Jan 22 2009

Godbag medical professional inflicts views on unsuspecting patient, with hilarious results!

Regular blamers have an iron grip on the notion that men hate women, but have been, on occasion, reluctant to accept the categorization of certain of my posts under the banner “Women Hate You.” Supposedly the concept is divisive or anti-woman or something.

Faugh, I say. Plenty of women do hate you, vehemently, and for the same reasons that men do, with a few extra variations on the theme. Universal sisterhood is, at least at present, a feminist fantasy. Why? Because women internalize and normalize the same woman-hating messages that men do; patriarchy would collapse under the weight of its own absurdity otherwise.

To the standard dude-justifications for misogyny — that women are sub-human mutants, that women (and the womanesque) are exclusively the constituents of a reviled sex class, that women are required to do femininity but either do it too well or not well enough, that women are frail, stupid, shallow, conniving, and hysterical — women add self-loathing, femi-professional jealousy (“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”), femi-competetive judgmentalism (“Michelle’s dress was hideous” *), and the compulsion to police other women’s behavior on behalf of the oppressive system in which they have invested their entire identities.

Into this last category I place the following dainty morsel of girl-on-girl antifeminist violence. According to court documents, Albuquerque nurse practitioner and patriarchy foot soldier Sylvia Olono removed a patient’s IUD. This wouldn’t be no big whoop, except that she omitted to enquire first whether the patient was actually in the mood for an IUD removal (she wasn’t). Having made her executive decision, Olono then said “oops!” and embarked on an anti-abortion oratory, bloviating to the patient that she (Olono) is personally “against” IUDs because “they are a type of abortion”; therefore this unscheduled departure from her (the patient’s) birth control regimen was “a good thing.” Olono, bucking for extra credit in the Uteruses Belong To Jesus League, then refused to insert a new IUD.

Apparently Olono pulls this woman-hating stunt so frequently that it’s a joke around the water cooler. Quoth Olono, “Everyone in the office always laughs and tells me I pull these out on purpose because I am against them, but it’s not true, they accidentally come out when I tug.”

Bwa ha ha, there goes that zany Sylvia again, yanking out some poor schlub’s IUD and refusing to insert a new one! What a howler! Anyone see “Dancing With The Stars” last night?

The patient — one can only imagine the sublime state of flamin’ red incredulity into which she was thrust at the conclusion of this assault-cum-lecture — is suing Olono and Presbyterian Health Services Rio Rancho Family Health Center for damages resulting from battery, constitutional violations, and negligence.

* Actual remark overheard by me on the subject of Michelle Obama’s inauguration-wear. I also heard, delivered in a similar tone of disdain, critical analyses of Obama’s gloves, shoes, posture, height, and failure to sufficiently emulate dainty presidential trophy wife Jackie Kennedy.

[Gracias, Elizabeth]


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  1. Beth

    I have an IUD, and lemme tell you if any holier-than-thou shit-for-brains nurse gave it a sharp tug, there wouldn’t be enough left of her to sue.

  2. Thealogian

    Olono should be prosecuted for sexual assault, plain and simple. In addition, those water-cooler buddies should be sued/prosecuted on conspiracy to commit sexual assault by enabling this behavior and not reporting it.

    If women’s bodily integrity were respected, the above wouldn’t be a “radical” statement.

  3. lavonne

    And if she gets pregnant, she should also sue for child support.

  4. Mendacious D

    You have to wonder at her co-workers letting this slide. I’m not sure what would be worse: that they agree with her or that they think she’s just being a silly (read: incompetent) woman.

    I hope there’s a third choice, but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Jezebella

    Beth, AMEN. That sucker hurt going in, and I’m sure it’ll hurt more coming out after 5 of settling in. I’m pretty sure somebody would get a swift kick in the face if she did that to me.

    I’ve been cringing ever since I heard this story.

  6. CLD

    Having it removed like that would feel like a severe menstrual cramp. I’d have strangled her with my legs.

    This whole stinking thing makes me so incredulous and angry.

  7. Ron Sullivan

    Those coworkers? The “whole office”?? WTF ever happened to HIPAA???

    (Furriners: That’s the law that supposedly gives patients lots of privacy WRT their conditions and health care. Theoretically. In a pig’s ass.)

    That’s aside from the rest of the outrages piled up in that story.

  8. cafesiren

    WTF was she doing giving said IUDs a “tug” in the first place?

  9. Pinko Punko

    I read about this earlier in the week and wanted to puke. Olono should lose her job. She can have fun being a martyr for her cause, but she shouldn’t be anywhere near a patient. Unbelievably ridiculous.

  10. Nolabelfits

    Hey I have a question about Planned Parenthood. My daughter contacted them for birth control and was told that if she was covered under an insurance policy, she has to get it thru them, rather than PP. Doesn’t that sort of reek of a forced parental notification? Because she had to ask me to make an appointment. I have no problem doing it of course, but what if she were in a situation where she could not tell her parents. Is this some new shit the godbags snuck in or does this PP employee have an agenda? Anyone know?

  11. Jezebella

    Depends on what state you’re in. A lot of states are putting through these sneaky laws that make it hard for minors to get reproductive health care services. Mississippi, bless our hearts, is the testing ground for all manner of vile laws restricting access by all manner of sneaky loopholes, exceptions, and policy changes which are intended solely to shut down the one PP clinic (which doesn’t provide abortions) and/or the one and only abortion clinic in the entire state. Right now they are trying to make it illegal for a parent to take a minor across state lines for an abortion. Period. Not even with the consent of both parents, which they already have to have to have the procedure IN-state. Apparently the US Constitution does not apply here in the great state of Mississippi.

    If I were you, I would call the PP in question and ask for clarification, above and beyond whoever provided this information, because I’m 99.9% certain that is NOT their nation-wide policy. Is it possible the employee was trying to say that PP can’t take a co-pay and then file for reimbursement from the health insurance, as would a pharmacy? I volunteer for PP in my neck of the woods and have a contact here who may help clarify if you get stonewalled. Click on my name for my blog, where you can find my contact info, if you want me to talk to her.

    Back on topic: I hope more women who were assaulted by this nurse come forward and sue her, her employer, her supervisors, and the co-workers who knew about the assaults but did nothing about them but giggle – tee-hee, assault at the doctor’s office? It’s so FUNNY!

  12. Claire (CJ)

    Not sure, Nola, but sounds fishy to me. I’d talk to the office.

    Women do hate other women. It’s truly sad. It’s gut-wrenching to know that those on the same side of the battle would often rather slit your throat (or even their own) before taking one step in the direction of meaningful change.

    This is one of the most vile, hateful, disgusting things I’ve ever heard.

    That nurse should be in jail. The women she assaulted should be filthy stinking rich.



  13. yttik

    Bahaha, don’t count me in the group that has trouble accepting the category of “women hate you”. Nasty little patriarchal handmaidens, i tell ya.

    Just a foot note on Michelle, oh please just give me one tiny little act of rebellion. Just refuse for one moment to be what they want you to be. In her current position the highest she can aspire to is praise for her gloves being “the right color of creamed celery.” I kid you not, that is praise. Good girl, let me pat you on the head because you wore the correct color of mushed vegitables on your hands. I don’t care what she looks like, but I sure do care about what she allows them to portray her as.

  14. gozzibopli

    yttike, Michelle Obama doesn’t “allow” them to portray her as anything. They just portray her how they want because they are the media and she is a woman who dares to be in public. Don’t join in the hate-fest.

  15. Cycles

    About Planned Parenthood: I wonder, and this is pure 100% conjecture here, if that policy lets them focus the resources they have on people without insurance, or on people whose insurance doesn’t cover a particular prescription or procedure. Maybe they encourage lucky people who are covered by good insurance to use one of the other options available to them and free up a space for someone who doesn’t have a choice.

    I would love to go to Planned Parenthood for my various gyn services, and I would invite them to bill the hell out of my insurance company as my gynecologist currently does. I’d much rather the money go to them, unless it’s a question of limited capacity in the clinic, which I suspect it is.

  16. AngmarBucket

    Ah yes. Brian Williams and some fashion expert annalyzed Michelle Obama’s clothing yesterday, because that’s what was important. And, because Michelle hadn’t been talked down enough, Brian joked that he was worried that he had an interest in the subject. You know, in silly women things!

    I can’t wait till everything’s settled and she can start being herself. Hopefully.

  17. Orange

    I am on my second IUD, having liked the first one enough to replace it after five years.

    About a month after insertion, the medical folks like to do a “string check” to make sure the IUD is in place. Find the string? Good, the IUD hasn’t been swallowed up by the uterus. Gentle tug meets resistance? Good. Yank that fucker out? OW OW OW OW. Mine happened to be embedded in the uterine wall, so it wasn’t supposed to be all that uncomfortable, but you are moving something through the teeny little cervix and that does tend to anger a cervix.

    And by “anger a cervix,” I mean “make it seize up with overall uterine/cervical cramps that may linger for hours, and maybe bleed too.”

    Plus, either the patient or her insurer has probably paid about $500 for that puppy. To pull it out before five years has elapsed is stealing money from the patient/insurer, I say.

  18. Jonathan

    It was the “joke” around the water cooler? I bet those cowardly Presbyterian dudes unofficially ordered her to do it. That way they could throw her under the bus should a patient ever get wind and have the nerve to sue!

    Wait, now Michelle Obama is too tall?? It’s no wonder so many of the super-misogynist cultures are short: they’re constantly selecting against any height genes on the X-chromosome.

    The (vertically stunted) P is so screwed up!

  19. Cycles

    You know those anti-choice stories about abortion doctors who encourage teen sex and contraceptive misinformation so that they can make oodles of money performing abortions?

    This is the same thing. Only it’s real.

  20. Nolabelfits

    Update on Planned Parenthood. Apparently they do want people with insurance to go elsewhere because its funded by governement money. And girls can go to their insurer and get treatment without notifying the parents, provided of course, that they are aware of that fact (most are not). I do think PP should be able to provide the care and then bill the unsurance company. (as someone else pointed out)It would make it easier for teenagers to get the birth control they need.

  21. sevanetta

    Oh I believe it, Twisty, most women definitely hate other women, or worse don’t give a shit about them – especially us nasty feminist women. What’s particularly depressing for me is that I work in gender equality in government – so I am supposedly working with people who understand gender issues and are receptive to changing on them. Noooo way.

    I should write you an email on it – I’ve got anecdotes galore. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t share the pain.

  22. Citizen Jane

    I imagine some people might be defensive about the women-hating women phenomenon, and with good reason in my opinion. This phenomenon is frequently pointed out by patriarchy-loving bastards, but it is not framed as a perpetuation of the patriarchy.

    No, women are just inherently spiteful, malicious, and petty. Also “conniving,” as the original blog post points out. That’s just how women are. Nothing to do with patriarchy. Amazingly, those who like to talk about women this way somehow manage to turn a blind eye to all the violence and cruelty inflicted by so many men onto so many women. They manage to convince themselves that malice is a feminine trait.

    So I understand why some people are sensitive about the “Women hate you” tag. I agree that they are in the wrong, but I still empathize with them.

  23. denelian

    my mom and i do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. she, in particular, while being a feminnist, does not agree with “abortion as birth control”. we fight about that a lot.

    she is an OB/GYN Nurse Practicioner. and whatever we fight about with abortion, we agree completely that all women should be allowed ALL the BC they think they want. when i sent her this story, she called me RAVING. on top of criminal and civil charges, she wants this “nurse” to lose her license FOREVER.

    and i agree.

  24. Alderson Warm-Fork

    “Godbag medical professional inflicts views on unsuspecting patient, with hilarious results!”

    I can honestly say I have no reservations about contributing to a fund to have this movie made.

  25. Lovepug

    Teacher says every time a nurse pulls an IUD string, an angel gets its wings.

  26. Amy

    Lovepug- Hahahaha. Hilarious.

    Nolabelfits- I’m not sure what state you’re in, but here in PA I’ve heard PP loves patients with insurance because they can bill the whole amount instead of the sliding scale pricing used for low income women. I had Medicaid when I used to be on the pill and they always billed my insurance.

  27. Abbie

    ‘Round these parts, Planned Parenthood won’t bill insurance. They’ll provide you with whatever services you ask for, but you’ll pay out of pocket. Ironically, because my insurance’s BC coverage is really ass, it’s cheaper for me to get a pelvic/Pap from my insurance-covered doctor, then go have the PP nurse practitioner interview me for $50 and give me a PP scrip for BC than to skip the PP step and just fill my doctor’s prescription at Walgreens. To the tune of $430/annum.

    What scares me about this story is not that there’s a lousy anti-choice nurse practitioner out there, but that there’s apparently a whole clinic who is chuckling at the concept. It seems like there’d be just ONE person in her office who’d say “You know, fertilization doesn’t really work like that” or “Okay, next IUD you yank out ‘accidentally’ will denote your last day at work.” There’s always dumbass godbags out there, but I always hope they are held in check by the sane. Guess not.

  28. Kelci

    This made my jaw drop and I made some gasping sounds. That is horrific. And not that that it would have been more ok to pull it out had she been right, but how the hell does one even get through nursing school thinking that that is how an IUD works?

  29. caitlinate

    Even Germaine Greer jumped on the Michelle-Obama-dress-sense bandwagon. I like to read it as a wider condemnation of how we focus so much on what Michelle Obama is wearing but some of the text of the article is, well, blergh.

    Olono is a sociopath clearly in need of serious help.

  30. Craroline

    I hope she wins! What a douchebag!

  31. terristrange

    This story is so horrible. I’ve never had an IUD but from what I understand yanking them out of someone is a pretty big intrusion, apart from the other intrusion of violating a person’s body because you know, she’s a skanky skank who has sexual relations without producing infants….uhhh.
    Disturbing that this is not an isolated event and her coworkers treated it as though it were a running joke.
    Another example of woman on woman hate. How depressing.

  32. Beth

    Ouch! my cervix!

    Ouch! my brain!

    So depressing.

  33. zooeyibz

    Ironically, in Britain, I had to cajole the doctor to remove my IUD (after 8 years). The blessed thing about nationalised health care is they care a damn sight more about keeping costs down than about enforced pregnancy. IUDs are cheaper than ante-natal care, delivery and pediatrics so they are hella keen for women of childbearing age to keep them in. Which I appreciate, but coercion is still coercion.

    It’d be great to have a health care system where women’s choices are respected, as opposed to being manipulated to suit the prevailing socio-economic or religious interests of the local branch of the patriarchy.

  34. Michael-C

    While I never cease to be amazed/shocked/disappointed by the kind of behavior attributed to — and acknowledged — by this Nurse Practitioner, I am even more outraged to read that (1) she was not disciplined for this recent violation of a patient and (2) she has done this same sort of outrageous thing previously on multiple occasions and her co-workers and supervisors have not acted in the interests of the patients who were wronged. These acts show total disregard for the person who trusts representatives of the medical community to help manage one’s health. Someone — and probably multiple someones — need to be prosecuted here.

  35. Rozasharn

    I’m sad to hear that some Planned Parenthood branches are turning away insured patients. I’ve always gone to Planned Parenthood for gynecological stuff precisely because they are The Only People I Trust To Protect My Privacy.

  36. Hollywood Marie

    I know this is kind of graphic, but I wonder if the “nurse” was putting things into patients instead of pulling them out this would be taken more seriously by her coworkers. Maybe from there we can make that connection to them about how awful her actions were. Or not. Either way, I’m in for the lawsuit.

  37. thebewilderness

    We only have the perps word for her coworkers attitude toward her criminal enterprise. If she thinks that an IUD is abortion, and that assaulting patients is good and right, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were wrong about a few other things as well.

  38. Ron Sullivan

    Good point, thebewilderness. I’m hoping this mess gets followed by the relevant media because I really really want to know more.

  39. Kate

    I am insured through my job and have been using PP for the past three or four years for the full range of their services. I’ve never had a problem with them, for what that’s worth.

  40. Anna Belle

    The whole office ought to be reported for not reporting these “incidents” as they happen. Olono should lose her license and be sued out of any accumulated wealth she has built up or may build up in the future.

    Oh, and I call patriarchal handmaidens “vaginabots.”

  41. the baboon

    Oh, Michelle. Can we dwell for a little while on the intriguing beauty of our Better-Half-in-Chief?

    I half-remember a post you wrote about Germaine Greer, was it? Someone on the Turner Movie Network thing when you were sick, and although the woman in question was in a ridiculous movie, you loved her. That’s how I feel.

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