Feb 05 2007


Whenever sales are lagging, and “something more is needed” — as has been determined by this dude Brian Shuster who wants to make a bunch of money off his multi-user online fantasyland — the “something more” turns out to be sex.

Why does the phrase “something more” even still exist? Do we really need two words for “sex”?

For that matter, why does the word “sex” even still exist? What are we, bonobos? Everyone knows that “sex,” in a public context, actually means “degraded woman.” The exercise of male privilege is what sells.

Anyway, this dude Shuster, who is of course a pornographer, invented RedLightCenter to give his boring online reality game a jolt. Download the software, and for $20 a month, your avatar in the “seedy-sex-club subculture” can get laid, or spanked, or have its nuts pierced with a railroad spike or whatever.

The LA Times article describes the game with terms like “indulging forbidden desires.” One emits a little chuckle; the conceit that there remain any “desires” whatsoever that are still “forbidden” is quaint, even for a mainstream newspaper.

I mention this asinine online game because apparently the inner repulsiveness of RedLightCenter users cannot be hidden even behind avatars; their deep personal crappiness impedes their cyberseduction of the other avatars. So in meat-reality, Shuster has “contracted with a bordello, where the working girls log on from home and are more than willing to overlook poor typing skills, for a price.”

Which is ick enough on its own, but what really cracks me up is the phony worried tone affected by the LA Times : “Can a simulated reality ever become a suitable substitute for real life? They may get a lot out of it, but the reality is that the denizens of RedLightCenter are alone in a room, staring at a machine, paying with real-world dollars to simulate physical intimacy.”

What is the world coming to that these losers should miss out on the real-life experience that normal people enjoy, the heartwarming experience of paying to rape actual prostituted women?

[Thanks Susan]


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  1. Cass

    You’ve inspired me with an idea. Why don’t we build detention centers (we can use the ones already on the board!) for men who are willing to sign away their own freedom (and all ties to society) in exchange for free twenty-four-hour access to all the internet porn and sex toys they want? I’d even be willing to subsidize high thread count sheets, and daily food drops by helicopter for them in perpetuity.

  2. CafeSiren

    Sad, but not surprising, since one is already able to use real-world money to buy a rape on Second Life. Of course, they’ve thought of us women, too: you can also pay to get raped.

  3. CafeSiren

    Sorry: new to html tags. the link to the (rather short) notice is at: http://digg.com/tech_news/Second_Life_Rape_for_Sale_for_Users

  4. yankee transplant

    For some reason I couldn’t comment on your previous post. The comment, however, is appropriate here and at each blog entry of yours. It read: Twisty, you are one of a kind. Thanks for this post.

  5. Vera Venom

    CafeSiren – unsurprisingly, it gets worse than that.

    read the Update section about Rapelay

    Trigger warning.

  6. Hattie

    Well, sex offenders love a private prison in Minnesota, where they have private cells, TV and all the porn they can watch.

  7. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    If you build detention centers with 24-hr internet porn and, eh, fur mittens, you won’t have to spring for the high-thread-count sheets and food drops. I’m betting there’s boatloads of boner-popping pervs who’d pay *you* to get in. Handsomely.

  8. kate

    I wouldn’t be too adverse to a feature in the game wherein a woman character gets to beat the snot out of random godbags or rapists who happen to be unfortunate enough to come her way.

    In fact, its only because of patriarchy that we don’t have a game wherein a woman drives around in a sports car of choice. She gets points for killing, maiming or running over anti-abortion picketers, whistling and hooting drunken frat boys, conservative preacher men, controlling fathers, asshole boyfriends, molesting policeman and whatnot. All the while she is also chased by those wishing to marry her or get laid.

    When she wins she gets to a peaceful field. I guess. I really don’t know what the hell nirvana for a woman in a patriarchy is supposed to look like. I guess the best thing would be that unlike real life, if she screws up, she gets to hit reset and try again.

  9. bucky

    wow, this is why we need you, Twisty. I can’t believe the underlying assumptions of these quotes from the LA Times. They’re whacked. My Godness, it sounds like they’re assuming paying a prostitute is the ‘real’ thing. The thing we all have a need for, apparently.

  10. Orange

    I wanna play Kate’s video game!

  11. SusanM

    Twisty, I thought of you as soon as I saw that article. I’m telling you, my nascent Patriarchy Blaming skills are coming in very handy in helping me discern exactly why I get so pissed off while reading the newspaper.

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