Apr 22 2007

Sexploiters Gone JailedWatch ’07: Give’em Enough Rope Dept.

This isn’t breaking news — when have I ever had my finger on the pulse? — but in the interest of satisfying the blamer’s lowbrow craving for vengeance: since April 10, millionaire Girls Gone Wild total-dick/rapist Joe Francis has been in the hoosegow. He got pinched for contempt of court after he shouted obscenities at seven former underage sexploitees during civil suit settlement talks (the women apparently realized that their teen pornification was worth a bigger piece of the pornopie than a T-shirt).

En route to the Stony Lonesome, Francis cried*, and they took away his Xanax. When he tried to bribe a guard with $100 for a bottle of water, it was discovered that one of his partners-in-smut had smuggled him cash and prescription pharmaceuticals. Thus adding further charges and the tantalizing possibility of longer sentences. The P-I-S is now in jail, too.

Readers will claw through the jungles of time, back to last January, when blamer Liz Ladd was victorious in her efforts to keep Francis and his traveling band of junior rapists out of her town.
* Note, in the Perez Hilton link, the use of the word “pussy” as an insult. Misogyny is so edgy.

[Gracias Rosie]


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  1. Cass

    Well, I imagine those of you who said we live in a cold, godless universe, utterly indifferent to human suffering or to any notion of justice, must be sporting some pretty red faces now.

  2. Cass

    Just kidding!

  3. LouisaMayAlcott

    He’ll find out how much fun it is to be a “babe” now that he’s in jail.

    I love the idea of guys being in jail.

  4. nebris

    I read a New Yorker piece on Robert Greene of “48 Laws of Power” fame. He met Francis at some party. Greene said, “He’s got nothing behind his eyes.”

  5. Medbh

    That put a smile on my face that just won’t fade.

  6. Foilwoman

    A true moment of schadenfreude. I almost feel guilty at feeling such pleasure. And how will he manage without his designer water? The hardship, the sorrow that he will now face. It’s enough to make me chortle. Oh that’s right. I was already chortling.

  7. Jezebella

    One down, three billion to go.

    Nonetheless, I am pleased that this particular piece of shit is suffering. Schadenfreude, indeed.

    Do we know if the Girls Gone Wild empire has gone down in flames, or been taken over by a Second Piece of Shit In Command?

  8. Rosie

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that the Perez link had “pussy” as an epithet. Bastids. I should have seen that in the dang link. Thanks to the Patriarchy for using derogatory word for female genitalia as the “ultimate insult to a man”.
    Anyway, “schadenfreude” is delicious, especially when the pain you’re laughing at is that of a sexploitative scumbag. Roast in hell, Joe Francis.

  9. kcb

    After seeing his mother, a handcuffed Joe Francis was reduced to tears as he told her “I didn’t do anything.”

    Not to take pleasure in another human’s suffering and humiliation, but bwhahahahhahaa!

  10. Rainbow Girl

    What a backfire. I guess he failed to predict that when girls go wild, they are less likely to obey your manly decrees?

    “No, girls, when I said go wild, I meant show me your tits! I still want to control you!”

  11. mearl

    There is nothing quite as beautiful as the moment when an asshole gets his.

  12. LMYC

    “No, girls, when I said go wild, I meant show me your tits! I still want to control you!”

    Yep. “Girls Gone Wild” = “girls gone safely domesticated.” Doing what the man tells you to do ain’t wild — not unless toting, hauling, shuffling, and going “yassuh yassuh” is defined as wildness for black people, and somehow I doubt that assessment.

  13. Metal Prophet

    “There is nothing quite as beautiful as the moment when an asshole gets his.”

    This needs to happen more often.

  14. CafeSiren

    Yet, if he goes up for serious time for anything, it’s likely to be the tax evasion charges.

    Exploit women all you want; just don’t short-change the feds. Now that’s a real problem.

  15. Mar Iguana

    “Show us your tits, Joe.” from Perez thingy

    HAAAAA! Heh, I know I’ll pay for that, but some things are just worth the karma.

  16. LMYC

    CafeSiren, that reminds me of Al Capone. He quite literally got away with murder — and was put away for tax evasion.

  17. Burrow

    This is the best thing I’ve heard all day!

  18. kanea

    I want to scream this news for the mountaint tops! he could go away for a long long time from bribing a public servant and drug charages. I can’t stop smiling

  19. maribelle

    Someone on the Liz Ladd thread posted a link to CC’s email comment section. What a great idea! I popped off a quick letter (not my best work but I’m rushing.)


    To Comedy Central:

    I am a longtime watcher of the Daily Show. I recently started watching the Colbert Report but had to stop due to the endless Girls Gone Wild commercials. I am writing to tell you how upsetting they are to a large number of your viewers.

    Not only are the commercials tasteless and degrading to young women, but it is truly horrific to watch these women being exploited by professional pornographers.

    GGW is being investigated for unfair labor practices, promoting underage drinking and contributing to the delinquency of minors. Joe Francis, GGW producer, is currently in jail for contempt of court and other charges and is being sued in civil court by seven of the women he filmed.

    This is not just a harmless product that GGW is producing; it glorifies and promotes a tasteless, ugly and dangerous practice in American culture; the attempts by men to encourage women to drink to excess in order to more easily rape them. What you are depicting and justifying on your screen every night is rape, pure and simple. The law is catching up with this organization and it’s way past time for you to pull these commercials.

    These horrid commercials have made me stop watching the Colbert Report, and I cannot begin to let my 13 year old daughter watch it, even though I know she would learn a lot from the social commentary and satire.

    Please reconsider your excessive broadcast of these ugly pornographic images of exploitation.

  20. L.McNeil

    “Misogyny is so edgy.”

    It’s the new black. At least, if the comments section of a very popular progressive political blog is any indication. Not long ago, I made an attempt to add to the dialog there by pointing out the irony of progressive, liberal commenters using derogatory slang for female genitalia to demean Don Imus for his racist, sexist comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team and got called a “soggy vagina” for my trouble. You know, I used to have this quaint belief that someday women would be seen as something other than representative of the lowest form of life on earth. I kind of miss that cute little belief sometimes. At least I can find some small measure of cheer in the fact that Joe Francis is facing some time in the pokey.

  21. kanea

    maribelle, those Girls gone wild comericals piss me off too, I’m a big fan of the daily show. and it drives me nuts to go from laughing to wanting break the TV when I see those stupid comericals. I too will write a letter to comedy central.

  22. kate

    What disgusts me the most is his mother reportedly blowing him a kiss in the courtroom. Behind nearly every childish, irresponsible, sociopathic adult male seems to be some enabling woman. Its a sickness that feeds on itself. Which is another reason why we feminists are so feared, especially by such men. Our job is to teach our baby boys the world is their oyster and all woman besides mommy are dirt, remember?

    I imagine he’ll go to a corporate country club prison, if he isn’t allowed to serve out in jail and then probation or god forbid, house arrest. He’ll just hate the confinement, the loss of income and hope the feds don’t pressure him to reveal who else may have helped him to cook his books. I’d imagine if he goes to regular prison, an arrogant, rich snot like him won’t get the reception he thinks he deserves.

  23. mearl

    maribelle: thanks for the link! I just smoked off an email to the Comedy Central.

  24. mAndrea

    Hi all, not wanting to derail the thread, but this is revolution central, isn’t it? Anyway, for months I’ve been cruising through several popular all-purpose forums, checking out amount and quality of daily misogyny. (should have been coding for it, as the pro’s do. darn)

    Anyway, this past Tue (day after Virginia Tech) highlights only went to the “lighthearted” stage – you know, where the offended wimmins could be stopped with a “it’s only a joke. Lighten up, bitch!”

    But that was Tue, and since then, the overt misogyny I have witnessed every single fricken’ day since January has come almost to a complete halt. Curious. I expect it start up again with a vengence tho. Wondered if the lull had anything to do with the feminist banshee screaming on smaller niche blogs?

    derail over, back to your regularly scheduled blaming.

  25. mAndrea

    Oh, if any professionals would draw up a list of academically acceptable criteria, I *would* code for it. I do it every day, anyway. Just leave me a message here.

    Always been used to a certain amount of misogyny – it was “normal” doncha know, but around last Oct-Nov I got this odd feeling that it was increasing. That’s the only reason why I noticed it. Then, in January… I knew.

    That’s when I read a forum thread on a news aggregate site wherein I realized that 19 men (ages 15-40) could be caught pants down having group sex with an eleven year old orphan whose mother was addicted to crack and died of aids; and the eleven year old child would still be called “whore” “slut” “skanky ho” and “bitch” for getting those same 19 men and boys in trouble with the law. In their mind, coercion doesn’t exist, and anyway, females are designed by god to be fuck toys and baby factories. Why on earth do women get so prissy? I just can’t figure it out!

    But now I don’t care if that crap temporarily scrolls off the radar; it’s too entrenched in their tiny little control-freaky minds for it to cease anytime soon – and I am permanently fucking enraged.

    Bastards are going to pay.

  26. Laurel

    I get it; I finally, TRULY get it.

  27. Catherine Martell

    I have been following this story with unconcealed glee. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


    I imagine he’ll go to a corporate country club prison […]

    Shh. Let me have this moment of picturing him in a dungeon at the Bastille, circa 1775, cowering in the corner as a rat the size of a beagle eyes him hungrily from a hole in the ceiling.

  28. phio gistic

    Here’s the petition we used to keep them out of Blacksburg.

    They were supposed to be there last Friday (4/20). We used Liz’ template and a little research for the petition, other folks started a Facebook group, there were yet other groups that got permits to protest, there were articles in the local papers and interviews with the Women’s Center director on the local TV stations. The bar that was hosting them wouldn’t back down initially, even in the face of serious opposition. I wonder if they paid a lot of money to have them come? A couple days after the shootings we got the word that they had canceled.

  29. hedonistic

    What in the world is “P-I-S?”

    Sorry, late to the party.

  30. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    “Partner in Smut”. Since IBTP from work, I’m always late to the party.

    Not that this makes anything different, but there’s a Guys Gone Wild set of icky videos too. The ads seem to be equally offensive. I wonder if they’re produced by the same passle of dickweeds.

  31. Valerie

    Just a question–and sorry to be dense.

    What’s an ‘MRA’? (as in “I don’t want no MRAs in my car.”)

  32. Catherine Martell


    What’s an ‘MRA’? (as in “I don’t want no MRAs in my car.”)

    Men’s Rights Advocate (or Activist). The sort of man who believes that women’s liberation has gone too far and that men are now the suppressed underclass. Notoriously shy of statistics, facts or common sense.

    See also: White Power.

  33. the baboon

    Behind nearly every childish, irresponsible, sociopathic adult male seems to be some enabling woman. Its a sickness that feeds on itself. Which is another reason why we feminists are so feared, especially by such men. Our job is to teach our baby boys the world is their oyster and all woman besides mommy are dirt, remember?

    Ah, mother-blaming. Another nefarious tool of the patriarchy. Dude might have a few influential jerks of the masculine variety in his life too, doncha think?

    My favorite example of officially-sanctioned mother-blaming for maladjusted adult males was the belief that schizophrenia was caused by “cold mothers”. Although I don’t think the DSM has “cold mothers” listed anymore under schizophrenic etiologies, “overindulgent mothers” and “absent mothers” simultaneously remain of society’s favorite scapegoats for all things evil.

  34. BubbasNightmare

    “I too will write a letter to comedy central.”

    “thanks for the link! I just smoked off an email to the Comedy Central.”

    Let me reiterate something I used to teach in a seminar on influencing public opinion: do NOT send email and expect anyone to pay attention, and do not send anything to those immediately responsible for an act you wish to protest.

    Always send a real letter.

    Typed is okay (neatly handwritten is better), but a well-written letter, on paper, sent to everyone at the top of the organization hierarchy. Lean on the buttons that motivate movers and shakers–money, and in this case, viewership.

    A few seconds of research show that CC is owned by Viacom. Finding the address of Viacom, Inc.’s corporate office, and the names of the president, members of their board of directors, and the VP of the division that directly runs CC, I leave as exercises for the students. In this day and age, these are trivial pursuits.

    You’d be astonished how much different 30 or 40 sincerely expressed letters asking for the same thing can make on a VP’s brain. A single mailbag full of such has stopped an entire TV series cold more than once; advertisers are much more vulnerable.

  35. BubbasNightmare

    Please excuse the syntax and grammar errors in my post above. I should know better than to try to write precisely and in a hurry.

  36. B. Dagger Lee

    Back when Liz L. was doing her action, I joined Myspace to be friends with her Fuck Girls Gone Wild page. In the registration process there’s a part where you tell them your secret real name. Now every few weeks I get an email that starts off with “Hi BallbreakingDyke, So-and-So would like to be added to your Myfriends list.”

    Yours, B. Dagger Lee

  37. Twisty

    Judy McGrath
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    MTV Networks

    MTV Networks
    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036
    (212) 258-8000

    Doug Herzog
    Comedy Central/SpikeTV/ TV Land

    Michele Ganeless
    Executive Vice President and General Manager

    Comedy Central
    1775 Broadway
    NY, NY 10019

  38. Bird

    Monday morning became a much happier time as I contemplated all the possible things that could happen to this rapist creep in jail.

    The GGW thing has inspired a rash of imitating behaviours in young drunk women everywhere. During the 1996 hockey playoff riots here, several women were sexually assaulted by men in the crowd after flashing the TV and newspaper cameras. Some of the exploitative photos are posted online at the “Blue Mile” website and similar photos from Calgary are on a similar site for the “Red Mile.” I’ll bet that most of these women didn’t give consent for their photos to be posted here either.

    I’m ashamed that my generation thinks this is empowerment and liberation. The freedom to be exploited is no freedom at all.

  39. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Bird, I think the empowerful set gets “freedom to” confused with “freedom from”.

  40. Puffin

    There seems to be a fair amount on insinuation that one of the top ten reasons to be happy that Francis is in jail is because of all the nasty stuff that may happen to him there. Like, he’s going to be raped, right? And that’s always something to celebrate.

    Before being arrested for this recent infraction, Joe Francis WAS raped. The rape was video taped by the rapist. According to police reports about the incident, Francis was forced to do a number of humiliating things in front of the camera before and during the rape. In the aftermath of the rape, Francis continued to act like the same arrogant, sexist asshole he’s always been. Nothing was gained for women from this violence directed toward Francis, no degree of humility/empathy was achieved – if anything, he seemed even more intent on building his empire on the backs of women.

    There are numerous reasons for me to celebrate his recent incarceration, but wanting him to feel discomfort, pain, or humiliation aren’t among them (though at various times in my life, they would have been). I’m glad he’s in jail in so much as I am glad there are at least SOME enforceable consequences for his actions, but he’s not in jail because society sides with the women he’s abused. Francis’ suffering is no victory for women.

  41. Bird

    Antoinette, I think they honestly believe they’re expressing their own sexuality, rather than the idea of sexy imposed by the patriarchy. And even if flashing your tits to all the frat boys is what sexual freedom means (and god, I hope not), who gives a shit if we’re sexually free when we still don’t have equal political representation, pay, or eight million other things?

    The freedom to be sexxxay is nothing but a shiny trinket to distract young women from our lack of real power. “Look at all the power you have over boys! You’re totally in charge!” And so we pick the big sparkly chunk of glass over the real thing.

  42. ginmar

    Puffin, I’m on your side with that, too. Rape is rape and I will never wish it on someone else, though once I would have. That said, that guy doesn’t have any learning curve; he blames everybody but him for the bad things that happen to him and I’m sure he blames women for his being in jail.

  43. The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

    As a woman who flashes her boobies with impunity, all I can say is this: I don’t do it because some asshole demands it, I sure as hell won’t let anyone film it, and I’ll be DAMNED if I’ll let a man profit from it.

    Francis should be thrown in the same lot with the pedophiles and charged accordingly. 10 years in prison is not long enough. Many of those “girls” in those films were underaged.

  44. bluestockingsrs

    Yeah, I agree with Puffin and ginmar about not wishing rape on anyone… no one deserves to be raped.

    After all neverending violence against humans is a piece of how the patriarchy enforces itself.

    The reasoning goes something like: “There is nothing worse that being fucked, because only women should be fucked after all -and there is nothing worse than being a woman, right?”

    Let’s not go there, I say, there are plenty of people already living there as it is.

  45. Rainbow Girl

    I agree with Puffin as well. I have met intelligent men who have been in situations where they felt like they were objectified and did gain an insight into how it must be for women. However, those men were smart to begin with, and they were not subjected to anything as traumatizing as rape.

    Unfortunately, violence and/or sexual violence will not teach this creep anything. If logic won’t work, nothing will.

  46. Frumious B

    Girls Gone Wild founder plans restaurant chain.


    He said “Girls Gone Wild” restaurants will appeal to women who want to feel sexy, exiting and edgy.

  47. mearl

    There we go. Just smoked off a letter to Comedy Central. Thanks y’all.

  48. slythwolf

    The sad thing is that it doesn’t really matter whether he gets punished for this stuff or not. Not in the long run, it doesn’t. Hardly even in the short run–as others have said, he’s not going to learn anything from the experience.

    But none of it is going to reverse the damage he’s already done. Even if GGW went bankrupt tomorrow, even if the tapes were nationally banned, there are still a large number of guys who think this is “better” than “normal” porn because it’s “more realistic”. My fiancé stopped talking to a lot of the guys in his dorm over it on the grounds that it’s obvious the women in the videos are terrified and nobody should get off on that. From what he’s told me, this was about 75% of the guys he knew.

    Possibly overlapping with the 70% of college guys who would use force to have sex with a woman if they knew nobody would ever know? Scary shit.

    Now, I’m not saying that if GGW didn’t exist that we wouldn’t still live in a rape culture. Because we would. But I do think the ubiquity of this franchise is a contributing factor; maybe that 70% of college guys would be less if there wasn’t a huge amount of porn showing them that what sexy is, is a woman who’s too drunk to fight someone off, who feels trapped and cornered and who’s being ordered to get naked for the camera.

    To be honest, I pretty much consider GGW not only rape but sexual slavery.

  49. maribelle

    “Go Sister” compilation post:

    Yeah to Kanea and Mearl for writing to Comedy Central.

    RE: not violating the violater–Thank you puffin, ginmar, rainbow–and to bluestockingr for this:

    After all neverending violence against humans is a piece of how the patriarchy enforces itself.

    Yes. Exactly.

    And to Catherine Martell, whose writing so often thrills me–an “award” for most horrific reference in the thread. I guess if you have to execute a revenge fantasy, at least its an educated one. (Rat-phobe looking forward to nightmares here.)

    Is it just me or is has the Bastille come up several times recently at IBTP?

  50. maribelle


    As a woman who flashes her boobies with impunity, all I can say is this: I don’t do it because some asshole demands it, I sure as hell won’t let anyone film it, and I’ll be DAMNED if I’ll let a man profit from it.

    Several thoughts:

    1. But they do profit, they *consume* it by ogling, therefore they “profit.”

    2. Maybe they don’t directly “demand” it but you do do it because they think it’s sexy. Therefore you are appeasing their male desires. Indirect or direct demand, it’s a thin line–you’re giving them what they want either way, and don’t think they don’t know it.

    3. If you think it give you power over them you couldn’t be more wrong; you become a consumable product to them, a thing. Ask a dog how much he respects the steak that’s dangled in front of it. The minute you open your shirt you become “less than” to them–and put yourself in unnecessary danger. (see below)

    4.As a purely practical matter, What on earth are you doing flashing your tits at men? (I assume you do this at men from your context. Please correct me if I’m wrong–for the visual if nothing else.)

    This is dangerous behavior that can get you raped and/or killed–and this is America, Hedonistic, what judge would convict them of rape if you’d flashed your tits in public? I’m talking practical, world as it is issues not ideal world–Iraquis SHOULD be able to stroll hand in hand down Haitha Street in Baghdad but it’s too damned dangerous to do today.

    Please don’t tell me they’re your breasts to expose as you wish, and if you can’t flash them on every street corner then the terrorists have won. Newsflash: The terrorist HAVE won–the male terrorists who decree that unclothed women = rape fodder. They’re right–for now–they control LE, the legislature and the courts (see UK dungeon rapist let free thread.) That’s the Trifecta–all three branches of government.

    They’ve won the battle, if we want to win the war we’d better keep our tatas in our clothes until things cool off a bit. It is NOT safe to expose them in public; it’s not safe for you and you don’t make it any safer for the woman next to you by doing so.

    Please reconsider this dangerous, pointless behavior.

  51. blondie

    Joe Francis in jail.
    Locked up.
    Behind bars.
    In the hoosegow.
    Up the river.
    In the clink.
    Doin’ time.
    Put away.

    Do I dare say … Busted … ooh, the delicious wordplay … one could even say, Snatched.

    I just like to savor the sheer justice of it. Like when the 3 little pigs cook the big bad wolf in their pot.

  52. hedonistic

    Sex charge against ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder
    Joe Francis, the millionaire founder of the “Girls Gone Wild” video empire, was charged Wednesday with misdemeanor sexual battery for allegedly groping an 18-year-old woman.

    The vultures are landing!!!

    Oh, Mirabelle, I didn’t know you’d written that. You presume way, way WAY too much. I’m both a nudist and an exhibitionist in private, safe, and generally co-ed spaces.

    I’ve never flashed my boobies in the public sphere, and I’ve never lifted my shirt for strange men in order to impress them with the scars from my mastopexy. However, I’ll give a show-and-tell to any woman who wants to know more about mastopexy, even if she’s a stranger. I’ve done this for several women. In my office at work!

  53. Rosie

    Whoa, puffin, WTF? Where’s your proof? What are your sources for “joe francis was raped once and his rape was videotaped and so that’s what prompted him to start videotaping all these girls”. That doesn’t sound plausible. I don’t believe that.

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