Monthly Archive: September 2007

Sep 21 2007

Still not dead


I found this incredible store, and I’ve been shopping my ass off.

Sep 17 2007

Not dead


I found this incredible store, and I’ve been shopping my ass off.

Sep 05 2007

Delusional godbags vow to spam nonbelievers for eternity

Have you seen this thing? I wish I had found this hilarious website back when I was suffering an attack of unsightly butt-boils; never did a spinster aunt’s ass more sorely need to be laughed off. You will laugh your ass off when you grasp the premise of the ludicrous It promises sanctimonious jesusians …

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Sep 04 2007

Tuesday other-peoples-dogs blogging


Well, it’s happened. Unable to contain her lust for fame, glory, and riches, my sporty sibling Tidy has enrolled her dog Fletch in dock diving school. Dock diving is a competitive sport invented by ESPN wherein the dog runs like mad toward a body of water, launches itself, and endeavors to splash down at a …

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Sep 04 2007

The long-awaited labiaplasty update

A chorus of yips went up at Spinster Aunt HQ when the news broke: a couple of national doctor clubs have experienced an uncharacteristic moment of lucidity and come out in opposition to cosmetic vagina surgery. In a Bloomberg report, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal …

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Sep 03 2007

Ask a Spinster Aunt: giggling, feminism, and you


Blamer Alexandra writes: Q: I was (seriously) wondering: Is it feminist to giggle? I’ve never known a man to giggle. Is giggling a natural thing, or should I blame the patriarchy? A: You’ve come to the right place, Alexandra! I am Director of Hollow Mirthless Laughter at the Twisty Institute, where I am also widely …

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Sep 01 2007

AntifeministWatch 2007: Ana Marie Cox

Last night I thought I’d do something uncharacteristically current-eventish, and watched McLaughlin on PBS. It was another one of those “are bloggers legitimate journalists/whatever will become of poor print media?” discussions. Counting McLaughlin, the panel was Y-chromosome heavy, with a ratio of four dudes to one woman. The woman, of course, was plucky DC wit …

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