Feb 05 2007

New spamulator alert

I baked this macaroni & cheese while not watching The Big Game.

Afer complaints piled up about the mathulator and, more recently, about the secret passwordulator, I’m testing out a yet another question-response anti-spam plugin. It appeals to me because, in addition to foiling spambots, it is designed to ensure that the commenter has at least rudimentary blaming intelligence.

So, without further ado, I give you the Blame-u-lator.

UPDATE: Shit, it’s not working. Back to the drawing board.


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  1. chump


  2. thebewilderness

    spam, spam, spam spam, spam and eggs.

  3. Bob


  4. Ron Sullivan

    How do you feel about smoked paprika?

  5. Claire

    Is it working now?

  6. Amy's Brain Today

    Can you post the macaroni and cheese recipe? It looks delicious.

  7. CafeSiren

    I like the idea of a blame-u-lator. How about: “True or False: Women enjoy being raped”?

  8. j

    What’s not working? I wanna know what the Blame-u-lator was!

    And thanks for putting more categories into your taxonomy of blog entries.

  9. June

    I liked the math…

    Granted I don’t comment that often.

  10. pheeno

    *moved to a thread actually posted this year after reading one for feb 2006. Because Im tired damn it*

    Go look at the movie trailer for black snake moan.

    It features a 90 lb Christina Ricci who commits the female crime of being a “nymph” (theres even a handy dandy quiz on the website to find out if YOU are one too) being chained to a radiator by Samuel L Jackson throughout the whole movie. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts they “reveal” she was sexually abused as a child and thus, Sammy is doing her a favor by chaining her up.

  11. Sue

    test ahoy

  12. Narya

    Can I get a blame-u-lator IRL?

  13. Arianna

    Pheeno… that’s just… I feel like we’ve sunk to a whole new low.

  14. Bonnie

    Twisty, you have the nicest dishware!

  15. Joanna

    I liked the secret passwordulator because my secret passwords were “taco” and “fried”.

  16. Edith

    Way easier than the math.

  17. Oiorpata

    I usually just lurk, worshipfully, but couldn’t resist the lure of a quiz question.

  18. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Just running a test post up the ol’ blaming flagpole.

  19. mg_65

    I usually lurk adoringly, but the lure of the new spamulator overcame me.

  20. whyme63

    pheeno–sexual abuse? Wikipedia indicates you are correct.

  21. hedonistic


  22. hedonistic

    Oh sweet Jeebus it took me long enough to learn how to spell her name. IBTP.

    Anyway, I’ll be posting chocolate recipes all month chez moi if anyone is interested! Today I have a real interesting ragout made with mushrooms, garlic, red wine, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, white pepper and chocolate.

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