Mar 21 2008

Thought-provoking quotation of the day

From the science-isn’t-an-exact-science department:

A 78-year-old German woman went into the hospital last month to have surgery on her leg. Because of a mixup, Frankenpost reports that she left the Hochfranken-Klinik in Münchberg, Germany, with an artificial anus. [link]


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  1. slythwolf


  2. Jessant

    Say WHAT!? Homg. D: That’s just…wow…

  3. Jessant

    I’d just like you to know that you will be the cause of my nightmares tonight and for the rest of eternity. :/

  4. Elaine Vigneault


  5. XtinaS

    As my friend put it:

    “The doctors couldn’t tell her leg from her asshole! Ass from elbow seems SIMPLE now, huh?”

  6. lawbitch

    If I need surgery, I’m going to write with a sharpie all over my body. I’ll write on my butt: “NOT HERE!!! DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!”


    Lawbitch, that is the B*E*S*T*I*D*E*A* E*V**ER!!

    Remember Feminazis: write with a sharpie ALL OVER YOUR BODY what exactly you are in the hospital FOR.

    I will never forget the story where a guy went in to have a leg amputated, and they amputated THE WRONG ONE. And since he STILL needed the bad leg lopped offl, he ends up with NO LEGS!!

    NO LEGS !!!


    Although artificial anus is worse.

  8. Twisty

    As a veteran of multiple surgical interventions, I can tell you that I actually have Sharpied the words “NO” and “YES” over most of my body at one point or another. It works; so far, the amputations and ligament reconstructions I’ve woken up with are the ones I’ve expected.

  9. Mamasquab

    WTF??? As I read this, my butt clinched up tight. But then I wondered, What does an artificial anus even LOOK like?

  10. Somebody with problems

    Did the surgeons not look at the thing while they were removing and go, “Hm. This looks like a well-functioning, properly constructed asshole here. Maybe we shouldn’t remove it?”

    Ass from elbow, indeed.

  11. kcb

    You know there’s some very disappointed person in her town sitting on a donut cushion, hoping like hell the replacement part arrives soon.

  12. Anastasia B.

    Exactly, kcb. What about the person who is still waiting for the anus-replacement surgery?

    Talk about adding insult to injury – for both parties.

  13. Lieutenant Reverend B. Dagger Lee

    There was an old lady from Germany
    Plagued with a leg of infirmity,

    She went into hospital
    Quite bad at anatomical,

    Now she shits with robotic efficiency!

  14. Hattie

    I read German, so I will report to you that the doctors were suspended and indicted for the mixup. Not like in this country, eh?

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