Apr 02 2008

The continuing exploits of the fetus-lovers

Echidne’s views on the misogynist subtext of the story about the middle-schooler who recently miscarried on a plane precisely mirror my own.

In case you missed it: 14-year-old kid is unwitting host to opportunistic growth. Growth becomes non-viable, and is summarily expelled by kid’s body while en route from New York to Houston on airliner. Kid chucks expelled tissue in trash can (What was she supposed to do with it, asks Echidne, “[wrap] it up carefully and [take] it home to show her parents?”). Homicide cops interrogate kid and teen sperm donor. Prosecutors ultimately decide not to charge kid with “wrongdoing.” Magnanimous of them.

Neither Echidne nor I can believe that a miscarriage could be construed as “wrongdoing,” and that they actually sicced the murder squad on the poor kid (well, I can sort of believe it, because it happened in Texas, where the concept of the state-owned uterus is mighty strong, podner). Quoth Echidne: “Are all women now supposed to take extreme care not to have a miscarriage in any public place, because should that happen someone will call in the homicide investigators?”

Why is this even in the news? Because even though it was just a miscarriage,* it involves scandalous dirty female sex behavior in the shape of teen pregnancy and a trash can, that’s why. People eat this sort of thing up with a spoon. I know there is plenty of entertainment value in the teen/baby/trashcan** scenario because I once saw a “Law & Order: Maimed Female Corpse Unit” episode about just that. The Twisty Institute’s pruri-ometer readings for that show were off the hook.

The 14-year-old said she didn’t know she was pregnant, and I believe it. Kids might have half a clue about the symptoms of pregnancy, or at least about the general ramifications of boinking, if these goddam antifeminist public health policies wouldn’t go around trying to pass off shit like “abstinence-only” classes and “purity pledges” as sex education.

Homicide cops, faugh. Why not just institute the Houston P.D. Criminal Uterus Unit and be done with it?

* “Just a miscarriage” in the sense that it is a physical condition, as opposed to a criminal offense.

** Yes, I am aware that in the airplane case, it was a stillborn fetus and not, as on “Law & Order,” a live baby that was later smothered to death. But I smell a decided reluctance among authority figures to admit that distinction.


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  1. RadFemHedonist

    Teh abstinence edumacatorz

    tey makes RFH kitteh cry.

  2. invisible

    I’ve only read the title so far but must respond now, before I read the rest of the story.

    I love fetuses. Is there something WRONG with that, all ye self-proclaimed pro-lifers?

    (Sorry, I had to get that off my chest before continuing on—and continue on, I WILL.)

  3. invisible

    Also, I am a HUGE pro-CHOICE advocate. Sorry for being such a capitalist, if you know what I mean.

  4. invisible

    Nevermind. I get it now.

  5. Michelle

    I don’t know why I can’t throw it away if I grew the damn thing.
    My boyfriend grows lettuce. If it gets aphids, he composts it. Same thing.

  6. sonia

    there wouldn’t even be trashcans. or planes. or so many men. if there weren’t patriarchy.

  7. Citizen Insane

    Twisty, I am so glad you are back to blogging regularly. I missed you. That is all.

  8. Jen

    We have two possibilities with the justification of the homicide response team:

    1. Some idiots geniunely think that any teenage girl that miscarries must be up to some sort of shenanigans that justify wasting thousands of tax dollars to prevent the death of something that isn’t even alive.

    2. Some idiots smelled a great publicity venture in the form of shaming those whores that dare to have sex before the state-sanctioned age and then fail to treat themselves as walking wombs whose only purpose in life is to incubate the love child of some pock-marked male peer.

    Both possibilities are equally asinine. It’s clear here that the stupid in the equation is provided by those law enforcers who claim women’s internal organs as their jurisdiction.

  9. invisible

    I don’t know why I can’t throw it away if I grew the damn thing.
    My boyfriend grows lettuce. If it gets aphids, he composts it. Same thing.

    Michelle, I beg to differ. Lettuces are MUCH more valuable than hominids.

  10. Michelle

    Invisible, no need to beg. I concede the point, willingly and gladly.

  11. invisible

    If you find yourself commenting more than 2 or 3 times on a given post, please consider shutting the old piehole.

    I’m trying, TwistyFaster, I’m trying.

  12. Jodie

    This news story just made me ILL. The only thing I can figure is that they had to shame the kid for having sex, so made a big production out of it; what do you want to bet every kid at her school knows what happened now?

    Oh, and I love the new banner.

  13. invisible

    So, it seems to me that we should all be chanting, “KEEP THAT DICK AWAY FROM ME!”

    I agree. What is the problem?

  14. bushfire

    I don’t get the new banner. Are those males screaming because we’re bringing down the patriarchy?

  15. ate

    This has all been misinterpreted. It wasn’t the homicide squad! They were actors hired by her school to SCARE THE SHIT out of her for ever daring to even thinking about let alone have (oh shit, no!) SEX.

    Abstinence only kids! (Cries)

  16. AngryYoungFemme

    bushfire, I believe it is Twisty Faster herself with one of her niece/nephew-type people. And I think they are busy blaming away at the patriarchy. I may be wrong, however.

  17. mearl

    Well, hell, don’t we all know that the FIRST PLACE those whorey little illegitimately pregnant 14-year-olds go for their coathanger abortions is STRAIGHT TO THE AIRPLANE WASHROOM? Many an abortionist is known to hang out behind the toilet paper roll, coat hanger at the ready, shaking with murderous, fetus-hating glee.

  18. TP

    I love the new banner. Glad to see the niece again!

  19. amazonmidwife

    I can’t get past the horrible fact that she had to miscarry on a plane, much less deal with the goons. Poor, poor kid.

  20. yankeetransferred

    This story was enough to make me lose my lunch. IBTP

  21. kate

    I’m working long hours and managing another project on the side, so I have no time.

    Just to say, miss y’all and as to the post.


  22. Ginger Mayerson

    I’m with Echidne – that little girl needed a doctor, not a police interrogation.

    Houston PD and Continental Airlines should be ashamed of themselves, but probably aren’t, the bastards.

  23. Lisa

    Heh. When I was 20, I had (the start of) a miscarriage on a plane. It was a nine hour flight from Hawaii. My mother was somewhere else on the plane, she didn’t know I was pg. I did know, but I had no idea what the fuck one does when having horrible vomit-inducing, blood-letting cramps on a nine hour ride in a 747 while seated in the torturous middle seats. Was I supposed to go tell the flight attendants? The ones who seemed only to be concerned that your seat back was upright and that you had exact change for your cocktails?

    So, yeah, I went to the bathroom multiple times and cleaned up as best I could. My pregnancy wasn’t so far along to have an easily discernable “fetus”, but I’d not be surprised if said fetus ended up in the plane’s waste management system.

    What exactly, the hell was she supposed to do? Stop the plane and have it land in podunk airport USA and have some rural veterinarian come ‘deliver’ her already dead fetus while the whole plane waited? Ridiculous. If anything, the airline should have made sure she had a chance to recieve CONFIDENTIAL medical attention and then got out the medical waste container and called it a day.


  24. K.A.

    This wasn’t your main point, but I hate the Law and Order: Exquisite Dead Girl edition, which is why tonight I only decided to watch Law and Order because it was Criminal Intent. Didn’t help much! Here’s the gist of it: Hillary Clinton is portrayed as Melanie Carver–y’know, castrating bitch that she is–and portrays herself as innocent all along, but in the end we see that Obama, Larry Craig (?!), and the pathological criminal dude we suspected were all victims of her conniving, callous lying and manipulation so she could get away with a triple murder to win the presidency. HA! And the cops also made a snide crack towards her in the beginning about how they “love women in pantsuits.”

    Men hate women. The media hates women. Those anti-choicers who condemn teens for basic, inevitable biology are as bad as the liberal men who somehow delude themselves into thinking they’re less misogynistic than fundies. People love the baby-trashcan Hillary-hating entertainment, because they all hate women.

    You can’t win. Uppity makes you a cunt, subservient makes you prove their contention of inferiority.

  25. K.A.

    That should be “cop.” Sorry for the typos! I know those don’t fly around here!

  26. surefinewhatever

    While I agree there is a misogynistic overtone to this story (I groaned when I first read it elsewhere) it should be pointed out, in fairness to the airline/police, that when they find a “stillborn fetus” in the wastebasket, they are obliged to investigate. It doesn’t say “mass of tissues” or “bloody pulp” as if it were the first trimester. Fetus is also a medical term, and I don’t think they would use that term for anything but a recognizable fetus.

    (So they investigated, found out the truth and aren’t charging her.)

    Now if she were 3 months along or less, and they called that a fetus, that would be a different story–and a very scary one.

  27. Lauredhel

    Has anyone, anywhere, explained how many weeks advanced her pregnancy was? I can’t really fault airline staff for referring for investigation if they find a nine-month fetus in the trash can, as there is no way to distinguish a live-born murdered infant from a stillborn fetus at that age.

    Fourteen weeks is a completely different story. And the way the fetus-fetishisers gleefully and pruriently drum up their panic is by not differentiating between the two.

  28. SpinatTeig

    I’m not sure if this is appropriate because this is a serious and unfortunate discussion, but is anyone familiar with this point-counterpoint from the Onion?


    I think the saving-grace is that the “point” opinion is entirely reasonable, so perhaps it isn’t poking fun at feminism but rather at obsessive evangelical pro-lifers. Mostly I was amused about the “Distinguished Cervix Cross For Courage In The Uterine Theatre”.

  29. Sycorax

    Not to make excuses, but I could buy someone calling the cops because a bathroom full of unexplained blood seems like the kind of thing you should call the cops about, and maaaaaaybe the homicide unit being sent because no one was sure what kind of crime, if any, had been committed. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to make sure that the miscarriage had not been caused by any attack, or for that matter, to make sure that a pregnancy in one so young had not been a result of any kind of rape. But of course, once it was established that neither of these scenarios had occurred, the proper response would have been to send the kids on their way (perhaps with a handful of accurate sex ed pamphlets, if such are to be found in Houston), not interrogate and shame them.

  30. Lauredhel

    I can’t really fault airline staff for referring for investigation if they find a nine-month fetus in the trash can

    And, just in case this isn’t a SotBO, I could sure fault the way the cops handled it once they knew, if they for example dragged her straight to a police station rather than getting medical assessment. Etc.

  31. tinfoil hattie

    Why bother trying to determine multiple scenarios in which it could be reasonable to attempt to charge a 14-year-old girl in the “death” of her “fetus”?

    Men hate women. Everyone hates women. Period.

    And yes, I am bitter.

  32. Thealogian

    Another thing to note regarding this story–the wire service titled it “Girl Gives Birth on Plane”; there was no fucking birth, it was a MISCARRIAGE. The fact that people are at this point more ignorant of the stages of development of a human fetus than we were twenty years ago, says a lot about how the discussion of reproductive rights has been directed by pro-misinformation/pro-oppression god-bags who have NO PHILOSOPHY OF ETHICS when discussing these issues–they can lie, mis-inform, and spew hate all in the common cause of punishing Eve.

  33. Twisty

    “While I agree there is a misogynistic overtone to this story (I groaned when I first read it elsewhere) it should be pointed out, in fairness to the airline/police, that when they find a “stillborn fetus” in the wastebasket, they are obliged to investigate.”

    You mean they are obliged by antediluvian uterus-monitoring culture to investigate. If girls weren’t forced to feel ashamed of pregnancy, or to fear dire consequences, or even, god forbid, if they were given access to decent health care i the first place, how many live babies do you think would end up in trash cans?

  34. Twisty

    (Whups, hit “blame” before I was done) You people defending the actions of the authorities: try to imagine a society where teen sexuality was accepted, nurtured, and educated instead of shamed, punished, and forced into secrecy. Girls who feel obliged to dispose of their newborn infants don’t do it out of pure evil, see? They do it because they’re trapped in an untenable position by our misogynist culture. It’s this woman-hating, uterus-controlling attitude toward teenage girls, an attitude embodied by the cops, their bosses, and the reporters who publish their press releases, that needs to be “investigated”.

    And anyway, it’s hardly like there’s an epidemic of teen baby-smothering. This case we’re talking about here isn’t even an example of that. Kid had a miscarriage, end of story.

  35. Twisty

    “Sorry for the typos! I know those don’t fly around here!”

    Typos can happen to anyone. It’s spelling errors that grind my fruit loops.

    Yes, I can tell the difference.

  36. MelMir

    “Twisty, I am so glad you are back to blogging regularly. I missed you. That is all.”


    “Law & Order: Maimed Female Corpse Unit” – Have you ever done a post on why these shows (also CSI) suck? I’m an admitted couch potato, but I can’t stomach those shows and know many people who love them. Sorry O/T.

  37. Pinko Punko

    from SpinaTeig’s Onion link:

    The Pentagon will consider a full-scale invasion of Jessica Linden’s ovaries only as a last resort, after all other options have been exhausted. We recognize in principle Jessica Linden’s sovereignty over the ovarian territory, but to prevent the loss of the reproductive system to a hostile power, we are prepared to do what we must, even if that means conducting a firebombing and strafing campaign that may result in full military hysterectomy. If we must destroy the uterus in order to save it, so be it.

    If U.S. uterine occupation extends into the second week of October, we will install an irrigation and drainage system in anticipation of Miss Linden’s menstrual cycle. This will not only benefit her, but provide our troops with a cleaner, more navigable terrain on which to conduct their military maneuvers.

    I will further recommend that Congress establish a new Military Medal of Valor, to be called The Distinguished Cervix Cross For Courage In The Uterine Theatre. Naval soldiers may also request a burial within Miss Linden in the event of loss of life.

  38. Pinko Punko

    Off topico, but TF, all your headers are so good, would it be too Patriarchical to have randomized/rotating headers? I have an old WP plugin for random headers. Would this header recidivism be deemed too conservative, possibly targeting blamers prone to nostalgia and therefore melancholy?

  39. Twisty

    I will see to the randomizing of the banner img when I return from spinster auntly duties later today. Jeeze. There’s one in every crowd.

  40. atheist woman

    Have you all seen xttp://www.click2houston.com/news/15773665/detail.html
    this story yet? The headline is “Teen Kills Newborn in School Toilet.”
    They threw in a wack fundo for good measure too:

    As news of the tragedy spread throughout the community, parents rushed to the school to pick up their children.
    Albert Contreas braced himself for a difficult discussion with his son.
    “One life being flushed down the commode. It’s God’s creation. You don’t mess around with God’s creation,” he said.

    Apparently it is the second secret pregnancy by a kid in Houston to happen this week. Hmmm, I wonder why? I’m sure she had been well informed about all her health care options and needs concerning birth control and abortion. IBTP.

  41. Thealogian

    I wonder how many hidden teen pregnancies occur in say, Sweden–you know, one of those countries with significantly less teen-pregnancy, a later age for initial sexual activity among teens, woman-friendly policies regarding birth-control/abortion/day-care/maternity leave–oh, and MEDICALLY ACCURATE SEX EDUCATION?

    Now, I’m not saying that Sweden doesn’t have further to go in terms of women’s equality/patriarchy irradication, but I’m thinking that this kind of thing is demonstrably less probable–when you learn how your body works and you have access to contraception, unwanted pregnancies and teen-births go down.

    Also, I’ll go a step-further and state that abstinence only education is not only tantamount to child-abuse, but that it is sexually retarding and teaches a philosophy that encourages divorce, rape, and STD’s. Abstinence Only Education is pro-death.

  42. Q Grrl

    Regardless of any state sanctioned “abstinence only education”, all of us have a responsibility to inform youngsters about teh Sex. Doesn’t do the teen girls any good if all the libruls are pointing fingers at the godbags.

  43. norbizness

    PP’s just saying that because he spent seven years in Tibet creating rotating banner images for his site.

  44. Feminist Avatar

    And despite all the sex ed and acceptance of sexuality in Sweden, they have one of the lowest rates of teen sex in Europe. Who’d a thunked it?

  45. AngryYoungFemme

    I’m leaving the US. I can’t stand it here. Might as well be dealing with Robert Mugabe in regard to sex and sex education in this country.

    Isn’t it interesting that in both these stories of the Houston girls, neither knew she was pregnant? They are both 14; with the sex ed in Texas, I wouldn’t be surprised if neither knew she’d had sex or that pregnancy would result. What if they were raped? At 14, I’d put that as a very high possibility. (All the girls I knew from 12-14 that were having sex were having it with older guys, as in high school seniors or possibly older.)

    The whole situation disgusts me. I hope that the girls get the care they need and I really hope it was just adolescent experiments with sex and not sexual abuse/rape that led to their pregnancies.

    WAKE UP U.S.!

  46. lawbitch

    Love the banner. Glad to see that you’re mentoring the next blaming generation.

    I guess that there’s not enough *REAL* crime in Houston to keep the police busy. *rolls eyes* They could find the fuckers who stole my bikes if they need more to do.

  47. miss crabby pants

    “[G]rind my fruit loops” made the expensive Bordeaux I’m enjoying come precariously close to my sinus cavity and thus my keyboard. I’m going to steal it as my new catch phrase.

  48. slythwolf

    Who gives a fuck if she knew she was pregnant or not? What does that matter? Other than to her, because that would be pretty scary to deal with at 14.

    And I want to know why in the hell anyone who found a fetus in a trash can would think there could possibly have been any “wrongdoing”. Did they think someone secretly performed an abortion on the plane without a license, or something? (I pity the poor bastard who attempts this in an airplane bathroom.) Or did they really imagine that a woman can just voluntarily expel the contents of her uterus, you know, at will, with the expressed purpose of killing her unborn “child”, and that somewhere there would be a law against this?

  49. E.R

    When I miscarried at six weeks (thankfully, not in an airplane bathroom), there wasn’t much discernably fetus-y. What was she supposed to do if not flush, take it home in a dixie cup? Bodily waste is meant to be flushed, not given human status.

  50. Elaine Vigneault

    I’m trying to overcome my anti-Texas-ness. You’re not helping.

  51. Pinko Punko

    Nah, it wasn’t 7 years in Tibet, it was waiting for n-biz to review the Criterion edition of Kundun so I could not comment on it.

  52. atheist woman

    Elaine Vigneault,
    Unfortunately bigoted ass caps(of the dunce variety) crop up everywhere one could imagine. Being a couple of chromosomes away from chimpanzees will do that to a species.

  53. thisisendless

    Can I just tell you how much I LOVE the new banner? Perfect.

  54. Twisty

    I can but conclude that Elaine Vigneault no longer desires to participate in discussions at I Blame the Patriarchy; certainly she must realize that I am unable to gaze with a kindly smile of magnanimous tolerance upon any example of anti-Texas bigotry.

    It’s anti-feminist to be anti-Texas, y’all!

  55. Superlagirl

    “What was she supposed to do if not flush, take it home in a dixie cup? Bodily waste is meant to be flushed, not given human status.”

    Except the article says it wasn’t a miscarriage. It was a stillbirth, meaning she was at least 20 weeks along. Most women who experience stillbirth do not describe it as expelling medical waste. She gave birth alone to a dead body that looked somewhat baby-ish. Let’s not trivialize how traumatic that had to have been for her or the person who made the discovery.

    That is not to say that this young woman’s story should have been picked up by the national news as some kind of ridiculous cautionary tale.

  56. pudhaus

    Texas was totally pwned by Pittsburgh last year. A 21 year-old girl had a miscarriage, and did not know what to do with the fetus (bury it? flush it? eat it?) so she put it in her freezer while she made a decision about the totally confusing situation. Someone called the police and told on her.

    The article above is from the aftermath, but they published the girl’s picture and address in the Post-Gazette at the time it happened. Un. Fucking. Believable.

  57. Pinko Punko


    Elaine Vigneault, 32, a vegan and former women’s studies major who lives in New York, doesn’t have a problem with a vegan strip club or a recent PETA protest in London in which a pregnant woman got into a cage in her underwear to draw attention to the treatment of pregnant pigs. “I think it’s really important that when reviewing and analyzing images of women, we take into account their perspective of what they’re trying to say,” Vigneault said.

  58. WhattheH

    I haven’t read all the comments, but enough. First, I’ve been a lurker for a long time, and was very upset when you went through all the health issues that led to you absence. Second, I missed you. Third, after this comment I will go back to lurking.
    Being a juvenile, and being pregnant can be upsetting enough, but to have a young girl interrogated by homicide police is so over the top.
    As a teen, I thought I was pregnant. I wasn’t a “loose” child, nor a “whore” – both terms to keep females in their place. I was just a young girl, who had let nature take it’s course, and found that I was between a rock and a hard place. My mother was very religious and there was no way I wanted a child, because I was all of 16 years old and recognized intrinsically that a child raising a child was not a great idea. In my stupidity, I took an overdose of pills. it was stupid, yet at the time, I thought I had no other choice, and honestly, death would have been better in my muddled mind. I survived, I was not pregnant (gosh sex ed would have really helped me) and the only outcome was a week of nausea and feeling really stupid. After that, I made it my goal to find out everything there was to know about sex. Surprisingly there wasn’t much published, other than the driest, dustiest tomes written by the professionals – this was in 1967. I have since raised two children (born out of wedlock, raised by me and me alone) who have been thoroughly educated on sex, and I am absolutely appalled that we have not advanced one iota since my own terrible experience, 31 years ago. Are we moving forward? I don’t think so. Of course, I’m an atheist, so I’m triply damned, so what can I know? IBTP
    Back to lurking, and Twisty, I’m so glad you’re back! I hope you are healthy and feeling well. Take care and thanks for the opportunity to express my feelings.

  59. WhattheH

    Whoops, it wasn’t 31 years ago, it was over 40 years ago. Geez, my apologies. I think I’ll go have a glass of wine to celebrate my impending senility.
    By the way, this young girl….I cannot express my contempt for anyone who would treat her as a crime suspect. She was a victim…of the draconian views of anything relating to women. she is one more victim. IBTP

  60. Pinko Punko

    WhattheH- thanks for sharing that stuff. I am certainly certain that your experience is very usual, and of course nobody should have to go through that.

  61. saltyC

    Yes, WhattheH, thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on being able to eaise two children on your own.

    About the story, the question in my mind is, how did they even know who the maker of the fetus was?

  62. saltyC

    raise, not eaise.

  63. surefinewhatever

    Twisty (by the way I forgot to say “welcome back”–I’ve missed your words.)

    1. I completely agree with what you’re saying about teenage girls, lack of shame and education.

    2. When they found the fetus in the airport trash, they didn’t know it was a from a teenager–they didn’t know WHAT happened. I hope I do live in a society where authorities will follow up when they find a fetus/baby in a trash can (I looked but didn’t find how far/close it was to term–that would help the discussion immensely)

    3. While we undeniably live in a ‘fetus monitoring’ culture, this is more an example of being a people monitoring culture. Dead bodies in garbage cans get investigated in our culture. So sue us.

  64. Holly

    The title of this post is awesome, first of all, it’s what caught my eye and got me to continue on to the article, and I am quite happy I did.

    I can only sorta-kinda not believe that this happened. Sure I can say I can’t believe it, but in this day and age…Yeah, I kind of can. However, it is shocking and I also believe the 14 year old girl when she says that she didn’t know she was pregnant and that also makes me feel even stronger about her being looked into like that. She didn’t know she was even pregnant and then out pops a fetus; that is a tremendously hard thing to go through and the officials just added to the amount of stress and trauma she was undoubtedly experiencing.

  65. Frumious B

    Albert Contreas braced himself for a difficult discussion with his son.
    “One life being flushed down the commode. It’s God’s creation. You don’t mess around with God’s creation,” he said.

    Bring on the Tampon Inspection Brigade.

  66. kate217

    Albert Contreas braced himself for a difficult discussion with his son.
    “One life being flushed down the commode. It’s God’s creation. You don’t mess around with God’s creation,” he said.

    If it’s small enough to flush, the chances are that it’s a viable life are negligible.

    Twisty, hope you’re better. Add my name to the legions who missed you.

  67. invisible

    Twisty, do you like this American Dream? I kind of do like it.


  68. Jeni

    “…and have some rural veterinarian come ‘deliver’ her already dead fetus…”

    Now Lisa, don’t go knocking the rural vets! I delivered triplet lambs yesterday; surely a primate is not all *that* different.

  69. Mar Iguana

    Those damned, weak, sissy women making all that fuss over just dropping a kid, huh? They should be able to just drop it and run like any other barnyard animal. Shame on them for making things so difficult for those husbanding the farm.

    Giving birth to a huge, human cranium may be a tad more complicated than yer run-of-the-mill primate’s, however. “The baby monkey emerges facing toward the front of the mother’s body so she can reach down with her hands and guide it from the birth canal…the human infant must undergo a series of rotations to pass through the birth canal without hindrance” (Bernard Bel, a quote from “Evolutionary Obstetrics”).

    “Growth of brain and cranial size among hominids also added to the difficulty of labor and delivery. The human brain triples between birth and adulthood, whereas the brain of other primates only doubles. “What humans seem to have accomplished is the trick of keeping the brain growing at the embryonic rate for one year after birth. Effectively, if humans are a fundamentally precocial species, our gestation is (or should be) 21 months. However, no mother could possibly pass a year old baby’s head through the birth canal. Thus, human babies are born ‘early’ to avoid the death of the mother.” (2). Humans have maintained a gestation length comparable to that of chimpanzees (the gestation for chimpanzees is approximately 230 to 240 days), despite the fact that the young are born in such different stages of development relative to their adult selves.” (http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/biology/b103/f02/web1/cphillips.html

    Doesn’t seem quite worth the risks to health and life birthing the human head considering how many folks walk around with it stuck up their ass.

  70. Janie B.

    That poor kid. It’s a real bastard who will make a scapegoat out of a 14-year-old.

  71. Padraigin

    Honestly, if I’d walked in and seen all the blood with no explanation, I’d probably have called the cops myself, no further investigation.

    See, I’ve seen too many crime shows, so my immediate impulse would be “if I look further, I’m going to find the body of some poor murdered soul, something I’m never going to forget and will become a frequent part of my nightmares.” Fuck that.

    Anyway, as for the 14 yo, she didn’t really do anything unreasonable. I’ve never had a miscarriage, so I don’t know exactly what runs through a person’s mind at the time, but I’d suspect it would be something like “holy hell this hurts,” and “dear God, please kill me now.” I have no idea if there’s a standard reaction even for adults who aren’t in a confined space at the time. (Although I suppose a hospital visit would be implied).

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