Mar 30 2007

Announcement Korner: Interesting sidewalk stains of Austin edition

Remains of cherry creamsickle outside Toy Joy toy store, 29th & Guadalupe, March 2007.

As part of my ceaseless struggle to provide the reader with the most deluxe blaming experience on the Internet, I am pleased to announce this month’s addition to the I Blame the Patriarchy comments template: Live Comment Preview. You type your spiel in the comment box, and Live Comment Preview types the same exact thing in the space below. I’m not sure why it’s an improvement to be able to read what you just wrote in the space below the comment box; it just is.

I still recommend composing your priceless ouevres in a text editor, though. When it comes to the World Wide Web, little is certain.

Also, I know that a lot of you, through no fault of your own, are still getting hung up in the moderation queue. I plan to start work on that issue as soon as I finish lounging around doing nothing. Thanks for hanging in there and not writing to complain.


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  1. Gender Blank

    What a beautiful stain!

  2. brainiac9

    Not to nitpick, but isn’t it “oeuvres” rather than “ouevres”?

  3. Pinko Punko

    I think it’s hors d’oeuvres.

    TF, I find that if you run Bad Behavior Spamulator, you can relax Spamulator stringency on Spam Karma 2. This gives overall way less spam, but also less Blamers in the spam bin. You should still run both, and run the Akismet plugin for SK2, which is different than just the ol’ Akismet.

  4. B. Dagger Lee

    It’s a damn good thing this substance is identified, otherwise I might think it’s bloody puke.

    I like the comment preview; it incentivizes learning the whole html-code-dealio. But not right now.

    yrs, BDL

  5. Mildred Fierce

    I dunno, it sorta has a Georgia O’Keefey feel to it. I like!

  6. Mandos

    Someone should spamulate jarring words like “incentivize.” I’m in favour of neologisms as long as the “business” “community” hasn’t gotten to them first.

  7. lucizoe

    Looks like bacon! Mmmm. Bacon.

  8. Fiona

    It’s like a Rorschach test in Technicolor. My first thought was that it looked like an infected cut oozing blood and pus, which obviously makes me a sicko.

  9. B. Dagger Lee

    Mandos! Respek!

    Hold out your paw so’s I can smack it with my tuning fork and incentivize you to ponder the difference in tone between italics and unnecessary quotation marks.

    yrs in pedantry,
    B. “Darnnit” Lee

  10. Lindsey

    lucizoe, I think it looks like bacon, too. A bacon strip. Which made me think of Strangers With Candy. Which made me laugh. Hee.

  11. lucizoe

    Lindsey, “You’re going to have a great-looking bacon strip for the dance.”

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