Apr 23 2007

Giant baseballs of Austin



Decaying abandoned baseball-on-a-tower, Old Glory flying at half mast (exhibiting adjacent gas station’s fulfillment of its patriotic duty to observe human death), cheery used car lot pennants. Not pictured at the other end of the pennants: crapulent army surplus store. Fruth St. and W. 29th, across from Spider House. April 22, 2007.


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  1. Bertalou

    They serve apple pie at the “crapulent army surplus store”?

  2. Frigga's Own

    Sometimes army surplus stores aren’t crapulent, but instead are the best place to get a cheap and durable duffle bag or really nice pocket knife. Though, I will admit, they all tend to be rather squalid and are frequently run by people that the NRA would conscider to be reactionaries.

    There is at least one water tower in Georgia that is made to resemble an enormous peach. Unfortunately for Georgia, what it actually resembles is a gigantic looming butt, which usually leads us to cast aspersions on the character of the surrounding countryside. Sophmoric it may be, but perhaps colored by the time we spent stranded in the state awaiting car repairs.

  3. curiousgyrl

    Spider House! Spiderbyte!

  4. TP

    Such a perfectly neutral wash of grey. Do you print these beauties, too?

  5. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Here I thought it was a doppler radar installation.

    Kitschy roadside attractions remind me of my (mostly happy) childhood. Seeing them fall into disrepair and decay saddens me. I cried the day the put the chains on the gates leading to the Blue Hole in Castalia, Ohio, the scene of many a one-tank trip (there was usually a picnic involved) when I was a wee one.

  6. I.M.Mature

    Frigga’s Own wrote:

    There is at least one water tower in Georgia that is made to resemble an enormous peach. …

    Almost certainly you’re referring to the water tower in Gaffney, South Carolina. See:


    It used to be a landmark on road trips, known within the family as “the big tushie.”

  7. Jezebella

    Nope, there’s more than one giant peach out there. Byron, Georgia’s got one and there are no doubt more. I mean, this is a state where the biggest city consists entirely of Peachtree Streets, Avenues, Thruways, Routes, and Lanes.

  8. GenderBlank

    Giant, decaying ball? Check. Phallic symbol at half mast? Check. Marginalized military surplus store? Check. My, my, Twisty. You’ve captured the decline of American masculinity beautifully.

  9. I.M.Mature


    Perhaps. Byron’s towers aren’t shaped like peaches, and do not resemble giant looming butts. For big butt towers one has to go to where they live, either Gaffney SC on I-85 or Clanton AL on I-65. There was, as I recall, a false peach cleft awkwardly affixed to the water tower in Perry, GA on I-75, seemingly a crude and unconvincing effort to imitate the Gaffney Peachoid. I don’t know if it’s still there. Wikipedia mentions it but I can’t find any pictures. Frankly to me it looked more like a vagina than either a peach cleft or a butt crack.

    Many people misremember the location of the Gaffney Peachoid, particularly if they see it on their way to Atlanta on I-85. Which is why I remain fairly confident that Frigga’s Own means the one in Gaffney. Describing it as made to resemble a peach and instead resembling a giant looming butt pretty much clinches it.

    As it were. So to speak.

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