Dec 26 2008

By way of resolving an important patriarchy-blaming point

What Paddington Bear and unfashionably angry feminists are wearing to protests these days

This duffle coat retails for $533.29, but you can get it on sale here for just $142.47. It is “flawlessly crafted in England [and] offers handsome, classic style and warmth to block freezing gales. Duffle coats carry a long tradition of practical style, originating with the Royal Navy.”

No wonder women aren’t allowed to wear them.


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  1. Hattie

    I wore them, back when I wore coats, and so did my daughter.

  2. MargaretWV

    Sierra Trading Post: purveyor of duffle coats and godbagism

  3. Twisty

    “Sierra Trading Post: purveyor of duffle coats and godbagism”

    Holy moly! God told him to start a sporty-wear store? Because selling duffle coats at 40% off is next to godliness? The mind reels.

  4. narya

    I’m always of two minds about Sierra. On one hand, the godbagism. On the other hand, treating others as one wants to be treated isn’t a bad way to go through life, and I don’t much care from whom/what you claim to have learned that. I also haven’t found any evidence of, e.g., massive contributions to gay-hating (and finding such would in fact convince me to stop patronizing the place).

  5. slythwolf

    Eesh. Guess I’ll stick with this camel-hair thing from the 50s that I bought used for $30.

  6. PhysioProf

    back when I wore coats

    You have joined an anti-coat cult?

  7. yttik

    This is the international uniform of bitter feminists, hey? LOL, you sold me. Now I’m going to have to get me one.

    It’s 20 degrees out right now and what really breaks my heart is seeing young girls walking around with no socks, belly button sweat shirts, and six inches of exposed purple skin at the top of their fashionable jeans. They’re two degrees away from hypothermia and absolutely miserable. Is this supposed to be that new fangled “fun” feminism everyone is talking about?

  8. La di Da

    I used to wear those when I was in primary school. And so did all the other farm girls. They came from the bulk supply store for real cheap. I think they even threw one in for free now and then when you bought 50 sacks of horse feed.

  9. Jemima

    Women aren’t supposed to wear duffel coats? I guess that tidbit of news never made it to Denmark then.

    My mum has an old beloved bright red duffel coat, not to mention the navy blue sailor’s coat bought directly from a military outlet in town. Mind, neither has been much in use in recent years as the weather just isn’t cold enough for that kind of coats.

  10. pilgrimsoul

    But if I wear it with lipstick… ?

  11. Veganrampage

    “Polished authentic horn toggles and leather frogs”, this plus the wool = I’m out. I wish I could convince you that the violence, the abuse, the torture of animals is directly tied to the patriarchy.

    Wonder if they are polished devil horns? Also where do leather frogs live and why are they being ranched for this coat?

  12. Hattie

    physio prof: There is no cult involved. I moved to Hawaii.

  13. gerda

    how much!!!!!

    anyway, you want one of these;

    and a pair of these;

  14. Ghost of a Dead Nazarene on a Stick

    Yes, “humor” keeps me going and coming back.

    This is funny:


  15. Twisty

    “I wish I could convince you that the violence, the abuse, the torture of animals is directly tied to the patriarchy.”

    Consider me convinced! As a matter of fact, the Fasters got out of the leather frog ranching business last year.

  16. slythwolf

    I have trouble seeing how wool is supposed to be torture or violence. Leaving the sheep unsheared to sweat in the summer sun is what I would consider torture.

  17. Frumious B

    slythwolf, just google “wool animal rights” and you come up with stuff like this:


  18. Nolabelfits

    This is funny:


    Have you read much of this blog? It ain’t funny. But its good.

  19. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    I know it’s improper, but for the first time in 10 years, I bought myself a new wool winter coat. Or rather, since moving into my house two months ago, it’s become a blend of wool and surplus cat and dog hair. I can’t speak for the sheep, but no cat or dog suffered in contributing.

    Why do they call those fastener-things frogs, anyway? I don’t see the slightest resemblance to amphibians.

  20. Vinaigrette Girl

    “Frogs” – so-named because originally their design was such that the two coils at the base which formed the connectors for the bight (which enclosed the toggle opposite) looked, in total, from above, rather like the hind legs of a frog, where the bight formed the body-and-head. This was when frogging was much more ornate and bulky than the frogging on Today’s Bitter and Twisted Radfem Duffle Coat. Naturally, frogs on such a coat resemble skinny and malnourished frogs. Feminists don’t like curves, don’tchaknow.

  21. Alex

    Practical, functional, stylish without objectifying a woman’s body; no wonder the patriarchy seeks to deny us the delights of duffle.

    When I was little, I had one which I refused to take off ever, even on the beach (although given the British ‘summer’ weather, I think I was fully justified in my approach). My mother pleaded with me for 3 hours solid to take off my duffle coat so I could go for a paddle, and I staunchly refused. Our arguments have followed the same trajectory for the past 25 years.

  22. Maggie

    Sorry to bring this post up from the long dead, but I just now found it. I’m confused by it. Why is the coat not for women? If you look at the sidebar there’s a near-identical coat labeled “for women.” Same double thick shoulders, same fabric blend, same number of pockets, though it is shorter. It appears to be a sizing issue, not a claim that women aren’t allowed to wear duffel coats. If you click on the link to the coat in women’s sizes, the “we recommend” section is full of other duffel coats in different materials that are sized for women.

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