Mar 22 2008


Of the vast oceans of commentary occasioned by felonious underworld figure PZ Myers’ recent ironical expulsion from a private screening of a godbag-made anti-evolution film (while, mysteriously, his partner in crime, Richard Dawkins, was allowed to attend unmolested by creationists), none is more whimsically titled than that of sometime blamer PhysioProf, whose post Ridiculous Demented Right-Wing Wackaloon Theocratic Douchemonkeys Fuck Up Big Time contains the relevant details and a satisfyingly high concentration of very poetical epithets.

Wackaloon, wackaloon, wackaloon. The dactyl is the most hypnotic of the falling meters.


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  1. PhysioProf

    Holy fucking crap! I can’t believe this is happening!

    This is even better than getting a backstage pass at a fucking Pink Floyd concert! It’s better than getting one cookie each from every feminist on Earth!

    Seriously, this is an incredible honor for me, a fucking pedantic asshole dude, to have one of his posts highlighted by you, Twisty. Wow, and thanks!

  2. Pinko Punko

    The other PP is a little bit Rude, and I love him for it. I do get bummed when people are all “that was hilarious, PP!!!!!!” and I’m all “yeah, I am! Er, you mean that PP. Oh” Wah wah.

  3. invisible

    I finally looked it up.

    #16 on the wackaloon Google scale. Not bad, Dear Spinster Aunt. Not bad.

  4. thebewilderness

    Watch yourself Twisty, bog only knows who is likely to show up at a blog with a name like this one.

  5. therealUK

    Landover Baptist has the inside scoop:

    “Other reports list tens, possibly hundreds dead from Dawkins as he ran threw the theater attacking movie goers with his teeth. Hamstrung by various hate crime laws the police had to stand by helplessly as Dawkins sated his ghoulish thirst for human blood by tearing the throats out of patrons. Dawkins then looked over the writing, broken bodies of his victims, screamed “Were is your God now?” and ran off into the night.”


    Wow! PhysioProf’s sheer accuracy and writing style are so fluent, and so bracing, that I feel as if I have bathed in a pure mountain rill.

    Best. Title. Evah!

    and the rest is just as good!


  7. PhysioProf


    Holy shit!! You’re in fucking Glass Eye!? I saw you play a number of times in Philadelphia in the mid-late-1980s. I miss the fucking 80s. Well, maybe it’s just my dissipated youth that I miss.

    I still keep in very close touch with someone you may know, who is currently one of the owners of Khyber Pass in Philly, and still does a lot of music promoting.

    Amazing who you run into on the fucking Internet innit?

  8. rootlesscosmo

    Wackaloon, wackaloon, wackaloon,
    Let’s rejoice ‘neath the Roquefort moon
    For this glorious earth
    Whose divinely planned birth
    Happened only last Tuesday. At noon.

  9. Ron Sullivan

    Isn’t this the most funnest and productivest story EVAH? It’s almost enough to reundiscounterconvert me. Maybe there is a god, and Her name is Coyote.

  10. PhysioProf

    If anyone is interested, this has blossomed into a “framing” kerfuffle, wherein some “framers” think that the non-insane should be nice the to the insane, as a MASTERFUL CLEVER STRATAGEERY FOR ADVANCING THE SCIENTIFIC AGENDA.

    I supply my views on this here:


  11. Brigid

    Awesome link. Loved it.

    I also love “wackaloon.” I call my students “wackadoos” all the time.

    I think I will call children wackadoos, and adults who deserve it, wackaloons.


  12. PhysioProf

    If anyone wants to check out a nice flame war that started with some concern trolling over PZ Myers telling a framer “fuck you”, it’s here:


    Yeah, I know. It’s hard to believe a post entitled “mind your manners” is not some kind of joke, but it’s for real. Lots and lots of wackaloonery!

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