Dec 27 2008

Why are these notoriously fickle warlords smiling?

When the winds blow gently out of the south of a winter’s morn, a spinster aunt’s thoughts turn to Viagra, and how hilarious it is that CIA operatives are using it to bribe old Afghan horndogs into spilling their guts about secret Taliban stuff.

And by “hilarious” I mean “repellent.”

There isn’t much that isn’t repellent about this piece in last Friday’s Washington Post, but the thinly disguised chortle in the writer’s tone is pretty much the eel’s eyebrows. The American spy dudes are congratulated on their creative solution to an intelligence-gathering problem. “Using sex as a motivator” (blamer translation: “pimping out women receptacles”) has a long and colorful history in the espionage biz.

The KGB used “honey traps” (rapeable females) with great success, so why not turn Afghanistan’s “notoriously fickle warlords” into “grinning chiefs” with heretofore unavailable American sexual performance drugs? Apparently it works a treat: “Aging village patriarchs were easily sold on the utility of a pill that could ‘put them back in an authoritative position’.” The old bastards buzz along home, maul the harem, and come back singing like canaries.

Wink wink, nudge nudge, puke puke.

The heart bleeds for the multiple wives of these old farts; after a lifetime of conjugal duty, these women were undoubtedly basking in sweet relief when the old warlord finally couldn’t get it up anymore. Naturally it couldn’t possibly occur to either the CIA operatives or prurient Americans reading this amusing article clapping the CIA on the back for its good old American ingenuity that some woman somewhere was gonna have to pay the price in this “crucial battle.”

As always, women are the invisible casualties in men’s stupid wars.

[Gracias, Famous Soviet Athlete]


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  1. PilgrimSoul

    What got to me too was the wink-wink nudge-nudge way a bunch of male progressive bloggers wrote about this. Too busy coming up with dick jokes to cast a thought to women, I suppose. I shouldn’t be disappointed; I should know that progressive dude usually means “thank-god-sexism’s-over” dude by now.

  2. katrina

    Women AND girls AND boys in the casualty category. Ugh. I can’t stand it.

  3. angryyoungfemme

    “You’re trying to bridge a gap between people living in the 18th century and people coming in from the 21st century,” Smith said, “so you look for those common things in the form of material aid that motivate people everywhere.”

    Material aid=pussy.

    I wish the patriarchy’d break it’s neck trying to suck itself off already so the other half of the population can finally relax, free from being pushed to do the job for ’em.


    PilgrimSoul: please point me in the direction of these progressive male blogs? I’m in the mood to get fired up and pissed off.

  4. PilgrimSoul

    angryyoungfemme: The posts I am referring to are from yesterday, but the two I am thinking of specifically are Matt Yglesias and Ezra Klein. Spencer Ackerman at Firedoglake also posted something sort of nonchalant, but Megan Carpentier at Jezebel soon put him to rights. (Disclaimer: you may see me in and around these posts.)

    It’s just sort of amazing to me that it clearly didn’t even occur to them of the implications for women in Afghanistan. Again, I shouldn’t be so surprised, but…

  5. cafesiren

    @ angryyoungfemme:

    “You’re trying to bridge a gap between people living in the 18th century and people coming in from the 21st century,” Smith said, “so you look for those common things in the form of material aid that motivate people everywhere.”

    Material aid=pussy.

    To which I would add: “people” = “not women”

  6. slythwolf

    Surely “people” = “straight men”, possibly even “straight men with money and power”. The rest of us are, I don’t know, furniture.

  7. virago

    This is horrifying. Not too long ago, there was a picture of an afghan wedding with a 40 year old groom and his 11 year old bride. I can just imagine how viagra will impact her life. IBTP.

  8. orlando

    I see from the comment threads at the posts that PilgrimSoul mentions that hell hath no fury like a man who’s had his right to an erection questioned.

  9. yttik

    Uhhgg, will horrors never cease?

  10. Kristin

    Oooooh, look how we’re liberating the Afghani women, huh? Barf.

  11. Cycles

    I’m reading the bloggy responses, and it’s painful to see people accusing PilgrimSoul of saying all Afghan men are rapists, and all Afghan women are frigid. Or calling her a cultural imperialist for applying her Western values to other cultures. For shame, trying to rock the boat when clearly the Afghan warlord family unit is a pastoral and pristine culture which must be protected from the evil outside influences of Western feminism and its stance against rape and subjugation.

    To be fair, we’re not even sure whether those wacky foreign women want to break free, since it’s their basic culture to be raped and subjugated. For all we know, maybe they actually like to endure abuse whenever they exert the autonomy that they don’t want in the first place. Sometimes they don’t even need to misbehave; sometimes they just get the shit kicked out of them for the hell of it. And everybody has a good laugh, and the women, they just love it.

    All this hand-wringing about feminist bullies, yet the negative cultural effects of introducing Viagra, a shining product and beacon of Western society if ever there was one, into this pristine Afghan state? Never questioned. Because clearly all humans would want dick pills, were they available. Boners, dude! Win-win. Huh huh huh.

  12. Chai Latte

    Ugh, I just ate….X.X

    My advice? Afghan ladies, replace the Viagra with sleeping pills. Or E. (They’ll be so busy watching their hands move that they’ll forget all about sex.)

    This is gross, not funny. Why is rape funny? Ah, I forgot–rape is hilarious, unless you happen to have a vagina.

    Teh patriachy. I blamez it.

  13. Ghoti

    I’m so glad that attention is being drawn to this. All the media attention thus far (from my limited exposure; it becomes intolerable in a very short period of time) has made the story out to be “funny” or more generally a novelty. At the same time, they never fail to mention the “elderly warlords” and their “younger wives” in what I suppose is meant to be a titillating fashion, though I’ve found it comes off as trivializing what in most cases is likely rape. It’s infuriating that the US diplomatic role has become enabling perverted old men to continue assaulting the multiple women they feel they’re somehow entitled too. I realize American policy makers really don’t give a damn about women overseas, but examples like this still hurt a bit every time.

  14. AlMustashriqa

    …Seriously? Just because it’s Afghanistan doesn’t mean women AUTOMATICALLY get raped every time they have sex… or that every act of sex is rape. For all we know, the men’s wives are as happy to be getting laid as they are.

  15. Famous Soviet Athlete

    I love this place.

  16. Spiders

    Oh the “burden” of four young wives? My heart fuckin bleeds.

    Building schools and handing out Viagra, totally the same thing!

  17. Hattie

    Let’s hope the old goats croak in the act.

  18. Standtall-The Activist

    When are we gonna get it in the world. That peace is the ultimate. It’s so sad that this kind of act still goes on

  19. speedbudget

    I love this site, and I love Twisty. But sometimes, I get so wrapped up in a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that I just can’t stand it anymore.

    And the rape apologists here in the states can go fuck themselves.

  20. awfisticuffer

    Hattie, just for you

    “Five years later, after Abacha died (of an apparent Viagra overdose in the company of two prostitutes), elections were held and Olusegun Obasanjo was named the new president. Despite grave doubts about the legitimacy of the vote count, Obasanjo appeared to be a reformer.”


  21. Natalia

    Couldn’t agree more. As if we needed any more evidence that the CIA needs serious, top-down change….

    Whoever is last in line can pass the barf bag.

  22. Hattie

    Thinking about it, what would be good is to distribute a pill to the old goats that would make their dicks drop off.

  23. tinfoil hattie

    Huh. When I read the article, I thought: “Viagra as the CIA-approved Rohypnol.” Because it is being used as a rape-aid.

    But — hard dicks = civilized country.

    I fucking hate everything.

  24. Lock

    Hah, men – united worldwide by their love of oppressing women.

  25. Nolabelfits

    Here’s my favorite lefty male quote on thid subject from one of the aforementioned man blogs.

    “Do we have any evidence as to how old these women are, and how they feel about a rejuvenated warlord? Yes, they may be miserable about it, but equally, they may find that hubby is much nicer now.”

    Women’s vaginas-the universally recognized mood regulators for males.

  26. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    In addition to mauling the women and children, isn’t this just breeding the next generation of bazooka-wielding warlords? Are we gonna have to send them boner pills, too? Jeezly crow, whyn’t we slip them saltpeter? Surely we’re sneaky enough to slip it into their water supply by some surreptitious means.

  27. Megan

    “As always, women are the invisible casualties in men’s stupid wars.”

    My husband was reading this over my shoulder (skimming it, really), saw the word “men’s,” pointed, and said, “Why does it gotta be men’s?” Twisty, explain please? I tried, and my explanation was cut off and discounted (he walked out of the room when I was still talking.)


  28. Virginia S. Wood, Psy.D.

    “For U.S. intelligence officials, this is how some crucial battles in Afghanistan are fought and won.”

    Are you shitting me?

    That would have been my reaction if I had simply stumbled over this online: I’d have thought it was a joke. A bad joke, but a joke nevertheless.

    I would say “thanks”, Twisty, for the heads-up (I don’t read the Post–this must be why) but seriously, I was having a good day up until now.

  29. Linda Atkins

    “Aunt Adolph Hitler.” Heh. (Reminds me of a friend who is known by her niece as “Uncle Les.”) Say, when are you going to blame Obama for inviting Rick Warren to his inauguration? I’m looking forward to that.

  30. Aqua

    Pilgrim Soul – I just wanted to say thank you for trying to speak some truth in that vile Yglesias blog. I have to say that that was absolutely my first response to the Viagra story too – just utter disgust and disbelief that nowhere was there any mention in the MSM of what effect this might have on women and children.I really admire women/blamers for challenging this disgusting crap – I get too disheartened to keep doing it and there are so many websites I just have to stop visiting because the misogyny is too much for me. IBTP but you know, I really really hate men who pose as left but are just the same horrible misogynists. Somehow they’re even more depressing than the out-and-out right wingers.

    In the same vein, I find some supposed feminists equally depressing: there’s a well-known feminist website I find it hard to even look at anymore after one of the bloggers posted that women who’d been raped should think hard before trying to prosecute their rapist as this was likely contributing to the over-representation of black men in prison. Ah, yes, women, once again bottom of the pile of concern for the oppressed, even among feminists.

    I also quit reading a peak oil website because the main dude on that was into blaming women for overpopulation. He didn’t like it much when I pointed out that most women in the world don’t get to control their own fertility and that when they do, they tend to have fewer children than the patriarchy would like. This is why Richard Dawkins’ point about religion as child abuse is so important – if parents don’t get to indoctrinate their children with religion, then religions lose their main reason for trying to force women to have lots and lots of children.

    And so thank you Twisty for providing just about the only space I know that isn’t misogynist (this can’t be the only one – can it?) – I can’t be a card carrying member of VHMENT – not with two children, but I admire it from afar. I think we have enough evidence now to show that when women truly are able to choose, population growth will slow and probably fall. While accepting that reproducing IN the patriarchy is tantamount to reproduction OF the patriarchy itself, I don’t accept that there is nothing more to it than that. Otherwise we might as well all commit suicide – there doesn’t seem any other solution offered to destroy the patriarchy other than personal or societal or species suicide. On the other hand you could argue, and probably will, that we are doing that anyway. So, before starting THAT discussion again (and thanks for your words too, Tinfoil Hattie) I wonder if Twisty or any other blamers have read The World Without Us by Alan Weisman? I think you’d really enjoy it – an extraordinary portrait of how the world would change in the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and centuries after humans suddenly vanish from the face of the earth (the New York subway system would start breaking down within thirty minutes, for starters…). It’s a powerful argument for a smaller human population.

  31. yttik

    Bahahaha! My patriarchy blaming today involves the way we oppress women and make it very difficult for them to be involved in politics. And society suffers because of it. Our allegedly progressive president elect once gave a speech slightly critical towards Israel before apologizing for it. Cynthia McKinney went out the other day and rammed an Israeli warship while trying to deliver supplies to Gaza.

    Nevermind the issues involved, one candidate has obvious brass ovaries and the other is just a weenie on a tropical vacation.

  32. hero

    Been lurking for a while, and I think Twisty is the best writer on the internet and I blame the patriarchy For. So. Much. Can anything wrong NOT be blamed on the patriarchy? (sound of crickets.) I am still listening….

    I teach creative writing; a Native American kid (Hopi, I think) wrote a poem that talked about how the tribal ancestors decided to have all the big decisions made by women (The Council of Mothers–mothers being anyone female over the age of 16, since there do exist blorts in the world), because men want to fuck everything and get into alpha-urge pissing contests. And the women make decisions that at least consider the people affected by those decisions, instead of decisions based on whose is bigger. It was so freaking sane sounding, I wondered if it were true? The revolution sounds great, but easily mistaken for one more patriarchal contest: who wins? if it’s about winning, its about whose is bigger.

    Can we please please please taint the Pfizer vats of blue magic with something really debilitating?

  33. Hedgepig

    yttik’s comment “one candidate has obvious brass ovaries and the other is just a weenie on a tropical vacation” is spot on!
    I guess the only people willing and able to stand up for the Palestinians are those with nothing to lose.

  34. Veganrampage

    “You’re trying to bridge a gap between people living in the 18th century and people coming in from the 21st century.

    Ah, yes, we are the modern, enlightened culture that the writer is so quick to gather cute quotes about. (What kind of a name is Joby, anyway?)

    Last night I watched a show on JFK, and right before he was croaked in Dallas he gave a news conference. The VO in the documentary explained how much Mr. Couldn’t- keep -it- in -his -pants had matured in the few years since his election to the presidency. At the conference a female reporter, out of camera range, asks Kennedy what he had done to advance women’s rights in the last two years, as that was part of the platform he had run on. Prez K. quips ” not enough.” and it gets a solid round of laughter from the rest of the press corpse, er, corps all men, natch.

    What a laugh riot it was then, and still is! My sides split when I read crimes statistics on the War on Women, and when women STILL make 60 something cents to man’s dollar for the exact same work.
    Tee hee hee, I just may girlishly giggle myself to death.

  35. another voice

    AlMustashriqa The women in question have no ability to consent to sex or to say no. Thus, it is rape. See when men take (I use the word purposefully) young brides, who are basically sold off by their families – maybe not for cash, but for position or whatever – the young women in question do not have a say in the matter. They are traded like chattel. Thus, the “marriage” is in fact habitual rape. Is that clearer?

    “Despite the efforts of the government and rights groups, the engagement and marriage of children still persists in this country, especially among poor, uneducated families or in the countryside.

    About 16% of Afghan children are married under the age of 15, according to recent data from UNICEF. And there is evidence that the poverty of recent years is pushing down the marriage age further in some areas.

    The practice can force couples into a miserable union and sometimes expose the girl to violence if she resists.”

  36. ceceliahouse

    This reminds me of a 2004 Salon article by Bill Maher, “New Rule:If we really want to stop terrorism, we have to get Muslim men laid.”

    heartbreaking and despicable. all of it.

  37. The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

    “Also, in an effort to win the loyalty of warlords’ wives, they are giving them running shoes and a six-hour head start.”

    Happy New Year and see ya on the flip side.

  38. virago

    “Thinking about it, what would be good is to distribute a pill to the old goats that would make their dicks drop off.”

    “Also, in an effort to win the loyalty of warlords’ wives, they are giving them running shoes and a six-hour head start.”

    I vote for the Lorena Bobbit solution myself.

  39. yttik

    In the midst of so much powerlessness, I try to collect stories about women who fight back and win. Here’s two that cheered me up.



  40. Anna in PDX (formerly Cairo)

    Hi, I always read this blog but never comment, but I had read that article and I left the Middle East after living there for more than 12 years and I wanted to share some memories that it brought up.

    I lived in Saudi Arabia for a year and in Egypt for 8, and in all that time we watched Saudi satellite TV to get American movies and we got to watch Saudi advertising.

    One day I was channel surfing by myself (rare, I actually don’t usually watch TV at all) and I happened upon a very weird ad. (It is on YouTube by the way if you search for it.)

    There is a big paper cup like the kind you get at a fast food restaurant with a plastic lid with the little x thing in the middle and a person is trying to jam a straw in. The straw is pink, and flimsy. It does not go in.

    Then the flimsy pink straw is taken away and a large blue one replaces it, which is shoved into the cup lid successfully.

    Then a male voice says “VIAGRA!” and that is the end of the ad.

    I was absolutely so shocked I had no idea how I was even reacting. My brain was trying to analyze whether I was primarily grossed out, outraged, angry or hysterical (I was laughing and crying at the same time). There was so much wrong with it I did not know where to start.

    Later I saw other ads that were variations on this theme, one about striking matches and one about hammering nails into a wall.

    Not much I can say in favor of patriarchy in ME cultures, that is for sure. I loved Egypt for many reasons but the attitudes towards women, no.

  41. Alderson Warm-Fork

    What I find interesting about this is the way that aspects of modern patriarchy (commercialised virility) are mixing with aspects of pre-modern patriarchy (non-consensual marriage, marital rape).

    I actually have a post about the contrast up at the moment, if shameless self-promotion is allowed:


  42. sonia

    “…Seriously? Just because it’s Afghanistan doesn’t mean women AUTOMATICALLY get raped every time they have sex… or that every act of sex is rape. For all we know, the men’s wives are as happy to be getting laid as they are.”

    wait for it…okay, snark:

    seriously? you’re proposing tolerance for the way afghani women are treated?

  43. virago

    “…Seriously? Just because it’s Afghanistan doesn’t mean women AUTOMATICALLY get raped every time they have sex… or that every act of sex is rape. For all we know, the men’s wives are as happy to be getting laid as they are.”

    I agree with Sonia, you are promoting tolerance for the way afghani women are treated. Sigh! Some people just don’t get it. No, just like anywhere else, I’m sure not every act of sex in Afghanistan is rape. However, with the way women and children are sold into marriage (marriage =slavery)in that country makes it 100x’s more likely the sex is rape. Enough to make it a huge problem for the women of Afghanistan. And how maybe the men’s wives are happier to be left alone when the old goats couldn’t get it up anymore until the C.I.A. gave them viagra that is.

  44. FatWhiteMaleEngineerHumanist

    I’m looking for that silver lining. OK! Got it! These tribal poobahs are old guys, right? So our local poobah-of-interest has a fair chance of having heart problems. Maybe popping nitroglycerin / nitrate-based meds for the occasional chest pain? Super! That nice man from the CIA must not have done a complete medical history on him before handing over the pills! Combine those meds with the Little Blue Pill, and his blood pressure nosedives into the ground. Too bad, ex-tribal-poobah! Tough to rape when you’re dead. Gee, your wives just don’t look too sad at your funeral, dude! Do Afghan funeral rites always include a conga line of widows?

    Actually, even this scenario wouldn’t be a win. The lives of widowed or divorced women in much of that part of the world tend to be very unpleasant.

    You can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t get out of the game.


  45. Tisiphone

    I was worried I was the only one who had this thought cross her mind when this news was aired.

    Of course, the same could be said for Viagra in the bible belt.

  46. Bacrie

    Personally I’m consoling myself over this whole sympathetically embarassing thing with the idea that 1) Americans know Afghani culture as little more than editorial cartoon stereotypes.
    2) Americans love dick jokes

    There was a good article on child brides I read months ago that i just want to staple everywhere.

  47. roesmoker


    I can’t decide if this article is a spoof a la The Onion, or if the pr0n industry has finally gone off their collective rockers:


    (Link is to a Huffington Post article on Larry Flynt et al asking for a government bailout.)

    Really? And there’s a hedge fund for the industry?? I hope it’s not true, or I may lose my lunch.

  48. WunderlustingWillow

    Oh how clever and original…

    It’s like using women to barter with asshats but better, coz we don’t actually have to hand over any innocent victims ourselves, thus voiding any responsibility for their likely predicaments


  49. Kuleana

    Oh, wow. Barf. Just, barf. Also, do they even have PROOF that this actually gets them decent intelligence, or are these asshats just handing out the pills once the warlords tell them something that seems useful? I mean, I can’t imagine it would be easy to get the info, act on it, and then go back and find the warlords to give them their date rape drugs if the tip turns out to be legit. (Sorry, I don’t think I can stomach reading that article, so maybe it explains that, although the author doesn’t sound like he’d be intelligent enough to ask those sorts of questions.)

    And as far as the typically misogynist assbrain liberal dudes and their pitiful understanding of cultural relativism, has anybody told them that these are WARLORDS, not ordinary Afghan men we’re talking about? Hamid Karzai said warlords are a bigger threat than the Taliban, they kidnap people, they rape children as young as two years old, they run extortion rings, they throw journalists in jail…Why would we assume they’d be nice to their wives and other women, especially in a country where women have practically no rights (in no small part because of our own country’s invasion)? I love how these guys always think they’re being totally anti-racist when they make arguments like that, but they don’t realize that Afghan women, are in fact, Afghan as well, and if they’re not being supportive of them they’re not exactly living up to their supposed anti-racist ideals. It’s like a sport for them to leave women of color out in the cold and then jump around yelping about how post-racial they are because they voted for Obama. (Yeah, you and 64 million other people, dude. Way to be edgy there.)

  50. speedbudget

    Megan, it disturbs me that your husband would turn his back on you and leave the room as you try to answer his dumb-ass question.

    All you really needed to say, hon, was, “Well, how many women are actually running things in this world? And how many of those women have started wars?”

    Really? He really asked you that?

    This is why I’m single. Cause I wouldn’t have bothered to answer him. I would have smacked him on the back of his dumb head for asking that question.

  51. The other hand

    While this is certainly a concern perhaps it will actually benefit the wives of these formerly impotent men? Not because it will increase their sex life (though that is possible) but because in highly patriarchal cultures impotence is two things simultaneously 1) Never the mans fault 2) highly humiliating and frustrating.

    Hang those together and you’ve got a recipe for beatings and mistreatment galore. Perhaps not only will they get sex they’ve missed out in since the old guy went limp (yes it is possible for people in their position to physically enjoy sex) but they won’t get slapped around when hubby can’t get it up.

    Also, and this is just a side benefit, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the “child bride marries 60 year old” bits are because the 60 year old thinks with a young girl he’ll be able to get it up better. So maybe this will have the added benefit of saving some 14 year old from marrying a toothless man older than her father.

  52. Jezebella

    Why are you thinking up ways to defend this repellent practice?

  53. The other hand

    Why are you opposed to there being some good coming out of it?

  54. Nolabelfits

    Once again, The other hand, I have to point out to you that women who are “slapped around when hubby can’t get it up” and/or “suffer beatings and mistreatments galore” are generally not interested in getting “the sex they’ve missed out on” when hubby CAN get it up. A “recipe for beatings and mistreatments” generally does not endear a woman to a man, regardless of which culture she lives in. IN a scenario such as this, she is usually ecstatic when “the old guy goes limp.” Think about it. An abused woman does not suddenly get all amorous just because the abuser gets a bonar.

  55. The other hand


    You make a lot of assumptions in your post. I was addressing several different possiblitles, not all in the same one. Namely

    1) That it is possible that the Husband and wife(s) actually like each other and enjoy having sex. Thus the wives would be happy that they would be getting sex.


    2) Perhaps the impotence had caused friction at home, with the husband blaming his wives and taking out his frustration on them. The Viagra would serve to (temporarily anyway) relieve the problems.

    I realize women in these societies have problems galore regardless, however this approach by the CIA is not necessarily going to have universally bad effects.

  56. Nolabelfits

    In Fact, the bonar means she will be raped in addition to being beaten, The Other Hand.

  57. The other hand

    I am sure in some (possibly many) cases your right Nolabelfits. It doesn’t mean that universally. I don’t claim it will be universally good, I am simply pointing out there may be some unintentional good from this.

  58. Nolabelfits

    Ok. I get it. The “trickle down theory.” If the warlord gets what he wants, maybe something will pass on to the unfortunate wives. Less beatings, etc. But once again, I have to say that women should not be required to “put out” in order to regulate the moods and behavior of males.

  59. The Other Hand

    I agree Nola, but I was addressing this specific issue and pointing out all the potential effects are not totally negative. I know that if the Patriarchy didn’t exist this wouldn’t be an issue, but that is not the case.

  60. Kuleana

    I agree Nola, but I was addressing this specific issue and pointing out all the potential effects are not totally negative.

    A choice between being raped and being beaten? That doesn’t sound like much of a choice at all.

  61. Nolabelfits

    The whole point here is that warlords are being supplied with Viagra without any concern for the women involved. The other…you are focused on believing that there is some good that comes out of this, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Evidence such as the alarming statistics of rape in Afghanistan, the overwhelming evidence that child brides as young as 8 years old are common, that women are used as currency, etc. The evidence would suggest that the positive outcome of this practice is at best minimal. Extremely minimal. In fact, I would wager that a newly studly warlord, instead of being happy with the harem he’s got, would suddenly find himself “worthy” of a new 10 year old bride! That seems more plausible to me.

    However, I am going to take Twisty’s advice in her FAQ section and endeavor to “shut my piehole” on this one. I’ve posted enough.

  62. thebewilderness

    What you do not appear to want to accept, ‘the other hand’, with your “ill wind that blows nobody any good” argument, is that what happens to these women and girls is of absolutely no consequence whatsoever to the CIA or the warlords. None.
    All the effects of living in abject submission are negative. There is no mitigation argument possible when the human beings we are discussing are bought, sold, and owned.

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