Jul 08 2008

A spinister aunt can have facets

Nobody knows why, but from time to time there wells up from deep within veteran blamer rootlesscosmo’s beneficient magma the urge to share with me the unexpected poetical fillip of

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. Perhaps he has surmised that there’s more to a spinster aunt than a blog, a couple of nieces, and a bagful of “THIS DEGRADES WOMEN” stickers.

In fact, rootless has discovered an entire yodel blog. Korean yodel. Malaysian yodel.

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  1. Jezebella

    I’m not sure if you meant to be a sinister spinster (spinIster), but I like it.

  2. rootlesscosmo

    Thanks for the tip of the spinster châpeau, Twisty. Fact is, I was feeling ashamed you had to learn about Language Log elsewhere, so to make up for my inattention I sent along Mademoiselle Montana. I found that, in turn, at


    where the blogger posts old–I mean old, mostly pre-WW2–78rpm records (one was of a pair of yodeling Austrian brothers) in the form of mp3 files you can download and keep.

  3. jc.

    I´ve got a customer trying to stiff me for a couple of thousand dollars, I ´m way behind on my bids (2 months or more), we got rained out of the work place after only 2 hours yesterday, putting my already behind schedule, behind and this morning I discover some idiot junkie has smashed my car window to rumage around in my glove compartment to steal…nothing (I stored all my diamonds some where else last night). So this makes me feel like life sort of sucks and god is pissing on me personally. Boo-hoo. Then I catch the yodeling. Things like this actually make me think that the human race does some things right, goofy, but right. Dogs and yodeling, there must be some hope for us.
    So now I´m smiling.

  4. Karen

    Not to rain on your, um, rain, but jc, can we claim any credit for dogs?

  5. Windstorm

    Dogs are fabulous yodelers. They do it naturally, without any voice training.

  6. thebewilderness

    I think we can take credit for encouraging their yodeling talents and appreciating their yodeling talents. Still, why not. We take credit for everything else.
    The neighbors call it blame, I suppose.

  7. slythwolf

    Well, if it hadn’t been for us, dogs wouldn’t be what they are today.

    Then again, if it hadn’t been for dogs, we wouldn’t be what we are today.

  8. Shaina

    An entire blog devoted to yodeling? Brilliant!

  9. Angelina July

    Yodeling? RAWKS.

  10. ripley

    some charming yodeling here as well, courtesy of New England Country Music singer Betty Cody


  11. jc.

    thank you slythwolf.
    Don´t mind me I was just riffin´.

  12. Mikeb302000

    I always thought of yodeling as an Austrian or Swiss thing, but in some of those sites I clicked on there seems to be a cowboy / western connection. Wow.

  13. Celia

    Wow! Thank you for the yodeling links!

  14. Jezebella

    More like an Appalachian/Bluegrass connection, Mikey.

  15. The Obtusely Reverend B. Dagger Lee

    Harmonica playing prompts my dog, Shorty, to essay some serious yodeling. The kazoo will do, in a pinch.

  16. Vera

    Opera, and in particular sopranos, has the same effect on the elder of my two dachshunds.

  17. thebewilderness

    Wasn’t Gene Autrey the yodeling cowboy? I think so.

  18. Ron Sullivan

    Oooohhhhh—THANK you. From the yodel blog to Max Fleischer in Hawai’i to Japanese Fleischer Brothers-parallel world.

    OK. maybe the human species ought to survive a few more years.

    I need to find some uploads from the African Jimmie Rodgers-fan Fanta-bottle group(s). Not tonight, but soon.

  19. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    We used to have a border collie who’d yodel when the assembled extended family sang “Happy Birthday”. The kids thought she was trying to sing along.

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