Sep 17 2007

Not dead


I found this incredible store, and I’ve been shopping my ass off.


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  1. sylvie

    hurrah for not being dead. that is a fantastic picture.

  2. TP

    Feathering your nest out there in the Hills? It’s been two more months forever. I can’t wait to see the photos of the horses.

  3. Jezebella

    I totally *forgot* about the Light Bulb Shop! Genius, ain’t it?

  4. Ron Sullivan

    Glad you’re not dead, but you should probably retrieve your ass. Harder to keep your pants up without it. Also, sitting gets to be a challenge. And, um, keep it away from light bulbs, hey?

    Now I have to go look.

  5. Cass

    Nice picture. I’ve been meaning to take my own survey of The Signs Of Burnet Road ever since I got that new Olympus.

  6. yankee transplant

    Glad you’re not dead. Looking forward to some stellar blaming.

  7. Fireweed

    I didn’t think you were dead. I thought you were working on a dynamite critique of the new television adds for BBRCA testing and the alrming new category of “previver”. When will we see this?

  8. Sean

    You should sell the rights of distribution of that picture to an upcoming band for their cover art.

  9. kate

    Send some to the Dem candidates, they could use a light bulb flash in or over their heads.

  10. gennimcmahon

    Whew. My overtaxed nervous system was having a hard time tolerating your absence.

    Am the only one who finds it a smidge amusing that the Greatest Blamer of All Time was MIA due to, umm, shopping?

  11. Mama Bear

    Very glad you’re not dead. Please don’t die. I just discovered your blog recently, and I LOVE it. I need to read more blaming, so please stick around.

  12. NeoCleo

    I love specialty stores like this–we have one here on the West Coast “The Electric Shaver Shop.” I’ve never been inside, only because I’ve gotten so much enjoyment speculating about the inventory, the service, (the staff!), the history and logic behind honing in on electric shavers as a market niche.

    Of course, one wouldn’t need to “shed any light” on the utility of devoting one’s store to light bulbs.

  13. Iris

    We have a bizarre Husquvarna Sewing Machine Repair Shop in Waterford, Mi. Don’t you dare walk in with a Singer.

  14. Silence

    Don’t be shy Twisty; show us a picture of your purchases.

  15. esquare

    In St. Louis, Missouri, there was until recently a store inexplicably named “Little Fur Pieces N’ Things.”

  16. kate

    well at least I get a nice blast of pastel when I link here looking for some new Twisty thought.

  17. Me

    There is a store called (someone’s) Frames n’ Things in a town I used to live in. Once I walked in and asked what kind of “things” they had besides frames. And got looked at like I was crazy.

  18. SmokingGun

    Hey I live around there. Cool photo.

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