Mar 06 2009

&!(#@!!, or, the Update Announcement

The blog is not just broken, it is blown to smithereens. As I have done 48,652 times since I was born, I have flown too close to the sun yet again. But despair ye not, for I have set up the Emergency Blog, which actually allows comments now, although it does not have avatars or a picture of my niece on it.

Until I fix the regular one, which unfortunately I suspect I won’t have time to do for a couple of days, what I’ll be doing is, I’ll be cross-posting here and there. If you read it here (at blog.iblamethepatriarchy.com), and want to comment, you can do it there (at emergency.iblamethepatriarchy.com). I’ll post handy hyperlinks. Parties who are interested in the archives will find them accessible only through the little slider dealio at the top of the page (where the page numbers are).

Not ideal, but blaming is a challenging business.

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