a like REALLY TINY minority of men, and I can’t think of a way to turn S&M into a feminist act, but I’m sure one’s out there!”

    People want nothing more than to think they are being daring enough to tell the fucking truth, and they want nothing less than to do it or witness it being done. ALL of the truths you say here are things that no one wants to hear. No wonder people hate your guts from both sides — the right wing hates ANY person speaking the truth (especially a boobless no-bullshit dyke with the verbal acuity of Christopher Marlowe and no uterus to tie her down with an unwanted pregnancy), and the left wing is desperate to not acknowledge how bad things really are. I’m reminded of Al Gore being told, “Well, we’re finding new sources of petroleum in lots of places nowdays!” and replying, “Yeah, and heroin addicts look for veins between their toes.” He could never have said anything that bluntly correct as a politician.

    “When can we get free of the patriarchy?” We can’t.

    “When can sex be not a political act for a woman?” Not before the heat death of the universe.

    “How can I make my 4″ pumps a sassy pro-woman statement?” You can’t.

    Christ, it’s just REFRESHING TO READ THE FUCKING TRUTH after a while. No hedging, no denial, no “but I’m sure things aren’t that bad,” no “but a solution is right around the corner, I’m sure.”

    Hell, not a damned one of us is getting out of this life alive. We’re all terminal. And after a while, after you get a good sense of your illness, sometimes you just want the doctor to tell you the fucking truth: Yep, there’s palliative measures we can take that will make you more comfortable, but not much beyond that. Sometimes, when things are grave, you just want the FUCKING TRUTH. Don’t LIE to me, don’t bullshit me, don’t try to cover the truth in marshmallows and pink ribbons, just don’t fucking LIE TO ME, and especially don’t make me feel like a fucking crazy lady by making me think that everyone else is swallowing the lies so I must be the only nutter out there who doesn’t see the patriarchy going away any time soon, who doesn’t see a solution in my lifetime to a lot of this garbage, and who is sick of living with it. The loneliness of illness lies in that. Sometimes a dying person wants to talk about what it’s like to die. And yes, I realize the weirdness of saying this to a woman who has had multiple body parts removed after they went fetid and tried to kill her from the inside.

    And you know what? Here, I’m not the crazy lady who’s making too much of things, whereas I usually am, even on supposed feminist blogs. Here, sanity reigns. Here, 1 1=2 even if it’s a little hard to take.

  62. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    Twisty also hates ellipses. Poor, defenseless ellipses! They’re no match for a supercilious* tone.

    That’s a shame. I realise that transferring text from Word to blogger leads to an elimination of dashes (which love me as I love them) by blogger. That being the case, I have taken to replacing them with several elipses, using the search and replace facility, so that I might put on airs like Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

  63. wendyhome.com

    Darn. My spelling and punctuation is atrociaous. But maybe I’m insensitive because somehome, despite reading Twisties blog on a daily basis I managed to miss the hate, it was too well buried under the amazing talent she has for making the shere ridiculousness of everday thinking look outrageously stupid. In my book that isn’t hate, that’s ingenuity (probably spelt some other way). Hate is just a rather weak rhetoric used by people who are not capable of countering the findamental arguments put forward.

    Keep those obvious boservations coming, they help lots of us out here in the hinterlands…

  64. unsanesafe.blogspot.com

    Hate is just a rather weak rhetoric used by people who are not capable of countering the findamental arguments put forward.

    Yes. Hate is a very heavy-handed and crude term, used by those who have only learned to think in binaries. The supposition is that if you are not in love with everything about your social context, day after day and minute by minute, then you are a revenge-filled monster, full of hate. An impossibly crude assumption!

  65. womensspace.org

    Yeah, me too, scathed up one side and down the other. It’s all good. In the last few days, we did some good work, work that needed to be done.


  66. KTal, Lucky did not opt out of here. She was banned. Understand?

  67. While disappointed to hear of your disinclination towards us redheads, I’m happy to see your sense of humor is intact. Thank you for enwisening me about the deferential head-tilt. And thanks too for giving me a space in which to hone my blaming skills.

    And HNY to you too, B. Dagger Lee. Bees up the ass are difficult if not impossible to ignore. Thanks for the giggles.

  68. I, too, have become a regular reader in 2006. It’s important to me that someone says out loud the things that Twisty does (and with such panache). Thanks.

  69. allpoetry.com/poets/Jacob20Jesus20Escape

    I am not an experienced blamer but play one on drugs, As The Koolaid Takes Effect (music up) and/or takes my affectations to a new level. As has been kinda mentioned, ’tis the season to pass the unrelish(ed) plate full of hate and humour. If you can’t take the bite then pass the plate of chocolate covered bees, bum.

    Warning: Blaming may cause some discomfort, wretching and hymenoptera in bonnets or boots leading to hemorrhoidal stinging.

    Seriously, there are too many cold drugs in spheres and spiracles…mine, anyway. I’m out but thanks for the thoughts, links, explicative hits, rants and laughs, IBTP/TF.

  70. yeah, yeah alright alright, I got it.

  71. “Hating me is fun!”

    Especially when it enables the hater (who was not a part of the discussion at all) to focus in on what ONE poster wrote and pretend every other comment was like that.

    Which is handy since it enables them to COMPLETELY ignore the actual argument in favor of inventing a new reason to hate! Notice, not one of the haters addressed the excellent points of Mary/Mar etc (I’m forgetting about 100 more)

    Witch-hunt is the perfect word – that’s exactly what they did. I suppose it is easier to manufacture hysterical hate-mongering when you pretend someone who doesn’t agree with you did it first.

  72. Lya Kahlo, yes exactly. And it’s still going on, on other blogs, third hand distortions to prop up their hatefest. Fuckers.

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