Jan 13 2007

Adam Flockhart, creeping asshole

Some banker asshole in Edinburgh has been sentenced to community service for “creeping” into a room containing a sleeping woman, which woman he proceeded to grope. How original. He repeated this pathetic performance at least once more with a different woman a year or two later. His lawyer avers that “alcohol lay behind the offences.”

Alcohol, my bulging, bloodshot eye.

What lay behind the offences was not alcohol. Alcohol is a chemical. It did not invent misogyny. It did not consecrate the pornalizing doctrine that women are submissive receptacles. No, what lay behind the offences was the warm, sympathetic embrace of male privilege as it draped a familiar arm over Adam Flockhart’s dissipated shoulders and whispered into his hairy ear, “You are 50 and this unconscious girl is 23. You may never be able to dominate such a hot, masculinity-affirming commodity again. Go on. She’s practically seducing you — asking for it, really — by being asleep within a 10-mile radius of your entitled dudeliness. So get creepin’, Adam Flockhart!”

This booze-as-mitigating-circumstance bullshit has got to go. It’s either okay to molest women or it isn’t. Adam Flockhart, pornsick banker of Edinburgh, says it is. I say it isn’t.


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  1. RGM

    Let’s see: if a woman uses alcohol and gets raped, well, she had it coming and should have known better. If a man uses alcohol, it’s his excuse to not know better and disavow himself of any responsibilities for his actions. After all, boys will be boys right? Asshattery in Scotland is alive and well.

  2. nancy73

    It’s alive and well in the states, too. Over the New Year’s weekend, a friend was awakened out of a sound sleep by a naked stranger in her bed. Said stranger was a “friend” of her house-mate, who had thrown a party that evening. Neither Stranger or Housemate can see the problem with climbing into bed with a woman you don’t know, in her own house, naked, since “nothing happened”*.

    It’s just such transparent mysogynistic tripe! Offal stuffed with tripe! Gah!

    * – the woman’s boyfriend, who owns the house, has since served eviction papers to the housemate and spoken personally with the stranger to never set foot in his house again (among other carefully worded warnings).

  3. yankee transplant

    Ah, the timeless placing of responsibility for men’s asshocular behavior on inanimate object (or liquid substance in this case)! One of the trademarks of the patriarchy, which, of course, I blame.

  4. Antelope

    And if we did accept that it was all about the alcohol, this makes things better how? Because he is going to make a very sincere promise to the nice judge that he’ll never drink again for the rest of his life?

  5. jnthnu

    If by “community service” it was actually meant “repeatedly anally penetrated with a hot rusty metal thing” or even merely “publicly humiliated in various ways”, this would be a much better bit of news.*

    Unfortunately, alas, it does not. I believe “community service” in fact here roughly translates as “got off with a light slap on the wrist and a bit of a wink, wink from the judge, judge”. **

    * I’d also be pretty stoked, as I try not to say despite having been raised in So.Cal., with “taken out back and shot”, but I’m not much up for defending my biological own kind and their BS these days.

    * or was that, “drink, drink, nudge, nudge” ? Hard to say.


  6. George Smiley

    If by “community service” it was actually meant “repeatedly anally penetrated with a hot rusty metal thing” or even merely “publicly humiliated in various ways”, this would be a much better bit of news.*

    So torture is either (depending on how you want your comment to be read) either very funny, or a very good idea. How disgustingly Abu Ghraib of you.

  7. Twisty

    George Smiley, jnthnu’s patriarchy-blaming skillz are not, perhaps, as mad as they will one day be, but likening the notion of imagined vengeance against a creepy sex offender in the commentary of a minor blog to the real-life torture of actual political prisoners is asinine.

  8. Megan

    Gosh George Smiley, you sound an awful lot like a guy who hasn’t had to endure the advances of the patriarchally entitled upon your unconscious self. When I read jnthnu, I take it to have the tone not of someone sincerely advocating, but of someone who has spent a lifetime enduring not only these advances but the high-and-mighty snot-nosedness of the patriarchally enprivileged such as yourself. SOMETIMES, women get frustrated at those attitudes and need to blow off some steam. Imagine.

  9. George Smiley

    Twisty & Megan, if you’ll reread my comment, you’ll note that I did not imply that jnthnu’s comment was (necessarily) to be taken literally, and that if might have been (probably was) intended as black humor. That was not lost on me.

    So read it as you both think it was intended: permanently disfiguring anal rape is really funny. Har-de-har. It’s all a big fuckin’ joke, a way of (as Megan wrote) blowing off steam. Of course, this is exactly the excuse made by the the Michael Savages and Rush Limbaughs of the world about Abu Ghraib, about police brutality, about rape. Just blowin’ off steam, ma’am. It is precisely the “humor” that power – read, patriarchy – uses to avoid dealing with (among other crimes) prison rape. And it is not more funny because of who you are, or how well you (apparently) cook, or how incisively you (both) write (very). Rape jokes are rape jokes are rape jokes. Ha ha. Criminal gets anally raped. Just the best. Funny funny. Sorry, but jokes like that enable the culture of torture & violence.

  10. Dr. Free-Ride

    Twisty’s personification of the patriarchy (draping a comforting arm and whispering encouragement) just about creeped me out of my skin.

    Let’s hunt down that bastard Patriarchy and rough him up!

  11. Twisty

    Get off your high horse, George Smiley. We are not frat boys, and do not require a lecture on the degree of comedic value afforded by rape. This thread will now resume its previous course.

  12. Megan

    You know what George, I’m sorry. In my original reading, I mistook jnthnu for a woman. Which I don’t mean to pass for, “that makes it all right to joke about anal rape.” What I mean is that I let my own personal history color my interpretation of these comments. I have been guilty of wishing ‘eye for an eye’ type vengeance on men treating me as Adam Flockheart treats women. I don’t seriously wish for those events to happen, and if someone corralled the perpetrators and handed me hot-pokers, I would be vehemently disgusted. But if someone overheard me wishing those vengeances and told me I was disgusting for voicing the thought as if it were funny, I would (as I did) suggest that those people lack empathy for my position exactly because of the patriarchal privilege that they are born with. I can only guess at the luck in your life, but I surmise (and hope) that you won’t ever endure such treatment, nor will you endure feeling entirely powerless to find any act (vengeful or productive) that can make such a thing right. I don’t know how you get over such things without voicing some vitriol. But I do know it’s very easy for someone with your luck to label vengeful thoughts disgusting.

  13. George Smiley

    Thank you for that clarification, Megan. I do not think that your stance is inconsistent with my criticism of jnthnu’s comment, and I’m sorry if you read it that way.

  14. George Smiley

    One last point, then I’ll leave the thread (since Twisty’s obviously pissed off at me). I don’t think that Banker Asshole (or anyone else) should be tortured, but I do think that the woman he attacked would have been entirely within her rights to kill him in extremis, in self-defense.

  15. scratchy888

    but I do think that the woman he attacked would have been entirely within her rights to kill him in extremis, in self-defense.

    Unfortunately this would not be possible from the position of being horizontal and asleep.

  16. Megan

    One assumes they woke up. But also unfortunately, it’s really telling that 2-4 years passed before these women came forward. They probably spent those years getting to the point where they accepted that it was his fault and not theirs; I doubt they were in any psychological position to put up much of a defense when it happened.

  17. Infallible Female

    Elsewhere in this blog you excuse your own out-of-character behaviour by blaming chemicals.
    The interesting thing is: The guy’s lawyer never used the words “okay” or “excuse”. They only appear in this blog and the comments.
    The case is bad enough on its own “merit”; it doesn’t need you putting words in lawyers mouths. That just undermines *your* credibility.

    By the way, endorsing torture IS wrong. I’m sorry to say George lost his nerve and Jnthnu can’t simply wriggle out of previous posts by claiming that they wree some kind of fantasy.

    You people are dangerous… and don’t take that as a compliment. You are dangerous in all the *wrong* ways.

  18. George Smiley

    Infallible [is that like inflammable?] Female: now you are “putting words” in several peoples’ “mouths.” I for one did not say that torture was being endorsed. I said that that was one possible reading of jnthnu’s post. And I have no truck with anycommentor/troll who addresses her intended audience as “you people.”

  19. George Smiley

    Just making sure the botched italic html tag in the previous post is closed.

  20. cycles

    As an reader of Infallible Female’s blog, I’m happy she’s finally posting here and sharing her feelings on this issue from the perspective of a Google ad syndication bot. Won’t someone please think of the impact of this issue on clickthrough to interracial sex videos?

  21. scratchy888

    You people are dangerous… and don’t take that as a compliment. You are dangerous in all the *wrong* ways.

    I have so-called “friends” like that. They are dangerous because they seem to be for you, giving you all sorts of flattering advice. But in the end, it’s just to turn you towards their ideology. They don’t have any interest in helping you cope with your actually reality. In fact, every time you try to bring it up, they point you to the nice roses and pixies in the world and say, “See now, isn’t everything perfectly normal?”

    Such people are the worst possible enemies to have — the most dangerous.

  22. gayle

    cycles, too funny!

    For anyone who doesn’t get it, click on Infallible female’s name and see where it takes you.

    Why am I not surprised?

  23. mearl

    testing, testing…

  24. mearl

    I had a guy creep into my apartment once, when I was 21 and had fallen asleep by accident while doing laundry at 2 am. I was sleeping on my bed, which happened to be right across from the apartment door. Through my sleep I heard an ominous thump, which at first I assumed to be the cats running amok. Then I felt a shaft of light falling across my inert person and suddenly knew the door was being opened. This triggered one of the most blood-stopping experiences I have ever had in my fairly sheltered life, where you come to the sudden realisation that you might be in actual danger.

    Fortunately, I often sleep with a sawed-off pool cue. I sat straight up in bed, brandished the cue, and screamed “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!” It turned out to be my drunk neighbour Joey. Joey was a 29-year-old guy who had moved down the hall and I had a crush on him. He had gone to the bar and gotten oiled, and was on his way past my door, he said, when he saw that it wasn’t fully closed. All he did was fall into my apartment and slobber around awhile trying to make out with me while I dodged him and naively expressed concern for his inebriated state. At the time, I liked this guy, but when a guy does something sneaky and creepy like that, it just turns you right off. I’ve had so many similar experiences with supposedly nice, clean-cut, secondary-school-educated, progressive, wimpy emo-type guys that I have come to enjoy a pleasant ex-het status. It means one thing when some guy you don’t know and gives off a creep vibe does it, but how about the spineless, wet-noodly, feminist-sympathetic “nice” guys you’re dating? Honestly. Every night when I go to bed I wish I would wake up gay.

    This post just triggered the memory, so thought I’d share.

  25. Metal Prophet

    The alcohol excuse is exceedingly lame. All the booze did was give this guy the “courage” to do exactly what he intended to do all along. In vino veritas.

  26. Kali

    Once I was travelling on a train and this sleazy guy groped me repeatedly while I was asleep. I told the conductor about it but he refused to relocate the sleaze because it would “disturb the other people”. I told my dad and he told me not to “unnecessarily inconvenience the gentleman, especially since he had promised not to do it again”. A couple of other guys woke up and made irritated “what’s the big deal, just shut-up and go to sleep” noises. Finally, I grabbed my umbrella (unfortunately I did not have a more lethal weapon with me) and leaned menacingly towards the sleaze, ready to beat him up and physically throw him out. He got scared, left the compartment with his belongings and got down at the next station. After the whole sordid affair was over, my dad suddenly developed some interest in the proceedings and inquired if I always carried my umbrella with me, where I bought it and how much did it cost?

  27. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Oh, the instant asshole = just add alcohol defense. Except the only assholery that alcohol brings out is that which is already present, only hidden.

    A friend of mine was a victim of rape by one a these creeping guys. Her attacker almost got away with it by virtue of being an identical twin.

    The math spamulator hates me.

  28. Greg

    If alcohol isn’t a valid excuse (and of course it isn’t), then why is patriarchy? “Creeping” into an innocent woman’s room and molesting her is wrong; it’s a plainly evil act. As such, it shouldn’t be mitigated by any factor, chemical or theoretical. “Don’t blame me, blame patriarchy” is as invalid as “don’t blame me, blame alcohol,” or any other “don’t blame me, blame x” excuse.

    In other words, what’s the distinction between placing blame on one inanimate object (alcohol), and another (patriarchy)? Isn’t the better alternative simply to blame the offender?

  29. BoomerinLondon

    Here’s my fave. An Asian male studying in London climbed into bed with a female student asleep in the residence halls. He tries to undress her and initiate sex. She objects, imagine, and even takes him to court. The judge dude rules that the guy is innocent because he hadn’t understood the cultural differences. Ah, that explains it.


  30. Amberbug

    I would answer that patriarchy is very different than alcohol in that it presumes human agency, including(especially) each and any individual perpetrator of it. It is enforced and maintained by precisely this type of action. So I don’t think patriarchy itself properly applied is an excuse for participating in it, at all. Just the opposite, an admission of guilt.
    I suppose though, that a creative creep will attempt this someday. I wonder how the actual arguement would go?

  31. Lesley

    Some years ago an old fart judge in British Columbia excused the rape of a three year old girl by a drunk adult male by a) attributing the man’s behaviour to his alcohol consumption and b) suggesting that three year old girls can be manipulative.

    He’s still sitting on the bench.

    (I suggested – along with “so sue me” that a) he’s a pedophile and b) he’s a pedophile).

    Another judge who sat on the bench in Prince George was found guilty of raping aboriginal girls, some of whom appeared in his courtroom. He’s serving a brief sentence, which will be made all the more brief by the fact that he has terminal cancer. He’s got two years to live. He just lost a parole hearing which means he will die in prison. Good!

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