Jun 08 2007

The tedium thickens

Seared foie gras from Uchi the other night. Like eating waterfowl-flavored butter.

Naturally, my cheepo webhost cannot stand it when a spinster aunt tries to run more than one database off his stupid cheepo server, so I’ve had to shut down the forum to keep it from eating the blog.

Fans of the forum should sit tight while I contrive to move the thing to the new location. When that fails, as it most certainly will, I hope the stalwarts will condescend to join me in starting afresh. I’ll post updates on this exploit as it develops. As always, I appreciate your forbearance and indulgement* in my stunning lack of expertise in administering these webular enterprises, but let’s put the blame where it is due: it is entirely the fault of patriarchy that they don’t teach MySQL in spinster aunt college.

* Nope; not a word.


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  1. pheeno

    Damn them! Damn them all!

  2. Patti

    Indulgivity? -ness?

  3. TinaH

    *shakes fist at servers*

  4. Miller

    Good luck. I’m just glad it wasn’t what I feared: sabotage by MRAs.

  5. Orange

    I can indulgificate you in any of your webular endeavors.


  6. JoeBlu

    The real problem, of course, is that the Web is built on the code of a million dunderheads. I’ve never seen such a sloppy mess! All the cool applications are written in PHP, an impenetrable slog of nonsense. It doesn’t help that the people writing cool stuff seem to have no idea how to organize anything so that other people can use it when they’re gone.

  7. buggle

    On the plus side, at least I’ll get some work done today. Those forums are dang addictive! Good stuff everywhere.

  8. Rev Dr in thebewilderness


  9. stekatz

    You most certainly can blame the patriarchy for this. The electronic world was developed primarily by members of dude nation who have hours and hours and hours and hours to spend on troubleshooting, testing, taking a break to play World of Warcraft, coding, dinking around, going to the soda machine for another Mountain Dew, and scratching their asses when something doesn’t seem to work.

    Why do they have all this time to spend glued to their glowing screens while the hum of a hard drive fan whirs in the backgroud?

    Because unlike women, they have not spent hours and hours and hours feeding screaming children, doing laundry, dealing with customers on the front end, cleaning the company bathroom, checking homework, buying groceries, answering phones, looking for lost permission slips, vaccuuming, filing paperwork, taking care of elderly parents, volunteering loads of time – you get the picture.

    Having spent the better part of my adult life surrounded by geeks, I can assure you that male geeks find that the system of patriarchy well supports their primary objectives which are: spend lots of time at work, check their stock, check their email, eat, think about sex, and participate in their recreation activity of choice. Taking care of any other business such as the family, the household or the shit work of the company they are happy to ignore and leave for women and immigrants to do.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything.

  10. Sasha

    The stalwarts swarmed quickly enough the first time. I can’t imagine with all that additional pent-up desire and anticipation that they wouldn’t swarm even more quickly the second time. Best wishes.

    I blame capitalism and the patriarchy. Oh, wait. I think they are the same.

  11. stekatz

    Gee I was so busy bitching and moaning I forgot to make my point. My point being that software is designed by people who assume that every user of their software, protocol, programming language, code, etc. will have as much time on their hands to fiddle around with it as they do.

    So there.

  12. yankee transplant

    IBTP for all that goes wrong.

  13. Rev Dr in thebewilderness

    ask.com is doing its part to mainstream porn as the norm for all the little boys and girls, and grandpa too.


  14. Melissa McEwan

    Thanks for the recommendation, Rev Dr in thebewilderness.

    I wish I could say that was the worst thing about which I posted today, but, unfortunately, it isn’t.

  15. Bubbas' Nightmare


    It doesn’t help that the people writing cool stuff seem to have no idea how to organize anything so that other people can use it when they’re gone.

    It’s called job security.

    (sigh) Seared foie gras, just like Grandmere used to make. The sight of that bit of heaven isn’t making this hot dog go down any more easily.

  16. mAndrea

    As much as I hate a talking penis driving on my private road, I would be willing to tolerate the UPS guy delivering all sorts of Amazon goodies – as long as I could order them through the IBTP forum. Which would, I believe, help to offset the bandwidth costs.

    No sense in our imposing on our gracious hostess, is there?

    Also been considering the possibility of actually getting off my lazy ass and working more hours, just so I could donate to appropiate IBTP subversiveness. Not sure, though, as engaging with the patriarchy is depressing beyond belief and I try to avoid it as much as possible.

    http://whataboutourdaughters.blogspot.com/ is a nice black woman’s blog that I just found, btw.

  17. Beth

    Hey Twisty (or anyone else)

    What do you think of this?

    Dutch women get less depressed

  18. mAndrea

    Stekatz’s comment is something I wonder about sometimes.

    Why don’t more women say, “ah honey, if YOU want YOUR children to learn xyz, then YOU take them, teach them, clean up after them, etc.” Make more time for you to succeed at work, chicky.

    Why don’t more women do this? Is it because they’re afraid they’re babydaddy is incompetent or that the thing won’t get done at all?

    IF they really believe their babydaddy would let his kid be deficient in some way, then WHY THE FUCK did they pick him to be the babydaddy in the first place?

    and I’m supposed to be the one with a low opinion of men?!

  19. mAndrea


    Is it because they’re afraid THEIR babydaddy is incompetent or that the thing won’t get done at all?

  20. PhysioProf

    “* Nope; not a word.”

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “indulgement” is a perfectly good English word:

    “indulgeable a., fit to be indulged; indulgement = INDULGENCE.
    1691 WOOD Ath. Oxon. II. 381 Giving himself the liberty of too frequent indulgments.”

  21. CuriouserAndCuriouser

    Of course we’ll come and mess up play in your new sandbox!

    Stekatz, loved your rant, that was a thing of beauty.

    Anybody who hasn’t checked out Beth’s link, it actually suggests maybe there’s a glimmer of hope out there:

    “de Bruin’s observations suggest that glamour, hospitality and charm may not be essential ingredients for female happiness. Living in a wealthy, industrialized society plays a huge part in the Dutch woman’s sense of contentment, she said, given the benefits of a social net that allows for balance between work and family life. She backs that claim with statistics: 68 percent of Dutch women work part time, roughly 25 hours a week, and most probably do not want a full-time job

    Sounds like heaven. Has anyone ever visited there?

  22. CuriouserAndCuriouser

    oops, my attempt at strikethrough failed miserably. Aaaaaggghhh! HTML is definitely NOT intuitive. IBtP.

  23. CuriouserAndCuriouser

    Ok, that first line should have been “Of course we’ll come mess up play in your sandbox. Insert verboten frowny face here for initial failure.

  24. cycles

    My point being that software is designed by people who assume that every user of their software, protocol, programming language, code, etc. will have as much time on their hands to fiddle around with it as they do.

    Excellent point.

    And, of course, if you haven’t learned everything there is to know in this narrow column of specialized information, you’re immediately marked as one of those stupid people beneath notice on the belligerent food chain of geekdom. If you’re a woman, you basically have to invent your own programming language if you want to claw your way from “bimbo” to “oddity” under this system. Then you get to be known as that one chick they deigned to describe as intelligent – fap fap fap.

    I’m bitter too. Years ago in college, I was really enjoying my engineeering classes. Until I met my classmates.

  25. Dawn Coyote

    Cool. I’ll take the opportunity to change my user name on the site.

  26. changeling

    is anyone else having a problem, on the new website, where-in it requires you to login, before you can register for a new account?

  27. Beard

    In fact, the academic field of Computer Science is in quite a tizzy about the low and dropping percentage of women majoring in computer science. Quite a lot of work is going in to figuring out how to recruit and retain more female CS majors. (Of course, a leading academic CS department wouldn’t be caught dead teaching you mySQL either. They would teach you database theory, and ask you to read a book about mySQL in your spare time.)

    Not surprisingly, most of the people of influence in academic CS departments are male, and learned their social skills at places like MIT. So it’s not the most sensitive or well-informed crowd on patriarchy-blaming issues. But they would still really like to teach more women to be successful computer scientists.

    As we have seen in recent years, labeling someone as a member of the “Axis of Evil” has not turned out to be the best way to get them to line up on your side. So what’s to do?

  28. Sasha

    changeling, the site isn’t ready. You are likely to have trouble until it is.

    CuriouserAndCuriouser Jun 8th, 2007 at 2:27 pm

    Ok, that first line should have been “Of course we’ll come mess up play in your sandbox. Insert verboten frowny face here for initial failure.

    I’m almost embarassed about how easy this is but IBTP.

  29. Sasha

    And my quoting sucked. IBTP again.

  30. lawbitch

    I’ll be hanging around, awaiting your battle cry, for you are the grand poobah of blaming. Want a waterbuffalo hat?

  31. PhysioProf

    “As we have seen in recent years, labeling someone as a member of the ‘Axis of Evil’ has not turned out to be the best way to get them to line up on your side. So what’s to do?”

    Yeah, that’s a really good point. If only feminists would just be nicer, the patriarchy would simply dissolve.

  32. matt

    Blame the patriarchy for whatever you like.

    You can share the blame for this, however:

  33. elisha


    here, here!

    Good people may differ on the many ins and outs of the animal rights movement, but foie gras seems wantonly cruel to me.
    Surely dismantling the patriarchy requires us all to examine all facets of its oppression?

  34. mAndrea

    This box won’t accept images, curses!


    An amazing site. Not only does it have incredible images of poverty in america, but the author has very interesting things to say about racism and oppression. He completely missed sexism as a problem, but of course a man would. That page talks about how the social safety net works in Denmark.

    Oh, and apologies for sounding like an ass – again. It’s terminal, I’m afraid. Wish I could remember who first said that the patriarchy itself causes depression so I could quote them. Being treated like a legally rapable fuck toy is no excuse for moping and hiding in your house, bitches!

  35. Sasha

    or bitchez.

  36. thebewilderness

    A filly just beat six colts in the Belmont stakes. It’s a sign.

  37. flea

    The second I saw that photo of foie gras, I knew the potential for yet another Twisty Storm would start brewing in the comments.

  38. LilliEve

    Pictures of foie gras make me feel ill. I blame IBTP for my nausea.

  39. magickitty

    My alleged husband went to a restaurant in Montreal a couple of weeks ago where they use foie gras in almost every dish. Bleh.

    Actually, I’m glad the boards remained down over the weekend. I had to bust out a magazine and would have been up the creek with such a delectable distraction as the forum. Can you see about keeping it down until Thursday evening, my print deadline?

  40. Zander

    Twisty, will there be a cost issue for keeping up the forums? Please let us know if it is a problem. Other forums I have been on have charged to register or upgrade your profile and this forum is way worth $5/10.

  41. thebewilderness

    I am beginning to think that either Twisty is working altogether too hard trying to get the message board up and running, or her chemo brain has once again caused her to forget she has a blog.

  42. Buttercup

    Chiming in on the anti-foie gras side here. Ew.

  43. buggle

    mAndrea- I don’t know who said it first, but Lucizoe was the one who maybe 2 months ago (?) brought up the idea of being depressed because of the patriarchy. A life-changing moment for me!!

  44. Twisty

    Sometimes, when you live the life of an epicure, foie gras is brought to you unexpectedly. When that happens, you either eat it or not. That I chose to eat it in this case is not to be construed as an endorsement of the Yay Foie Gras League.

    If anyone is in doubt about my general views on gavage and the livers of waterfowl and whatnot, please check the archive.

  45. mAndrea

    If people don’t stop shoving animal cruelty crap down my throat, I may have to become a vegetarian. Hey, Twisty remembered she has a blog. How cute.

    Hope everything is all right. *looks worried*

  46. mAndrea

    Oh, I meant that to sound just as stupid as it did. Rilly.

  47. mAndrea

    If the trollage was excessively cumbersome on the forums, then charging admission would lesson the number of mods needed to patrol. Also, I like the idea of having a little acceptance thingie which says, “if you are guilty of acting like an MRA troll in three or more posts, you agree to have your credit card charged $500. Do you understand? Still want to proceed?”

    People who don’t want to pay can still post on her bloggy. Wait, that doesn’t cut down on Twisty’s work load.

    I’d still be happy to pay, though.

  48. hattie

    I love foie gras. I eat it as much as 4-5 times per week. I don’t care if the goose suffers as long as I can get my share of the foie.

    I sometimes put it into milkshakes, toppings for desserts, anything but just plain pan seared.

    I put it on toast for breakfast, and crackers for a midnight snack. Sometimes I eat just hunk of it like many raid their peanut butter jars. I love foie gras. MMMMMMMMm

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