May 15 2007

Tuesday dog fur blogging


Bert’s haunch.


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  1. Mandos

    And a beautiful pelt it is.

  2. Mandos

    *smacks forehead* Now someone is going to find some creepy threatening reference in the word “pelt”. Must not blog after that much sour cream.

  3. stekatz

    Wow. That’s some undercoat. It’s funny how much Golden’s coats vary. We have a couple of happy go lucky ones up the street. They are very blonde and have very long feathering, but not a whole lot of under coat on their backs and sides. I knew a reddish one once whose coat was so thick he was almost curly. Yet he had scant feathering (and was apparently one kick-ass bird dog).

    I can’t seem to remember from previous pictures, does Bert have a lot of feathering? How is his yardhole project progressing?

    One of the sweetest dogs to ever grace the earth was a blonde Golden named Arty (short for Artemis), and her favorite toy was a fuzzy pink slipper. Poor thing ended up getting Hemangiosarcoma. RIP Arty.

  4. Ashley

    May I recommend the Furminator? Changed my life. Regrettable name, but it works magic on the undercoat.

  5. EN

    Can I send Bert an ear rub?

  6. LMYC

    I hate text browsing. I’m missing the dog pics.

  7. Twisty

    To answer your question, stekatz, Bert, who derives from snooty show dog lineage, possesses an embarrassment of luxurious, long blonde hair. As a result, so do all my pants, chairs, sofas, rugs, beds, and dinners. I should have named him Rapunzel.

    It’s always a trade-off with goldens. Fabulous hair = slothful layabout. My sister Tidy has one of field dog extraction whose coat is short and reasonable, but what a flippin looney. Field dog breeders favor that combination of short hair and excitable temperament; apparently it is an advantage when you want a dog to run like a maniac all day retrieving dead ducks.

    Because he is a lazy piker, Bert has abandoned his hole-digging art project, to the relief of all the neighborhood ankles, to pursue a career of lounging on pillows. Good dog!

  8. lawbitch

    Good dog, indeed! What’s a little dog hair among friends?

  9. Yeny

    Am I the only one whose mind keeps tricking them into thinking the pic is of pubes?? It’s freaking me out.

  10. josie my source of most frustration

    Slothful layabout = good dog, indeed.

    However, from the photo, it appeared to me that Bert had a bald patch. I was worried that maybe the Mandos referendum was getting to him. Thankfully, the whole thing appears to be a trick o’ the eye. Bert’s hair is thick and luxurious and, hence, is bountiful evidence of an untroubled psyche.

  11. slythwolf

    Jeez, Yeny, I’ve never seen pubes quite that thick. XD

  12. PhoenixRising

    My golden is also, thank the FSM, not a field dog. Lazy and hunting dumb, but quite pretty in the coat as well as house-smart.

    Due to my current status as temporarily disabled (broken shoulder bones etc) the dog got a crew cut. The groomer, check this out, did a clean cut of all those yards of perfect blonde wavitude. And donated it for the wig project. Which I enjoyed immensely.

  13. stekatz

    My sister had a roommate who saved dog hair for knitting sweaters. I think she had a Samoyed.

    Previous posts indicated that Zippy fared well after surgery, but how is she doing now?

  14. josquin

    When I was a mere pickle, I was the proud owner of several of those troll dolls with the short little bodies, protruding bellies, wide mouths and the upswept hair. My favorite of the trolls was one with garish peach/blond hair. If that troll had pubes, they would look just like this!
    Although I would normally BTP, I can only blame Yeny for causing me to imagine my beloved troll doll with luxurious pubes to match its hair.

  15. Sniper

    Wow. There’s more Bert fur in that picture than my dog has on her entire body.

    The nice thing about an IG is that the coat is so low-maintenance that you forget your dog is shedding until the day you wonder if your couch has always been the same color as the dog.

  16. Poa Trivialis

    Isn’t Bert a man’s name?

  17. smmo

    Bert is apricotty.

  18. bitchphd

    That’s some pretty dog fur, and I hate dog fur.

  19. vera

    Y’know, if you were to brush Bert and collect the fur from the brush for oh, say, one year, you can send it in to a company that will spin it into yarn for you. And then you can knit a sweater for Bert from his own fur! I am not making this up.

  20. tinfoil hattie

    I have no idea what I’m looking at.

    But it seems to me that dog needs a Brazilian. So she can be more attractive to the male doggies.

    (Am I an expert Blamer yet?)

  21. speedbudget

    My PopPop was blind, and he had a Golden for a leader dog. Boy, was that the best dog EVER. And one day, while MomMom and PopPop were shopping at the farmers’ market, Copper stole a stuffed cat, which became his baby. What a great dog. Seeing your dog makes me mist up a little.

  22. Loosely Twisted

    For some reason to me it looks like Bert is bald? Say for that strip of hair that looks like, what Yeny said.

  23. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    I once had a field dog who came from impeccable stock (his lineage was better than mine, for crine out loud). I made the sorry mistake of trying to turn him into a house dog, and it made us both miserable.

    My current pet has no such impediment, and has made the transition from neglected yard dog to pampered house dog brilliantly. She does shed profusely. I use a tool called a Shed’n Blade on her and both cats daily and they seem to enjoy it. It doesn’t seem to matter how much I groom them though; animal fur is a fact of life at my house.

    Bert’s a rare beauty. May we please have a Zippy status update?

  24. Jezebella

    I’ve heard tell of these dog-fur sweaters and all I can say to that is: yecch!!!

    Dog fur belongs on dogs and furniture (and dinner), but not knitting needles.

  25. Virago

    I came for the patriarchy blaming, but I stay for the photos.

    Damn, that’s cool.

  26. Sniper

    Dog fur sweaters are surprisingly soft and I’ve seen some very pretty ones knit by women in Alaska and the Yukon. If you’re allergic to wool they’re an interesting alternative.

  27. B. Dagger Lee

    Listen, I know orange shag rug, circa 1974, when I see it. Next thing you’ll be showing us a bean bag and claiming it’s a silicone boob or something.

  28. schatze

    That’s an impressive coat. I know from Golden coats as I have had 5 1/2 over the years. That half is the most impressive coat owner I have had though because he is half Golden Retriever and half Chow Chow. No matter how thick a coat my Goldens have had, Max’s coat is even denser. I guess those Northern breeds need the added insulation. It often astounds me and I worry how he can stand the Southern heat. He also has that Northern breed habit of sleeping in a tight circle with his tail covering his nose. My other two dogs are purebred Goldens, one nearly white and one very red. My dogs have never blown their coat at the same time, but seem to take turns. The fur tumbleweeds in my house are scary. My fourth pet is a Roomba.

  29. Claire

    I thought it was pubic hair at first too. It’s the skin-hair arrangement.

  30. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    “that Northern breed habit of sleeping in a tight circle with his tail covering his nose.”

    Not to be indelicate, but do you ever wonder how they don’t knock themselves out with their own noxious dog farts?

  31. mAndrea

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to put the delete key right next to the copy key was most likely a MAN. And whoever thought it was a good idea to NOT let you turn one keyboard shortcut off without also turning off all the others was also most likely a MAN.

    That is all, and now I have to go work.

  32. mAndrea

    Oh. yes it was my mistake that I hit the delete key, but it was a MAN who thought that key placement isn’t important.

    Have a nice day.

  33. Cunning Allusionment?

    Vera: RE: making sweaters for your dog out of your dog’s hair: I used to have very long hair, and this friend of mine (who I was secretly crushing on) told me I should make a pillow out of it (’cause it was so soft and voluminous). And I thought to myself, I thought, “well that’s a better use of it than leaving it strewn all over the place.” So I started collecting it. After about five years, I had enough hair to make a nice little throw pillow. I haven’t actually got a pillow case for it yet though. My mom finds it totally revolting and made poison label faces every time I talked about it.

  34. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    OK, so would recycled dog fur sweaters take on l’arome du wet dog when they get wet? Because ew. Insert Cunning Allusionment?’s mom’s poison label face here. I love my dog, and I love the way she smells most of the time, but not when she’s wet.

  35. Sniper

    The dog fur is washed again and again before it’s spun into yarn and the textile artists claim there’s no smell – no worse than a wet wool sweater, anyway.

    That being said, those sweaters are damned expensive so I’ve never bought one myself.

  36. Sandy D.

    That hair looks like it’s trying to escape from my monitor and jump into the butter dish. Or the jam, or any number of other food items that collect my own (half lab, half golden retriever) dog’s hair.

    You know, I don’t think that “wet dog” smell comes from the hair itself. Sometimes when I brush my dog, I throw the giant wads of dog hair into the kitchen compost bucket, and when I dump it into the compost outside I never smell that distinctive wet dog odor.

  37. Tigs

    I agree with Sandy D., my Shar-Pei mutt has a “horse coat” which, amazingly enough, means her hair is about the length of a horse’s coat. Even with the shortest hair, she still stinks up the place with her wet dog self.

    I am actually inspired by the close up excitement of this picture and am wondering what Dio’s haunch would look like under such inspection.

    To the camera!

  38. RadFemHedonist

    josie my source of most frustration

    is your name a reference to the movie Josie and the Pussycats?

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