Mar 29 2008

Dallas fleabag motels packed to rafters as news of legal child sexploitation hits pedophile message boards

Whether this remarkable story has excursed the borders of Texas I know not, but just in case: Pedophiles Rights Activists are hooking up with the Sex Work Empowers Us, Bitch! contingent to dance in the streets and swill Natural Light in cans. That’s right; Dude Nation’s right to leer at degraded pubescent girls in the dank subumbra of pervational pimpification is safe and sound in the City of Dallas.

I allude to the case of the Dallas strip club operators who “offered shelter” to (i.e. kidnaped) a 12-year-old girl and, in return for their beneficence, made her pay them $30 a night for the privilege of dancing naked in their sleazy perv-pit. This repellent scenario spikes a redline in the Patriarchometer all by itself, by what really blows my lobe is this incredible revelation:

The city has no plans to shut down the club.

Apparently the Diamond Cabaret’s “sexually oriented business license” cannot be revoked merely on the grounds that the business facilitated the sexual assault of a pre-teen for commercial purposes (this activity is called “underage dancing”; no part of the ordinance regulating prostituted women prohibits this). If the city finds drugs in the club, well, then sure, shut it down. But if they’re just exploiting a 12-year-old “runaway”? “BFD” is pretty much the refrain.

And check out this howler: “Police officials are continuing to investigate whether the club’s management knew the sixth-grader was underage.” Because the club’s management are recent immigrants from the planet Blob who had never seen a human woman before.

The only persons on this planet who have less agency than 12-year-old girls are 11-year-old girls dogs.

Thanks to the 87 blamers who sent this in. I would’ve written about it when the story broke, but, well, I didn’t.


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  1. Orange

    I’m having throbbing pangs in my obstreperal lobe, which is beginning to liquefy now.

  2. Cass


  3. CafeSiren

    I’m sputtering.

    I’m no longer even remotely surprised at the knobs who would do something like this. But that they get away with it in broad daylight?

    This story has finally brought crashing down on me the difference between living around a few random sexists, and living in a patriarchy. I thought I understood before. Apparently I didn’t.

  4. Catherine

    My own daughter is almost the same age as the young woman in this article. I find it utterly outrageous that they will be rewarded for helping falsify employment records. Can’t they be shut down for that?

    I wish I could mutter un-freaking-believable, that’s life in the patriarchy where our young women are mere objects for the amusement of jackasses.

  5. Catherine

    Like Orange, my obstreperal lobe has begun to liquefy. That last sentence should have read, I wish I could mutter un-freaking-believable, BUT that’s life in the patriarchy where our young women are mere objects for the amusement of jackasses.

  6. eb

    Catherine, sorry to be a pain in the butt, but, your daughter is not a young woman. She’s a child. If you had a son the same age would you call him a young man? I know they’re just words, but as we all know, words are important.

    With that in mind, it’s time to play the Patriarchy Name Game for humans with XX chromosomes:

    From birth to age 10 – Little girl, girl, young lady
    Age 10 to age 30 – Girl, chick, young lady, female
    Age 30 to 40 – Girl/chick (depends on the degree of sexual attractiveness to heterosexual men), female, lady, ma’am.
    Age 40 to 60 – Ma’am, lady, old lady, grandma, spinster aunt, female.
    Age 60 up – Ma’am, old lady, grandma.

    In the Patriarchy Name Game, the word ‘woman’ is used only when a human with XX chromosomes ends up on the nightly news – ‘A young woman of 12 was forced to dance NAKED at a Dallas strip club, we’ll tell you more at 10 about how NAKED she was and how some people are so appalled at how NAKED she was because she was really NAKED’, or, ‘A 21 year old woman was found beaten, stabbed and raped. What we know about her salacious past and why some people say she deserved it.’

    Otherwise, in the PNG, the word ‘woman’ is never to rear its ugly head.

  7. Susan

    Can’t the parents at least sue the club, and maybe shut them down that way? Sometimes I love lawyers.

  8. butterflywings

    When I was 12, my main concerns in life were gossiping with my friends, playing with Barbies and why my parents wouldn’t buy me a bra!
    For a 12 yr old kid to be dancing in that kind of club….EEUUUWWW. (Bad enough for a grown woman, of course).
    eb – I’m not sure 12 is actually a child, though…adolescent girl/ boy, yes. Maybe Catherine would call a 12 year old boy a young man, though? I’ve known people refer to 12-18s as “young adults” – even though obviously they are not in fact adults.
    And I’ve been called everything in your 10-30 and 30-40 lists *sighs* at 27. “Young lady” reminds me of my parents telling me off, but some guy referred to me as that the other day! Yet sometimes shop assistants call me madam, lady etc. (makes me paranoid I’m looking old, although I still get ID-ed *sigh*)
    And anyone referring to a female over 21 as a girl wants a slap. Simple as that.

  9. Catherine

    I agree that words are important and I eschew the patronizing young fellow/young lady and the even worse “girl” in favor of young man and young woman because these are NOT children but they aren’t adults either. They deserve a measure of autonomy and respect that calling them a child does not convey and that too many adults are unwilling to grant them.

    This, however, is not an excuse to sexually exploit young women. Nothing about my post should be construed in that manner and that is the subject of this thread.

  10. Ramblin' Rabbit

    Twelve is definitely a child!! Yes, you might say adolescent, but a twelve year old still needs the support of responsible adults! This story makes my obstreporal lobe lose it’s lunch.

  11. Catherine

    And I do have a son this age and I do refer to him as a young man.

  12. Chiroptera

    maybe the pole-dancing empowered her. / snark

  13. Ledasmom

    To quote Miss Manners (more or less), “A young lady is a female child who has done something dreadful.” The same holds for “young man”. It’s along the same lines as referring to one’s offspring by its full name, middle included.
    Surely they either broke employment law by not verifying her identity and that she was legal to work, or they broke any number of laws by knowingly having a twelve-year-old working at a strip club. I just don’t see that they have a leg to stand on here.

  14. Twisty

    “Young man,” “young lady” — whatever the semantic implications of these phrases, we teeter dangerously on the precipice of off-topicality. The point of this post is to call out the extreme misogyny demonstrated by this ordinance.

  15. Jen

    You know, I’m going to say that the patrons probably didn’t know that the girl was 12. That, however, doesn’t exonerate them in my eyes. Bear with me while I explain what I mean.

    What we have here is the fetishization of youth. Can anyone really look at Jessica Alba and not feel like a pedophile? Females are valued for youth, we all know that. I’m not surprised that the men didn’t know, simply because pedophilia, in all it’s trappings, seems not very far from the natural order. Men like women with large doe eyes, open guileless faces, and pre-pubescent bodies (with or without halfed-cantaloupe fake tits). Time and time again, I look at female actresses and fashion models and see what basically looks like a tall twelve year old with fake tits.

    Not only do men like females with barely legal bodies, they love all the ignorance and gullibility of youth. How many times do men belittle women for their intelligence? Stupidity is a fetish, because it makes women easily manipulated. They utter sweet nothing at dinner, only to fuck you afterwards and never call again. Men prey on women’s ignorance and youthful trust.

    Is it no wonder that the owner thought he could cash in on a twelve year old? If she was as developed as her mother said, she probably still had an extremely young face and an air of ignorance about her that is such an important aspect of femininity.

    By calling the men who watched her dance and the owner the club pedophiles, I’m making the statement that I think that all men willingly can’t tell the difference between a child and a woman because it’s children they are physically and emotionally attracted to. They don’t want a woman who is their equal, who shows her years upon her face and carries herself with the pose of someone that knows all the bullshit of the world and doesn’t buy any of it. They want trusting ignorant child that is easy to objectify and dupe.

    Is it any wonder that’s exactly what they got?

  16. Lara

    Amazing how we have the gall to criticize other “Third World” countries for knowingly trafficking underage girls (okay, redundant term) and say that we are “perfect” in comparison, when we have crap like this going on in the US of A. How do the judges or men that make these decisions for the city of Dallas do this? How can they really justify their support of misogyny and pedophilia and act like it’s not there? It’s a rhetorical question I know, the answer is “patriarchy.” I would love to know how this 12-year old feels about being obligated to dance for a bunch of disgusting rapist pedophile men in order to get some shelter.
    12 year old girls in Afghanistan are being forced into marriage while 12 year old girls here are forced into sex working. Two sides of the same damned coin.

  17. Mar Iguana

    eb, the word “woman” was a titillating, semi-dirty word, until I was in my late teens/early twenties, when the Second Wave hit. I’m pushing 61 and am still called “girl,” to which I respond that I haven’t been one of those in over four decades, thank you. The boys have a little trouble seeing any female as a human adult, preferring hairless, non-competitive “girls” they can lord it over.

    “They deserve a measure of autonomy and respect that calling them a child does not convey and that too many adults are unwilling to grant them.” Catherine


    I noticed last week that the sex-slave trade has moved up from third place to become the second biggest, illegal moneymaker in the world (taken account of in the GDP, unlike mere “woman’s work” by the way). More girls and women are being bought and sold than ever before in human history.

    The “authorities” know that hub airports are busy marketplaces where traffickers can notify customers of their ETA and what nearby hotel the pedophiles and pimps can view and purchase the latest shipment displayed up on the selling block. But, the boys wouldn’t want to do anything about it, what with our economy tanking and all, we need all we can get added to that almighty GDP. Except “woman’s work.” The bottom-line is indeed men not money.

  18. lindabeth

    I know the use of the world “girl” could be off topic, but I have long observed that “girl” seems to be the noun used to describe women who are sexualized (is “The Girls Next Door”), whereas woman is used for, you know, your mom or someone’s wife, or a “masculinized” female (i.e. CEO or politician)-you know, people who aren’t really sexually available and who are in positions of power. This brings me to just say that when we come to think of sexualized females as “girls,” and as such eroticize a certain innocence, willingness, and naivitee, it’s no wonder our culture turns girls into sexualized objects.

    On another note, I discussed the story on my blog via connecting this story to the “sex toys should be illegal because women shouldn’t masturbate” legal case still going on in Texas.


  19. delphyne

    Jen, I agree with everything you say about men’s attraction to extreme female youth (which is actually an attraction to vulnerability and which is why they rape toddlers and old people too) but I think you’re wrong to assume that the customers didn’t know that she was twelve.

    It’s common knowledge in the sex industry that men like to seek out children to rape. Any pimp will have been asked the question by the men he sells to. Do you really think that the pimps that run this club didn’t bother mentioning to some of their clientele that it was a 12 year old they were using? It would be a marketing tool for them, even if it was only by word of mouth.

    As for the club not being shut down, I guess there’s a few Dallas councilmen who’ve had their pockets filled by the crooks this year.

  20. stormy

    They knew. The Johns (aka ‘the clients’ ) knew. The club owners knew. I don’t care how ‘well developed’ she may have been, 12 passing for 18? Not on your life. Patriarchy spin doctors working overtime to make that one come off.

    The attraction of youth, or as others have (more accurately) mentioned, vulnerability, is to make the dude ‘more powerful’. The more vulnerable the victim, the more powerful he feels (to himself). That is the so-called ‘attraction to youth’.

    I am not sure when the females of the world are going to wake up to what is going on — would this be when we are ALL enslaved as some dude’s fuckpuppet?

  21. delphyne

    The Marquis de Sade thought all women should live in brothels, Stormy, and his current followers appear to be working hard on the project.

    The “I couldn’t tell how old she was” is the standard rapist’s defense. Two men in the UK recently escaped very lightly in court because they used this claim after raping a ten year old girl. Child rapists who make these claims are lying but bizarrely people don’t generally consider that possibility.

  22. ginmar

    I hate men. That’s it, that’s all. I hate them all. Some guys are out there right now thinking up excuses for this shit.

  23. Lara

    “I hate men. That’s it, that’s all. I hate them all. Some guys are out there right now thinking up excuses for this shit.”

    I hate them too ginmar. I don’t if there is any other group of people in this world I could despise so much. I don’t know if there’s any other group of people, collectively, on this earth that have done so much damned destruction to this earth and the people on it.
    Sucks when you’re hetero and you hate men that much.

  24. Amberbug

    “Stupidity is a fetish, because it makes women easily manipulated.”

    Also insanity is fetishized, because the damage from ‘child’ sexual abuse, all sexual violence, is responded to by defensive psychopathology. This keeps the ‘children’ well controlled, sexy, stupid, institutionaliz-able and vulnerable as they age to 5, 12, 18, on into the autumn years. And at 18, = open season in the patriarchy? Like there wasn’t one before? American statutory ages for rape are a joke, and condescending in the most vile sense.
    I hate the patriarchy. A story like this broke in Kansas City recently. The ‘girl’ “had sex” – with 20 men including her stepfather, who took her to a porn/sex shop, for pimping of course. Not even a mention of ‘child abuse’ charges.
    The patriarchy is a continuous assult starting well before the birth of any individual woman. ‘Insanity’, like stupidity, is a byproduct, and henceforth is fetishized. Recycling women into newly ‘virginized’ products at age 18. age 12 seems to be VERY popular (the ‘girl’ I mentioned above was that age, I believe).

  25. Padraigin

    The drug comparison is worse than you think, actually. The owners don’t have to know anything about the drugs to be in huge legal trouble if the cops find out that drugs were consumed or sold in the place. Even if the owners put in a good faith effort to keep drugs from getting in, many places in the country still find the club owners responsible.

    But this, this is undeniable, it’s right there, they actively participated, they were the ring leaders in this shit. They sold a child’s body and they’re not even getting closed down.

    This is so fucked up i don’t even know where to start.

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