Mar 10 2007

It’s time for the annual link to Norbizness

Twisty and Norbizness at Woodstock.

The wait is over. Behold.


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  1. dingbat

    Lord, Miz Faster, do you make me laugh. The photoshopping is sublime.

  2. Gender Blank

    Damn, Twisty. Eat something! Your body is several degrees smaller than your head!

  3. Bitey

    Aww! I want chest hair!


  4. Coathangrrr

    It’s all been a trick, you’re really a 20-something liberal dude pretending to be a spinster aunt.

  5. BubbasNightmare

    Oh. My. God. It’s that *hat* again.

    Twisty, it may very well be a victim of Bert’s more questionable digestive efforts, but it looks like something from a ladies’ ’40s hat show.

  6. The Constructivist

    Oh, that’s the funny, all right, but what about his International Women’s Day/Blog Against Sexism gem? How do you limit yourself to an annual link?

  7. GraceD

    That pic makes me wanna holler:


    And, holy sheeeet, did the radiation give you chest hair? Duuuude, indeed.

  8. lawbitch

    Love that pic. Twisty sure does get around. And so versatile, too! Maybe a new hat?

  9. Jodie

    Twisty, I think you should have worn your tea hat for that pictures.

  10. yankee transplant

    You look terrific. Really. Love the chest hair.

    Thanks for the link. Great post over there.

  11. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Wait for menopause, Bitey, and you may well get your wish.

  12. jami

    slate magazine sucks the patriarchy’s dick.

  13. Repenting

    that link really disturbed me. i knew it would be bad when i read “[Couric’s] tenure as CBS anchor has been a bumpy one and is therefore a model test of womankind’s inherent worth.”

    i was already insulted by the all the hubbub over whether or not ms. couric was qualified to anchor because of her gender, but now just like anyone from a traditionally disadvantaged group placed temporarily within the spotlight, is being asked to represent her entire gender. stay classy, america.

  14. norbizness

    TO be fair, repenting, I wrote that line, not the columnist. Although I perceived that to be the subtext.

  15. Twisty

    See, misunderstandings like this are why I only do one link per year. Clash of cultures and what have you.

  16. Sylvanite

    Well, isn’t making subtext text part of your mission statement, Norbizness? That, and bringing the snark. And the happy, furry puppy stories.

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