Apr 14 2008

Sneer of the week


It is possible to avoid going to shopping malls. If you’re imprisoned by Fundamentalist Mormons in the middle of West Texas.

The other day, for no very interesting reason, I was hot-footin’ it through one of these whirling vortices of polyester lust when I happened upon the above-pictured wretched display of consumerist bogosity. Simon Property Group, which runs the Barton Square Creek Oaks Valley Spring Mall in question, is selling pink gift cards. They will pay Komen a buck for every gift card you buy.

This is why I hate Komen, and why I hate malls, and why I hate gift cards.

First, just don’t do it. Don’t give anyone a damn gift card. Unless you hate her. Nothing says “few things are more tedious than buying you a present” loudlier and clearlier than a gift card. I’d rather get light bulbs. AAA batteries. A ball of string. A bag of dirt. Seriously. When my sister got married I gave her a fly swatter and to this day she wipes a tear from her grateful eye when she says that it’s been more useful than all her other nuptial swag combined.

I hate Komen because they’ve brainwashed millions of people into believing that if they buy pink shit they are “making a difference.” Snap out of it! All you are doing is buying pink shit. Komen is a marketing facilitator. They do not reduce breast cancer occurence. They do not reduce breast cancer deaths. All they do is hook up sanctimonious shopaholics with corporate leeches who want to shine up their tarnished public images.

Such as mall owner Simon Property Group. It is not widely known that, before he was governor of New York and got collared for paying to rape women, then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer filed a lawsuit against Simon. So did Massachusetts and Connecticut. That’s right — it was a nefarious gift card con. You bought the gift card, but if the recipient didn’t use it within six months — and why would she? Wounded by your indifference, she tossed you lame-ass card into her desk drawer and forgot about it — Simon started charging “dormancy” fees. This was on top of the purchase fees, fees to check the balance, fees to transfer the balance to another card, fees to reissue lost or stolen cards, and “shipping and handling” fees if the card was used for online purchases. After 11 months, your dear, beloved friend’s crappy $25 Simon Mall gift card was whittled down to about 11 bucks, even if she never bought a single thing at the stupid mall.

And now I have to go and get shot up with radioactive waste so I can lie imprisoned in a tube at a nuclear medicine depot and get scanned for the goddam cancer that — surprise — 20 years of pink marketing failed to prevent.


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  1. Orange

    Hope the scan is clear as a bell (anatomically speaking, of course), Twisty.

  2. BadKitty

    They don’t want to prevent breast cancer, Twisty, they just want to sell us pink shit and convince us that breast cancer isn’t all that bad. Why, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me! It made me a much better person! /snark

    If anyone really gave a rat’s patooty about preventing breast cancer, they’d be seriously looking at environmental causes and force corporations to stop producing carcinogenic products and/or dumping carcinogens into our environment. That would be a bad thing because that would cost the corporations money. It’s far cheaper for the corps and better for our economy to donate a few bucks to the Komen fund and convince women to shut up and enjoy their breast cancer. Not only that, but manufacturing pink shit has become a huge industry unto itself. If they eliminate breast cancer, what will become of those poor, poor companies that manufacture & sell all the pink shit?

    I try to be grateful for my whole life-enriching breast cancer experience every month when I send off my payments to the hospital, the clinic, and the plastic surgeon, and when the clinic calls and tells me I’m not paying down my bills fast enough*. I try to think about how lucky I am for this opportunity for personal growth when the scar tissue from my mastectomies hurts so f*cking bad I just want to crawl into bed and cry. I try to think about how crazy sexy cancer made me when I walk by the mirror naked and see my frankenstein scars.

    Good luck on your scans today, Twisty. I have my every-6 months-check up in a couple of weeks – another opportunity to be grateful to corporate America.

    *Yes, I have health insurance.

  3. Jay

    Not only is Komen not interested in preventing breast cancer, they care more about breasts than they do about the women attached to the breasts – see http://ourbodiesourblog.org/blog/2007/02/komen_campaign_kicks_off_to_controversial_sta.php (sorry, I can’t do HTML without the little buttons)

  4. Lisa @ Corporate Babysitter

    This post is a wonderful example of why this is one of my new favorite blogs.

  5. thebewilderness

    Radioactive blolod makes my head all wonky. Please be careful not to make any important decisions, like whether to turn right or left, for about 48 hours after they irradiate your blood.
    I hope the music is good and the scan is neg. I get claustrophobic chills just thinking about it. Please be well.

  6. PhysioProf

    Those of us who are biomedical scientists and doing research that we hope ultimately will lead to a decrease in human suffering would really prefer that people channel their desire to feel sanctimonious into sternly worded letters to their Representatives and Senators demanding an end to the half-decade-long decline in the real-dollar value of the NIH budget.

  7. Uri

    The great thing about Komen is that they are also in bed with products that are generally known to have a direct effect on one’s health and thus on the general potential for cancer.

    For instance, should we really be buying bags of Komen supported M&Ms? Full of sugar, fat, food colors and chemical additives approved by a politically-controlled FDA? Similarly. What’s the message here? Also, Mars is the same company that put animal rennet in their candies.

    I am waiting for pink Marlboro Lights.

    Also, other brands are ripping off on Komen.
    For instance, I am holding in my hand a sachet of “Emergen-C”, a “pink lemonade” mix that contains all your daily vitamin C. Full of toxic chemicals, of course, but on the pink cover says “pink” in big letters, and has the pink ribbon with “pink lemondade” on it. Bet how many people just instinctively think they’re buying pink?

  8. Kathleen

    I feel the urge to make a joke about hoping the experience is “totally tubular” (say in Valley Girl voice) but seriously, all goodness your way, Twisty.

    The pink ribbon campaigns are all the more distressing since their “success” (by which I mean saturation of public existence) has something to do with people actually, sincerely, wanting to be in a movement that “makes a difference” but buying all the scare propaganda about feminism or, I dunno, anarcho-socialism, all kinds of movements that will actually teach you something about the world and have a real plan not a fake plan to make it better. The pink ribbon campaign is not only a gyp it calls upon the better impulses of regular people in the service of the gyp. Corporations or whatever might participate totally cynically but I don’t think regular people do — I have friends and colleagues who have had women in their lives go through breast cancer and they are earnestly devoted to Komen stuff.

  9. Dr. Steph

    This may sound dumb, but thanks for sounding so angry about this in your post. I don’t know why people don’t see Pinkwashing for what it really is.

    Hope the scan is all clear.

  10. Kathleen


    1) This move: “instead of complaining about x, why don’t you take on a REAL PROBLEM ladies” is classic move 4b on feminist blogs. It’s tiresome as hell.

    2) Sorry about the NIH budget. It’s not actually at all clear that biomedical research is the royal road to dealing with breast cancer; the preponderance of the evidence suggests we’re going to have to get a lot of toxins out of the ecosystem so cancer rates stop climbing. That’s not a labcoat problem but a citizens in the streets one. “Finding the cure” for getting whacked with a machete is not as effective as stopping the machete whacks.

    3) People who read Twisty’s blog actually much prefer that she channels her “desire to feel sanctimonious” right here. She’s brilliant and hilarious. If she wants to write letters to her congresspeople in her spare time, that’s her business, but to suggest she should do that INSTEAD of writing this blog is crap.

    4) “Those of us who are awesome prefer x” is a wankstery way to open a comment. Not to mention being pretty, ehem, sanctimonious.

  11. Lil' Epi M.E.

    PhysioProf: Those of us who are biomedical scientists and doing research that we hope ultimately will lead to a decrease in human suffering would really prefer that people channel their desire to feel sanctimonious into sternly worded letters to their Representatives and Senators demanding an end to the half-decade-long decline in the real-dollar value of the NIH budget.

    Three words: Will Rogers Phenomenon.

    If research really did make a difference, age-adjusted mortality rates would have been declining for most of the century. Further, the declines would be closely correlated with research funding patterns. Although there has been a slight downtick in age-adjusted mortality recently, that nature of the trend suggests that it probably has far more to do with changes in HRT use than with “advancements” in cancer therapies.

    Change doesn’t start with lobbying for NIH funding: change starts with researchers taking a very, very hard look in the mirror. If research is ever really going to lead to a cure, oncologists and clinical researchers are going to listen to epidemiologists — which means admitting that what they’ve been doing hasn’t worked. And relaly, who’s ready to admit that their life’s work has been a gigantic waste of time, energy and resources?

  12. Karen

    I’m a very new blamer so I may be off base, and I wholeheartedly agree with Kathleen’s #2, but I read PhysioProf’s comment as suggesting an alternative to buying pink shit, not an alternative to blogging, blaming, or commenting.

  13. Kathleen

    Oh, dang. Now that I re-read it I see what you mean; I thought it was aimed at Twisty/the thread not pink purchases. Note to self not to fly off handle so easily, difficulty finding place to stick it among previous zillion notes exhorting same, apologies to PhysioProf.

  14. sina

    I am *so* glad you’re back.

  15. Lisa

    Well, I think it needs to be attacked at both ends. Prevention and cure. And that takes lab coat biomedics like Physioprof (on both ends as it were).

    It is also my understanding that the indirect vs. direct funding requirement of NIH funding is a bit off the charts. Meaning, upwards of 50% of the grant money goes to plain old admin of med centers. Everything from excessive photocopying to the 6 figure salaries of college deans and administrators (several layers of ’em).

    It has been a while since I worked in the nonprofit sector, so someone can correct me if I’m wrong. But I do remember that being a huge complaint about NIH money. However, I do thing that pales in comparison to some of the admin costs of certain private foundations such as Komen.

  16. Twisty

    Read it again; PhysioProf isn’t accusing me of sanctimony.

    Not that I’m never sanctimonious. Just not about pretending to “save the boobies.”

  17. Lil' Epi M.E.

    Well, I think it needs to be attacked at both ends. Prevention and cure.

    I agree.

    Meaning, upwards of 50% of the grant money goes to plain old admin of med centers.

    Grant expenditures in medical research is a really complicated subject, and since I don’t have to worry about accouting, I don’t know too much about it. I’m under the impression that the bigger problem is that the Bayh-Dole Act has allowed pharmaceutical companies to privatize the results of public research. Even if a cure is developed, this act will effectively prevent it from being affordable.

    But this is probably getting waaaayyy too off-topic. Just food for thought for those of you who actually blog.

  18. Lorelei

    awww, i love how silent the ENTIRE radical feminist blogosphere has been about a certain white feminist blogger appropriating the material and voice of a woman of colour blogger!

    come on, not ONE of you will make a post about it? i know you’ve heard about it. one of you must have.

    stop pretending you all care about ~*all*~ women. because i can’t think of a time when RADICAL feminism has cared about any women except their ‘own kind.’

  19. WendyAnn

    If I had the money, I’d have mine removed. They are for feeding sprogs. I do not have, nor will ever have, sprogs.

    Too bad the all important femininity is tied to some fleshy milk-ducts.

    Think how low the cancer rates would be if we had them removed when we were done with them.

    I wish I had health insurance. Sigh. If I get the sexy-fun pink-laden ladies cancer, I get to die.

  20. thebewilderness

    You are mistaken. Google is your friend.

  21. WendyAnn

    Ooops, we all must be racists. That just *has* to be the explanation.

    Funny how it’s been implied that I’m a racist in these days of supposedly post-racial America. In the days of plain old racism, I was not once ever implied to be a racist, but now in the post-racial era being ushered in by hope and change, I seem to be running into cries of racism everywhere.

    First it’s for my Clinton stickers, now for not know everything that’s going on everywhere on the internet.

    Got it. I will endeavor not to be a racist by railing against a stranger behaving badly.

    But first, how about a clue in the right direction for those of us without google-fu? I’d hate to miss the public chastisement of this rogue radfem.

  22. j

    WendyAnn, try Googling for High on Rebellion’s article “Intellectual theft is still theft” and Hugo Schwyzer’s “If it’s stealing, you’d better prove it” for opposing viewpoints on the issue. I would post the links, but my comment would get swallowed.

  23. BadKitty

    Could someone please elaborate on lorelei’s comment? I’m so lost by the change in topic, I don’t even know what to google to catch up. racism? wtf?

  24. j

    Oh, a relevant comment before this thread derails into another referendum on Amanda Marcotte’s character, to paraphrase Twisty.

    I am guilty of buying gift cards whenever a gift-giving occasion arises. For Chinese New Year we always just give red envelopes of cash, and it cuts out a lot of the agonizing (on the part of the giver) and gift-returning (on the part of the receiver). And gift cards, aren’t they just a plastic form of cash?

    (I know. Laziness.)

    I hope all your scans turn out okay!

  25. thebewilderness

    Rainbowgirl’s take


  26. Gayle

    Thank you for calling out gift card givers.

    I’m the friend who tosses the cards in my drawer and forgets about them. I will no longer feel guilty for doing so.

    I hope your scan is clear.

  27. rhiain

    Twisty, I’m glad you’re back, and I absolutely share your disgust with the pinkification of adult women by Komen.

    I must, however, jump to the defense of my beloved gift cards. I’m in graduate school, working not enough hours at shit-paying job because it was the only one I could find that was flexible enough to let me take classes. For the last three years, at birthday and Christmas, my parents ask me what I want. Every year I go home with gift cards to the grocery store and the gas station. They are a *brilliant* way for my folks to take care of me even though I’m away from home.

  28. Pinko Punko

    This PP certainly endorses the other PP’s point about increased research. Public health and epidemiology studies would be especially beneficial- here is an interesting article about milk and possible links to breast, prostate, uterine, and nut cancer.

  29. Lene

    “I’d rather get … AAA batteries”

    Are ya sure about that? Not too long ago, the pink ribbon appeared on batteries up here in Canada.

  30. lawbitch

    Anxiously awaiting the post in which you inform your devoted blamers that you’ve gotten the all clear results. Hope that the test isn’t too miserable!

  31. Lara

    Hope your results are well and clear Twisty. I wish people didn’t come on here with something that has nothing directly to do with your post on your cancer (and that of other REAL women dealing with it).
    And yeah I have always been weary and suspicious of the rabid consumerism and pinkification central to the Komen foundation et al.

  32. Elaine Vigneault

    I am so with you on this. Think before you pink. The corporate pink co-opting of breast cancer and women’s desires to help each other makes me so angry! Argh!

  33. denelian

    firstly… i DEMAND gift cards. for books. because i am an addict, but a picky one. so i ask everyone to give me giftcards to a bookstore so i can have a spree…

    secondly, i shall sacrifice a goat in your favor. this does seem to be the week for it *sigh*

    thirdly, i hatehateHATE the color pink, and everything it has been forced to stand for

  34. atheist woman

    Indeed, I have been a recipient and giver of more Amazon and Borders gift cards than I care to count. It has made me despise any gift related holidayish event. Crosses fingers for Twisty health.

  35. slythwolf

    Note to self: Add fly swatter to wedding registry.

  36. weeza

    I hope all goes well. Up with blaming! Down with pinkification! Fuck cancer! I’d suggest you start selling badges to supplement the dog-niece-and-horse feeding fund, but I’m not sure ‘megatheocorporatocracy’ would fit.

  37. Karen

    There is a shelter for homeless families in my area that would LOVE all your unwanted gift cards. There are probably similar places in your-all’s areas.

  38. ironmaiden

    I dig gift cards, but other than that I wholeheartedly agree.

    I hope all went well with your scan, Twisty.

  39. ate

    I’ve had friends leave on the cancer boat and this pink power bullshit enrages me. I’ve had friends cry as they lost their hair, i’ve held hands as the pain – both physical and emotional – wiped strong and amazing women out. I’ve walked down the street in the middle of summer with a woman wearing two coats and two pairs of pants and a beanie they’re so cold and so weak and so likely to catch infection. I saw a brilliant woman in her early thirties lying in a hospital bed looking like a twelve year old she was so small and emaciated. I saw her unable to lift her arms, unable to speak at more than a whisper. Her daughters and her sister and her parents sat next to her bed and watched her die week after week and they were all there in her last moments as she just faded away.

    And to see people turn this suffering and this pain and this reality into a fucking pink water bottle or pink chocolate or pink pin that is going to do absolutely fucking nothing for those women or the women like them or the women to come… It’s disgusting and it’s disgraceful. To cheapen the dignity and the grace and the beauty of the women i knew. I don’t know how the pink fluffnstuff brigade can sleep at night. I can’t believe that they think they are doing something that will help anyone.

    I don’t mean to sound depressing but I do mean to sound angry. The women around me I’ve lost and the women who have survived deserve better. We deserve better than to be infantilised and diminished.

    Good luck with your scans Twisty, i’m sure you’ll get the all clear and be skipping rope in no time!

  40. PhysioProf

    Note to self not to fly off handle so easily, difficulty finding place to stick it among previous zillion notes exhorting same, apologies to PhysioProf.

    Fuck it. Flying off the handle is highly underrated.

  41. Amananta

    Hey Uri –

    There are pink cigarettes already.


  42. donna

    I’ll be impressed when Komen starts paying attention to ther cancers, like colon cancer, which kills way more women than breast cancer. But when I tell people about my brush with colo-rectal cancer and how a colonoscopy saved my life and they ought to get one, they just tell me how icky colonoscopies are, and I stare back and say, “yeah, but it could save your life.”

    Yeag, let’s see those brown cards for colon cancer, huh?

    Nope, it’s not a “sexy” disease, I guess.

  43. goblinbee

    I love lazy gifts (even “nothing,” the laziest of all).
    But please give me cash, as I can’t seem to not lose the damn gift cards.

    Twisty, I hope all is well.

  44. PhysioProf

    Nope, it’s not a “sexy” disease, I guess.

    And this is really the point isn’t it? Breast cancer and mastectomy prevent women from fulfilling the mandates of femininity, while colon cancer just kills your fucking ass.

  45. Kathleen

    PhysioProf — thanks for being good-humored about it. And even as I wrote it I was wondering if that phrase “flying off the handle” smacked a bit of broomstickiness. Probably it is better to be a bit of a witch in a patriarchy than not one!

    A poop-colored credit card would be AWESOME. And brown ribbons for awareness!

  46. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Colo-rectal cancer killed my mother, and it was an ugly, lingering death. Getting a colonoscopy isn’t crazy or sexy (although they do give you some really good drugs), but I’ll do it faithfully. Getting a couple polyps nipped off is nothing in comparison. And I urge everyone I know to do the same, when the time comes. It can and will save your life. I can’t think of a better way to honor my mother’s memory.

    Yeah, colon cancer just kills your ass, and it doesn’t care whether you have boobies or not.

  47. slythwolf

    Based on the rising numbers of dudes demanding anal sex, I bet colon cancer will become sexy at some point in the future.

  48. rootlesscosmo

    A colonoscopy–I’ve had three or four–is only really unpleasant in advance, when you have to drink the strong laxative to make your innards clean and shiny. The procedure itself is done under heavy sedation; I got an IV and woke up an hour or two later feeling fine and ravenously hungry.

    Twisty, good wishes on the scans. I still have major anxiety in the days before the scan and the oncologist appointment. It’s a crappy thing to have to live with.

  49. BadKitty

    Considering the recent rise in anal HPV infections, I’m thinking it will be anal cancer, slythwolf, rather than colon cancer.


    Of course, a woman with anal cancer is not real likely to engage in anal intercourse so she probably wouldn’t be considered sexy anymore anyway.

  50. thebewilderness

    Dear rootless,
    What you say is not true of everyone.
    I shall spare you the details.

  51. rootlesscosmo

    Dear thebewilderness,

    I sympathize. I’ve been excepionally lucky in the medical caregivers I’ve encountered and I’m sorry you weren’t.

  52. BettyB

    I’m an ovarian cancer survivor (diagnosed age 53, now age 62) and two of my sisters are breast cancer survivors. All my donations are directed to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, and a group of my sisters friends have a charity golf tournament every year that raises funds for BCFO. They provide real financial assistance for women who need help with rent, transportation, etc. while undergoing treatment. One of my sisters was fired from her job after beginning treatment and lost her medical insurance mid-stream. BCFO helped her at that time. There are similar organizations in many localities that are much more deserving of financial support than Komen.

  53. MightyAxon

    I’ve been a lurker for several months now, although I’ve been a P-blamer for several decades. Twisty’s post on breast cancer has moved me to leave my little mark on the blog. Today is my birthday and it is also the first birthday in 29 years that I will not have the pleasure of my best friend’s company. She died from her breast cancer in 2/08.

    I don’t know where to even begin about the anger I feel, and have felt throughout her last 14 months of life…at the Pink Lunacy, amongst many other things (not least of which is the state of medical care, which can only be described as “drive-by” at best). I could go on and on about how UNPINK breast cancer is…believe me, I could give gruesome details on just how UNPINK breast cancer is…but then I’d merely be preaching to the choir. I’ll just say this: If breast cancer is so PINK, why do I suffer from PTSD symptoms when I allow myself to think about the last few weeks of my friend’s life?

    If we’re “racing to the cure” so quickly, why is no real money going towards quite obvious areas of inquiry (environmental factors). It doesn’t take a PhD (although I am one) to figure that there may be a link to the environment. In any other area of study, folks would be pissing on themselves to conduct such research, because it would likely yield “significant” results (something docs were trained to crave more than food, breath, interesting “cases,” or even a $5K shopping spree at a Consumer Enclosure…er, I mean a mall).

    Why don’t we give serious backing to such research? Well, if the studies were conducted (or, rather, if real money went to funding such research), I’m afraid we’d find out the truth: that we’ve shit in our own nest to such an extent that certain areas of our country are unfit to live in (unless you like cancer). The “administration” would then have only 2 choices: Finally begin to address the issue (obviously no “administration” in our country has ever seriously wanted to do this) or simply ignore it. Ignoring such possible research results would only piss people off (especially those with breast cancer). So, nothing is done. But, to keep the “girls” *happy* and brainwashed, this whole pink arse-nol is perpetuated.

    The masses really are brainwashed via the media by the PINKNESS of it all. I found this out up-close-and-personal late last year when I posted a sign in the waiting room of my private practice. I posted a sign stating that, in honor of my friend with breast cancer, I was donating a certain percentage of my income to my friend’s charity of choice. Many of my patients exhibited interest in this sign; nearly all of them were surprised to find out that women “still” died of breast cancer…and even more, that a “significant” percentage of women “still” died of breast cancer. I certainly don’t mean to make fun of my patients (as they could have just as easily ignored my little sign), but many of them seemed to believe that there was a direct inverse correlation between the number of pink gewgaws our culture produces and the incidence of breast cancer.

    A well-meaning person gave me one of those rhinestoned ribbon pins about a week after my friend died. Having become an expert at keeping my true feelings hidden (I’m female, after all!), I *graciously* accepted it. Later that day I took the pin and myself on a long ride to a scenic place far outside the city where I live…one of the last places, in fact, that I was able to take my friend before she was completely incapacitated. I flung that pin as far as I could into the river, the polluted river, and screamed like a banshee my big Fuck-Yous to a culture that propagates PINK breast cancer, amongst so many other things anti women. I believe my friend would have chuckled at my antics, and this made me smile because along with her chuckling was her understanding of what forces me to be a feminist.

    Thanks for allowing me my birthday vent and thanks for providing the only sane recourse from the PINK besides Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Cancerland.”

  54. Lara

    Damn, ate, I am sorry to hear you have lost so many important women in your life, slowly dieing, from cancer. My dad has lymphoma, and at least two folks on my mom’s side of the family have died from cancer or are dealing with it. I can only hope that I do not have cancer myself. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family had breast cancer and had to have both breasts removed. I am just glad she is still here. There is absolutely nothing “cute” or “funny” about fighting breast cancer. Screw the Komen foundation, as well as Avon, not just because they sell beauty products, but because they often use the pinkification of products and the Komen campaign to sell their crap.
    Interesting how cancer that specifically occurs in men (such as prostate cancer) never has to be “blued” or marketed as “seXY” in order to be taken seriously.

  55. XtinaS

    I hope the radioactive fallout is as kind to you as possible, Twisty.

    Barring that, I hope you have absolutely fantastic meals afterwards.

  56. Joselle

    @ Antoinette Niebieszczanski: Amen. In addition to colon cancer, there are many other cancers and diseases that kill more women than breast cancer–lung cancer, cardivascular disease. But they don’t have anything to do with tits and pink, so they aren’t as sexy. I’m all for health consumer awareness (pissed, however, that we have to be health “consumers,” to begin with, but that’s another post) and I’m sure most people who purchase pink stuff do it with good intentions. But this is another clear demonstration of how ideas about what constitutes sexiness is conflated with what’s deemed important. Breasts, yes. Colons, eh, not so much.

    Pink Ribbons, Inc., indeed http://www.amazon.com/Pink-Ribbons-Inc-Politics-Philanthropy/dp/0816648999/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1208364689&sr=1-1

    I have only skimmed through this book but it is critical of corporate breast cancer philanthropy and fundraising.

    Best of luck with your scans, Twisty.

  57. Joanna

    Twisty, thanks for putting into words my incoherent revulsion at all things pinkified and especially the feel-good cop-out misinformation that drains too many dollars from well-meaning people.

    Thanks to all the blamers who have reminded me of what I can do with my next gift cards and who have given me an idea of where I can send some cash locally to be put immediately into the hands of women who need it.

    With your inspiration and my google-fu, I discovered that our local Minnesota organization Open Arms, originally established to deliver free meals to people with HIV/Aids, is now delivering meals to women with breast cancer and their families, with special attention to their particular nutritional needs and the effects of therapy on nausea. They prepared and delivered free of charge, with no waiting list. I’ll be sending them some money today.

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