May 10 2007

Why I keep a blog


Come for the blaming, stay for the trippy childhood idylls of the commentariat.

She also got us hot dogs afterwards at a place with a giant hot dog painted on the wall. The hot dog was floating in Lake Michigan off shore from Chicago. Fire-engine boats were using their hoses to launch mustard and ketchup onto the top of the titanic dog. A helicopter lowered a huge pickle. Very exciting, but sadly irrelevant. — Cunning Allusionment?

UPDATE: See the actual hot dog mural here. Thanks, Pinko Punko!


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  1. LouisaMayAlcott

    Mmmmm …. yup, that’s actually why I *read* blogs, too.

    I will love you forever for having hosted the blog with the link to Scheudenfreude Pie, which I would have otherwise *never* encountered, and by which lack of which experience my life would have been immeasurably diminished.

  2. schatze

    I come for the blaming, but I do love the food. I then linger for the photography and general comments. Also, I like to know about the dogs. Long time no Bert. Is Zippy OK? I always looked at the picture on top and thought I was reading the writing on the Hollandaise, but was later informed it was the gravy that ruins the crispy on a good chicken fried steak. I blame the patriarchy for that gravy.

  3. Pinko Punko

    Trust me, the link that just got sent to moderation is a nice little pic of the described picktacular helicopter and the mustardly fire boat.

  4. Twisty

    Pinko Punko, the only thing in moderation is this charming comment:

    “Hey bud. I’ve been told that I can only get a ‘right of passage’ to the hippie liberal world if I post something here.


    Aside: I’m a dude, but my wife totally owns me in matters non-superficial. Patriarchy my ass! Let’s worry about the evil gynochracy instead… huh? ”

    Re-post, please.

  5. Cunning Allusionment?

    I’m honored into dumbfoundedry.

  6. Pinko Punko


    I thought the blamers would enjoy the poster that CA enjoyed and remembered, as it is certainly incites those prone to flights of fancy.

    Also, I am trying to get a clip of this weeks “Office” for IBTP- it was a discussion on the FFB (funk filled bratwurst) that I thought would bring you a smile. Dwight pantomimed that the FFB was akin the the Alien from Alien, after Michael stated that what under some circumstances was “the most beautiful vision (HA!)” could also be like a “horrible monster.” All sorts of patriarchy were touched upon, both intentionally and unintentionally in the episode.

  7. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Anyone who thinks the FFB is a “beautiful vision” is under the influence of one a those drugs with initials for a name. And I’m a het chick.

  8. Pinko Punko

    That was what was funny- the character of Michael is a very sad, pathetic figure who is deeply insecure and does not know how to interact with the world other than how he thinks he should act (the lens of patriarchy), but underneath that he is like a little child. The scene was hilarious. My SO turned to me and was all “uh, no!” (not that I had any illusions regarding the Punky bratwurst to begin with).

  9. MedeaOnCrack

    That is so cool. Look! There’s a crane dropping on chopped onion, and lettuce and tomato being barged in. I’ve never had a Chicago dog. No time like the present.

    CA? I loved you first. {I don’t know how to do links).

    MedeaOnCrack May 9th, 2007 at 11:14 pm

    “She also got us hot dogs afterwards at a place with a giant hot dog painted on the wall. The hot dog was floating in Lake Michigan off shore from Chicago. Fire-engine boats were using their hoses to launch mustard and ketchup onto the top of the titanic dog. A helicopter lowered a huge pickle. Very exciting, but sadly irrelevant.”

    Wonderful. Not at all irrelevant. Is there more? Please.

  10. Twisty

    Re: history of the Vienna Beef dog: “spicy sport peppers”


  11. Pinko Punko

    Whenever I annotate an extensive history of the sport pepper with documentary linkies, spamulator kills a kitten and my comment, so you’ll have to take my word for it as follows. Sport peppers are a tabasco cultivar, smaller than pepperoncini and nicely hot. Chicago dogs get two on top, and they are vinegary and a little salty. Chicago Italian Beef sandwiches get the sport pepper chopped up with some other freshly pickled veggies like carrot and broccoli (forming a vinegary, spicy, salty vegetable salad known as giardiniera) thrown on top. Giardiniera is really amazing and addictive.

  12. Cunning Allusionment?

    Wow Pinko Punko, that’s amazing, thanks! It’s not every day that someone posts a link to the source of an intense childhood memory. What a treat!

    Last night while I was going to sleep, I was wondering why I chose to use a pseudonym when I’ve always used my real name. Thinking about it brought up feelings about how embarrassed I am of my ignorance and woefully inadequate blaming. Then, when Twisty quoted from my first post here, I was thrown into a tizzy of egotistical delusions. All day today, I’ve been caught between those and the same feelings of inadequacy I confronted last night.

    I imagined myself being an awesome thirty-something blamer one day, awakening apathetic high school students to the patriarchy, and I imagined inspiring and supporting their resistance. But the whole time I imagined these things, I was merely regurgitating the brilliant ideas I’d read here and in links I found here. How telling is it of my own deep indoctrination that my fantasies must resort to plagiarism to make me the man I wish to be?

  13. MedeaOnCrack

    Wait. Pinko Punko. What kind of dog is in there? Around these parts we usually use a calabresa sausage, hot. Do you suppose that’s because fresh hot peppers are hard to come by in the Great White North, and our Italian immigrants had to adapt? Giardineera I know. MMMM. Note to self: Head to Italian shops on Saturday.

  14. Pinko Punko

    For chicago dogs- the dog is a standard beef dog, hopefully natural casing, most famous bran Vienna Beef.

    The sausage in the italian beef sausage combos (the other CHicago treat) combos that I have had have been either hot or mild italian sausage, not a dry sausage like calabrese.

    The only giardineira around here is one with huge chunks of veggies, not the little diced stuff with sport peppers that you get in Chicago.

    I could see some calabrese being extra spicy- I mean that is closer to using a lousiana hot link. SPICY!

    CA- good ideas that ring true are shared, not plagiarized, your flight of fancy has made me smile, and keep your blame on-

    I fell for that hot dog poster at a Dog place in Michigan, not knowing that hundreds if not thousands of places in Illinois have it on the wall. I remember describing it to my SO as this really cool thing, and she was all “oh that, that’s everywhere!” (she’s from Chicago).

  15. Cunning Allusionment?

    MedeaOnCrack: Did you mean more food stories, or just more stories?

  16. MedeaOnCrack

    More stories. I think you could handle any subject you chose. Go…

  17. Pinko Punko

    Ditto to MOC!

    Extensive waxing RE:sausage in mod, also some nice words for CA?- tis better to try to Blame than to never have Blamed- TF speaks for herself, but she resonates a lot of what I think are deeply buried truths for many people, thus they are truths for as many wish to recognize as such-

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