Apr 23 2007

“Culture of Domination” remix

Hey, remember a blurb I wrote a while back referencing a photo-filled post at a dormant blog? The one called “Cultures of Domination,” which illustrated, with hideous eloquence, the alarming extent to which the paradigm of dominance and submission invisibly saturates human culture? But it took forever to load? So most of you never saw it? Well, Terrance at The Republic of T. did see it, was summarily moved, and could not resist the compulsion to execute an excellent Flash remix of the material, with ominous soundtrack complete. It’s a little jumpy at first, but stick with it until the whole thing loads. It’s supercool. In an it’s-horrible-yet-I-can’t-look-away way. On accounta the ellipses, see.


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  1. kanea

    thanks, twisty! I didn’t get to see that before.

  2. Clio Bluestocking

    Wow. That was chilling.

  3. pandapan

    Blegh! This would be a good video to show skeptics. I’ve always resented the idea of domination. I want nothing to do with it whatsoever. Nobody belongs to me, I belong to nobody. But it would be no good for the patriarchy if I (we) had my way.

  4. lawbitch

    Images are chilling. Love the message about disconnect.

  5. DonaQuixote

    This was powerful and has stuck with me for hours. I showed my partner, who professed extreme disinterest at first, and he was similarly touched by the end.

  6. Hattie

    A masterpiece!

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