Apr 16 2008

Medical test results of the week

For those of you who follow my cancersploits and were wondering how my battery of scans from the other day turned out: a big old nugatory on all fronts.

I post this because I have noticed a marked tendency among the more melodramatically-inclined sector of the blametariat to speculate, in the absence of specific information to the contrary, that I am dead or dying.

Not yet, apparently.

Thanks to you all for your interest in my tumors and in my continued existence.


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  1. eve

    Congrats on the nugatory Twisty!

  2. BeaTricks

    That’s great news!

  3. brainiac9


  4. atheist woman

    That is the best news I have heard all day!

  5. norbizness

    Great news, and I think you might owe that giant magical cancer-repressing pink credit card at Barton Creek Mall an apology.

  6. Orange

    Good stuff.

    Now, how about the occasional picture of a kickass and colorful vegetarian meal?

  7. PhysioProf

    That’s good news!

    I do, however, regret to inform your more melodramatically inclined blametariat that you are dying, as are we all. The only question is how fast.

    I know this kind of shit, because I am a fucking medical school professor.

  8. Lara

    Good to hear :)

  9. rootlesscosmo

    Very good news, Twisty. Melodramatic or not, we really want you to thrive.

  10. Ron Sullivan

    Yeah, good, but do you glow in the dark? Melodramatic minds want to know.

  11. slythwolf

    I am very glad to hear it. Please continue to exist some more.

  12. Jay Daverth

    Congrats! Enjoy this celebratory vid – http://www.thehindsightfactor.com/ahh_golden_age_gender_roles

  13. Joanna

    Excellent news! Worthy of some vegetarian taco celebrations.

  14. Betsy

    I am so glad to hear the news. Blame on.

  15. Silence

    I heaved a deep sigh of relief.

    Great news — now go have a fine meal and celebrate.

  16. Mar Iguana

    Outstanding! So good to hear all is nugatory.

  17. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Mazel tov! I’m happy to hear your good news, and wish you many, many continued nugatories for the future.

  18. narya

    hoo! (I’d give you a full woo-hoo, but there were so many un-hooed woos at a concert I attended last summer, I fear for the health of the atmosphere unless I use up some of those hoos.)

    On second thought, I can just use up a bunch of those hoos right here, in order to properly display my excitement.

  19. BadKitty

    Way to go, Twisty. {sigh of relief} Every year out reduces the risk. My app’t is next Friday. Fingers crossed.

  20. Panic


  21. Calabama

    Great news, Twisty! Thanks for letting us know. And hoping for good results for you, too, BadKitty.

  22. Cass

    That’s wonderful to hear, Twisty. I did wonder a bit during that long winter silence.

  23. CLD

    Great news! Thanks for not being dead.

  24. Stella

    To shamelessly plug my blog, I present the requested photo of “kickass and colorful vegetarian meal”. I think it’s appropriate to this blog to provide a picture of a vegan tostada.


    I’m so glad to hear that Twisty received the all-clear. Without this blog, I have no idea what I’d do at work.

  25. Katherine

    Very glad to hear of your continued well-being.

    After all, where would we all be without our Blamer-in-Chief?

  26. Niki

    As Merriam-Webster quoth, “w00t!”

    You have made a lot of women stronger-minded, the least we can do is try to return the favor. I bet you never thought you’d have cheerleaders!

  27. Artemisia

    Great news! I know I am one of the ones who worries a bit; thanks for placating me. Seriously, though. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  28. invisible

    You’re welcome.

    P.S. I love the song AND video (except for the tawdry women)of RickRoll’D. Is it supposed to be a gaff on dorks, or something, because I freely admit that I am a dork.

  29. invisible

    P.P.S. I love all youse guys. (!Yikes,I mean guys AND GALS, of course!—True Human Beings, as it were.)

  30. lawbitch

    Twisty is still undead after all these years! May she blame on!

  31. invisible

    undead after all these years!


  32. bigbalagan

    long may such tests remain nugatory. Much blamertraining remains…

  33. Jodie

    WOO HOO!!!

  34. Cara

    Thrilled about the nugatory.

  35. Optimist

    Yippee! Glad to hear you continue to exist!

    (Cancer Instituions are just one big Patriarical clusterfeck!)

  36. MzNicky

    Hi Twisty. I do care, very much, about your continued existence. Not to be melodramatic or anything.

  37. Lurker

    Congratulations on the good medical news.

    I hope you are working on a book

  38. jiyin

    I’m glad you’re well, Twisty. Thanks for not dying.

  39. Jeanne

    Great news, Twisty! Stay well.

  40. yankeetransferred

    Most excellent news.

  41. JR

    Yay Twisty! That’s great.

    And also, I’m so glad you’re blogging these days.

  42. Hattie

    yes, and so glad you’re blogging.

  43. bitchphd


  44. djs

    excellent news. djs

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