Feb 12 2008

My main man


I do not have to be asked twice to plaster all over the internet photos of my new boyfriend Stanley. I snapped this one of us with my cell phone seconds before he stuck his nose out and lipped it out of my hand. Stanley is in many respects much more interesting than patriarchy-blaming, not to mention taller and handsomer, so you can see why I was compelled to give the blog a rest for a couple of weeks.

Stanley, for those who give a crap about such things, is a 7 year old black bay quarter horse gelding of appendixy racing extraction standing 16.3. He has four white socks and enjoys Bermuda hay and French new wave cinema.


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  1. amazonmidwife

    He is beautiful!

  2. Catherine D.

    Felicitations! I have two horses (mare and gelding) but haven’t been able to ride recently due to lack of health insurance. (Don’t wanna invite Murphy’s Law to bring down an orthopedic injury!)

  3. Pinko Punko


    I see Bert playing the Lassie in this situation-

    TF: “What’s that, Bert? There’s blaming and a sighting of frisee? Bring me my steed! The menace must be abated!”

  4. Twisty

    “There’s blaming and a sighting of frisee?”


  5. Catharine

    At the risk of getting my eyes scratched out in a Patriarchy-driven catfight, let me just say… I’d be in love with Stanley, too. If he weren’t already spoken for, that is.


  6. TP

    The only middle name that goes with Stanley is Ray. “Stanley Ray! Watch out for that rare clump of Texan cypress there boy! That cute little round one. Mighty rare!”

  7. signthelist

    Well, who DOESN’T like French new wave cinema, that’s what I want to know.

  8. Ramblin' Rabbit

    omigosh! all day I was thinking to myself “I really should check ibtp today in case there is a new post” I haven’t been in weeks, and yet, when I return there are THREE posts! all from today! thank you, thank you!

    much love to Stanley :)

  9. Roov

    Well, we missed you, but he sounds like a charmer, so I can see why he’s more fun than agitating the raging feminist hordes. (Rage rage.)

  10. rootlesscosmo

    He has four white socks and enjoys Bermuda hay and French new wave cinema.

    And, of course, long walks on the beach.

  11. slythwolf

    I am so jealous.

  12. Urban

    Great to see these posts!
    Stanley is clearly the embodiment of the perfect distraction from blaming – I am extremely envious.

    When I was younger, all I wanted was a bay horse with four white socks and a blaze.

    Wow. I wish you and Stanley a great deal of joy.

  13. thebewilderness

    Criminy, Thanks.

  14. Bird

    Oh, such a dreamboat! I think I’d be smitten too.

  15. Genevieve

    That is one beautiful animal.

    I was so happy to go here and find three new posts, though, that alone made my day, and that two of them include beautiful horse pictures makes it even better.

  16. invisible

    Dearest Twisty,

    You seem to be blessed in many ways. I can’t help but notice.

  17. Alexandra

    Stanley is beautiful! AQHA is by far my favorite of the American breeds – versatile, intelligent, willing to work, and such good temperaments. And such cuties, too.

  18. Val

    Oh, he is a beauty! I should be out there snuffling up that divine horseflesh smell also, after I complete a few items of household drudgery…

  19. Shira

    Three posts in one day! This is the best Valentine’s Day ever (though I confess, it’s not like the bar was set very high).

    Stanley is almost as beautiful as your writing. I know I can never escape the patriarchy, but damn if your wonderful equine and canine fortunes don’t give me hope.

  20. KarenElhyam

    Stanley is officially my new favorite horsey in the world. You’re so lucky to have him!

    Maybe someday I can finally forsake men all together and live idyllically surrounded by horses and sheep, as I dreamed of doing as a little girl.

  21. mearl

    Twisty, I can’t blame ya.

  22. Yeny

    Oh, he’s beautiful! I’ve always loved horses even though I only got to see one up close when I went to Colombia a few years ago.
    I’ve missed you so much Twisty, but I’m glad you’ve been enjoying yourself with such an amazing animal.

  23. bitchphd

    Aww! Congratulations!!

  24. Helen

    Jeesus, Twisty, when are you going to get around to blogging the important issues, now?


    Saddle / riding mode: English or Western?
    Bit: Snaffle or those funny Bolo things you amurrikans use?
    Hilarious/terrifying incidents: what and how many?
    Happy Hacking or competition?

  25. Debbie

    I must say that no level of envy is so great in my heart as that which I feel toward those privileged to be around horses on a regular basis.

    Can I blame the patriarchy for that????

  26. ElizaN

    What a stunner! While I would never be so gauche as to move in on your territory, I will certainly ogle him from afar.

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