May 12 2007

It’s only wahfer-thin


Tacos are all well and good, but two or three times a week, when dessert time rolls around, the spinster aunt yearns for a sublime, tiny overpriced morsel of brie, grilled scallops, morels, and about two sticks of butter. The brie “lasagne” at Jeffrey’s on West Lynn is indeed microscopic, but so redolent with gross excess that if it were any bigger you’d have to prosecute the chef for attempted murder.


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  1. Trout

    Oh my hedonistic heart. That looks delicious.

  2. Candice Morgan


    I’ve just come across a nude model’s ‘nude feminism’ blog and I’d love to get your analysis of a specific post: The Hood Ornament Hasn’t Been Installed Yet. In particular, I’m gagga over the “a woman’s body, no offense, is an object…”


    I don’t know if that link is gonna work, but I thought, with your infinite wisdom and witty articulation, that you would be the better ‘real live fire-breathing feminist’ to interpret this ‘young nekkid feminist’ thing.

    Perhaps a post on the would-be-but-misguided-young-feminist, in midst of all this rape vs sex vs consent business might open some eyes. Plus, I love it when you get all ‘fire-breathey’.

  3. Twisty

    Yes, yes, Candice, but what about the lasagne?

  4. BubbasNightmare

    If we were in another universe, I’d kiss you hard for exposing me to this morsel of delicious excess. (I’d do a fair number of things for good morels and real butter.)

    Speaking of “lasange”, remind me to blog about the exquisite pastitsio I had last week.

  5. thebewilderness

    Looking at that lucious morsel caused my salivary glands to express extreme desire for said morsel. Cooking to commence immediately.

  6. TP

    Not you’ve got me all nostalgic for that wonderful meal. Thank you thank you thank you.

    By the way, you have been on fire lately. It must have been that little vitamin of deliciousness that kindled this ardent feminist flame you’ve been consumed by lately.

    Hopefully we will get to see a new bathroom of Austin soon, too.

  7. Medbh

    It’s almost too gorgeous to eat and has me tempted to try to reproduce it.
    Speaking of criminally tasty recipes, try this and tell me it doesn’t rock your world:
    I cup heavy cream
    3/4 stock ( I use veggie)
    1 cup juice ( strained blood oranges work best but grapefruit or pomegranate also are yummy)
    Cook on a low heat until reduced by more than half. It takes an hour or so. Don’t let it boil. Stir in a stick of butter one piece at a time when it’s done and serve.
    Best on seafood but chicken probably works, too.
    Lovely sauce.

  8. tinfoil hattie

    Ooooh, goddess, a food post. Thank you, Twisty. I just spewed vitriol all over the “but then all women will say I raped them!” thread and this is a beautiful oasis after that.

    And Medbh, any recipe that starts with a cup of heavy cream and ends with a stick of butter immediately goes into my “too be cooked” file!

    That lassagne sliver looks like the kind of food they serve at the Inn at Little Washington (near DC). You say the word, Twisty, and I’ll take you there for dinner someday. We have to make reservations a month ahead of time, though!

  9. Medbh

    tinfoil hattie, it is dee-vine.
    I served the blood orange reduction over sauteed monkfish for my St. Paddy’s day party. Wink, wink. It was a big hit.

  10. Candice Morgan

    Oh, of course, the lasagne! Sorry, had flame-grilled patriarchy on the brain.

    Looks, fab. I don’t like seafood generally, but those scallops sure look tasty. And butter. Mmm.

  11. CannibalFemme

    Argh. Must go obtain food now. A sad grumble for lasagnes and sauces I do not have.

  12. tinfoil hattie

    I’ll have y’all know we just made carbonara, because THIS post made us hungry for something rich and exotic.

    I Blame the Twistyarchy.

  13. ew_nc

    In the presence of scallops and butter, who needs an orgasm?

  14. Hawise

    Glad I ate first and it is the first flame-broiled burger of the season as well but Mother’s Day is going to cost the boys.

  15. edith

    I have an hour before I can eat. An hour….

  16. kathy a

    well, you had to list it as a dessert. that really looks and sounds gorgeous.

  17. vera

    It does look good, but sorry, I harbor a deep resentment against scallops. I’m violently allergic to them, and first discovered this on a job interview while I was being wined and dined. Memorable.

  18. thebewilderness

    Hoo vera, bummer, and itchy and puffy too. If you can like halibut, you can do a similar yummy morsel with it.

  19. stekatz

    It looks like it’s about to burst into song.

  20. Ron Sullivan

    Vera, you have my sincere sympathy. But did you get the job?

    My goodness*, Twisty, that looks yummy. But doesn’t the brie threaten to overwhelm the scallops? Or will I just have to try it myself to figure that out?

    Is that a sprig of watercress on top?

    Did you lick the plate?

    Can I lick the plate?

    *such as remains

  21. vera

    Ron, I did get the job. I never ate scallops again, except by accident.

    It seems to me that concoction in the photo would be just fine if you excluded the scallops and kept everything else. Brie, morels, butter, cream, and teeny bits of pasta. It could work as dessert, appetizer, afternoon tea, breakfast, or bedtime snack. In fact, I’d like one now, with a glass of wine.

  22. KMTberry

    I feel so LUCKY to live in Austin, because NOW I can go to Jeffrey’s and order this! (I usually have the Oysters.It’s hard NOT to get them).

    Before my Mom died of lung cancer, we always went to Jeffrey’s for Mother’s Day, because you can SMOKE if you eat in the Bar! (That’s probably not true anymore).She L*O*V*E*D it though. Plus they make a really great Manhattan, and that was her drink.

    Stupid Mother’s Day, making me miss my Mom.

  23. Pinko Punko

    Do I detect a certain SUBTEXT to this post? Dare I say it? I fathom it to be somewhat molluscoidean.

  24. RadFemHedonist

    “In the presence of scallops and butter, who needs an orgasm?”

    I would still want one. I would excuse myself to the restaurant bathroom.

    I am not going to stop loving orgasms, other nice stuff like food and bouncy castles are more stuff to do, not replacements.

  25. Claire

    I was in a Korean hairdressers in Seoul leafing through GQ magazine. This picture from Dolce & Gabbana horrified me. I googled it and wasn’t surprised to see that it caused outrage in Europe. That fact that Dolce & Gabbana thought they could get away with it shows how insensitive they are.

    Has anyone seen it?

  26. butter

    Ooo, Twisty, thanks for a good food thought to start the day. That’s the kind of food that makes me sit back and just hum to myself after eating it.

    And yeah, you HAVE been on fire for the last week or so, along with many of the regular commenters. I’m mostly in agreement but less eloquent than I used to think I was, so am content listening to women (‘n men) listening to each other, and the occasional THWACK of a dude not being coddled.

  27. pisaquari

    Hey Claire,

    there was a debate over this feministing. There were plenty of commenters who noted her less than happy expression as well as the overall absurdity of the set up.
    Then of course there were “she’s empowered” comments.

    I share your disgust.

    On a happier note I think this has inspired me to order lasagna tonite from the Italian restaurant my mother insists ordering from every Mother’s Day.
    Granted their lasagna does not have such curb appeal.

  28. Theriomorph

    Holy BatBrie, Twisty.

  29. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Oh, thank you, I’ve been missing the Morsel Institute.

    As for me, I’ll take the lasagne *and* the orgasm, preferably in that order. But I am a greedy one.

  30. Silence

    Yum. Just yum. I’m tempted to lick my computer screen.

  31. magickitty

    I started salivating upon catching sight of that – tiny vertical food gets me every time. I’ll have to make the hubby reproduce it.

  32. Buttercup

    Bring mademoiselle a bucket!

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