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Aug 30 2008

Pakistani senator calls killing women “tribal custom”

Spinster Aunt HQ was gonna be on holiday for another couple of days, but then I got an email from Apostate. Forget First Lady fashion; this pretty much defines the global humanitarian crisis that we routinely downplay as “patriarchy.” Hold onto your hats. Balochistan Senator Sardar Israrullah Zehri stunned the upper house on Friday when …

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Aug 26 2008

A day in the life of a patriarchy blamer

I can’t go 10 minutes without observing with a curled lip another of patriarchy’s grasping tentacles squeezing the life out of women’s liberation, but here are a few lowlights from my previous 24 hours: — OK, TV blaming I can do with my obstreperal lobe tied behind my back, but this one sort of stuck …

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Aug 23 2008

Asinine NPR story of the week

It was inevitable that, while listening to the radio during my semi-annual shower, I would hear an NPR analysis on the outfits worn by the presidential candidates’ wives. Ever on the cutting edge of popular culture, NPR hauled Jackie Kennedy’s ancient stylist out of cryogenic storage to canvass her edgy up-to-the-minute views on politics and …

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Aug 20 2008

Aussie mining town seeks ugly women

The seriously impaired mayor of Mount Isa is marketing a dude-heavy gender ratio disparity in his Australian outback town as an opportunity for “beauty disadvantaged women.” His idea is that female “ugly ducklings” can utilize the 5-to-1 male outnumberment to “transfer themselves with love and devotion” from hideous lesions on the face of eternity into …

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Aug 19 2008

Cardboard jungle causes smoking

Have you ever, while you were packing into cardboard boxes all your spinster auntly accouterments (I allude to the complete Proust — in French — that you keep on the mantle, as if ; ceramic baby-smoking-a-cig figurine; giant rubber toad; 80’s vintage 4-track w/ gazillion basement recordings on cassette) run out of newspaper? Requiring an …

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Aug 16 2008

When women don’t blame

To those blamers who are anxious that amateur video with sub-par production values is now the “new format,” be of good cheer. A good spinster aunt knows her strengths. I do not intend to infest the blog with my vulgar extempore prattling on a daily basis. To those who complain that they prefer essays that …

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Aug 13 2008

Spinster aunt cuts blogular corners by making another dorky video, this time about her outing to a giant Human Demoralization Center

I know, I know, but these video things are way faster than writing, and these days time is of the essence for the spinster aunt. Sadly, because I did this in one take and without any script or rehearsal or talent, I perhaps failed to emphasize my main blaming point, which is my disgust at …

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Aug 12 2008

No post today


Aug 10 2008

As long as we’re talking about dudes and kids

This study, according to eFluxMedia, says “men really adore children.” This bizarre conclusion is apparently derived from data suggesting that more men than women adopt children. The study found that about twice as many men, in fact, adopt kids. From which information the article’s author concludes that the notion of responsibility-shirking men is a “myth,” …

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Aug 09 2008

Oh hell, I got vlogging software.

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