Jan 29 2009

The mighty Blametariat: global threat on the march



Occasionally it’s instructive to contemplate the global map in terms of the patriarchy blaming population. Behold a couple Sitemeter images. Compare and contrast! The one on the bottom is from January, 2006. The top one shows the locations of the 500 most recent (as of 15 minutes ago) blog visitors. No telling how many of them accidentally clicked on I Blame the Patriarchy looking for kiddie porn (that happens a lot for some reason).

Well, actually there is a way to tell that, but it’s labor intensive, and doing a search on pornulators is just gross.

I’m United Statesian, as are many of the Blametariat, but as we see from our visual aids, blaming is not exclusively an American pursuit. In fact, it kind of looks as though, over the past 3 years, blaming has begun to catch on in corners of the earth far flung from Rattlesnake, Texas. Even as we speak, somebody’s blaming in Sudan, in Santiago, in Shanxi.

Tehran, Wollongong, Utrecht.

Saudi Arabia, Nowy Sacz, Seoul.

Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Montréal.

Kristianstad, Pretoria, Paekakariki (I think that’s in New Zealand).

Tasmania, Togo, Ylivieska.

Kyoto, Ahmadabad, Perth.

Bangkok, Bangalore, Burnaby, Brighton, Bournemouth, Brisbane.

It’s not on this map, but I had a guy write in from McMurdo (I say “guy” because do they even let women into Antarctica?). A member of the blametariat had broken his heart, and did I have any advice? Which I took to mean, are there any radical feminist magic words that could make her love him again? Alas, I did not have such advice. Our culture of domination and submission precludes (with the obvious exception of your Nigel, of course) heterosexual relationships free of the patriarchal impediments that ultimately lead to unhappiness. Dudes who wish their girlfriends could love them with free agency, and not out of fear, self-loathing, or some sense of obligation to heteronormative dudely tradition, should a) not require that they get married; b) instead of looking for an Internet Feminist’s shoulder to cry on, go live on a mountain top in Tibet, contemplating male privilege’s contributions to a) their relationship’s demise and b) the global oppression of all women; and c) overthrow patriarchy.

That lone white dot on the eastern Mediterranean is in Palestinian Territory, Occupied Hebron, home of the Cave of the Patriarchs, where doth lie the celebrated corpse of patriarchal coot Abraham, and site of assorted dudely bloodbaths.

And there’s Hattie, our solitary Hawaiian blamer. Hey, Hattie!

Hawaii, I believe, is technically part of the US, but I understand Oprah owns most of it.

Of course no self-respecting, moose-murdering Alaskan would read a radical feminist blog. No dots there!

Clearly I need to publish Alaskan, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and several Afro-Asiatic and Semitic versions of this blog. Rosetta Stone, here I come.

See your dot on the map? Stand up and be counted. Don’t see your dot? Stand up and be counted. There may be a fellow Monstrous Woman right next door.

How’s the state of blame in your neck of the woods?


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  1. Astrophilia

    I take credit for the westernmost dot in Northern England. I’m up in Lancaster, UK for university and spreading the word of radical Feminism to my friends and the University-run Feminist Society.

  2. Kith

    I blame the patriarchy from Paris, France, where our governement has just decided to drastically reduce the fundings for the Mouvement Français Pour le Planning Familial (French Movement for Family Planning).
    IBTP even more !

  3. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    My dot’s the belt-buckle on the Rust Belt, good ol’ Cleveland, OH, up the road a piece from Oberlin, alma mater of many hairy-legged Angry Feminists.

  4. meerkat

    I’m near the Kyoto dot. Unfortunately, in Japan the word “feminist” is popularly used to mean a man who is chivalrous in the door-holding-open way. I don’t know how much feminist philosoph is available in Japanese.

  5. Twisty

    There is no Japanese word or words for “radical feminist”? Seriously? This blows my mind.

  6. freethinker

    no dot on pakistan! alas, all the radfems move out, and all we have left are “Muslim feminists” who try to find linguistic loopholes in the dudely koran to make room for a local variant of ‘equity feminism’.

  7. Mendacious D

    Vancouver here. The more northern one. Full of blamers and happy to be there!

  8. Twisty

    Vancouver … that’s in Montana, right?

  9. freethinker

    there’s no word for feminist in urdu either. because in urban settings many like to speak english, if they know the word, they actually end up using it to mean ‘feminine’!

    in urdu publications, the expression ‘upholders of women’s rights’ is used instead of ‘feminist’.

  10. Mary Tracy9

    I’m that dot in Barcelona, Spain! It seems to be the only dot in the country :S

  11. Rainbow Girl

    Rainbow Girl dropping in from Elitebridge, UK.

    Can I just ask my fellow (not fellow…taqueau) blamers to re-think the slagging on Muslim feminists? If members of the North American capitalist neo-colonial white supremacist hegemony can be feminists, certainly Muslims shouldn’t be counted out. It just seems like another way of blaming women for the compromises they make in patriarchal societies.

  12. Panic

    do they even let women into Antarctica?
    Myup. Most famously:

  13. rootlesscosmo

    Moose murdering seems to have a vivid history:


  14. Kate

    Kiddie porn? Time to implement teh google bomb and wipe that away somehow.

    I’m one of the brazillion dots around San Francisco.

  15. freethinker

    you’re right rainbow girl. they shouldn’t be counted out.

    but when was the last you talked to a muslim feminist who acknowledged sexism in the koran?

  16. gowbster

    I’m the Louisiana dot!! If there is one. I can’t really tell because it is too crowded. Well somehow this little town managed to birth and raise a chaste radical pro-feminist anarcho-socialist who likes to blame the patriarchy for a lot of things. The south is pretty frustrating sometimes, mostly because the tendency to reinforce the patriarchy seems to be ingrained in pretty much everyone. Dang feminazis! they say to me. At least the food is good.

  17. Stella

    Fellow Austinite here. Howdy.

  18. Laura

    Blaming is always in season in Toronto. People are positively accepting!

  19. MarilynJean

    I’m with Antoinette in rusty Cleveland, OH! (I mean I don’t know her, but we share a governor and what not.)

  20. yttik

    I’m up and down the west coast, mostly in Washington. And Alaska. C’mon now, don’t buy the stereotypes about moose killers, LOL. I don’t even like meat or hunting, but judging from the recent recoiling in horror at the thought of women with guns actually hunting things, I’m considering taking it up. Whatever strikes fear in the heart of patriarchy is alright by me.

  21. november

    There is not much blaming going on in Germany. There have been some fancy books been written recently like “Neue Deutsche Mädchen” (New German Girls) or “Alphamädchen” (Alpha girls). But these are just tame versions of fun feminism, as far as I can judge.

    We would actually need some more blaming. When I walked into a random bookstore today, I saw just another proof for that:

    I don’t know if you have heard of that case, but a few years ago, there was a German boy who spent his holiday in Turkey. There a girl accused him of having raped her. He was put into prison, but was set free after 247 days. All the time, everyone here was totally convinced that he was innocent and that she was a lying bitch. At least, that’s that what the media suggested. When he came back, he was greeted like a hero.
    Well, he has written a book about how much he suffered in prison and how mean the girl was who accused him.

    I admit that it’s pretty bad to be sent to prison when you’re innocent and I can imagine that he didn’t have the best time ever.

    Nevertheless, I’m not happy with that book. I only read some random pages while standing in the store, but that was enough for me to be disgusted. Let me give you some examples, why (unfortunately I can’t qoute properly, I can only write down what I remember):

    1. On the first page he says: “Probably I can forget, but I will never be able to forgive.”
    – But it’s easy for real rape victims to forget, right?

    2. He describes how the mother of the girl claims that the girl has never had any contact with boys before. His comment on this: “O yes, Carolina (the girl), the pure innocnce! But her sister had a boyfriend at home!”
    – Because when your sister has a boyfriend, you’re a slut!

    3. In another chapter, he talks about his first impression when he entered the prison for the first time:”Here I was, among all those criminals. Or were they just innocent men like me?”
    – Yes, of course! Everbody knows that prisons are packed with innocent men, who were falsley accused by some little slut!

    4. He printed some of his markes to show what a good boy he is.
    – We all know that only boys with bad grades are bad boys!

    Well, I don’t know what happened, of course not. But why was/is everybody so fast on his side? Without even considering that she could have said the truth! This kind of books make all rape victims look dishonset. The signal is clear: We don’t believe you! We’re on HIS side! False accusations are the bigger problem than real rapes!
    Somehow I doubt that if a raped girl would get her rapist successfully jailed, the national sympathy would be as strong as in this case.

    The land of the female chancellor is in desperate need for some serious blaming, I’d say.

  22. Schia

    I currently blame from Durban in South Africa. There will be even more to blame in a few months when it is likely that arch-patriarch, rapist, polygamist, and all round fraudster Jacob Zuma becomes Prez.

  23. gyshen

    Any blamers in Denver, CO?

  24. Sophie

    French dot here.

    Your question about Japan reminded me of the ‘time of botchan’ manga series I read, and I managed to find the name of this interesting woman who suffered a tragic fate (IBTP for the tragic part) :


    And the Japanese for radical feminism is ‘radikaru feminizumu’…

  25. Pat

    Is Wales dotted? Plenty of patriarchy blamers here!

    Rainbow girl – Your last comment was outstanding. Articulated exactly what I was thinking.

  26. Citizen Jane

    I blame from Sweden, where a surprisingly high number of women call themselves feminist, though none of them dare to reject gender roles, and men complain a lot about how they are oppressed by every gain feminism makes. Also, people like to brag about how racism doesn’t exist here because we “don’t see colour.”

    Therefore, I seek my feminist haven on The Internets, where I can instead meet endless lines of people telling me how Swedish Gurlz are Teh Hotz.

  27. Urszula

    Hello from Sopot, Poland, a country where claiming that women are humans is enough to be called radical (needles to say, ‘feminist’ is perceived as an insult by most of our God-fearing citizens).

  28. Hollywood Marie

    Despite my name, I’m actually a WEST Hollywood dot (completely different city). Most of my blaming happens in a nearby city where I work, though. Anyone blaming near me? Unfortunately, WeHo is not the blameverse one might expect.

  29. Susanne

    I blame from NYC.

  30. Belle O'Cosity

    Until a year ago, I was blaming from Ketchikan, AK, but I am not longer there. Makes me sad to see there aren’t any others, but not surprised.

  31. Sissie Sue

    Blamer in Houston, TX. (I’m a transplant, though, from Pennsylvania).

  32. MissPrism

    I’m another one of the UK dots! We should get together for tacos sometime, although I suspect they’d be pale imitations of those available in Twisty’s neck of the woods.

  33. RockSci

    Currently blaming from Cambridge UK, but I did a little blaming during my brief stay in Alaska last year.

    I’m still holding out hope of fieldwork in Antarctica so they’d better let me in!

  34. CLD

    I’m a Florida dot. I see one pretty close to Orlando [which is where I reside], but there’s no telling exactly how them tubez actually connect the Internets is there? My connection could be coming through Virgina for all I know.

  35. Azundris

    hi november,
    Today, I’m Blaming from Berlin, Germany.
    Not sure what’s up with those “alphas”, it seems a bit like “feminism light” at times. I just hope it’ll work as a gateway drug for radfem, rather than make newcomers disappointed in feminism.

  36. Nepenthe

    Blaming from Northern Wisconsin. We live here so that my father can go cross-country skiing. What my mother wanted didn’t apparently enter into the equation.

    So, for living in this frozen version of hell, I blame the patriarchy.

  37. Margaret

    Hello Twisty,

    I blame the patriarchy from Groningen. I’m one of the Dutch dots. I used to blame from somewhere in the bush in northwestern Ontario, Canada. To the dot from Ylivieska, I say hello. Some of my family lives there.

  38. Fabulous Monster

    Whither the Berkeley, CA blamers? I know you’re out there, comrades.

  39. Shelly

    1. Yes, they *do* let women into Antarctica.
    2. If there’s a dot over Bloomington, Indiana, that’d be me.

  40. Caroline

    I blame the patriarchy every morning in Juneau, Alaska. I don’t know why we Alaskans didn’t make the map- but I blame the patriarchy (Sarah Palin) for that.

  41. magriff

    I’m in Portland Oregon, lots and lots of blamers here- I teach Women’s Studies and Sociology here at the University- we get up to some pretty good blaming.

    Speaking of which, I’d like to appeal to all of you blamers to help with a good cause. We have here in Stumptown the only non-profit feminist bookstore in the States- In Other Words- and it’s about to go under. If you have any spare cash, buy your copy of Right Wing Women here: inotherwords.org


  42. wolfhound

    I’m blaming from northern Vermont. I’m fairly off the beaten path so sometimes I can avoid the patriarchy for minutes at a time. I’d love to find like-minded women to hang with; my redneck friends think I’m a freak (and I’m pretty sure radical feminism is only part of the reason).

  43. Julie

    Blaming the Patriarchy in High River, Alberta (Canada), and teaching the budding feminists of tomorrow in Calgary, Alberta.
    Blame on.

  44. Ramblin' Rabbit

    I blame from Philadelphia where I work in a girls school where the principal (a woman) says she isn’t a feminist.

    Every day I see a post on IBTP I feel a little more hopeful.

    (and I sneak some radical in to my lessons, so far no one’s had a hissy fit and demanded my resignation).

  45. Victoria

    I’m blaming from Uruguay (No, it’s not U R Gay), dear Twisty. I’m not on the map! But sometimes I also do it from Spain (my second home)

  46. Rebecca

    Blaming over here in Utah. The headlines from my end would read: “Former Mormon finds Endless Delight in Offending Parents, Family, Friends with Ongoing Blamarama. Sunday Dinners Especially Tense”

  47. Rainbow Girl

    Not to belabour the point, but yes, I do have feminist Muslim friends who openly admit their religion is patriarchal. I know feminists in high heels and feminists in hijab, and feminists in both hijab and high heels.

    It’s kind of like how I admit that academia is severely elitist, classist, and patriarchal, but I stick around anyways hoping I can change it for the better and because on some level, I know I belong.

  48. goblinbee

    Magriff, did you go to the In Other Words Bookstore benefit at Trebol last night?
    I wanted to go, but had a pressing engagement, as they say.
    That won’t stop me from giving directly, and I second the call for donations from anyone interested.
    I love knowing that IOWB exists.

  49. Zora

    I used to have the pleasure of blaming from Austin, but now I’m in Albuquerque fulfilling my dream of being a public librarian.

    Anybody else in this neck of the woods?

  50. Christina

    I’m usually around Palo Alto, but until April I’m a dot in Paris. Where harassing women in public is not only epidemic but has been raised to the level of beloved cultural difference.

  51. Level Best

    Native East Tennessean here. When I blame it’s in a slightly different twang from Texan, but it’s in the same spirit.

  52. Lar

    Blaming from Yucatan, Mexico! Any more feminists down here? I don’t see any dots in my neighborhood. (Just watch Univision for 10 minutes -tame, by the way- and you’ll realize we can use all the patriarchy fighting help we can get!)

  53. Lara

    I agree with Rainbow Girl in regards to Freethinker’s comments…
    Hey Level Best! I drove through east Tennessee to get from Virginia to Texas, so I wonder if I drove through your neck of the woods? Very cool. Y’all do have an interesting twang. There were times when I couldn’t fully understand what some people were saying…but anyhoo.
    I am blaming from Houston, Texas now. That dot may soon move to either Boston or Atlanta.
    It’s great to see a lot more blamers from all over the world in recent months.
    Interesting too how much of the “feminism” from white/Anglo nations seems to be very feminism lite – “fun feminism” or “i call myself a feminist but do not want to challenge the patriarchy in any kind of way.”

  54. Jennifer

    Blaming from Oakland – looks like I have some company?

  55. Caro

    Hey! I am balming from Britain….and much of the time, I feel like the only one!! but we do have some great British feminist websites – so YAY for them!!

  56. Hollywood Marie

    Is there a way to get a closer look at the maps? I love them, but they’re so tiny. Because of the wonderful clumpage, it’s sometimes hard to tell what country or state the blamers are in, and I’m really curious. By the way, this post made me very happy.

  57. Caro

    PS: I am BLAMING (not “balming”) from Britain!! For there is nothing balmy or warm about British weather!!!

  58. cafesiren

    (West) Hollywood Marie, I’m blaming from Long Beach, so not far away. LBC blamers (who tend towards tattoos and piercings) are dangerously close to the Orange Curtain, so exposed to a lot of silicone: IBTP for a frightening normalization of perfectly hemispherical boobage and ads that promise to make me “botox beautiful by Valentine’s Day.”

  59. Jezebella

    Encouraging news indeed. I’m in Buttcrack, Mississippi, so if anyone’s near the Piney Woods, give me a shout. I also venture to New Orleans regularly.

  60. thebewilderness

    Blaming in the Peoples Republic of the Puget Sound here in Washington the State. I want each and every one of you blamers to be the very last person to move here right before we stop letting anyone in and secede.

  61. madaha

    That’s not the Persian Gulf, just so you know.

  62. cafesiren

    Jezebella — My (very recent) ex-Nigel lives and works in northeast Buttcrack, MS, so I’m sorry not to have known of your presence, or I would have visited. Seems like that’s a place where blame could use some reinforcements.

    Then again, I recall that the local oil change place advertised that every Tuesday was Ladies’ Day, so it can’t be all bad for the feminist types there, right?

  63. Jeni

    Blaming away from Edinburgh, here, where every day I beat my head with the Metro as I ride the bus. Ugh.

  64. gennimcmahon

    I’m not in Albuquerque, but I am in Las Cruces, NM, Zora! Just 232 miles to the South.

  65. another voice

    I must be the only blamer in North Dakota. Sigh

  66. Mo

    Blaming, Live!, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  67. Panic

    Oh, and to join the party, I blame from Toronto. I do see some dots around my hometown of Calgary, though, which make me hopeful.

  68. Mare Island

    Hi there, long-time lurker, first-time poster. I’m in Vallejo, California; “The city that went bankrupt.” It’s in the top-right corner of the SF Bay. I wouldn’t feel completely comfortable walking down the street alone, but at least George Miller is our Congresscritter, and he seems respectably liberal. I’m very happy to see the strides in Blaming over the years–congratulations, Twisty!

  69. Urban

    I’m currently blaming from very near Paekakariki! I don’t think the dot is me, but it’s nice to know there are other blamers in NZ. And so close by!

    As for the state of blame? Le sigh. At work the other day I had to loudly insist that the phrase “New Zealand was the first country in which women won the right to vote” was altered to make it sound less like the right was a prize generously bestowed upon women by the benevolent patriarchy.

  70. Valerie

    Anyone else blaming from Cambridgeshire, UK?

  71. dr. fantastic

    First of all, of course there are Muslim feminists. Thinking otherwise is ill-informed at best, and well, I’ll leave it at that.

    I can’t tell is the dot in the middle of North America is me in one of the U.S.’s upper frozen states, or is in Canada. But I’m going to pretend it is me. Or other great plains blamers.

  72. arya

    I’m one of the southern Finnish dots, nice to see there are others!

  73. alphabitch

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It’s not as bad as you’d think.

  74. mrhk

    A little south of Atlanta, Georgia here. It is probably as bad as you’d think.

  75. weeza

    I’m one of the dots obliterating the UK. There’s me and my PhD supervisor blaming away. She mainly spends time banging her head against a desk while her colleagues use the generic (HA) he, and I have longwinded arguments with my boyfriend about Febreeze commercials. Etc.

  76. Level Best

    ::waves at Lara::

  77. Sparkle

    I take credit for the northeastern dot of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, just down from the Scottish borders. Land of Stottie cakes and Broon Ale. Oh yeah and we say Aye a lot.

  78. Pantsuit Sally

    I blame from Lansing, Michigan. It’s so lonely. I’m thankful for the internets.

  79. Kozmic_Dwyn

    I’m one of the dots on the east coast, New York City to be precise. And when school’s not in session, my dot is in Burlingame, CA, near San Francisco

  80. Virginia S. Wood, Psy.D.

    Blaming from Marietta, Woodstock, and sometimes Kennesaw Georgia (USA). If people online are green dots, I think I see me!!

    And Alphabitch, Winston Salem might not be as bad as it sounds, but Marietta (pronounced May-retta) is. I grew up in Greensboro, but Georgia is a whole ‘nuther South entirely.

  81. H

    Another Lancastrian here – about 20 miles south of Astrophilia.

  82. Stella

    Christina, are you in Paris, TEXAS? Because it spawned me.

  83. lawbitch

    I’m part of that dot on the Gulf Coast in Texas. *waves at Lara*

    More blamers needed down here! Some of ya’ll come down here and warm up. We’ve got good, authentic tacos and tamales (my favorite).

  84. Bodi

    I’m blaming from Winnipeg, MB in Canada! I’m glad to see there are quite a few other Canadian blamers here too.

  85. Kelci

    Saskatchewan? Anyone? I can’t quite tell where the Canada/US border is, but by my estimates there is a gap on that map that is Sask-shaped. I’m in Saskatoon, by the way.

  86. Chriomfordc

    Blaming currently from Riom, Auvergne, France (i.e. right in the middle), with periods in Lancashire and Oxford, UK. I am trying to bring blaming to my current flat (me, a woman from Italy, a woman from Spain and a man from Russia) with varying levels of success.

  87. Oiorpata

    Blaming fervently from just north of Swansea, in South Wales.

  88. Feminist Avatar

    Making up one of the Scotland cohort.

  89. Rebekka

    Blaming from Melbourne, Australia, where I’m currently blaming the patriarchy for the freaking ridiculously hot heat wave we’re in the middle of.

  90. Hannah

    Hell’s Kitchen, New York City! There are probably a lot of New York flavored dots on there. I tell everyone at every party I go to about this blog. So maybe some of those dots are from my cohorts. Maybe I should go to a party in Alaska!

  91. AdmirerofEmily

    Blaming from Sydney on yet another too hot day. Expecting to see bushfire clouds any day now.

  92. Eevoid

    Wheee! Global blame-age. I’m normally seething with rage in DUblin, Ireland. I just sent a link to your post on the Global Gag Rule to a feminist list I post on in Ireland, and found out that there is definitely at least *one* other blamer there. Currently, I am sweating over my keyboard, anticipating another 47 degree day in Melbourne, Australia.

    Freethinker- what everyone else said.

  93. Marinus

    I’m from one of the New Zealand dots, the northern one, in Auckland. Paekakariki is close to Wellington, the southern dot. Here the weather is lovely, but the recent elections where an investment banker dude ousted long-serving PM Helen Clarke and bumper stickers like ‘Vote for a Bloke!’ were in evidence. Even here in relatively enlightened climes the blaming is far from done.

  94. Cath

    Hi from your lurker in Canberra.

  95. Raimi

    Ouch, who’s the one stuck in Churchill?

    And is that streak of nothing in the central US what Americans refer to as the bible belt?

    I’m somewhere in that mass on the pacific-northwest.

  96. Rachel

    Pantsuit Sally– I’m moving to East Lansing in August to pursue a honky elitist graduate degree. I grew up there, so I know about the dearth of blameitude. Glad to see a fellow blamer right next door!

    At the moment I blame from underneath the big ‘ol blob covering NYC.

  97. thebeets

    Central Illinois. Better at least than when I lived in Joplin, MO. *shudder*

  98. Bidibid

    Wellington here! Paekakariki is about an hour north of me (yes, tis in New Zealand). I’ve already been sent into blamer-rage this morning by a fluff-article on a new way to get a better night’s sleep: get hitched! Oh yes.
    “Forget counting sheep, ditch the sleeping pills and don’t bother with a glass of warm milk – a good remedy for women who can’t sleep is a happy marriage. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that women who are happy with their husbands or partners have less trouble sleeping than their single, unattached counterparts.”
    Ay yi yi…

  99. Ayla

    I’m in that vast, sprawling concrete desert a few hours north of Twisty commonly known as the DFW Metroplex. I lived in Austin for a while but was so caught up in my own private crisis that I missed out on most of the damn good blamin’ that most likely could have been had there.

    Anyone else near Dallas or Ft. Worth?

  100. Betsy

    YES, they let women into Anarctica! My second cousin Martha spent more than one winter there.

    I know Twisty’s question was partly rhetorical. But I just had to mention my cool cousin Martha.

  101. Betsy

    An_T_arctica. Gawh.

    At least I didn’t leave out the first “c”.

  102. Rain

    A Little late to the party, Blaming from Tokyo! I’m glad to see other dots in Japan.

  103. Whit

    Blaming from Ann Arbor, Michigan here. Working in agriculture, take pity on me. I talk with farmers all day. Srsly.

  104. random_anomaly

    I’m a Seattle, Washington dot. There are supposedly quite a few blamers here, but they seem to be in hiding.

  105. bvbgb

    I blame the patriarchy bilingually in Montréal, Canadia. / Je blâme le patriarcat dans les deux langues à Montréal, au Canadia.

  106. seabound coast

    Blaming from Nova Scotia: Canada’s Ocean Patriarchy

  107. anuna

    I step into the room with some trepidation, as I’ve never blamed out loud here before. West Chester, Pennsylvania, here. Not my native land, but it beats Arlington, TX, where I lived before we moved here. Pantsuit Sally, seeing your address makes me feel homesick. I grew up in Ann Arbor.

    I arrived here by serendipity. One day at the keyboard, enraged by the usual grotesque enormities, I shouted “I BLAME THE PATRIARCHY, goddammit!” Seeking an outlet for my wrath, I typed “I blame the patriarchy” into my google box, and oh my sweet female spaghetti monster, this website appeared as if by magic. It was like making a wish and seeing it come true.

  108. VibratingLiz

    In 2006 I was the sole dot in Louisiana, but as of 2009 my dot has relocated itself to a small island in the more dottified Pacific Northwest. (I noticed when I moved up here last year that nobody in WA had the personalized plate “IBTP.” If it’s still up for grabs when I renew next time I’m gonna nab it.)

  109. LeNi

    Blaming from Groningen, Netherlands (*wave* Margaret).
    Where the only feminist magazine has just announced feminism 3.0, according to which we apparently have to leave behind our ‘anger’.

  110. Laurie

    I live in rural NorCal; a little redneck town called Redding — we call it Calabama, as it’s just like the south, only west, if that makes sense.

    Seems our county is notable for its abundance of guns, meth, teen pregnancies and fundamentalist churches — but alas, blamers are in short supply.

    Which makes IBTP even more essential to me.

    So thanks again, Twisty, for the philosophy and the fun. AND the great bug photos.

  111. anon good dog anon

    he’s is on his way to a mountain actually.

    and undertaking a rigorous study program (though stuck on Hugo Schwyzer at the moment, hoping he’ll move along in short order.)

    sweet lord, i am still a little… what, perturbed? by the emailing.
    though your responses was infinitely more mangamenous than any frequent reader might have considered the inevitable result of such an email. (actually, what is this – i send you awesome links and shit, but you write to my distressed ex? bah i say, bah)

    it wasn’t a drug binge, per say. just a long weekend.
    and – just so we’re clear:
    it was marriage for the purposes of same country residency. just wanna stress i ain’t selling out core beliefs for romantic love.

    sorry about that.

    we’ll make sure it never happens again.

    good god, i hope this is going through as anon. it says anon, but ugh. these computers, they stuff you around some times.

  112. Laurie

    But one good thing Calabama DOES have: Women’s Health Specialists, one of the most radical feminist clinics EVER! My daughter works as Outreach & Education Coordinator there, and those women do incredible work in this benighted place.

  113. sharah

    Huntsville, AL here. And I have a friend who just got back from her yearly research jaunt to McMurdo to collect nematodes. So I know they let at least ONE feminist in.

  114. jayo

    I blame from Portland Oregon too. I had never heard of the In Other Words bookstore – I’m definitely going to check it out, thanks!

    Magriff, where do you teach? PSU? Are there any good university resources for continuing-education blamers?

  115. Liz

    I’m not to far from the Clevelanders above. I’m in NEO (Northeast Ohio) near Youngstown, Ohio.

  116. Jodie

    I’m just up the road apiece in the (currently) reddest of all red states — Oklahoma. I’m still not quite sure what happened in that last election.

  117. Agnieszka

    I blame the patriarchy from lovely San Francisco, CA. Seeing all these nearby dots makes me wonder I’ve I’ve seen any of you on buses and trains, in taco joints or farmer’s markets. Perhaps we should make up some nice buttons to indicate membership in the blameteriat.

  118. Abigail

    I am the Tokyo dot! Hello Meerkat, we are practically blaming neighbours.

  119. Chris

    Ayla: Blaming near Dallas; in Richardson, to be precise. So glad to see another! There aren’t enough. Or maybe they’re just hiding..

    How fascinating to see those hits from all over. I work in IT, so I’m very conscious of global potential of internet content… and yet those graphs still seem to amaze me.

  120. Lori

    Long-time lurker blaming from frozen Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m considered eccentric because I haven’t had a serious long-term relationship or lived with a man since 1990. I refuse to be controlled, and sooner or later, they always wanted to control me. I always felt that something was wrong with the way I was expected to conform, but I just didn’t know exactly what it was I was rebelling against. Sure wish I had figured out some of this shit when I was younger. But better late than never. Thanks, Twisty.

  121. Lara

    Buttons that say “Blameteriat.” Awesome! I would wear it every friggin’ day!
    ::waves to lawbitch and back to Level Best::
    lawbitch, are you right in Houston itself?

  122. Sara

    Blaming from Prince Edward Island, Canada – a wee Island close to Nova Scotia that rarely shows up on maps. Twisty is my favorite American!

  123. Twisty

    This is fantastic! Wouldn’t it be swell to have a big party? Say, at your house? If you live in Fiji?

    Seriously, it’s wonderful to know a bit about yall, even if it’s just the city you live in. Sometimes I feel like I’m just typing into the dark.

  124. Twisty

    By the way, to the poster who pointed out that Hebron is not on the Persian Gulf, yassoo! My stupid secretary Phil wrote that. The body of water nearest Hebron is the Mediterranean.

    Phil’s fired. Again.

  125. MelMir

    I’ve currently blaming from the Hudson Valley in NY. But I’ve been starting reading you and blaming first in NYC – then in San Antonio (even though I didn’t find a lot of fellow blamers there – and had to deal with banners across my road advertising groups like “Women in Pursuit of Godly Character) it made me feel good to know you were a stone’s throw away.

  126. tinfoil hattie

    Boring, boring, boring — blaming from Northern Virginia (see how “Northern” has to be capitalized? We want to be our own state.). Just outside of Obama-Land.

  127. slythwolf

    I had a guy write in from McMurdo (I say “guy” because do they even let women into Antarctica?).

    They did in the 90s when my uncle was there. Seemed to be as many women as men.

  128. Nolabelfits

    Okay okay…I go away for a few hours of weed pulling and the responses are up to 125! I’m also in norcal…near san francisco. Lots of blaming going on out here. By just about everyone, Whether feminist or not.

  129. Delilah

    I lurk/blame from GA, NC, and Egypt.

    I am totally loving seeing other blamers from the South. We need to get crackin’ on that secret handshake so I can tell y’all apart from the sexxyfun crowd. And so we can foment revolution when the time comes.

  130. teslagirl

    Another Nova Scotian blamer checking in!

  131. PhDork

    Delurking (after a couple years of reading) to let you know there’s a lot of blamin’ going on in Brooklyn, NY.

  132. Tyrone

    Long time Blamer from Northern Ireland here!

  133. decodevo

    Another Wellington, New Zealand, blamer de-lurking.

    It’s so exciting to see more Kiwi blamers. And somewhat of a relief, too, as pretty much everyone else around me seems to think New Zealand is a post-feminist society so there’s no need for blaming anymore and I should just shut the fuck up and stop making teh menz feel uncomfortable. (Supposedly we’re post-racist, too, but that’s a whole other conversation.)

  134. orlando

    Maintaining the blame from Coogee (yup), Sydney, Australia, the Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way, the Universe. Remember, only the Earth suffers under the Patriarchy, the rest of the joint is OURS.

  135. Hedgepig

    Twisty feels like she’s typing into the dark?? Would it help if we all wore novelty hats with lit sparklers stuck in the brim? Might be a bit high maintenance. How about miners’ helmets with those lamps at the front?
    These foolish suggestions are coming to you from Port Cygnet, Tasmania.

  136. bertalou

    Seriously blaming from Corvallis, Oregon since 1978.

  137. Beana

    Blaming from the capital of the true north strong and free – Ottawa, ON Canada, where I currently have our conservative PM to blame for a whole lot.

  138. Shelby

    Blaming from Sydney, Australia – Cronulla! Home of the riots. Stupid Lebanese boys -v- stupid Australian boys. Cheers.

  139. Amy


    “…Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that women who are happy with their husbands or partners have less trouble sleeping than their single, unattached counterparts.”
    Ay yi yi…”

    I apologize for my Alma Mater. Blaming from Pittsburgh obviously.

  140. hero

    Jodie–surely you gest; OK redder than UTAH? Blaming from right here in the Shadows of the Everlasting Hills….

  141. Laima

    Blaming from northern Baltimore county (about halfway between York, PA, and Baltimore). A transplant from Chicago, by way of Rochester (NY) and Indianapolis.

    Haven’t met any fellow feminists or Pagans in Maryland yet, but good gracious, it’s great to be out of Indiana. I felt like I’d been buried alive.

  142. Craroline

    Salt Lake Goddamn City. So, so, lonely.

  143. SoJo

    I blame from the sunny Gold Coast in Australia.

    Loving the map, rock on Blamers!

  144. Milly

    Blamer in Auckland New Zealand (just up the island from Paekakariki)

  145. sevanetta

    Formerly blaming from Canberra in Australia; now blaming for the next year from a country in the Pacific to the north of Australia. *looks shifty* If I’m gonna share the stories I mentioned the other day, I hafta maintain secrecy on location.

    (Oh and about those… Internettage has been restored, so I will be able to type up and send stories over the weekend. In the meantime, I’m at work, so I’m actually meant to be fighting gender inequality.)

    I will note that a dot for my current location does not seem to appear on the 2009 map, though.

  146. Other Liz

    Blaming from Melbourne, Australia and waving at fellow dot-inhabitants Rebekka and Eevoid! My buddy F blames here, too.

    Did you see that dot somewhere in the desert between Coober Pedy and Broken Hill?! Who is she, and can we hear her thoughts?

    When we say it’s over 43 degrees here, they mean celsius everyone. That’s 110 farenheit. And it was hotter yesterday. Send us cool thoughts.

  147. theunmarrieddaughter

    Currently exiled in Duluth, MN, home of the pseudo-hippies.

  148. H.Wolf

    Hello from a dot in the Puget Sound area, a long way from Dallas where my blaming career began. Glad to be reading my esteemed former classmate’s blog on a regular basis.

  149. Zofia Szeretlek

    I used to blame from Melbourne, Australia. Now I blame from Calgary, AB, Canada. Colder weather, same patriarchy!

  150. HeroesGetMade

    Who even knew the Land of Enchantment was positively rife with blamers?! Zora, I’m truly in your neck of the woods (bosque) north of Albuquerque. And genni in Cruces, a big ol shout out to ya!

    I mostly lurk and learn from the blametariat, but just last night when I snagged some Twistylational wisdom on oppression for some folks mis-blaming pornalicious women for patriarchy, I realized how much I owe to ya’ll. (Some people, mostly dudes, still believe oppression can be chosen, and if women can be shamed into making better choices, things’ll be peachy in no time. It seems never to occur to them that people don’t actually need porn, and the demand side is where to slap the shame and blame.) It’s very good to know that the blametariat is beyond bad and nationwide, but Twistylational and worldwide.

    Viva la revolucion!

  151. Magpie

    Lurking from central west New South Wales.

  152. Anastasia B.

    In Atlanta, and standing up to be counted.

  153. Veganrampage

    Big time blaming from Montrose, NY about 50 miles north of NYC. I am one town away from the notoriously decrepit and malfunctioning Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, which is run by inept and corrupt morons. I only think about it once a day at the most, then I slip back into denial. I figure if 11 million people in NYC can do it, so can I.

    It is wonderful to see all you blamers on the map. I too, mention this blog constantly, and consider it part of my therapy. Thank you Twisty. And thanks to the Blametariat.

  154. lawbitch

    Lara, I’m in Houston. We need to organize and recruit. Alas, no blamers in my neighborhood.

  155. VinoVeritas

    I blame and sell wine here in Oregon. I’d second the call to support In Other Words. Portland would be pretty feminist friendly if it wasn’t over-run with goddamn dudes. *shudder*

  156. Anna Belle

    I am sooo late to this party! We are blaming all over the place in my little easterly corner of the Midwest (near Louisville, KY). ‘Course I’m sleeping with the enemy for tax credits and regular nooki…hey, what can I say? It’s good nooki.

    I have mad skills as a blamer. Not content to simply blame the living, I spend a fair amount of time blaming the dead patriarchy of yesteryear, rectifying the damage done by denying half the human race a history. Women’s history is my very special vehicle for blaming the patriarchy across time and stealth-injecting a healthy head start of feminism in the young every chance I get. I get a lot of chances, too.

  157. Eurosabra

    I’m going to call you out on geographical scrambling here: the occupied Palestinian city is al-Khalil in Arabic, and is not called “Hebron” by occupied Palestinians. No occupier of Hebron holds that it is occupied–rather, it is liberated. So “Hebron, Judea, under unrecognized Israeli administration” or “al-Khalil, Israeli-occupied Palestine” work, but “Hebron, Occupied Palestine” really doesn’t parse. Unless you want to go all non-nationalist and use Arabic and Hebrew place names indiscriminately, which is probably what we dudely warmongers deserve. “al-Khalil, Judea.”

    Incidentally, the Israeli organization http://www.zochrot.org (Hebrew for “remember”, fem. pl. form) puts up bilingual place-name signs all over Israel as a form of non-governmental institutionalized remembrance.

    And “al-Khalil” means “the friend” in Arabic, a reference to the friendly dead dude, Ibrahim.

  158. janna

    I discovered ibtp as a dot in Hawaii but I now blame from Denver.

  159. TheBellWitch

    I’m late to the party too and have never commented before, but I’m so excited that I’m not the only East Tennessee-spawned blamer! Hi, Level Best.

    I currently caterwaul from south of the Bay Area, but my dot will be moving to Houston by next fall. The presence of other Houstonites on this blog is heartening me a little bit.

  160. TP

    Good gad! I would have thought there would be more St. Louis Blamers. It’s probably the chronic self-abnegation of the native St. Louisan that causes it.

  161. Ashley

    I blame from Indianapolis, Indiana. And considering the blank looks I received today from my co-workers when I righteously got my blame on concerning the genderized paintings installed in our employee bathroom, I blame alone.

  162. Volvatrack 7

    Joburg, South-Africa – Hey Schia! I’m also looking forward to a Zumalicious year. It’s too depressing to see that mug on the newspapers everyday, thus I am going to avoid reading those this year, or at least until the election is over.

  163. thebewilderness

    Bidibid, I thought everybody knew that married women sleep better because they are exhausted from all the extra work they do because they are married to men.

  164. ms. poinsettia

    Blaming from Christchurch, New Zealand but for some reason no dot for this here Southern Isle. And yet I blame often, ha!ing and sniggering and reading passages out loud to Nigel.

  165. Nia

    You have to think that there are subscriptions, too. I never actually visit the website any more; I read the posts on my feed. The Spanish reader in 2006 (Southern Spain) was probably me, and I don’t show on the 2009 because subscriptions don’t on these things.

    You have 420 susbcribers in bloglines.

  166. caroline in Utah

    Blaming and waving from deepest, darkest southern Utah. (waving to Utah Rebecca). Nice to see the march of blame, Twisty.

  167. Spiders

    Waves to all the other aussie blamers. Shelby, Miranda here! What riots??lol

  168. Garden Gnome

    I used to blame from New Hampshire but am currently blaming from East Bumblescum, Missouri.

  169. Maleficent

    I’m the lone dot in Jerusalem. Unfortunately for the future of Middle Eastern patriarchy-blaming, I’m a US ex-pat who will be back in the States next month.

    Sadly, folks here are pretty much into patriarchy AND theocracy. It’s been a pretty sad and disgusting year for this blamer. Hard to blame while dodging thrown rocks.

  170. jennifer

    Lawrence, Kansas. No longer the home of Phill Kline.

  171. dawn coyote

    I’m in Vancouver, Canada – which is fairly blametopian, comparatively speaking.

    So many of us up this way!

    And sometimes I’m in Salt Lake City, which is a very weird place.

  172. truffula

    I blame from within the university industrial complex, usually in Oregon but for the next five months & change, from the south island of New Zealand (woo hoo!).

    FWIW, I’ve worked in Antarctica with the US program, many years ago and in the 21st Century. Plenty of blame to go ’round though things seem to be improving now that the Navy’s out.

  173. incognotter

    Lori, I’m in the greater Mke area. We’ll have to meet up sometime. You can e-mail me via yahoo if you’re not on a forum with me.

  174. Belfastian

    I’m blaming from Belfast and I’m excited to see another Northern Irish dot *waves to Tyrone*. Blaming is a lonley path to tread here, thank you Twisty for sharing your excellent blaming with us all.

  175. Jes

    Another Scottish blamer here. There is a small but signficant number of dedicated blamers in this country, but many more who need to hear they are not alone in their IBTP experiences. I’ll keep on pointing them in Twisty’s direction.

  176. niki

    I am recently certified for worldwide blaming, but tend mostly to blame from the Oakland area of the East Bay Area of California.


  177. Kwailin

    Blaming away in southeast lower Michigan. (Hi, fellow Michiganders, past, present, and once and future!)

  178. Woman

    Houston, Texas, yo.

    Home of the pointless letters of protest to my Republican patriarch senator, Cornyn.

  179. Eibhear

    Irishwoman blaming from London, England, where the backlash is in full swing. You’re lucky that at least you haven’t the Daily Hate Male over there!

  180. LJ

    I’m one of the four Africa dots, blaming in Togo… just another American, though. And so much blaming to do here.

    Who’s that dot right next to me? Ghana? Burkina?

  181. speedbudget

    Delaware in da HOUSE! I see some peeps in my neck of the woods. We should have a blame party.

    In the next year, I will hopefully be blaming from either the New Orleans area or the Houston area. Will I get a basket of goodies upon my arrival to the particular blaming neighborhood?

  182. Mercurie

    Lurker from Berlin, Germany here. Happy to see I’m not the only IBTP fan in the city!

  183. Aunti Disestablishmentarian

    Hej! from the Carpathians of Southern Poland. We have sexism here, as in “He’s really Sexist: he talks about sex all the time. What a perv!”

    The Polish Women’s Party ran unsuccessfully in a parliamentary election last year. Their platform was for transparency in government and representation for women. They had a poster featuring them naked; their parts covered with a sign reading “Poland is a woman.” We’re naked and proud, they say. Indeed, some feminists both inside and outside the party were pissed about this.

    The European Feminist Forum was supposed to meet in Warsaw last year, but it was cancelled, and the website has been pretty quiet.

    There’s a small ‘zine culture and a few kindred spirits here and there: just enough to make ‘Feminist’ into a very dirty word.

    I sometimes blame from that other hub of the universe; The Hub of the Universe. Though there are more kindred spirits there, the blaming is not much easier.

    Oh- and a big hi to Urszula in Sopot: I was forced to watch The Concert on TV last August. Two days later in Heathrow, we saw Limal in the airport departures hall looking peevish and bored. I had such sympathy. Hell really must be to have only two hit songs, and three* song slots.

    * For those who missed the phenomenon which was the Sopot Festival 2008, Limal sang his two hits: ‘Never Ending Story’ and ‘Too Shy’ from his Kajagoogoo days. After he finished, he said “What? You liked it? You want to hear it again?” And he sang ‘Too shy’ again.

  184. Twisty

    “I’m going to call you out on geographical scrambling here: the occupied Palestinian city is al-Khalil in Arabic, and is not called “Hebron” by occupied Palestinians. No occupier of Hebron holds that it is occupied–rather, it is liberated. So “Hebron, Judea, under unrecognized Israeli administration” or “al-Khalil, Israeli-occupied Palestine” work, but “Hebron, Occupied Palestine” really doesn’t parse. Unless you want to go all non-nationalist and use Arabic and Hebrew place names indiscriminately, which is probably what we dudely warmongers deserve. “al-Khalil, Judea.””

    Alas, although I know everything else about everything else, I am no expert on Israeli/Palestinian sociopolitical nomenclature. When I rolled my mouse over this seemingly controversial dot, Sitemeter said this: “Palestinian Territory, Occupied Hebron.” I don’t know where Sitemeter gets its information, but my guess is that it comes from the dot’s own ISP.

  185. Dr.Sue

    Blaming from Brooklyn, NY here. It’s awe inspiring to realize how wide-ranging this community really is.

  186. Alex

    Another London-based blamer here, although for reasons I won’t bore non-Londoners with, it’s important to me to emphasise that I am firmly situated in North London. I echo Eibhear’s thoughts on the Daily Mail; the fact that a paper that supported Oswald Mosley is still in print is a pretty terrifying thought. The fascism isn’t even very much more subtle these days.

  187. JATower

    Pantsuit Sally – I’m a longtime reader, mostly silent blamer currently residing in Detroit metro.

    RE fems in Antartica, a female friend of mine worked on the research base there for about a year. Of course, she was a cook.

  188. Christiane

    IBTP from Dublin..

  189. Christiane

    IBTP from Dublin

  190. Amananta

    I’m sure there are lots of Muslim feminists in actual Middle Eastern countries. I know some Muslim-American feminists as well. But the ones overseas may not show up for any of the below reasons:

    1. They may not have computer access, particularly in places Americans have been bombing for decades;
    2. Some places block internet access to all locally unpopular political sites, and this includes feminist sites;
    3. They may have some perfectly good feminist blogs written in their local language that they read, rather than coming to an English-written American blog.

    Anyway. I’m in that mess of dots up in New England.

    “…Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that women who are happy with their husbands or partners have less trouble sleeping than their single, unattached counterparts.”

    How about those women who are UNhappy with their male lord and master, excuse me I mean boyfriend or husband?
    I can tell you from experience that makes for some bad sleep.

  191. Silence

    Blaming from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania here. Living in a town named after the supposed birthplace of everyone’s favorite dead-invisible-magical-Jewish buddy give you plenty of blamerific thoughts, I can assure you. Especially when the tourists come swarming at Christmas.

    And I’m single and I sleep damn fine, thank you very much. I don’t see how fighting for bed space with some sweaty, snoring male would improve the situation.

  192. K

    Is there no one else from Western Massachusetts? Berkshire County, here. But I would go to a Blamer party in eastern New York State, if someone announced one.

  193. Marinus

    I’m in Auckland now, as I mentioned above, but I’m a South African by extraction, and I went to high school and matriculated with one of Zuma’s sons. Dudazani Zuma was a lovely fellow, but his dad is a populist, so he got to go to a public high school with us plebs in order to impress us. I only got to see the shower-taker once, at my matric ball.

    For those not following the scandals of South African politicians, Jacob Zuma got cleared in a rape case a couple of years back. I quote Wikipedia’s summary: “On 8 May 2006, the Court dismissed the charges, agreeing that the sexual act in question was consensual. During the trial, Zuma admitted to having unprotected sex with his accuser [whom Zuma knew to be HIV-positive] but claimed that he took a shower afterwards to cut the risk of contracting HIV.” Lovely.

  194. Mikaela

    Blaming the b’ys in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

  195. mingo

    It took a while to get to the end of the thread, but I am posting for the first time to say: I blame from Denver! Looks like a few of us here, what with that green dot and all. I would like an explanation of the dot colors. (I want to think that it’s something like white = 1-30; green = 31-100; red = >100, rather than white = 1, green = 2, etc. I am a mapmaker, sorry, somewhat anal about map things.)

    I have blamed since I was a tiny tot – my mother raised me right, at least in that respect.

  196. the Idol of Byzantium

    “That lone white dot on the eastern Mediterranean is in Palestinian Territory, Occupied Hebron, home of the Cave of the Patriarchs, where doth lie the celebrated corpse of patriarchal coot Abraham, and site of assorted dudely bloodbaths.”

    That’s my dot! “Site of assorted dudely bloodbaths”—I love it.

  197. Magdalena

    Blaming from Tucson, Arizona but orginally began blaming in the People’s Republic of Boulder, Colorado.

    Saludos to all.

  198. Vinaigrette Girl

    Blaming from the City of Expiring Dreams, UK, formerly (a long time ago) from all over the USA.

  199. ElizaN

    Hi, Gyshen and Janna! I blame in Boulder.

  200. mingo

    gyshen, janna, and ElizaN – hi from Denver. Magdalena – I used to live in Tucson – I miss it a lot.

  201. nancy

    i blame from Edinburgh, home of John Knox, blaster of trumpets against the monstrous regiments of women!!!
    In fact, if I ever finish this doctorate, some dude in a robe will hit me over the head with a pair of the good man’s 450-yearold trousers to celebrate. Thank you, Twisty, for alerting me to the full and rich irony of this ceremony- I had no idea he was such trumpet-blaster.

  202. Fhiona

    Blaming from Bristol, UK. This site keeps me sane!

  203. nina

    Another Pacific NW blamer here, poised at the entrance to Puget Sound. Vibrating Liz, if you ever make it to Port Townsend, please look me up, am a big fan of both your former blogs, and there’s lots of Zydeco dancing here. Hell, that goes for any blamers who find themselves in this corner of the world.

    Thanks, Twisty, for letting us declare ourselves; it’s quite heartening.

  204. Hollywood Marie

    So, cafesiren and I are the only ones from Southern California? Sheesh, you’d think from our reputation (especially LA’s) we’d be larger in numbers. Maybe it’s the Orange Curtain’s influence, or the transplants seeking stardom. I just held out hope that the city I love didn’t completely become overrun by the P, and that among the fruits and nuts were some blamers lurking at Amoeba or something.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled about the world-wide Twistydom, just feeling a little lonely. Cafesiren, wanna get coffee sometime?

    And to Magdalena: Bear Down! Stop by Beyond Bread for me. The chicken caesar sandwich is un-frakking-believable there.

  205. Eurosabra


    Wow. Someone’s ISP is Palestine-friendly, presumably anti-Occupation AND willing to use Hebrew place-names. Am speechless at the openness to others in a conflict marked by denial. And at the linguistic gymnastics involved.

    For the rest, Israeli d00d in SM, CA, doing my best not to be a patriarch.

  206. Cameron

    Minneapolis where are your dots!? I see a poster above from Duluth, I was expecting more from my state! Kind of depressing, considering I’m also a card-carrying patriarchy member (gets me discounts when my car is in the shop).

  207. funambulator

    Blaming from Louisville, Kentucky.

    I never thought this would happen here at IBTP, but I think I know one of you from real life! When I saw the username Anna Belle, I thought, “Huh, I had a writing class at IUS with someone named Anna Belle,” (I remembered because I always thought it was a cool name). Then I saw your location, Anna Belle, and I think it might be you! That is so weird!

    And Mikaela, I had a dear & blamey friend who was from Fox Trap in Newfoundland. I think that’s part of St. John’s, or nearby?

  208. Odrade

    I’m blaming from Brighton, but I’d be very surprised if I was the only one.
    Hello there fellow Brits, and worldwide blamers!

  209. Chase

    Lurking and blaming in beautiful New Jersey!

  210. Una

    Blaming from Belfast, Hi to Tyrone and Belfastian.

  211. Blodwyn Pig

    Blaming from Saint Etienne, France, where the best thing I can say about our president is that at least he’s not Silvio ‘our-women-get-raped-because-they’re-too-pretty Burlesconi next door in Italy.

    A 42% reduction (I believe)on the family planning allowance! Seriously? Tsk, tsk Sarkozy… IBTP!

  212. Maddog

    Hello from Montreal, and I’m not the only one. Cool.

  213. Eibhear

    Hi, Alex. I’m in SW (not the posh part. Wave!).

  214. orlando

    I’m having the same moment as funambulator. I think Christiane was a student of mine when I was living in Dublin. Hope so, she always had fabulous blaming potential.

  215. butterflywings

    ‘do they even let women into Antarctica?’

    Yes, they do.

    I just read, and recommend, ‘To the Poles Without a Beard’ by Catharine Hartley, the first woman to walk to both poles.

  216. Hedgepig

    anuna’s story (“One day at the keyboard, enraged by the usual grotesque enormities, I shouted “I BLAME THE PATRIARCHY, goddammit!” Seeking an outlet for my wrath, I typed “I blame the patriarchy” into my google box, and oh my sweet female spaghetti monster, this website appeared as if by magic. It was like making a wish and seeing it come true.”) is beautiful! Not often does asking the universe (blogosphere?) actually work.

  217. Evo

    I’m gonna go ahead and delurk to add myself to the global threat.

    Laima – over here, over here!!! Practicing radfem, nonpracticing (at the moment) Pagan and fellow Marylander (A.A. Co.), though I am currently reading from work in D.C. I’m actually going to a feminist consciousness raising group that a few local women started tomorrow. This is only the second meeting we’ve had, but there are more to come. Let me know if you’d be interested, or just getting together and blaming, or just drinking and playing guitar hero, as I seem to have an addiction.

  218. ma'am

    Level Best, Hello from ET!

  219. random_anomaly

    Jes, I was originally a Scottish blamer too (back in the larval stages of my blaming). Born in Kirkintilloch, grew up in Humbie.
    It’s good to know that the ancient patriarchal stronghold of Scotland is still being infiltrated. Such a progressive country in some ways; so backward in others.

  220. Rhus

    Another blamer in Spain who sends much love to you, Twisty. ¡Abajo el patriarcado!

  221. Bunnie W.

    I’m a dot in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Hi there Whit!) most of the time, and for about three weeks every year I blame in Bangalore, India.

  222. tinfoil hattie

    Evo — may I butt in? tinfoilhattie@gmail.com; live in northern VA.

  223. ruth

    Blaming and waving from far away (from everything except the patriarchy) Perth, Western Australia. Thank you Twisty.

  224. the baboon

    I am apparently alone in representing the Blamin’ Mainers. From the goddamn cosmopolite city of Portland, of course.

  225. Myrna Minkoff

    Are there any fellow blamers around the Columbia/Fulton/Jefferson City area of Missouri? That’s where I am, at William Woods University. I’m a student.

    I hail from New Orleans, though. Katrina refugees of the world- Unite and take over.

  226. slade

    Blaming from Columbus, Ohio. Anyone else from central Ohio? Lived in Bay Area for many years so you can imagine how lonely it is here in Ohio.

  227. rainie

    Blaming from Indianapolis, Indiana!

    Shelly, I like your photos and art.

  228. Shiloruh

    4 years of persistent blaming from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I know I have sister dots in Texas and Kansas. Greetings to the world wide Blametariat!

  229. Seacrow

    I’ve been lurking and blaming from Cambridge, Vancouver, and now Wisconsin.

  230. Rebekka

    Hi Other Liz and Eevoid! It got to 50.1 in our courtyard yesterday according to my weather station (that’s 122 Farenheit for the rest of you). The patriarchy is clearly to blame for this outrageous weather.

  231. madame woo

    I blame the patriarchy from Bangkok, Thailand, land of sex tourists, so there’s a certainly a lot of patriarchy to blame around here.

  232. stompie

    late to the party too, and hello to other blamers in japan! i’m in tokyo.

    as for feminism in japan, meerkat’s quite right about that weird usage as a synonym for “chivalrous” (blech), but as far as the home-grown movement goes, the best-known feminist over here is probably ueno chizuko.

  233. ellecain

    Hello from India! To be precise – Pune, which is about 3 hours from Mumbai. Any blamer on a backpacking trip is always welcome to come visit.

    And it’s not as lonely here for a young feminist as you might think. Some of those outsourcing jobs are going to upper middle class girls who are using the money to free themselves from partiarchy. Rest assured that the feminist army is making inroads in South Asia!

  234. Gender Blank

    I blame from upstate New York where, unfortunately, empowerful young women in dangerous footwear are more than happy to collude with the patriarchy to oppress each other so their wrestler boyfriends don’t have to lift a drunk finger. Did I mention I live on a college campus? Blaming is pretty much a solitary pursuit around here. But not for a lack of tryin’.

  235. Deanna

    Victoria, BC, Canada here.

    Keep blaming the politicians, Canuck neighbours, especially the Conservatives and the Liberals. They’re using the upcoming budget to kill pay equity regulations.

    And just after the US passed the Ledbetter Act, too.

    I blame Stephen Harper. And the patriarchy.

  236. lauredhel

    I’m blaming from Perth, Western Australia. Possibly the Dot Least Likely To Be Confused With Another Due To Proximity.

  237. Esther

    Blaming from Valladolid, SPAIN. Did´t get to see any dot but anyway, glad to greet all fellow blamers around the globe! Twisty, your blog is a must read. It keeps me away from insanity…

  238. angela

    Hey, throw in a dot on Taiwan! Been lurking here for at least two years.

    Today’s front page headline in the China Times: (I shit you not) “Iceland’s New Prime Minister is a LESBIAN”

    IBTP. Sigh.

  239. Lewis

    Who knew Denver/Boulder was such a hotbed of blaming?!?! I’m a Denver native – makes me insanely happy to see so many of us Coloradans here.

    I blamed from Orange County California for a bit while in school and the isolation in Plastic Boob land nearly killed me. I can say truly that I was saved by IBTP.

  240. not a dudetiful wife

    I love these maps. Truly, of all the progressive changes in the world, women having full rights and full value as humans it the most scary thing to many men and even, some “uncle tom” women.

  241. Nanella

    A blamey “hello!” from backwoods, Pennyslvania (down in the bass ackwards southwest corner of the state), where I’m the only one who has issues with the local annual beauty pageant. *sigh* It’s hard out here for a feminist, but great to come here and feel not so alone anymore.

  242. janna

    I’m also surprised at all the Colorado blamers. Sounds like we need to have a blamer party here in the metro area :D

  243. Cecil Beeber

    I’m blaming from Indianapolis, Indiana too. I’m delighted to see three other Hoosier blamers (and one former – I suppose that I don’t know how bad Indiana is, since I’ve been here all my life). I didn’t there were that many of us! Hello to all the Kiwi blamers as well – if I ever flee Indiana, I’m aiming for New Zealand.

  244. Cecil Beeber

    Gah. I didn’t know there were that many of us. Sorry about that.

  245. Antares

    Another blamer chiming in from Barcelona. Hola!

  246. Lar

    Esther – you got my hopes up for a minute! I live very close to Valladolid…Mexico.

  247. scatterplot

    Another Christchurch, NZ blamer here! Great to know there are so many kiwis on site.

  248. PatriarchySlayer

    Big Patriarchy-blaming hello from Alberta! By the way, any of you Canadians know any feminist organizations in the Edmonton area?? I am looking to get connected, but haven’t been successful thus far.

  249. WriterJ

    There’s plenty of blaming going on here in sunny San Diego, where the unseasonal warmth comes to us with a reminder from the plastic surgeons and personal trainers that there’s still time to achieve patriarchy-approved standards of sexy by bathing-suit season.

  250. Jodie

    hero — yes, OK is probably now redder than Utah — every single county voted Republican in the last election, and even Sally Kern (the bigot who truly believes there is such a thing as a “Homosexual Agenda”) was reelected.

  251. ZoBabe

    Hey! Where’s my dot?
    I lurk fairly regularly from Bali, Indonesia. (Maybe I just don’t count, as I’m originally United Statesian (by way of SF, CA) as well).
    The state of blaming here is pretty dismal (in local and expat communities alike). That’s why I have to spend so much time blaming vicariously on blogs like this.

  252. Serenity

    Long-time lurker from London, England – it’s great to know there are blamers in so many different places!

  253. Claudia

    I’ve been blaming the patriarchy for about 2 years down here in Porto Alegre, Brazil (way down there close to Uruguay & Argentina), and I won’t scare you with the details of this agrarian, backwards corner of the world. Blame on, sisters!

  254. Hawise

    I’m blaming from Montreal where if you’re not blaming something then you are asleep.

  255. Hollywood Marie

    Angela: Maybe this will make you feel better http://www.afterellen.com/blwe/01-30-09?page=0,7

    Jodie: Sally Kern got re-elected?!?! Even after saying we homos are a bigger threat than terrorists? Excuse me while I vomit.

  256. Jrav

    Blaming from Beaumont, Texas and boy is it lonely! BUT my friends and fam have become much more aware even if they don’t call themselves “feminists.” still working. Hey to everyone in H town.

  257. mearl

    I’m laying down some mad blames in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Hi Bodi!) where, for almost 6 months of the year, it’s too cold to do anything but blame. I just watched Hamlet 2, and howled when the main character gives a passionate speech about the theatre industry, where even “a kid from a dairy farm in Manitoba can become a somebody.” Why so funny? No one knows where the province is, let alone the city. I contemplated whether or not to blame the Patriarchy for the world’s lack of knowledge about Winnipeg, and concluded that the Patriarchy probably has SOMETHING to do with it. Naturally, it’s a radical feminist that has counteracted this regrettable state of ignorance. Thanks, Twisty.

    Blame on!

  258. mearl

    Shit, I meant “..WHO has counteracted..”

  259. A

    Just a spec on the dot of the Bay Area! I’m having an old AOL shout out flashback here.

  260. TR

    I’m in Canoga Park in southern California, and it’d be nice if there were some enlightened folks around here, but I somehow doubt it. More than anything, IBTP constantly makes sense of the world for me. Unfortunately, I usually have to do what on-the-fly educating I can, because I’m still too angry not to do so. (I’m not a very friendly or articulate person, unfortunately.) It’s great to see those dots spread around though!

  261. Emma

    Blaming from Sydney Australia, where dusk has fallen and the heat has abated. Thanks Twisty for keeping me in touch with my radfem past, now that I’m a little more underground. Yes, that nice respectably dressed middle aged woman with the greying hair can still blame the patriarchy. Feeling proud tonight because my 18 year old son came home saying he was quitting his bookshop holiday job because the boss was a sleazebag who wants them to sell porn.

  262. Laima

    Hi Evo and Tinfoil Hattie,

    I’d definitely be willing to drive a ways to meet fellow blamers. Me and my Nigel were in DC over the weekend, visiting a couple of the Smithsonian museums. DC is only about 1.5 hours away from us, and if that’s what it takes to not feel so isolated, I’m up for it. We’ve been in northern MD since 6/08, but I only know about 5 people (my office is very small). I work in Baltimore City during the week, so weekends might work better.


  263. MLH

    I am so happy so see other blamers from Spain! I am from Spain too, but I currently blame from Howard County, Maryland. I would like to meet blamers in Maryland, Evo & Co! Where do I sign up?

  264. SaraV

    IBTP from Detroit. ‘ello!

  265. viajera

    Add Costa Rica to the list – and I personally know a couple women who have worked in Antarctica.

  266. Eibhear

    Hi, Serenity. Wave!

  267. Jodie

    I vomited too, Hollywood Marie. Bleah.

  268. Aqua

    Hi Emma and all antipodean blamers (waves to all blamers) – I’m blaming from the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney. It’s good to see posts from blamers around the world. I am at home looking after children and feeling pretty underground at the moment…and feeling so ground down by the kinds of sexxyfunn ‘feminism’ articles that the local media like to print by Australian women academics who are keen to tell us why porn is great fun for women and so on. It gets so depressing that I switched off from all those debates and it’s been great reading Twisty and all the blamers – my blaming batteries are definitely being recharged.

  269. feral

    Blamin’ from West (by godbag) Virginia. This is my first post though I’ve been reading voraciously for several months.

  270. M

    Hey, slade – another blamer from Columbus, Ohio here!

  271. harmonicminor

    I’m an American blaming from Hangzhou, China. Believe it or not, your blog is not blocked here! I’d be happy to translate when my Mandarin is good enough. (Although that will probably get you blocked…)

  272. november

    Dear LeNi,

    I actually blamed for Germany, but at the moment I’m in the Netherlands (Nijmegen). I agree with your complaints about the feminist magazine. I’m not too happy with their 3.0 version, either.

  273. Cunnus

    Hi, I’m blaming from snowy london!
    I found this site like a week ago, and my god its so refreshing to finally meet a secret cache of rad femmes just like me. My goodness, the UK is crowded as hell with blamers.
    Btw, the big antifeminist story for us Brits is that women who work outside the home are selfish bitches and also we’re losing our jobs twice as fast as men in the economic crisis, you know made by men…IBTP!!!!!!!

  274. Daisy P

    I looked for my dot, but the dot was bigger than the country – England, more commonly known as UK to those ferriners who don’t know nuffink better…kind of like calling Texas, the US. So, originally being from Tx USA, I, probably unfairly, will claim 2 dots, just cuz I’m a selfish, greedy bitch (must be true, ex-bastard-from-hell, oops, I mean, hubby, said so).

    Oh goody…I’m a 2-dot Blamer!!! Going to stop random people in this village and ask “tell me, are you a Blamer also?? I’m looking to start a sub(versive) branch of Blamerism over here…never mind about my accent…are you a Blamer, and are you in??”

  275. madeleine

    At last I can be proud of my impossible country again: FOUR blamers in Holland! (waves)

  276. Alex

    Eibhear – a belated wave back from sunny Haringey. Hope you’ve enjoyed the snow!

  277. Natalia

    My dot would be from Amman. And occasionally from Kiev. Wonder how many other Ammanites or Kievans may pass by here on occasion.

  278. Hattie

    Hey, you mean I’m the only blamer in all of Hawaii? How can that be???? I’d better not leave for any reason!!!!!

  279. Sakina

    Ooh, three dots on India, but not where I am from!

    Hello, Currently blaming from Delhi, India. As for Muslim Feminists, Well I am one, so is my Mother and Grandmother last time I checked. (My Father is a Feminist too, but not quite “Muslim”)

    Hopefully, we see more dots on South Asia and West Asia (Middle East), Enough to get the word feminist in these languages! (Hindi/Urdu has none for it.)

  280. thebewilderness

    Hi Hattie.
    My son, who is in the Blamer Male Auxiliary of Lurkers, just moved to Honolulu. He also reads your blog. .

  281. Suezboo

    I am mortified to note that my solitary dot near Cape Town is no longer on the map.I still blame wholeheartedly from my small country town but no longer have a computer at home. Blast & Damn. Off the map – Oh, the humiliation. PS. Hi, Schia.

  282. wombats

    Another Canadian B-ing the P from Montreal, Brooklyn and currently, Vancouver, BC.

  283. su

    Lurking in Woolgoolga, Australia. Love the twisty blametariat.

  284. ptarmigan

    I live in Alaska, and I blame. Been blaming for 60 years. Just apparently not on the days the global census gets taken.

  285. zooeyibz

    Currently blaming from Troncones, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Don’t even get me started on the little ‘life-size’ fetus dolls they have in the Catholic churches here to remind women it’s their godgiven duty to keep squeezin’ ’em out…

  286. Lunetta

    I’m late to the party but I’m a long time lurker from Copenhagen, Denmark. Occasionally I may also show up as a dot in Palermo, Italy.

  287. harmonicminor

    An American blaming from Hangzhou, China here. Your site is not blocked here now, but might be after I start translating it into Mandarin, which might be another 6 months or so.

  288. Sarah

    I’m the Aucklander. I hope those dots represent more than two Kiwis!

  289. Mai

    Lurker from L.A. Specifically east Hollywood hills.

  290. Rough Diamond

    This is really late.. but how exciting to see so many blamers from New Zealand. I am very close to Paekakariki on the Kapiti Coast. Which it was reported in the paper last year has a ‘man shortage’. Meaning of all the the areas in New Zealand, females out-number males by the largest amount in Kapiti. And there was an accompanying interview with a poor sad woman lamenting the fact. ( Oh dear! Whatever shall we do? Surely we cannot be happy with so few men!? *crocodile tears* ) I had some trouble relating to her despair, and was wondering how I could drive the rest of them out and make Kapiti the feminist capital of New Zealand. It’s not that I hate men, as I am so often accused of, but many of them… well, I don’t have to tell you, they’re disturbingly hateful to women. Incidentally, the town in New Zealand that had the highest number of males in relation to females had a large a prison in the area.
    Anyway, I love this blog. Thanks Twisty – you’re a star.

  291. soopermouse

    Blaming from Leicester UK, sometimes from Alexandria, Romania and sometimes from tel Aviv, Israel

  292. Emma

    Im the dot in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I dont know any other dots around here. Just me. .

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