Feb 21 2008

Apparently only virgins can publish books now

Check out this clip of TV newsblob/patriarchal minion Diane Sawyer questioning Madonna’s 1st Amendment rights. Why is Sawyer trying to keep a sister down? Because 15 years ago Madonna published a saucy coffee table book depicting simulations of human sex acts, that’s why. Which of course completely invalidates whatever claim to fully human status Madonna might make now.

In this 2006* interview snippet, Sawyer accosts Madonna at a booksigning promoting her kiddie book The English Roses, accusing her of “hypocrisy.” No access to YouTube because your fucking iPhone won’t recognize the WiFi network at Starbuck’s? Allow me to transcribe the pertinent bits:

Sawyer: So what moral right do you have, after doing Sex, to write a children’s book?

Madonna: I don’t understand that question. I have the right to write any book I want. About anything.

Somebody, quick! Squirt some Astroglide in Sawyer’s face, wake her up, and let her know we’re not living in a Hawthorne novel!

Besides, her sanctimony is disingenuous. The history of “legitimate” publishing in America is inseparable from the history of porn publishing; the latter has always been used to finance the former, and more than one serious writer has paid the rent by pounding out smut. TS Eliot’s publisher funded The Waste Land with trashy pulp fiction with titles like Flaming Youths.

Madonna’s no TS Eliot, but more people, by a factor of at least 8 gajillion, have busted a move to “Material Girl” than have ever even heard of J. Alfred Prufrock. Thus she has accrued enough cash and clout to land her in that class of women who, for their failure to be sufficiently chaste, must be reviled and ridiculed on Good Morning America.**

You know what? Fuck that fucking Virgin Mary. A pox on the fucking ecclesiastical stereotype of the ideal woman, and a pox on the fucking 2000 year old Christian tradition of defining women in terms of sex which ultimately has led to “pajamagrams,” “vegan” strip clubs, and goody-goody anchorwomen spouting off on TV about “moral authority.”

For the record, Madonna’s sex book consisted of ultra-corny BDSM that these days would scarcely make a Presbyterian blush.

[Gracias, Amberbug]

*Way to stay on top of the news cycle, Twisty!

** Women without cash and clout, who fail to be sufficiently chaste, are also reviled and ridiculed, but usually only by their close personal friends.


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  1. Brock Landers

    Madonna’s response was perfect.

  2. Fiona

    She blew a golden opportunity there by falling for that old reporter’s trick: reporter, or in this case “TV newsblob/patriarchal minion” asks question intended to unnerve, interviewee gives short, pointed answer, newsblob stays silent, uncomfortable interviewee fills silence with blather that defuses the awkward moment or self-incriminates.

    I would’ve loved to see Madonna turn the tables on Sawyer by stopping at her first answer, which was perfect, instead of going on about the books as reflections of where she was and is in her life.

    Can’t blame her, though. Only those with really sophisticated media training don’t fall for that one. You’ll never see Clinton or Obama fill an awkward silence to help out a newsblob. CAN blame the patriarchy, however, for using the frigging newsmedia to perpetuate virgin/whore. And for the existence of virgin/whore. Which I think was your point.

    I have heard of J. Alfred Prufrock and his Love Song. It blows.

  3. blondie

    So, Ms. Sawyer, after having worked for Richard Nixon, what moral authority do you have to present your self as an ostensibly neutral news person?

  4. Feminist Avatar

    What with sex sometimes leading to children, you would have thought there would be a natural link between writing about sex and writing children’s books.

    It’s amazing that people still ask about ‘moral rights’. Surely the response is whose morality?

  5. Shae

    Wow. I agree with Fiona; it’s unfortunate that Madonna was apparently made nervous by that question. What a load of crap.

  6. Twisty

    The question was impertinent. Madonna did what any sensate being would have done, which is to react with incredulity at Sawyer’s unbelievable banality and then to sputter in self-defense. She was not, perhaps, graceful, with the defensive body-language, but ultimately she was articulate and ended up making Sawyer look like an ass.

    Thanks for the tip, though, Fiona. I’ll remember that the next time a national newsblob interviews me.

  7. Brock Landers

    Um, okay, to amend my first comment: I haven’t actually watched the video. The portion of Madonna’s response excerpted in the post was perfect. If she said other stuff that wasn’t perfect, that’s unfortunate.

  8. Lauren O

    Doesn’t the tradition of defining women in terms of sex go back way further than 2000 years and occur in pretty much every culture, not just the Christian ones?

  9. Twisty

    Well it may have, but we have the New Testament to thank for that simpering little goody-goody, the Virgin Mary. I expect that character from ancient mythology has done more damage to more women than anything the Greeks or the Egyptians or the Anasazi ever cooked up. Certainly she’s more relevant to modern women’s oppression than, I don’t know, Aphrodite.

  10. shirky

    Dear Diane Sawyer,

    nuts to you, from beyond the grave!!


    Roald Dahl

  11. Sarah J

    Ahh, Diane Sawyer.

    Would’ve been great if Madonna’s response had been “Well, you see, I had to have sex to have the kids I have now. Maybe you weren’t aware of that little fact?”

    But, y’know, seriously.

  12. amber

    Why does Diane Sawyer seem to think we live in a world of binaries? Sex OR children’s literature…and to echo Feminist Avatar, what the hell is moral authority anyway? Whose morality? Do we need to be an authority to talk about anything in particular?

    I agree that Madonna’s answer was perfect.

    And for the record, I love Prufrock’s love song. I actually just taught it today.

  13. brainiac9

    Speaking as an ex-Presbyterian, a lot of them (at least in the frozen north of Canada) are fairly liberal. I have fond memories of impressively comprehensive sex-ed classes being taught to us young’uns (grades 4 through high school) in my old church, back in the day – the day being 1997, but still.

    Also, well done, Madonna! She did a much better job of holding back on that reporter than I would have, though. Too much debating makes offensively phrased questions like that one waaaaaay too tempting.

  14. Genevieve

    Right on. How is it okay to tell a woman she can’t explore different interests at different times in her life? She was interested in being supersexy then, she’s interested in being inspirational and motherly now. She shouldn’t have to apologize for having divergent tastes–pretty sure most people do. After all, feminism and horses don’t really have much to do with each other, but Twisty seems to be doing okay.

  15. Lauren O

    Certainly she’s more relevant to modern women’s oppression than, I don’t know, Aphrodite.

    Fair enough.

  16. TinaH

    Do I dare to eat a peach? Or should I just toss a rotten one at Diane Sawyer next time I see her. What a knob.

  17. Sasha

    Sex before children. Who would have thought?

    I wonder if Ms. Sawyer has the moral authority to ask such stupd questions.

  18. Come the Revolution

    America’s Miss Junior Miss 1963 = Moral Authority.

  19. josquin

    Diane Sawyer is a tool. I can’t believe she asked this crap question challenging Madonna’s “moral authority.” I admire Madonna for coming up with a very decent answer in spite of the fact that she was basically being called a worthless “slut” in public. (hate that word by the way.)
    Repeated studies show that the people who consider themselves as arbitors of “moral authority” are the ones who are more likely commit the most heinous acts. They justify anything on grounds of their “moral authority.”

  20. Kali

    I liked Madonna’s answer (the excerpted bit).

    If only Diane Sawyer had the spunk and feminist consciousness to ask her employers what right thay have to portray themselves as the arbiters of morality while profiting from the exploitation and abuse of women and girls in porn and prostitution. ABC has been up to its elbows in the muck that is the porn industry.

  21. Dr. Steph

    “You know what? Fuck that fucking Virgin Mary. A pox on the fucking ecclesiastical stereotype of the ideal woman, and a pox on the fucking 2000 year old Christian tradition of defining women in terms of sex which ultimately has led to “pajamagrams,” “vegan” strip clubs, and goody-goody anchorwomen spouting off on TV about “moral authority.” ”

    I’m so happy you’re blogging again.

  22. Foilwoman

    Thank you Amberbug and Twisty. You can’t be a sexual being and write a children’s novel? Is it having the sex, thinking about the sex, telling other people that you think about the sex, or just being female and having sex in the same sentence that makes her unpublishable? Yowza.

  23. kiki

    Madonna; the original suicide girl.

  24. Twisty

    “Madonna; the original suicide girl.”


  25. Fiona

    I’m sitting here with the TV on in the background, and a dudely voice just came on to deliver the following as a teaser for the local evening news: “The Virgin Mary pretzel, and the miracle its owners are hoping for!” This was accompanied by a shot of said pretzel in all its salty, mythological glory.

    I have no words. But I did let out a good snort.

  26. Amberbug

    The patriarchal ‘role model’ command kills women celebrities. The media isn’t at all worried about keeping little boys from the role modeling influence of these male sports heros who rape and batter women? The male celebrities get media access, commercial access and personal access to children if they are fathers or do children’s sports camps. Any fathers throwing out all their boys jammies and sheet sets for these teams? Even turning off the game? Even though these athletes ‘get around’? Male celebrity role models, pah.
    And as for corrupting innocent children through literature, as Madonna plans? You’d think they might be worried about how to keep little boys and girls reading watching dad’s porn? (His ‘civil rights literature’) Dead silence. But Madonna writing a children’s book? All over that issue.
    Madonna got saddled with the whore’s division of maternal responsibility, to keep her nasty sexy self away from pure children. Some diseased whore theory, ick factor, danger factor in this footage. Or they could be hinting, curiously, that the true pedophile of the patriarchy is the slut.
    Just thinking out loud.

  27. slythwolf

    You have to have a moral right to write a children’s book now? I thought you just had to have a good story to tell and be able to tell it in a way that children could understand and enjoy. What was I thinking?

  28. mearl

    Has Sawyer asked the Spice Girls and the Pussycat Dolls and their ilk what moral right they have in pretending to direct all their material at a pre-teen female audience? I don’t clump Madonna in with those performers, but at least she has the clarity of mind to write a children’s book for children and put out a sex book for adults, not get the two mixed up.

  29. kiki

    Has Sawyer asked the Spice Girls and the Pussycat Dolls and their ilk what moral right they have in pretending to direct all their material at a pre-teen female audience? I don’t clump Madonna in with those performers…

    Why not?

  30. TwissB

    Twisty – Re: “Certainly [the Virgin Mary’s] more relevant to modern women’s oppression than, I don’t know, Aphrodite.” You’re probably right, but here’s the evidence – THE APHRODITE PROJECT – PLATFORMS, promoted by the New York State Council on the Arts, etc. that Aphrodite is still in the running, I mean staggering. Killer shoes for “sex workers” – a true funfeminist “celebration of sex.”

    Unfortunately the photos won’t copy here, but you can see them at http://theaphroditeproject.tv. Note that the video bits only show women standing, not trying to walk.

    Excerpts from the multi-page website:
    The Platforms the hetairai inspired are 6-inch, silver leather sandals with built-in video and GPS technology that link the wearer to emergency services and an online community network. These design elements combine the rich mythology of Aphrodite with the concerns of sex workers on the streets: safety, advertising/promotion, and community.

    Platforms, the latest series of work in the ongoing Aphrodite Project, is a social sculpture: an interactive, wearable device that is a conceptual homage to the cult of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, a practical object for contemporary sex workers, and a vehicle for public dialogue. An integrated system of shoes and online services, Platforms draws on innovations made by venerated courtesans from antiquity to improve conditions of 21st century women who, despite advances in culture and technology, are now perceived to be outlaws by trade and are vulnerable to surveillance and violence. Platforms empowers people by providing tools they need to stay safe.

    The Aphrodite Project is a series of new media artworks inspired by the cult of Aphrodite. Started by Norene Leddy in 2000, The Aphrodite Project consists of three multi-media artworks: Sanctuary, Platforms, and Kestos Imas, a work in progress.

    Safety: One of the main concerns of contemporary urban sex workers, even in areas where prostitution is legal, is violence. Each sandal will have an audible alarm system, which emits a piercing noise to scare off attackers. The shoes are also outfitted with a built in GPS receiver and an emergency button that relays both the prostitute’s location and a silent alarm signal to public emergency services. Where there are problematic relations with law enforcement, i.e. most places, the shoes will relay the signal to sex workers’ rights groups, such as PONY in New York, COYOTE in Los Angeles, or SWEAT in South Africa. [The technology] is free and open to the public, and used by police officers, fire fighters, and other public service workers across the country to track their locations. The application of position and transmission technology to sex workers recognizes their function as public servants, and the dangers they face in their profession.

  31. mearl

    Kiki: Let’s see if I can articulate my thoughts…Madonna, as far as I know, didn’t sell to a preteen audience. That’s how I understood her work. To me, she was an example for adult women, and was more about the attitude than the appearance. She objectified men just as much as she objectified herself, she demanded things from men and came across as self-possessed and aware of her power (sexual, monetary, personal). She didn’t just dress up like any standard stripper and shake her ass the way guys like asses to be shaken as though she were a marionette. Some samples from her lyrics:

    From “Erotica:” ‘If I take you from behind/Push myself into your mind/When you least expect it/Will you try and reject it/If I’m in charge and I treat you like a child/Will you let yourself go wild/
    Let my mouth go where it wants to/Give it up, do as I say/
    Give it up and let me have my way..”

    Ah, the cheese…

    From “Express Yourself:” ‘Long stem roses are the way to your heart
    But he needs to start with your head
    Satin sheets are very romantic
    What happens when you’re not in bed
    You deserve the best in life
    So if the time isn’t right then move on
    Second best is never enough
    You’ll do much better baby on your own..’

    and from “Where Life Begins” (my personal fave from Grade 8, when all the girls I knew seemed to want to learn how to give the best blowjob rather than GET the best blowjob, and I could never, EVER understand how learning to GIVE a good blowjob could ever be a trend):

    ‘Now what could be better than a home cooked meal
    How you want to eat it depends on how you feel
    You can eat all you want and you don’t get fat
    Now where else can you go for a meal like that
    It’s not fair to be selfish or stingy
    Every girl should experience eating out
    Sometimes when I come home from a hard day at work
    I swear it’s all I can think about..’

    (Absolutely silly and overdone metaphorical attempts, but amusing nonetheless. I’m not wild about the ‘not getting fat’ part, though.)

    Madonna may be pure pop cheddar cheese, but she never came across as a dancing puppet who was there for men’s pleasure and not her own. The PCD can sing about not needing a man all they want, but considering that ALL they do is grind and shake in stilettos, hot pants and boas, they’ve never struck me as even SLIGHTLY self-respecting or having interests and demands of their own.

    Perhaps this argument is weak, though, and I’m just biased towards Madonna because I grew up with her. However, she has always struck me as a ball-breaker. PCD: not so much.

  32. Meowser

    **jaw hitting floor contemplating Sawyer’s ignorance of the entire modern history of children’s literature**

    Just for starters, Diane, Shel Silverstein was a cartoonist for Playboy. Judy Blume wrote Wifey, which was a pretty damn sex-oriented adult book, in addition to the well-known Forever, which every 13-year-old girl and probably quite a few boys back in my day read avidly (and wetly) although it was marketed as an “adult book” (the virginity-losing protagonist and her boyfriend were 18 years old). Roald Dahl, as someone noted upthread, wrote some “sexy” adult lit as well. Norma Klein, of Mom, the Wolf Man, and Me fame, ditto. (I think Klein’s book, published back in 1972, might STILL be considered scandalous today, given that the protagonist’s mom never married, enjoys both sex and a career, and is quite cheerful about the whole thing.) Is Madonna’s book “worse” because it had naked pictures (gasp!) in it, instead of just “naked words”?

    Anyway, I have had a massive hate-on for Diane Sawyer ever since she badgered Natalie Maines to tears on live television by calling Maines a traitor to her country (as if she’d have had the guff to say anything of the kind to, say, Don Henley if he’d made similar remarks to Maines’). Mike Nichols is brilliant. Why he marry a dumb dipshit?

  33. kiki

    I appreciate your response. I grew up at the same time and I have the exact opposite opinion of her. I loved Cyndi Lauper, Patti Smith, Tina Weymouth, Siouxsie Sioux, Xene cervenka and Annie Lennox and found Madonna to exhibit many of the same “empowerful” qualities as the Pussy Cat Dolls and Spice Girls. “Material Girl” with its “the boy with the cold hard cash is always mister right” was a super moment. I don’t even know what to say about “Papa Don’t Preach” despite her insistence that it was a pro-choice statement. As for not selling to a pre-teen audience, you don’t remember all those pre-teen girls dressed like little clones with the lace gloves, black rubber bracelets and fake beauty marks? She was all about the pre-teen girl. As for relating her to a Suicide Girl, in an interview a few years back she said, “I may be dressing like the traditional bimbo, whatever, but I’m in charge.” Perhaps I’m wrong but isn’t that essentially the Suicide Girl’s motto? I don’t see the difference.

    Its funny you used the phrase “ball-breaker” because its just another stereotype that she embraces to make a buck. She’s gone through the list: whore, virgin, ballbuster, bitch, slut, dumb blond, gold digger, nympho, good Catholic girl, Jewish princess, fag hag. I have never known her to subvert or seriously question any of the stereotypes just display them in a way that is risqué enough to titillate middle America without ever being too threatening (except for a little spanking)to suburban consumers or male ego. She doesn’t seem to be claiming them in an attempt to diffuse them or even celebrating them as a way to diminish their pejorative power; she just dons them to make her easily accessible to consumers and to cue their responses.

    Hey, Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe she’s being subversive or ironic and I can’t see it since she sings through her nose. It’s possible.

  34. kate

    “* Women without cash and clout, who fail to be sufficiently chaste, are also reviled and ridiculed, but usually only by their close personal friends.”

    And as a general conglomerate of sleaze that supposedly oozes in and out of the minds and corrupts the lives and robs the pockets of the privileged.

    I can only imagine the discussion in the news room offices when considering to assign her to the Madonna beat. Nerdy news men discussing the contrasts to Madonna then and Madonna now and immediately running off to the john to pull their own tool.

    As for the question about binary concepts in news reporting; its how they make news interesting — black versus white; good versus bad, create controversy. People might like that shit and put down their remote long enough to soak in a few beer commercials and new car ads.

  35. Amberbug

    Madonna vs. The Pussycat Dolls? Binary, exactly.
    One reality that helps break me out is Tina Turner. She insured her high heeled legs- so what if we’ve moved to asses and grinding and such. She was victim of domestic violence and rape the whole time, right in the bright eye of the ‘all-revealing’ so-called privacy violating media. People thought she had cash and clout and saw fit to comment on her duties to the public good. It helps to remember that class stability is fleeting and illusory for women everywhere.

    Whatever female celebrities,female anybodies, do with their own bodies to get through life is cool with me. They owe me and my hypothetical daughters NOTHING. Now the patriarchy owes me big time, for twisting the truth of female celebrities lives into a patriarchal sexual morality tale. Every freakin time.
    The idea that young women should show some self respect being brought to bear really pisses me off, no offense, I do blame the patriarchy. It just zings me right back to being pissed at Diane Sawyer’s moral demand of Madonna, which is right where I don’t want to be. Help. It’s some kind of warring mother-daughter script they’ve pulled off, and daddy’s behind the camera maybe? I feel like a puppet myself watching that video.

  36. kiki

    Whatever female celebrities,female anybodies, do with their own bodies to get through life is cool with me. They owe me and my hypothetical daughters NOTHING.

    Hey, nothin wrong with shakin your ass real hard for the master to get that extra portion of gruel. Rock on. Make sure you smile real big, now and act like you like it.

  37. mearl

    Kiki, I see your point. I agree that Patti Smith, Cyndi Lauper, and Annie Lennox, not to mention Chrissie Hynde, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Joan Jett, Shakespeare’s Sister, Sheila E, Janet Jackson and those kickass girls from Poison all rate higher on my ball-breaking scale than Madonna.

  38. Celeste

    When Madonna’s sex book came out, I remember lots of women being angry because of what a poor role model she was being for their children. I think Diane’s remark was getting back to that, as if to say, now that YOU have children you have different ideas about what is appropriate.

    I think we have a lot of fun judging entertainers for entertaining us (or our families). Meanwhile none of us tries to be all things to all people all the time (with any success, anyway!). Some culture!

  39. Amberbug

    No there’s nothing wrong with shaking your ass, you own it as your uterus, for the master for extra gruel. Please don’t make fun of me. Because,as I pointed out, Tina Turner did it to stay alive in her marriage/slavery. Think Linda Lovelace. As men happily jerked off to her, many women mistakenly reviled her, a celebrity victim of domestic torture, for her choice to corrupt their men and children or for contributing to the problem of violence against women, or whatever. This is male humor, irony. This is business as usual. Do we ever know we’re not replicating this when we criticize a female performer? Just because you see her pretty face on TV doesn’t mean she’s safe or has choice.
    I think it’s dissonant to be someone working to expose the violence in the sex industry and then the same person to feel the urge to mock a stripper cuz she’s playing empowerful. I do not mean hypocritical, but dissonant.

    I think the video is made to play up this type of dissonance. It works on me, and I want to analyze why, deeply, resisting, not ‘go with it’ and dish on the ‘popular girls’ in the patriarchy. We are all the guinea pigs. Guinea pigs unite. All that male run media access supposedly squandered by flighty selfish women celebrities to sell sex. IBDiane Sawyer? IB pro-sex feminist? Not enough self respecting young women left in the violent patriarcy? Where are their mothers? Women with low self esteem piss you off? There don’t seem to be any men to be mad at. Prick up your ears.
    Focusing on the supplier. Do you see Heidi Fliess or Madonna or your next door neighbor’s ‘undisciplined daughter’, or her mother before you even think of a man’s face? You have been had. I’ve been had.
    I really want to find the common thread between the women in the video, not increase the tension for the male media when it puts two women in the frame. Feminist baiting. Woman baiting. This video isn’t honest news, so let’s take that ‘No Duh’ moment there into account. There are male trolling behaviors in music and television, too, and this is an example.

  40. mearl

    That’s one argument, but I think it’s a bit of a copout. As Kiki pointed out and made it clearer to me, you don’t have to be a victim of patriarchy all the time, or do what the patriarchy says and THEN blame it for your contribution to it. If you’re FORCED to bend to it, as Linda Lovelace was, there can be no blame. But the ultimate respect goes to the women who DON’T buckle, and are kickass role models, even if they don’t make it as big as Madonna. In Madonna’s case, although I don’t agree with everything she ever did, for me she did give off a self-sufficient vibe, which is better than the pandering, simpering vibe that a lot of female performers today give off. However, Madonna is nowhere NEAR Annie Lennox in my esteem. There you have it, folks. Mearl’s Feminist Grey Scale.

  41. Pax97

    First time here, love it….lots!

    All I can add is, they ARE still publishing Alice in Wonderland, right?

  42. Liz M

    Dear fucking God that is the STUPIDEST question I’ve ever heard. Almost as bad as Katie Couric asking Hillary Clinton if it’s true her nickname in grade school was “frigidaire” or something like that…

    Last time I checked, having sex fucking CREATES children, so I really don’t see a conflict of interest here. In fact, it makes perfect sense in my book to publish a book filled with sex and then however many years later have one for children…seems like a perfect cause-and-effect progression to me. Goddamn fucking newscasters…

  43. LisaB

    “* Women without cash and clout, who fail to be sufficiently chaste, are also reviled and ridiculed, but usually only by their close personal friends.”

    Unless they are raped and/or killed in some manner that the media find tantalizing, and then they, too, are reviled in the public square for their provactive behavior, which surely led to their demise.

  44. Niki

    I grew up in the Madonna/Cindy Lauper showdown era and I always voted for Cindy because she was so unusual. *cough*. Sorry, it had to be done.

    There is, however, truth in that statement. Everyone has a gimmick, and Madonna chose the tired seXXXy gimmick while Cindy was part of the punk insanity that keeps everyone nostalgic. She had weird and wonderful hair and clothes, and had far more grit than any pretend ball-breaking Madonna could ever pull off. You can’t really be a sexy slave to the men and a ball-breaker at the same time; the mens won’t buy your bravado if they’ve seen you display yourself pornographically (the original suicide girl indeed).

  45. lightly

    I was working in a bookstore when Madonna’s coffee table book came out. She only published a limited number of the things. Now anybody who had the sense to buy one at the time could pay the rent for three months by selling the darn thing on ebay.

  46. Amberbug

    Here’s someone better for Sawyer to pick on, Shel Silverstein, among the millions of other male artists who never have to measure up or answer these attacks.
    “In 1956, his work caught the eye of Hugh Heffner, who brought Silverstein on to the Playboy staff in the same capacity. Shel would work over forty years for Playboy, until his death on May 8, 1999. Over the twentieth century, Shel has become one of the most well-known authors for children, alongside Judy Blume, and Dr. Seuss.”

    “For adults he wrote 1. Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book, a satirical mock children’s book, and created Different Dances, a coffee table book of wordless, adult-themed cartoons.”

    I don’t know what a satirical mock children’s book is, but cartoons, adult-themed or not, tend to draw in the kiddies nicely. Much better example of someone blurring the lines. Great role model for young boys.

  47. kmkleff

    Madonna? She sucks the bag. What about art,man?

  48. harlemjd

    A satirical mock children’s book is insanely funny. If you have not already, I urge you to read Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book. (and most of the entries are child-friendly)

    And didn’t Rohld Dahl write a story about wife-swapping?

  49. Anastasia

    when Kronos overthrew his father Ouranos, he cut off his genitalia and threw it in the ocean, where it bubbled and foamed and frothed and produced Aphrodite. Aphrodite is called the goddess of love but she is more appropriately the goddess of desire. She excites desire whenever men gaze on her and she is also the means by which man sates his desire. She is the mythic embodiment of woman as sex–man’s sex…she even takes her source from his dismembered penis. I’m not saying this because I think sex is bad or some such bullshit, I’m just saying there are some problems with aphrodite’s mythology.

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