Jul 09 2008


Stanley eating hay: my Number 1 Jam.

Nobody asked, but this is what I spend 9 hours a day looking at these days. Even if you don’t give a corn tortilla for hottt bay horses, you can see how looking at Stanley is more excellent than watching Dude TV, or reading blogs that say “Barack Obama thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to cede control of women’s internal organs to the state”.


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  1. Pinko Punko

    What a superstar. Lovely.

  2. Rebekka

    He’s gorgeous. I can’t wait til we move to the country and I can have a Stanley too.

  3. Bridget

    He really is gorgeous. I wish I had a horse, but in the meantime, thanks for the picture of yours.

  4. amandaw

    I know you like to feign modesty about your photography, but you really do have an artist’s eye. Good framing, good perspective, good angle. The average snapshot photographer has no concept of any of those things. It came out beautifully.

  5. Fiona

    That is one good looking animal. I wouldn’t blame you if you stayed away forever with something like him to occupy your attention. You MUST come back though, if only for the rosé recommendations. The Domaines Ott Les Domaniers de Puit Mouret Côtes de Provence you mentioned a while back was fantastic with my lunch alfresco the other day.

    But I hope you come back for the blaming, too.

  6. lawbitch

    What a magnificant beast! Glad that you’re enjoying your time with him so much.

  7. Gender Blank

    Can we just vote for Stanley for President and be done with it? I feel pretty sure Stanley wouldn’t cede control of my internal organs to the state. Well, maybe my liver. But that’s probably for the best.

  8. TP

    Thanks for the photo of Stanley. I can just see him out there roaming the Rancho, and it does my heart good.

    I would also like to see your current robust state, but such things probably are unphotographable. I personally have been peacefully assuming nothing but the best for you out in the country, and feel great satisfaction that my assumptions are confirmed.

  9. slythwolf

    Is this going to become The Horse Blog With Side of Patriarchy-Blaming? Because I for one welcome our new equine overlord.

  10. Helen

    English or Western? Enquiring minds want to know.
    I had a nice trail ride yesterday on a black Standardbred, I think, called Sylvester. I like Standardbreds. He is a nice boy. I went with two teenagers on school holiday (it’s holidays here in Oz) and we had a wonderful day.
    I no longer own horses – not enough time or money, but it’s nice to remember the feeling of horseback. And I was very pleased with myself for not being crippled afterwards (as one so often is when one spends too much time at the PC and not riding.)

  11. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    He is certainly a beauty. Horses intimidate me in person (in horse-on?) so I’d never get close enough to rub that lovely white spot between his eyes, it pleases me just to know that I share the planet with such a gorgeous hunk. Thanks for the lovely photo.

  12. Mikeb302000

    Stanley is a beautiful horse. I like what Amanda W. said about your photography.

  13. Bird

    I am madly in love with Stanley and don’t care who knows it! How could one even contemplate watching television with such an incredible companion around?

  14. Hattie

    It looks like a blissful life out there with Stanley. Now why can’t all the guys be so satisfying?

  15. norbizness

    Even the pancreas?

  16. Windstorm

    I love Stanley. So happy for you, Twisty!

  17. Shaina

    Aw man, I really liked Obama.

  18. bushfire

    You have Stanley tagged as a “varmint”. Poor Stanley.

  19. TP

    I spend a lot of time listening to women claiming to get more love from their animals – usually dogs, sometimes cats – than from the men in their lives.

    Husbands are the worst, but sons are often included. And I ask myself, how sick is a culture that raises men to be so devoid of love that their mothers feel unloved by them? This proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that male supremacy has become sicker and sicker as time passes.

    Whenever I dream of a post-patriarchal paradise, I look at the simple love animals have and wish it were the same between people. At least between family members. Because one of the essential elements of animal love and companionship is that they don’t share our culture. A human being, sans human culture, would be a beautiful thing.

  20. Ron Sullivan

    Raging case of horse-envy, here.

    High point of my week so far has been watching a great egret noshing on an endangered species. Three or four red-legged frog snacks, in fact, just in the few minutes we watched, and the egret and a young great blue heron were in that little pond before we got there and after we left and they showed no intention of calling a cab to go home. Yeesh. Little thrashing frog legs.

    Well, we got to watch, close-up, as an adult peregrine flew stunts and/or hunted something on the ground in a stiff wind for two-three minutes. In peregrine terms, that’s a long time.

    It all would’ve been better on horseback.

  21. keres

    Few things are as good for the inside of a woman as the outside of a horse.

    I had to find new homes for my girls, two horses and a BLM adopted burro, when I moved from the US to Downunder. Six years on and I still miss them.

  22. cilla

    so thats where the fuck you have been hiding! i guessed as much. hooray for stanley, thelma and louise! bugger capitalization! bugger obama too.
    lizzie says ‘hi’ by the way xxx

  23. Jonathan

    Twisty, please allow me to rephrase my “Glad you’re back” comment from before:

    I’m glad you got to spend your time away from blogging with such a gorgeous and amiable companion! I’m sorry you had to come back to this awful Patriarchal bull from Obama. I am so glad that you are out there to skewer this ridiculous junk properly!

  24. Lara

    Stanleys are infinitely better than Nigels :)

    Congrats on spending time with such a lovely creature, Twisty. I used to ride horses when I was a young girl, so I understand the love of them.

  25. She-cago

    Stanley makes me smile too. But I thought Africa was your #1 jam?

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