Jun 07 2007

How tedious

The spinster aunt has just gotten outside of a slice of smoked yellowtail. Note ghostlike ninja servers in the background. Uchi, S. Lamar, June 6, 2007. Photo by Stingray.

My dear old webhost has been putting the thumbscrews to iblamethepatriarchy.com ever since I invented the patriarchy-blaming boards. Because the blog and the boards are all on the same site, the recent upsurge in blaming threatens to blow both of them up. Fortunately, I happen to have an extra website I’m not currently using, which would be ideal for the message boards. So. Who can tell me how to migrate an SMF board from one site to another? Do not quote to me from the unintelligible SMF manual, because whoever wrote that shit has only the dimmest appreciation for my negative value technical savvy. Thanks.


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  1. Daisy

    HAHA! Don’t ask me, I can’t even figure out how to have a graphic AND a headline on my new blog. I need another HELP button to understand the “help” site. Who writes that stuff???

    First time blamer, long time lurker, just returned from Austin, where I got me one of them “Keep Austin Weird” stickers for my well-traveled old suitcse. Took a detour to beautiful Fredericksburg via highway 290 and I thought of you! It’s a beautiful corner of the universe.

    And I hope some tech-savvy youngun answers your question. ;)

  2. Twisty

    Austin is now so weird that it is considered a conformist act to wear a Keep Austin Weird shirt.

  3. lawbitch

    No clue how to help with your tech issue. Cute pic. Keep smiling!!!

  4. LouisaMayAlcott

    Hi Twisty,

    If no one else has answered you yet, here’s my suggestion.

    Presumably you have a different domain name hosted at the other host, I’ll call that host X. Maybe it’s your twistyfaster.com domain name.

    Right now, you now have your forum set up as a “subdomain” of iblamethepatriarchy, which is on the servers at host Y, the aggrieved overloaded host.

    There are two things you need to do:

    1.) Have host X create for you a subdomain called “forum” of twistfaster.com

    Nothing in it yet, just create the subdomain forum.twistyfaster.com parallel to the forum.iblamethepatraiarchy.com subdomain

    2.) Have host X scoop the entire contents of the forum.iblamethepatriarchy.com and transfer to the new subdomain (s)he just set up.

    3.) If host X does not yet have the forum *software* program(s) on its servers, those will have to be installed by X.

    4.) Finally, all links on your IBTP site here that point to the current forum must be changed so that they will point to the new address of the forum at forum.twistyfaster.com


    I had to migrate a website to a new host this year, and that’s why it’s fresh in my mind.

    You can do the transfer thing yourself with FTP if you’re into FTP.

    I think the creation of the subdomain has to be done by the host.

    I hope all these instructions turn out to be redundant because somebody else has already done it for you – – but it’s a place to start.

    Bon Courage!

  5. LouisaMayAlcott

    Here’s another approach:

    Talk to the aggrieved overloaded host Y about getting a hosting deal with a higher traffic quota. If s(he) doesn’t know how to do that, then get your *whole* IBTP domain (including the current forum) transferred to a new host.

    There are gazillions of hosting companies for whom the volume of traffic that your site generates would be no problem at all.

  6. gzur

    DAMN YOUR lack of Preview!

    Oh well – first line should read “Negative value technical savvy aside, I personally used this HOWTOwhen I moved mine 2 years ago or so.”

    And also – now you won’t miss the link.

  7. Bubbas' Nightmare

    On a slightly different topic:

    Great picture! That beatific smile just makes me want to make out w–

    Wait. Never mind, sorry. I’m inhabiting the wrong space-time continuum this week. Can I try this again? I can? Good!

    Having dealt with similar issues for customers, LouiseMayAlcott’s got the right notion. It’ll likely cost you a bit more (traffic costs are traffic costs after all), but the commentariat will be ever grateful.

  8. insaan

    If you still need a hand, I’m tech savvy enough (been in programming and intertubes work for >10 years) and would love to help the site.

  9. LouisaMayAlcott

    Yay! Twisty, go with insaan. All my net knowledge is tinkering, trial and error stuff. Insaan is the real deal.

  10. kathy a

    got nothing. but that is a wickedly great smile!

  11. The Reverend B. Dagger Lee

    Wow, a thing of beauty indeed–I mean the blamer ant farm you built.

    The ants are exploding the bandwidth. Now that’s blameworthy.

    No mere chin nod for you, missy. May the Vacuum Lord bless your little pointy head.

  12. yankee transplant

    Wow. That photo is terrific!

  13. tarminian

    For the database, you will want to do a dump (geek talk meaning a file that contains the structure and data of your database in a form that the database can read; typically, this is a series of structured query language commands) of the current one, create a database on the new site (same name/password if you can), and then run the dump file against the new database to create the tables and data. I’m assuming you probably have phpmyadmin access to do this. In phpmyadmin running would me uploading the file and have phpmyadmin do its job.

    Transfer of the software itself should be an easy ftp if the other host doesn’t have an automatic install of the software.

    Personally, I’d find a trusted geek and give them the keys.

  14. Geneva Compunction

    What a filthy world this is.

    But what a swell picture.

  15. TP

    You look so gosh darn good! I’m very happy to think you are doing so well. The lark’s on the wing and all that.

  16. Jodie

    Your smile makes me smile.

  17. Frigga's Own

    Absolutely off topic: Beth Ditto shows that fat girls can be pornalicious.

    Other fat people so excited to actually see a fat person in the media that they claim some empowerfulment.

  18. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    I heartily concur with BubbasNightmare’s original sentiment!

    Do your friends and family know what a wide circle of admirers and sycophants you’ve collected?

  19. Twisty

    For the database, you will want to do a dump (geek talk meaning a file that contains the structure and data of your database in a form that the database can read; typically, this is a series of structured query language commands) of the current one, create a database on the new site (same name/password if you can), and then run the dump file against the new database to create the tables and data.

    Oh, is that all? I’ll just run the dump file, which is a series of structured query language commands, against the new database? Why didn’t I think of that!

  20. Jezebella

    I get the giggles thinking about Stingray wielding your enormous, intrusive camera in a room-full of loud, expensive people in order to take that fabulous picture of you and your mackerel.

  21. MzNicky

    Twisty! Has anyone ever told you you bear a striking resemblance to Toni Collette? Well, someone has now. Yowsa what a grin on that face.

  22. MzNicky

    I rest my case.

  23. pisaquari

    Oh Yes Frigga’s Own isn’t it just splendid.
    “Sex positive feminists” everywhere just can’t believe patriarchy has done “fat” women such a favor!
    “You mean, Uncle Patriarch has yet again repackaged the female-as eye-sexxing-for-the-taking and now *fat women* can be measured on the same HoTanDsEXy scale the skinny women get?” A fucking revolution.

  24. RadFemHedonist

    Yes, now you too, have a chance of being objectified as “fuckable” (as opposed to “unfuckable”).

  25. Jezebella

    I claim no empowerful feelings or embiggening of my self-esteem from that pic of Beth Ditto.

    On the other hand, my immediate response was: “well, hell, she looks pretty good!”

    Then: “Wait a minute, I’m about her size. Hm. Guess I’m not so hideous after all.”

    Then: “Wait! She’s naked on a magazine cover! How is THIS doing anybody any good?”

    Once you’re over a size 12, it’s like there’s this enculturated body dysmorphia that teaches you that your body is Flat Out UGLY, no matter what the mirror tells you. It’s a difficult message to screen out.

    On the other hand: she’s allowing the NME to commodify her body, and that’s not any more empowerful than when a thin girl does it.

    I don’t think Women of Girth are necessarily considered “unfuckable” by the average man; rather we are “un-date-able.” Most hetero men will fuck anybody that stays still long enough; they just won’t be seen in public with a woman who doesn’t conform to fuckability standards. All that to say: fat women are objectified all the time, too.


  26. typonaut

    I migrated a couple of databases last year. I downloaded them (feasible because they were small) to my computer, made copies, used a text editor to search for & replace the old domain name with the new one, and uploaded to the new database.

    I use DreamHost and am happy with them. They provide huge and ever-increasing disk space and bandwidth, lots of user control, good wiki info, and status reports.

    They had severe downtime last summer, but may have fixed all associated problems by now.

    That picture is great. Good job, StingRay.

  27. tarminian

    read my last sentence. Maybe this computer thing just isn’t for you…can’t blame the patriarchy for that…like I said, find an expert and let them do the work…

    As to dreamhost, betya they wouldn’t like it much if you max their pipe at $9 a month either. Bandwidth isn’t cheap and you can’t expect to be able to pull even a fraction of a Mbit/s 24/7 at dreamhost prices. You can blame the patriarchy for that, everybody should have fiber to their door step…

  28. LouisaMayAlcott

    Yes, bandwidth is all about orders of magnitude.

    Twisty, find out from your host what your bandwidth limit is now. Then increase that by one order of magnitude: that is, multiply by 10.

    *Then* ask your host what the charge is for an account with *that* bandwidth limit is.

    I doubt that it will be 10 times what you are paying now.

    If it is, then by all means ** get another host **.

    I took a look at bluehost and they look kind of unprofessional to me.

    You can look in alt.www.webmaster (on google groups) and ask for a recommendation, or search the back postings for recommended web hosts.

    A decent webhost would never let this happen to you. Bluehost has *no* information about hosting plans of capacities other than the only one it offers.

    In other words, they are set up to sell cheap hosting for sites with little traffic, and have no way of serving the needs of a successful website such as yours.

    If you want me to research this for you, say the word.

  29. Jack-Booted Thug

    1. Install the forum software on the new site.
    1 (a). Make sure it works.
    2. Back up the forum database. Command can be found under ‘Administrative’ or ‘Control Panel’ functions in the forum software.
    3. Restore the forum database to the new server.
    4. Check if it works. If not, the database probably overwrote the new location and you’ll have to set it up again, i.e., tell the forum where it is living now.
    5. Don’t be shocked if this procedure causes the loss of user names, passwords or permissions. This is not common but has been known to happen. It is possible to copy configurations/customizations over to the new site, but this can be a difficult procedure due to the interdependence of many files.
    6. Email me with any questions, if you haven’t already found the answers you need.

  30. insaan

    Another happy dreamhost.com customer over here. Even the cheap $8/mo. plan gets 1.52 TB of bandwidth per month and unlimited MySQL databases, and includes lots of bells and whistles that make us programmer types happy (e.g. Ruby on Rails support and Subversion repository hosting).

  31. TP

    I like dreamhost, too. And I introduced Twisty to Dreamweaver a million years ago! So blame the Patriarchy if you will, but ultimately, her ignorance is also my ignorance, so you can blame me for not starting her out with database dumps and other things I don’t know either.

    Searching with text editors is best done with Bare Baones Software’s Text Wangler of BBEdit on the Mac, though!

  32. Cassy

    Are you using CPanel as your adminstrative control? They have a move CPanel account as an option if you do.

    Check out VBulletin as your board software. It is more efficient and has better security for larger boards. The license does cost more than free but that is another issue.


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