Jul 19 2008

Musical interlude with Nellie McKay


I was sitting around in my interior designer Ed’s studio yesterday. In willing compliance with my request to help me “funny up” the new Spinster HQ at El Rancho Deluxe, he was showing me pictures of some offbeat lamps for my office. One of these was a white plastic Venus de Milo bust that glows from within.

“I dunno, man,” I said. “There are feminist implications.”

Ed’s response was to whip out the laptop and play me this video.


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  1. speedbudget

    Why is the light right where her uterus would be?

    Or should we assume the light shining out of her small intestine?

  2. Pinko Punko

    “Dance Break” “and vegetarians.

  3. Anastasia B.

    Can you put in a three-way bulb and make other female-centric parts light up too?

  4. Shira

    Does the lamp’s luminescent uterus migrate freely around the rest of the statue, like a lava lamp? Because that would be just hysterical.

  5. miss crabby pants

    Coffee just barely missed laptop as it spewed from my nose.
    That was brilliantly funny.

  6. B. Dagger Lee

    Miss Patsy and I saw McKay in The Three Penny Opera, and I’m here to to tell you she can sing, dance, and blame, quite well, all at the same time. Miss Patsy made me load her iPod with Nellie and every now and then she pops out with a great McKayism.

  7. L

    Okay, so I just downloaded all the Nellie McKay stuff I could find. Thanks for posting this. She wins my weekend.

  8. HistoricUpstart

    Yes! Nellie sang this on A Prairie Home Companion a couple months ago, and I seem to remember that a whole lot of people did NOT get the joke and we’re extremely upset afterwards. They were proving the song right!

  9. slade

    There’s a really cute little night-light in the shape of a penis. One can put any color of light bulb in it they want, but please remember…no larger than a 4 watt!!

    Placing it on the floor near the wall in the hallway on the way to the bathroom is a good place for it….’just follow the dick to the john.’

  10. atheist woman

    Who was it that thought women’s Uteri roamed around their bodies crying for a baby? Some dead dewd of course, just can’t remember who. TSk.

  11. Lara

    “Yes! Nellie sang this on A Prairie Home Companion a couple months ago, and I seem to remember that a whole lot of people did NOT get the joke and we’re extremely upset afterwards. They were proving the song right!”

    Honestly, I was having a hard time figuring out whether the song was satirical or not. The word “satire” is thrown around like nothing else these days, so you can never be sure.

    Hah, a floating uterus…

  12. Citizen Jane

    atheist woman, that was a principle of Ancient Greek medicine. Hippocrates talked about it, but I don’t think there is any evidence that he invented the idea. The uterus would eventually strangle the woman if it wasn’t treated.

  13. rootlesscosmo

    Does anybody have an explanation for the song title “Obligatory Villagers”?

  14. Satsuma

    Nellie and Venus, what a great duo! Really needed a bit of cute funniness today. It’s been one of those heavy lifting knock down drag out radical feminist weeks!

  15. keres

    Fricken fantastic!

    Of course, my favorite joke has long been:

    Q:How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A:One. And it’s not funny.

    (Deadpan delivery is essential)

  16. RebelRebel

    I think the brilliant thing about that song is that it manages to have it both ways. It pokes fun at feminists for occasionally being humorless, but at the same time it shows how there’s not much for a feminist to laugh about in the world. And it’s funny.

    That’s one hell of a trick.

  17. Gender Blank

    OMG, Twisty. I downloaded “Mother of Pearl” just last week, and I think of you every time I play it. Are you in my brain or something? If so, I apologize.

  18. SolNiger@gmail.com

    Here is another really good performance by Nellie McKay.


  19. brainiac9

    Has anyone heard “Our Daughters Will Never be Free” by The Indelicates? It’s kind of a similar idea, though it pokes more at the “I’m not a feminist but…” crowd.

  20. tinfoil hattie

    L, I did the SAME THING — downloaded many Nellie McKay songs.

    As for sense of humor, I have been fighting with a Concerned Dewdly Friend of Feminism over at echidne because he needs me to know that all this anger we bitter old feminists are spewing does not go over with the Younger Feminists Who Are His Friends, and he can see why!


  21. Radalan

    Twisty, I mentioned this over at Feministe, but that site seems to be down right now : Nellie is supposed to play in Austin on August 7th, at Stubb’s (playing INSIDE – I’m not sure that the wafting smell of barbecue will go over well.) I’m glad she’s basically rescheduled the show from last November that was cancelled.

  22. Susan

    I saw Nellie in L.A. last month, and took my Nigel and the kids, for their own good. I think she’s a genius, and love “Mother of Pearl,” but she was a bit ditzy and distracted and meandering as a performer. Perhaps it was jet-lag?

  23. kmcg

    Odd that this ultra-exclusive confab for the truly smart would have the name of some boring, likely very angry white dude. Maybe they should just call it “TED Baxter.”

  24. jumbledideations

    i seem to remember learning that hysteria was thought to be caused by a wandering uterus!

  25. nora

    Must get ukelele now.

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