Apr 20 2009

“Life IS Life !!”: Commenter, in stunning intellectual leap, equates concept with itself

I tried to upload a photo of a painted bunting, but this proved impossible, as it turns out I haven't actually taken any pictures of any painted buntings. Instead, please enjoy this photo of the spinster aunt's winsome young relative Finn. We were all surprised when her face <em>did</em> get stuck like that.

I tried to upload a photo of a painted bunting, but this proved impossible, as it turns out I haven't actually taken any pictures of any painted buntings. Instead, please enjoy this photo of the spinster aunt's winsome young relative Finn. We were all surprised when her face did get stuck like that.

It must be annoying, dealing with a spinster aunt who only pretends to be an Internet feminist.

I admit it; I have been moonlighting as a flesh-and-blood person lo these past few days, flitting around the countryside as though the Internet didn’t even exist. Spring is boinging up all over the rancho, and — not to be too adorable-woodland-creaturey about it — there are painted buntings to espy.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, espying painted buntings. They are not, apparently, my specialty. I mean, barn swallow: check. Summer tanager: check. Ladderbacked woodpecker: check. Scissor-tailed flycatcher, red-tailed hawk, mourning dove, roadrunner, assorted hummingbirds, Carolina wren, ostrich, black-crested titmouse, 8 black vultures sitting in a row on a fence: check, check, check.

But the painted bunting? It might as well be a dodo.

I regret that I do not have a decent post even now. In fact, all I have, in addition to my gripping bird-watching checklist, is a funny comment from the moderation box, left on an old post wherein I assert that culture is nothing but the realization of patriarchal fantasy. The comment goes like this:

Hey You People !!

I am a Man !! (Patriactical ??) …

I have a wife AND, I have a child …

I am (was) willing to step up to the PLATE (!!), to take the HIT from this loser, that was harassing BOTH, my wife AND my child …

It’s just NOT the female’s OR the child’s nature, to really be able to protect themselves …

Men are NECESSARY !!

But, men are NOT God !! …

And, men should Love their wives, and, men should Love their children …

I’ve ALWAYS tried to do, just those …

And, I’ve ALWAYS had a hard Time with art !!

But, I’ve always believed in, “freedom of expression !!”

So, I’ve put up with their art !!

I didn’t have anything (!!) to lose …

In closing, I don’t even know who Firestone is, but, Life IS Life !!

Let’s get on with IT, shall we !!

Yours truly,

[email address redacted to protect our correspondent from a flood of marriage proposals]

I offer the preceding, not as an excuse, exactly, but for your consideration as an explanatory condition regarding my obligation to take occasional unscheduled vacations from blaming. Even the spinster aunt, with her mighty nerves of steel, can only take so many ellipses before she snaps.


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  1. sonia


    what am I (Sonia?) sitting around caring for?

    things ARE as they ARE, what is is what is, and that is THAT.

    why do I bother…

    examining anything…

    when I could use my life to comply with…

    TYRANNICAL structures that hurt…


    I mean, men put up with my “art”!!!

    I’m off to LIVE my LIFE.

    Feminist converted.

  2. sonia

    LOLs, Twisty. That made my morning. It reminds of this freaky asshole I had to borrow rent money from once who then proceeded to send me all these emphatic capitalized texts with exclamation points. I think that might even be him.

  3. jael

    “I’ve always had a hard time with art”.

    I think maybe he means “Art”.

  4. wolfhound


  5. LCforevah

    The latest issue of Scientific American has a really “nice” op-ed by an atheist scientist, who happens to be anti-choice because he values life, and my, my, my how high-sounding and moral was he!

    As I was reading it, two things sprang out at me: How disembodied his op-ed was, since he barely mentioned women–the human beings who are actually involved. It was so intellectual as to be devoid of any regard for the decisions made by women. Secondly, how blindly, blindly, privileged he comes off, since without religion and as a scientist, he has no moral leg to stand on regarding any aspect of abortion. Much of his reasoning came straight out of the Randall Terry playbook–it was just missing the mention of god.

    Men like this, atheistic and scientific, don’t seem to realize how much their current opinion is based on a sense of male privilege that was formulated much before atheism and science became part of the civilized world.

    I am so tired of even educated, scientific dudes not understanding that their opinions end at my bodily sovereignty.

  6. Ron Sullivan

    In the corner of my screen I’m watching the San Francisco PG&E Falconcam. Diamond Lil is feeding three chicks. I mean eyasses.

    However, I am seeing “scissor-tailed flycatchers” and “painted buntings” and “black vultures” and thinking about wildflowers and herps and now I’m feeling all sorry for myself. Waaaaaaaah.

    I nearly died of an ostrich once, as it occasioned a reflexive U-turn on a two-lane stretch of Highway 1 just north of Santa Cruz. We were on our way to Monterey for one of Debra Love Shearwater’s pelagic birding cruises and I needed that particular sanity check fast. One doesn’t want to be caught hallucinating the wrong birds in such company.

    I for one do not expect daily updates from anybody with access to the Real World in this season. Besides, when you look at the incoming stuff like that sample, you get reminded of just how many stupid people there are in the world, which is a bringdown.

    My life painted buntings were a flock on the ground in a grassy bit of a campground on Lake Ponchartrain, near dusk, in spring. Don’t know what they were after but they hung around a long time.

  7. Pinko Punko

    I think the superfluous exclamation points and the emphasis via shift key will also have been contributing factors.

  8. sally

    Evidence that you should never drink and type. Or should I say TYPE.

    But really, he wandered over here, took the time to write your email, and he wanted to empassionedly argue that he is necessary and loves his wife and kid and believes in…art and freedom of expression. Done and done, I think.

    But kids, don’t drink and type. Really. The more you know…

  9. K

    Something about the commenter’s commas make me think of Dr. Seuss. No, I don’t see the logic in that either.

  10. procrastinatrix

    Wow. I’m curious, do you have ground rules for yourself about how much time and energy you spend trying to figure out what comments like that one actually mean? I just spent about 2 minutes (I am after all reading this at work), and started to feel a bit dizzy.

    Is there a point at which you chuck such comments in the “deliberately obfuscating and inarticulate” bin? Woof.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. birkwearingblamer

    Enjoy the spring weather on the ranch!

  12. VibratingLiz

    Finn for President!

  13. sally

    procrastinatrix: It’s actually one of those Magic Eye compositions. If you stare at it long enough, you can see a white unicorn and a rainbow jumping out of the picture at you.

  14. thebewilderness

    I’ve always had a hard time with art, as well as life, except without the caps and double exclamation points.
    It is a relief to know that a man believes that freedom of expression must be put up with, except for the exceptions, of course.
    I can’t help but wonder, is he, himself, the loser of whom he speaks?

  15. humanbein

    Finn! Such a big kid these days.

    Men shouting.

    They make me believe them.

    Because they are louder than I.

    They have the scrotums of truth under their paunch of belief to cause them to yell with their thunder-throats and make privilege real.

  16. procrastinatrix

    @ sally: still waiting for the unicorn…

  17. sally

    procrastinatrix: you have to soften your focus. That and have a bottle of high proof and a couple of joints.

    I’m loving the modern poetry here. humanbein, that was epic! I’m snapping my fingers like you killed at the local latte poetry throw down.

  18. sally

    Maybe we could Maya Angelou to do vocals on a recording of all this poetry to upload on itunes. Or hey, maybe create a whole Hallmark card line, the “Hey you people” line. Every card could end with the tagphrase “Love, Daddy. (NOT God)”

    “when you feel that late night urge to express your love..”

    Monitinization people! Monitize!

  19. arlene

    ‘Life is life, la la la la la, lalalalallife!’ Opus, the very oiled hinge of eightiestacularnaffness.

  20. Alex

    I think Weird-ass Commenter’s problem is the standard one–he doesn’t grasp that “patriarchy” doesn’t mean “individual men making free and unconstrained choices with deliberate ill-intent.” And, therefore, blaming the patriarchy doesn’t meaning blaming men. If it did, “But I’m a nice guy!” would be the worldview-crumbling zinger that these guys think it it.

    Weird-ass commenter: your wife and child NEED you to protect them because of…PATRIARCHY!! That’s how it WORKS!!

  21. Orange

    I just realized what “!!!” is: it’s an ellipsis with emphatic dashes radiating upwards.

    I have never seen a painted bunting, but it was my favorite picture in that lovely bird book I had when I was a wee bairn. I hope you’re able to give us a photo one of these days.

  22. sally

    arlene: “snap, snap, snap”
    sonia: cigarette lighter

    I’m just not the poet, but I’m fixin to get my second latte and enjoy the muse that is “Hey you people.”

  23. PhysioProf

    The segue from trying to love his wife and children to having a hard time with art is amazing. It’s impossible to look away.

  24. Hubert James Spudmartin

    Finn is more than fabulous, and I’m glad her face has frozen like that. Was that same face the one that used to grace the IBTP banner pre-software-fix days?

  25. Sycorax

    Arlene, I was reminded of that song as well, although I think the Laibach cover is more apropos than the original.

  26. yttik

    Ahhh, a bottle of merlot and a keyboard. If done properly, you can not only learn to write like that, but you can also wake up with your face stuck like Finn’s.

  27. hero

    Somebody please tell me if he’s right about that life thing. I’m so confused. If life is life, then what is merlot-and-keyboard?

  28. Notorious Ph.D.

    I think you should post Finn’s picture on your “Guidelines for Commenters” page, with the caption: “You must be at least THIS intelligent to comment.”

    And now that I’ve seen Finn, I want a Ro-Tel pic! Or perhaps they’re the same person. I note that I’ve never seen them in a photo together.

  29. Rainbow Girl

    I !!

    Have never so enjoyed !

    Reading a comment from a patriactal (pterodactyl?) commentorz !!!!!!

    Even though I have a pterodactyl husband and staying with him is HARD.

    Everyday he stepped up to the PLATE where I placed his DINNER and made HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS REGARDING MY COOKING AND ATTIRE.

    …partly why I’m LEAVING him…

    So this COMMENT…

    For despite or because of it’s stoopidery

    It errminds me that LIFE;


    is comically absurd!!!!


  30. Dinana

    “Men are NECESSARY !!” = inferiority complex. Probably because of all those nasty feminists. And we all know that women have it so much better than men these days, that the pendulum has swung too far, don’t we.

    “BUT men are NOT God !! …” I bet he feels even more inferior now, but in a totally self righteous way.

    And finally, I always laugh with derision when anyone (tries) to make the point that men are the protectors, as isn’t it men that women and children usually need protection from.

  31. larkspur

    You know, I kind of feel for the guy. I mean, there’s only so much of “Kids Say The Darndest Things” a person can take. But Art Linkletter is still alive. Ancient, yes (he was born in 1912), but Commenter Dude should show some respect: Art and his less significant helpmeet have been married since 1935 (Art is her life). He should maybe pick on Bob Barker, who is a sprightly 85 years old. But Commenter Dude probably can’t handle the truth or the consequences.

    Meanwhile, does young Finn have a pony of her own, I wonder?

    Also, does the Rancho fall within the spring Cedar Fever area? If so, I hope you are immune. I myself can type a few words, then sneeze, et cetera. Who wants to build me some nanotech-bots that’ll go in and scrub and polish my sinuses and make ’em impervious to pollen? Anyone? Finn?

  32. Amos

    I like Sonia and Rainbow Girl’s attempts at this new poetic form, but I don’t think you got the commas quite right. The comma after the conjunction sequence is key.

  33. slythwolf

    Possibly your local painted buntings are still migrating from their Central American winter cottages. When you do finally espy one–as any sufficiently dedicated spinster aunt eventually must–I hope you’ll furnish us with pictures.

  34. Cottonpants

    Sorry, Twisty. I’m frequently guilty of emphasizing text with caps. To be honest, it’s because I have no idea what kind of code is accepted in this comment box. Some sites use actual html, and some use that bastardized square-bracket code.

    Oh, what the heck. I will perform a quick experiment. Feel free to delete this post.

    italic bold strikethrough


  35. humanbein

    Art Linkletter is still alive?

    My heart soars, and I’m rushing upstairs to play his theme song, “Ukulele Lady” this minute.

  36. Aunti Disestablishmentarian

    I so wanna perform this as a spoken word piece. Perhaps something inspired by the dulcid tones of Laibach’s version of the Opus Hit Arlene mentioned, Life Is Life.

  37. Jenn

    Finn is very winsome. Imagine, getting the urge to procreate from here!

    I’m afraid I don’t comprehend anything from this post. The idea of wildlife is very foreign to the pit that is urban Phoenix. I guess I could consider children a kind of wildlife. Albeit, very messy and time-consuming wildlife.

    Again, how strange it is to have an impulse to spawn winsome children from the feminist musings of a spinster aunt’s blog. Although, I have gotten a foul impression from the beatnik poetry(?) of the Nice Guy. I’m not quite sure what a masturbatory fondness for ellipses and patriarchal priviledge signify, but it seems rather distasteful.

  38. larkspur

    Hee, Jenn, I looked upon the photograph of Finn and felt the impulse to Aunt. It’s amazingly powerful. Darn siblings of mine forgot to spawn some younguns.

    Cottonpants, a successful foray into code-testing, yis?

    “Ukelele Lady”: oh, tell me there’s a YouTube. Wait. No, don’t.

    Lastly: I am near San Francisco and it is still hot. It’s April, and it’s evening, and it’s still 88 degrees. I am a lower-middle-class spinster non-Aunt with a hyperactive obstreperol lobe who is too warm and may shortly be able to kill stuff with her brain. I do not know if this weather is headed eastward, but make extra ice-cubes just in case. And try to postpone your perimenopause, mk?

  39. Nolabelfits

    I am for some reason denied access to the old post this dude commented on. Is there a clue in there as to what the hell he is talking about?

  40. Kwailin

    You mean this wasn’t a dramatic monologue poem a la “My Last Duchess”?

  41. blue milk

    I LOVED this email. I’ve often wondered what kind of trolling you get, I never for a moment thought it would be so Dada-esque!

  42. Dinana

    This guy probably thinks that he is some kind of sensitive intellectual, and goddamnit an artist himself for writing that piece of drivel. I bet he uses it (or similar outpourings)to try and impress women.

  43. sonia

    “I don’t think you got the commas quite right. The comma after the conjunction sequence is key.”

    I just thought it was lame. I didn’t think that much about the sentence structure.

    You could just out-do us with commas of your own? That would be cooler than just bagging on other people.

  44. Squiggy

    Gee, Sonia. I thought Amos just made an interesting additional observation about the “Nice Guy” comment. I’m about the thinskinedest
    human anyone knows but in this case I didn’t detect the tiniest bit of bagging behavior.

  45. sonia

    I’m not sure how criticizing 2 other people’s comments without adding anything of your own is not bagging.

    actually, it’s like intellectual bagging.

  46. sonia

    I love this blog, but people often leave the comments section feeling “unworthy” of commenting here. that’s not gonna be me. I honestly don’t even know what that guy’s comma analysis meant, and it seems rude to tell someone that their comment was a good effort, but flawed. like, snobby.

    does that explain better?

  47. sonia

    and Twisty, I don’t mean you. I mean sometimes people feel like other commentors have a prerequisite for who they’ll respect here.

    okay, maximum I’m willing to devote to this b.s. hath been reached.

  48. Nolabelfits

    Using commas poorly and excessively is very common. I don’t think there was any literary or artistic attempt by the poster. I think he was just expressing himself as he does in real life,(I mean in instant messaging or something similiar which is probably as far as he gets with any literary work) and is probably no intellectual giant.

  49. random_anomaly

    Merlot + keyboard = qwertyface, a rare and seldom-documented medical condition. Triggers include alcohol and/or sedatives; usual symptoms include waking up on a keyboard with a face that says “qwerty”.

  50. Cottonpants

    Larkspur, yes! I am quite pleased.

    Also, please give me your warm weather. It’s been snowing intermittently here in Denver.

  51. Citizen Jane

    You know that when you read something that starts out with “I am a Man!!” then you are in for a good read.

  52. speedbudget

    I am looking out my window at this wonderful creature just now:

    a lovely goldfinch

    Of course, it’s the male. Since we all learned in school that male is default.

    I’m rolling my eyes here.

  53. The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

    Appealing to the First Protection Racket? That’s all he’s got? Maaaaaaaaaan, the poor dude is out of options. Sad!

  54. rainie

    This past weekend I went to the woods intending to hunt morels and photograph spring wildflowers. Instead, I acquired movie clip after movie clip of frogs. Normally the frogs in our pond high-tail it for cover when humans approach. But this day, something was different. They were busy and did not hear me. There they were, swimming and frolicking, paying me no heed. Thanks to the internet, I’ve found that our frogs are wood frogs and that they were engaging in something called explosive breeding. Oh, and I found 10 lovely fresh black morels.

  55. AnnaArcturus

    Nothing I like more than a Man ™ telling me how it is. As if I don’t hear their wormy old perspective every single day of my life. Best part? How they’re *always* telling you the gospel truth, letting you in on a little secret your squirrely brain couldn’t come up with on its own. I blame. Also annoying: when they take you curling up with chocolate and a stack of books off the I Blame the Patriarchy recommended reading list to be a sign of PMS and tell you you “need to read happy books.”

  56. Jezebella

    Sonia, I do believe the comma comment was a *joke*.

  57. procrastinatrix

    @ sally: Well, if it takes serious mind-alteration to see the pattern, then it will have to wait for the weekend! Something to look forward to.

    I’d like to copy your gesture of *snapping to the cool poetry in comment thread* while drinking my too-many-th cup of coffee this morning. Thanks, poets!

  58. norbizness

    Not only does life = life, but Depeche Mode scientifically proved that people = people.

  59. Twisty

    The link to the post that moved The Man to comment has been fixed. It’s the one where a blamer asks “What do you do when you’re out drinking and some guy is wearing a ‘She can’t say no if she’s dead’ T-shirt?” and I deliver one of those cheerful “The End is Near” speeches.

    Also, this

    I like Sonia and Rainbow Girl’s attempts at this new poetic form, but I don’t think you got the commas quite right. The comma after the conjunction sequence is key.

    is, I believe, an attempt at humor, rather than an attack on individual blamers’ actual intellectual prowess. To put too fine a point on it: the jokebutt, in this case, is The Man’s literary style; the humor process turns on the absurdity in taking “this new poetic form” seriously enough to analyze it. The two Blamer comments, in other words, are catalytic comedy-agents, not the objects of mockery.

    Of course Sonia has a point when she avers that unenlightened pointing and laughing is vulgar. Yall may have noticed that lately I’ve been on a quiet campaign to enbiggen the Blametarian discourse around here. Don’t start your comment with “I”, analysis-before-anecdote, etc. Well, as a general rule, I’m all for mockery, but I cannot advocate it unless it contains sufficient value in its own right — wry wit, a poetic turn of phrase, a smidge of feminist analysis, a taco recipe — to propel it beyond simple rudeness.

  60. sonia

    oh. oops! I totally didn’t see the humor.

    my apologies.

  61. Nolabelfits

    Twisty has huge moderator skills.

  62. larkspur

    I am going to try this official policy, because O yis, I am brave. Okay. Cover me, I’m going in.

    RITZ® Cracker Mock Apple Pie!
    What you need:
    pastry for 2-crust 9-inch pie
    36 RITZ Crackers, coarsely broken (about 1-3/4 cups crumbs)
    2 cups sugar
    2 tsp. cream of tartar
    Grated peel of 1 lemon
    2 Tbsp. lemon juice
    2 Tbsp. butter or margarine
    1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

    PREHEAT oven to 425°F. Roll out half of the pastry and place in 9-inch pie plate. Place cracker crumbs in crust; set aside.

    MIX sugar and cream of tartar in medium saucepan. Gradually stir in 1-3/4 cups water until well blended. Bring to boil on high heat. Reduce heat to low; simmer 15 minutes. Add lemon peel and juice; cool. Pour syrup over cracker crumbs. Dot with butter; sprinkle with cinnamon. Roll out remaining pastry; place over pie. Trim; seal and flute edges. Slit top crust to allow steam to escape.

    BAKE 30 to 35 minutes or until crust is crisp and golden. Cool completely.*

    Wry wit: uh-oh, no good. I should have used Ry-Crisp crackers.

    A poetic turn of phrase? I mean only to amaze.

    Smidge of feminist analysis? My friends, once upon a time in the holy decade of the 1950s, women were hammered with the notion that they should forget all about those glorious Rosie Riveter days, and get the hell back into the kitchen, and read a magazine to tell you how to make 365 brand new dinners a year, and if you don’t have a magazine, well read the damn Ritz Cracker box.

    Recipe: check.

    That’s three out of four. Any perceived mocking is not aimed at anyone in particular, but may annoy those of you who cherish that Mock Apple Pie. Sorry.

    * Actual recipe available here, but will probably be jumbled due to sub-par coding skills:
    Official Kraft Site

  63. Hattie

    Yes, she, does.
    Enjoy your spring, Twisty.

  64. Laughingrat

    Sigh. Needing “good” men around to protect us from Patriarchy-besotted criminals is like keeping a “tame” lion to protect you from tigers. No matter how mellow that lion is, you still gotta feed, cater to, and appease him lest he forget he’s tame one day and bite your head clean off.

  65. Amy

    I’m late to the game, but i think I’ve made a connection here that’s been missed. As I just learned from wikipedia, Art Linkletter, using his freedom of expression, heartily endorsed the Game of Life. I think that must be at the root of this “art” problem.

  66. Felicity

    So this is how male privilege frazzles brains. They have no answers so affect a sound of stupidness. And with this Nice Guy you can almost hear the process in action.

  67. Twisty

    Hey Larkspur, has anyone ever actually made that pie?

  68. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Although my own is not unimpressive, I’m jealous of your birdwatch list.

  69. Jezebella

    Hey Twisty, my mom made that pie back in the 70s. It was delish-um, the way Kraft Mac & Cheese is yummy, but is also nothing like real baked mac & cheese.

    Yes, yes I did grow up in the suburbs. How did you guess?

  70. The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker

    Oh yes, I made that pie and I remember it DID taste a little like apples.

  71. Twisty

    Why use apples when you can make a pie supporting agribusiness with mass-produced processed crackers containing partially hydrogenated oils, preservatives, artificial flavors, anti-coagulants, Red Dye #2, refined sugars, white flour, and athlete’s foot fungus?

  72. jami

    Dr. Bronner has arisen from the dead. Which is DEAD.

  73. Lisa KS

    Does that say “piratical?” Because that might actually be kinda interesting.

  74. Jezebella

    Why not use apples?? Because everybody knows scientifically formulated food is better than that stuff that grows out of the dirt, right? Just ask Nestle about natural foods v. science. They’ll tell you all about it.

    Or else it’s the 70s and crackers are cheaper than fresh apples? Or you are, say, the most impatient woman on earth and find chopping apples to be a tedious chore.

  75. latebird

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is pained by ellipsis abuse.

    I live in Austin and now I am very keen to drive out to the Kuntry to view a painted bunting.

  76. Mau de Katt

    That recipe existed even back in the late 30’s, because Mom told me about her mom making it “during the war.” Perhaps apples were rationed back then, and Ritz Crackers weren’t?

  77. jc.

    I was going to say something witty here but after watching Laibach do “Life is life” and laughing heartly but uneasily. I decided to check if my U.S. passport was still valid. Just in case.
    Despite my very long stay here sometimes my european neighbours make me a little uneasy for some not quite clear reason.
    But what the hell, LIFE IS LIFE!

  78. speedbudget

    Mau de Katt, I suspect you are correct. Twinkies were originally made with a banana-creme filling made from real bananas. Then the War came, and they had to switch to cheaper ingredients, so they made the vanilla “creme” with which we are all familiar. I sigh long and loud for what war hath wrought.

  79. Ron Sullivan

    Ah, there’s the key. That outpouring needs to be read with the bass-and-fingersnapping backup that’s on Tom Waits’ old “Step Right Up.”

  80. StillWater

    What exactly are men necessary for? I mean their physical presence around you, in your home, every day. The fact that you need a sperm to make a baby seems a poor argument for them mucking up a household.

    It seems like the only reason you’d have a man around is as part of an attempt to be protected (from other men).

    I’d rather just live in fear then have a human security blanket. The ol’ protector can often be defective and turn on you anyway.

  81. Fliss

    Definitely Stillwater, would you employ a big bear to protect you from other wild bears? Allow it to tear your home apart?

    Protection is overrated. Last time I needed a man in my flat was when a wasp flew in :/

    If women were only capable of breeding and having their ass protected, we wouldn’t be built more or less entirely the same as a man. We’d be walking wombs.

  82. Hedgepig

    random_anomaly: LOL @ “qwertyface.”
    Also, LOL @ norbizness, as usual.

  83. Cathy

    Laughingrat, your analogy is perfect. Nigel is indeed a “tame” lion. On an earlier post, someone pointed out that men rape women to control them, and it’s clear that we feel we need a tame lion to protect us from those tigers. But we have to walk on eggshells to keep from pissing them off.

  84. orlando

    I think one’s face actually ends up saying “ytrewq”.

  85. Tomecat

    Late to the party on this one, but I gotta say that I luuuuurv this blog. I can laugh and feel righteous vindication simultaneously.

    Have been reading you for about a year now, and have since discovered many other awesome feminist blogs (Nine Deuce’s, Sady’s among others) but you’re still the Omnipotent Feminazi Spinster Bitch Queen to me. Thanks.

    P.S. I also live for the critter pix.

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