Monthly Archive: September 2008

Sep 21 2008

Spinster aunt still AWOL

I admit it. I am a blogger in name only, at least for a while longer. The move to the Faster country seat is taking longer than previously anticipated, and further complications have complicated things. I dislike complication, and am not taking it well. At this juncture, no tub of Cool Whip is safe from …

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Sep 11 2008

Spinster aunt suffers from bridge-to-nowhere fatigue

The big push to relocate Spinster HQ to points west has begun in earnest. I’m swamped already, but apparently there is a hurricane tearing through the Gulf of Mexico with Texas’ name on it, which really puts a hitch in my gitalong. Everyone in Austin is in a panic. The local news makes sure of …

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Sep 01 2008

Spinster aunt clarifies concept

How can I talk about femininity and murdered women in the same breath? It appears — due, no doubt, to some fault in my blaming skills — that some readers don’t know what I mean by “femininity.” Apparently it is assumed that I’m just talking about rhinestone lipstick and pink hairdos. However, the concept of …

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