Mar 23 2008

The little-known lyric souls of blamers

Occasionally a blamer, moved to an alternate plane of expression by sparks of unknown genius, will respond to a patriarchy-blaming post with a fit of poetic impulse. Hardly any of these deserve wider recognition, but I won’t let that stop me. Herewith, the first installment of The Poetical Blamer.

On the subject of PhysioProf’s account of PZ Myers’ bloodthirsty rampage at the creationist movie screening, rootlesscosmo writes, incorporating my new favorite word (but turning it into an anapest in the process, whoa nelly!), this epic saga:

Wackaloon, wackaloon, wackaloon,
Let’s rejoice ‘neath the Roquefort moon
For this glorious earth
Whose divinely planned birth
Happened only last Tuesday. At noon.

And from the First Lieutenant Reverend B. Dagger Lee, whose muse was the prosthetic anus, is this ode to beauty in medical science:

There was an old lady from Germany
Plagued with a leg of infirmity,

She went into hospital
Quite bad at anatomical,

Now she shits with robotic efficiency!


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  1. Pinko Punko

    Totally, unequivocally awesome.

  2. rootlesscosmo

    Thanks for promoting my limerick comment to a post, Twisty, and of course you’ve got me dead to rights about construing “wackaloon” as an anapest–it just seemed easier that way.

  3. PhysioProf

    I am so glad that I now know what a dactyl and an anapest are. The wonders of wackaloon!

  4. Sascha

    I had to look up anapest, too.

    Meanwhile, Twisty, thanks for your sanity and intelligence.

  5. Calabama

    Poetry, flowers and butterflies! Wow! The new, improved IBTP –er, that is, EP-LG — now reaches out to soothe our softer sides.


    Y’all crack me up.

  6. First Lieutenant B. Dagger Lee

    Sir! Thank you, Sir!

    I ask you, who but the Lord God could have designed the limerick? Dawkins can cram that in his pipe and smoke it!

    I confess to meter-envy of rootlesscosmo’s wackaloon waxing “‘neath the Roquefort moon,” –damn that hippie free-verse kindergarten my hippie mom inflicted on me!

    –Frst.Lt.Rev. BDL

  7. rhiain

    Truly a thing of beauty when this level of stupidity rears its head.

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