Mar 31 2008

Saudi cleric lacks clue re: origin of social strife

PZ Myers is so hot right now! I check his blog, like, every 13 minutes. And lo, he rewards me, not with a nice picture of some wacky octopus, but with another godawful story about what he calls “daughter-slaughtering monsters” in Saudi Arabia. Yeesh.

Seems that Dude became so enraged when he discovered his daughter chatting online with some guy from Facebook that he fucking beat her up and shot her . So what is one Saudi cleric’s response? Duh, Facebook is obviously a “door to lust” that threatens the purity of Saudi women; it must be blocked to protect the country from further “social strife.”

“Social strife” caused by a website! That’s a hot one. What about the social strife caused by deranged woman-hating patriarchs? What about blocking that shit, chump? What about liberating women from the constant threat of murderous gender-based assaults perpetrated by their own family members? What about tossing them the keys to the Mercedes once in a while?

This shit just makes me want to pull my own head off.


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  1. Jen

    Ironically, I probably wouldn’t want my hypothetical offspring on Facebook either. Not because I’m afraid they’ll catch the Christian-whore virus, as alluded to above, but because Facebook is populated by a bunch of drunken college kids whose prime motivation in life is inebriated coitus and cracking jokes with some variation of Hillary Clinton and women making sandwiches.

    The pond scum of Facebook aside, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my lovely country for continuing to provide military and financial support to yet another country that is content to commit blatant human rights violations in the name of religion. I would say I am surprised, but considering we do the same kind of shit in the name of money, religion, and dudely bonding, I really can’t take the moral high ground.

    This makes me incredibly depressed Twisty, because after your post on the underage stripping going down in Dallas, I can honestly say that I don’t expect any better of my country.

    Well, if Facebook is the door to something, it’s probably a portal of stupidity. Although, I’d rather have my metaphorical spawn gallivanting freely about the internet than living in a country that thinks of this kind of crap as barely worthy of notice and defensible.

  2. Twisty

    Actually, if you follow the link on PZ’s post, a young Saudi woman claims that Facebook is useful to to Saudi youth, not just for the hook ups, but to express political viewpoints, and, if they’re gay — which lots of people are, but which is a capital crime in Saudi Arabia — to commune with others of their ilk.

  3. AngryYoungFemme

    I’d like to second that idea, that facebook isn’t all hell. Sure, there are douches aplenty (where aren’t there?), but I also happen to belong to a few feminist groups and it’s the main way that I keep in contact with all of my friends, most of whom are international. So for me, it’s a great resource that also just so happens to be used by those who would abuse it. My friends and I tend to call it arsebook, if that helps at all.

  4. Pinko Punko

    The deeply unfunny thing is that even if the person on the other end was a dude with his frackin’ weener squeezed into the USB (Ur Sausage Bus) port out in the open in some internet cafe it would cause nary a stir because some breastfeeding mom is likely concurrently being stoned in same cafe.

  5. slythwolf

    I am not [i]all that[/i] about Facebook either, Jen. But if I ever had children–which I fervently hope I will not–I would let them use it if they wanted to, on the basis that I didn’t own them and they had personal sovereignty.

  6. Galloise Blonde

    Added to the fact that Iraqi politicians intend to celebrate the first anniversary of the public stoning of Du’a Khalil Aswad by maintaining the staus quo whereby her killers would not do a day’s jail time for a first offence, this has been a good week for deranged women-hating patriarchs.

  7. Seraphine

    If facebook is a “Door to Lust”
    I’d like the key please.
    I’ll keep it on the same chain
    used to lock up my heart,
    next to the chastity key,
    on the same hook
    as my rape whistle.

  8. Lauredhel

    Well, if Facebook is the door to something, it’s probably a portal of stupidity.

    And Scrabulous, don’t forget Scrabulous.

    Or, what Twisty said.

  9. Jen

    Now that I have checked out that link in full, Twisty, I am suitably corrected. One of the greatest things about being a pessimist is that being proven wrong is such a pleasant surprise.

    I think my bizarre desire to hide my hypothetical offspring in the basement probably has more to do with my objection with the state of the world in general, not just Facebook. I’m glad that some others have found good stuff through it. So far, I’ve just run into creepy stalker types.

    I feel it necessary to mention that I am still horrified that people can just nod their head when fathers abuse their daughters like this for daring to be fully functioning members of society. How dare those damn womyn act as if they are human!

  10. crowlie

    Damn their woman hating hides, I can’t even find any decent stalkers *sob*

    A couple of days ago I was relating to my 14 year old daughter Twisty’s tale of the 12 year old forced into stripping… and her response was that it was the fault of the 12 year old. At which point despair and desperation was about the only response I could muster as I stuttered something about no, a 12 year old in a civilised society should expect not to be exploited for sex and it is wrong, IT IS WRONG!!

    So yeah, by all means hide your hypothetical offspring in a basement. The world is simply no place for them.

  11. The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

    NOT Facebook, GAH!!!!

    The CIA (no shit, srsly) is heavily connected with the Facebook Entity.


    Social engineering and datamining, anyone?

  12. Helen

    I’m on facebook and have friended my daughter – she pets me, throws sheep at me and sends me invitations to lots of stupid quizzes. It’s kind of sweet.

  13. Ryna


  14. Susan

    PZ Myers is a must-read for me everyday, too. His photos are almost as cool as yours, and his anti-sky fairies crusade is inspiring.

  15. Lisa

    I may not be bright enough for this blog, since I’m not even sure how to register..

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