Apr 01 2008

Spinster aunt histrionically vituperates against lame April Fool’s posts



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  1. Karen

    Is the joke contained in the fact that there’s no post in the post?

  2. Jodie

    Could be…I was hoping for a repeat of “Tool of the Patriarchy”.

  3. Fiona

    Uh-oh. I thought somebody gave you hell in the past for using the word “lame.”

  4. BadKitty

    Methinks we’ve been punked!

  5. Pinko Punko

    I heartily agree. And I have the soundtrack.

    I only suggest an alternate form, a form utilizing a gigantic, soul destroying, mind numbing

  6. PhysioProf

    Speaking of vituperation, PhysioProf has turned over a new leaf:


  7. RadFemHedonist

    Makes a change from the rickrolling.

  8. atheist woman

    Awe, but I actually thought the rickrolling was funny. Then again, I had never heard of him before, so it was more like “Sweet Geebus, waht is it? Why does it hurt, why is she dancing?”

  9. RadFemHedonist

    I like rickrolling (or I like the song, the “ZOMG new Blade of the immortal trailer!”… “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you dooown, nevah gonna say goodbaaah and deseert uu” I could do without), I just meant what I said.

  10. invisible

    employing the personal concierge services of the ghost of a dead Nazarene on a stick

    So just what would that story look like, I wonder.

  11. panoptical

    Is it bad that I really like Rick Astley?

  12. DeeMom

    See, “mom jeans” are for everyone!

  13. Amananta


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