Mar 02 2007

Announcement Korner

The author fraternizes sensitively with fake flowers at the Summer Moon coffee shop on South First. Photo and sunglasses by Stingray.

• The Shulathon, which the astute reader will recall as having been scheduled to commence on or about March 1, will, barring some sudden climatic event, formally launch on Monday, March 5. This will give you slackers the whole weekend to finish up.

If you’re just joining us, my allusion is to the Experimental I Blame the Patriarchy Radical Feminist Literacy Program, or, in Oprah parlance, “book club meeting.” Our first, and possibly last, subject is to be Shulamith Firestone’s iconic 1970 delight, The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution. This post contains some preliminary remarks and features a comments section bulging with possible discussion topics.

I invite everyone to peruse at least the first chapter, which is short, and can be found here. I am confident you’ll agree that this shit is a hoot and a half, and am really looking forward to what I know will be brilliant and frustrating arguments.

Regarding the syllabus: I’m no visionary professor of feminist studies (or of anything else), so in my ham-fisted way I figure we can just start with the aforementioned Chapter One and take it from there. If anyone has a better idea, which contingency I suspect is not at all remote, by all means put it forth in the comments.

• Once again I gotta cry uncle re: your email correspondence. I am beholden to everyone who has taken the time to send in a blame-worthy link over the past couple of weeks, but I have fallen hopelessly behind, and have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there’s no way I’ll be able to respond to them all. It is my fervent hope that you will grant me amnesty if I vow to keep current in the future (as it were).

Which is not to say that I’m imposing a linkage moratorium. Au contraire! I rely on you to keep those cards and letters coming.

• Since these remarks seem to have taken on the tone of a general address, I hope you won’t mind if I take a moment to wipe a tear of gratitude from the Twisty eye and congratulate you members of the commentariat on your high-calibre blaming of late. Your contributions to the discourse have made patriarchy-blaming more enjoyable — you know, in a hideous sort of way — than I had ever imagined possible. I wish I could make each of you a taco.

But of course the great diversity of your kooky individual dietary requirements makes that impossible.



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  1. PhysioProf

    What’s that on your head?

  2. Hattie

    It looks like one of those little hats ladies used to wear with their New Look dresses. And a little handbag and heels.
    Must be a trick of the light. I hope.

  3. Sylvanite

    You could always grace us with a taco recipe, I suppose. That way we could alter the recipe for our individual tastes, if we felt so compelled, or choose to ignore it.

    For instance, I usually use fewer onions than a recipe calls for, due to my lack of fondness for their astringency and tendency to fill the kitchen with acrid fumes. As a child I despised them, so I feel that I have come far in onion acceptance.

  4. Spinning Liz

    Is this going to count towards our final grade?

  5. kcb

    Thanks for the first chapter link. I’ll print and peruse while hanging with the other suburban homeschooling moms at park day this afternoon. I’ve held off reading the book due to a lack of time, but perhaps I can reprioritize.

  6. yankee transplant

    Great photo!

  7. Lipstick-and-Birk-Wearing Momma

    Aww, Twisty, you do love us. *sniff*

    Cute pic!

  8. Heraclitus (Jeff)

    That’s a pretty sweet picture. I needed the caption to be assured it’s ironic, so dead is your pan.

  9. typonaut

    I’ll read the first chapter of _The Dialectic of Sex_ for a taco. Mmm, tacos. Real Mexican-style tacos? Not Iowa tacos, which are _entirely_ different? I miss tacos.

    I am reading the first page, and it makes sense.

    The Thing on Your Head looks like a creeping telephone to me.

  10. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Zounds, Hattie, you’re right. All it needs is a little veil.

  11. Jennifer

    Awww Twistirific, I love you and your lil’ old lady hat with the gansta glasses. Perhaps you could pin those flowers to the hat?

  12. smmo

    Right back at ya Twisty. This blog warms my heart and opens my brain.

    Though I’m not sure you should be drinking coffee in that hat. It is clearly a tea hat.

  13. Tracey

    Thanks for the chapter link! This has been on my reading list for some time, but although my local library has all sorts of great 1970s radical feminism, they unfortunately lack this title.

  14. Twisty

    “Tea hat”! What are you people smoking? The thing on my head can barely be called a hat; it is a baseball cap that my dog Bert chewed and at least partially digested.

  15. Clio Bluestocking

    Tacos and a discussion of radical feminism might be the closest thing to Nirvana on earth with the possible exception of including a side of chips and salsa and some enchiladas.

  16. JoeBlu

    The mad blurriness that accompanies such a large portion of Twisty photos strikes again!

  17. roamaround

    Twisty in a tea hat! What a mad thought! Ha ha!

  18. kate

    “it is a baseball cap that my dog Bert chewed and at least partially digested.”

    Rescuing a baseball cap from a canine GI tract and putting it back into use climbs heights of frugality I can only admire with awe and from a convenient distance.

    As for tacos, a dry biscuit served with love and compassion is a delicacy I’d never pass up, so I ain’t complainin about no tacos whatever they’re made of — barring hats.

  19. jbeeky

    If I shut one eye and cross the other I can just about make out how you would look at ye old tea shop using a monogramed hanky to dab the corners of your mouth. Or more realistic, that you are about to give those flowers to Burt in exchange for keeping your hat on your head. Either way.

  20. kate

    And my endless thanks for posting the first chapter of Shulie, which I intend to dive into tonight.

  21. Narya

    I actually went out and bought a copy (at my locally owned bookstore, thank you very much) this week, and I’ve been reading in 20-minute spurts during my lunch break. And I bought it, rather than borrowed it, so’s I can scribble annotations in the margins.

    So how you wanna do this? You want me to write really long comments? Or post some crapola on my own blog? Or what? Because all that backgroundin’ in philosophy and its ilk is reawakening and I think I’m gonna have some shit to say, but I don’t want to be either a comment hog or a blow-my-own-bloghorner.

  22. Anon

    Anyone who would like a copy of The Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone: there are some extra copies available. Please email ibtpgroup@gmail.com with your address, and if there is still availability, we will send you a copy as soon as possible.

  23. Jodie

    MMMmmm, tacos.

  24. edith

    OMG I’m so excited. I literally cannot waste. I hope everyone is gonna read more than the first chapter, because we really need to talk about the love/romance chapters because they are seriously the shit.

  25. edith

    Yeah yeah, “wait” not “waste.” You know what I mean. But was that too Freudian of a mistake to make? Whatever, the point is, I’m shvitzing.

  26. robyn

    I found this post via ThinkingGirl, and I believe I have missed the boat on this one. Will this Literacy group be both the first and the last? I surely hope not!

  27. Twisty

    Feel free, robyn, to resurrect the not-quite-dead Firestone Theater thread.

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