Feb 17 2009

Broken! Blog temporarily abnormal in appearance

I Blame the Patriarchy will look funny until I can figure out what insignificant little parenthesis I forgot to close in some dumb code that I shouldn’t have been messing with in the first place. It is a fact that spinster aunts, though we know nearly everything, fall a bit short when it comes to (a) the meaning of certain commonly used words, and (b) how to write php code.


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  1. incognotter

    That was a pretty quick fix, Twisty. I hail your closed parentheses.

  2. Margaret

    Whoa. I am a spinster aunt too and I think my php is pretty good ;-)

  3. Twisty

    Oh, it’s not fixed. I had to resort to reinstalling the theme, but the new install seems to be only marginally compatible with the ancient version of WordPress I’m running. I’d upgrade WordPress, but the last time I did that all the quotation marks on the whole blog turned into “&quot!?#*!=” and I don’t want to spend the next two weeks farting around in techie forums. But I may have no choice.

  4. CLD

    Looks like the text inviting us to comment is the only thing “broken” for now. It’s only a wee bit larger than the rest of the text; sort of like it’s semi-yelling at me to blame on.

  5. PhysioProf

    some dumb code that I shouldn’t have been messing with in the first place

    HAHAHAHAHAH! That’s why I never fuck with that shit in the first place! The less I fucking know about “php”–whatever the fuck that even is–the happier I am.

    Comrade PhysioProf

  6. Nepenthe

    Isn’t php some kind of drug?


    Former computer science major until I realized that my professors were never going to bother to learn my name. IBTP.

  7. Daisy P

    Have I been banned?

  8. thebewilderness

    Ha! You broke the internets.

  9. Claire (CJ)

    I kind of like the new look. Blogular shabby chic. No particular need for tidiness when blaming, so why not keep it?


  10. Pinko Punko

    I blame the Grackle lobby.

  11. Hedgepig

    Claire, I also kind of like it! It means I’ve got TWO cute little blamers (who look like my eldest nephew) on the top picture bar thing.

  12. Donna

    Oops. A ‘too’ instead of a ‘to’. That hurts. But – again – it’s the wine talking. Plus, am doing this on the iPhone. Yep, now name-dropping ‘iphone’. (So, this is why I’m not a natural commenter.) Ok that’s enough.

  13. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    All I learned at How to Write Code School was that I never wanted to be a writer of code. So I meddle not in Affaires de Gearheads.

  14. Donna

    Well thank god the Donna who commented above is a different Donna because I was afraid it was I who proclaimed my love for Twisty (which I do have, in abundance but I digress), in which case my wine would have been talking without me. But since I know for a fact I don’t own an iPhone my concerns are allayed.

    I’ll be changing my Blamer name, postehaste.

  15. Donna

    My goodnes yes Donna – I’d change it quick smart if I was you.

  16. Jillybean

    Spinster aunts DO know everything; we may temporarily forget from time to time though.

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