May 05 2009

Spinster aunt finally makes use of abandoned Flickr account

Indigo bunting, dead
This indigo bunting perished dramatically in a picture window mishap. Note the excellent iridescent turquoise feathers on her shoulders.

Sure, demand is as infinitesimal as it is small, but that hasn’t stopped me from sticking a big clump of my most award-nominated heartwarming nature crap photos up on Flickr. I am enbiggening the collection daily, drawing from the 5872 or so hottt pixxx I’ve snapped since moving back to bug-infested Austin right after the Korean War. I should’ve done this long ago.

“So,” said Stingray, eyeballing a heartwarming photo of a dead bunting, “you think posting to Flickr will keep this shit from taking over your blog?”

I said I didn’t know for sure, but that in any event my spring fever can’t last forever. Forget about posting heartwarming nature crap on a patriarchy-blaming blog; soon it’ll be too hot here in Rattlesnake to do anything but lie in an ice bath all day, moaning faintly.

I also have a Twisty Twitter account. Maybe I’m a victim of the generation gap, but I don’t really understand Twitter. No matter; it turns out I never remember to tweet anyway.


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  1. Pinko Punko

    Twitter is like RSS for random comments. Websites can’t get people to subscribe to RSS because nobody knows what it is, yet call it “Twitter” and everyone is doing it.

  2. rainie

    In my head, when people talk about twitter, I hear Rockin’ Robin (tweet tweet tweet).

  3. rubysecret

    I’d been hoping you were on twitter. I heart it for quick bursts of thought and links, both coming and going.

  4. VibratingLiz

    The way I see it, Twitter is really no worse than walking around muttering to myself all day. In fact, the dogs (as well as random strangers on the sidewalk) probably appreciate that I have another outlet for my minutiae.

    Now excuse em, I’m going to call in sick to work and spend the afternoon poring over your Flickr oeuvres.

  5. Twisty

    Liz, you’re on Twitter? I would totally be your follower!

    And you’re on Flickr, too! A banner day for social networking.

  6. VibratingLiz

    @wachendorfia will lead you to my blatherings. Also: #IBTP

  7. birkwearingblamer

    Twisty, when are you going to join Facebook? You would instantly have a long list of blamer friends.

    It’s already hot and humid here on the Gulf Coast. I’m ordering more syrup for snow cones.

  8. Gonzo

    Shame you’re not on facebook!
    I can just envision you compiling one of those silly lists, like “Top 5 things you like to eat” etc.

  9. Twisty

    Oh, but I am — or should I say, the person who ghostwrites for Twisty is — on Facebook. But it’s so time-consuming and confusing. I can’t seem to work out how to traipse constantly through the countryside while constantly updating all these online things.

  10. the Omphaloskeptic

    As far as heartwarmth goes, peregrine falcon nest cams have to be pretty high up there. Mostly they sleep and lie on one another in a fuzzy pile and eat scraps of freshly-torn mouse carcass. To wit: http://www2.ucsc.edu/scpbrg/peregrine_cam.htm

  11. Magdalena

    De-lurking to express joy at the thought of receiving pithy, trenchant thoughts or more information about buntings from Twisty via Twitter!


  12. Ayla

    This recent turn in your blog makes my heart ache and soar at the same time. My grandmother passed away last year, and all my life she lived very near to where you must be now. I spent so many hours exploring the woods and fields by her house, watching turtles sun themselves in the little streams, upturning rocks to watch the grass snakes scurry, spying on lizards as they ran up and down the ceder trees catching bugs in the light from the porch. The bird photos resurrect an almost impossibly early memory of waking up at dawn, the gentlest wake up call of birds singing and the overwhelming smell of fresh brewed coffee coming from the kitchen as grandmother begins her day. It’s so vivid it almost takes my breath away.

    I can still smell that coffee and the longing for my childhood nature explorations wells up inside me until it explodes out in tears. I think I need a little of what you have, and soon.

  13. Twisty

    Ayla, I totally feel ya; I’m on a nostalgia bender the size of Guam myself. The bad news is, you really can’t get it back the way you remember. The good news is, the heartwarming nature crap is still 37 kinds of all right.

  14. Jezebella

    If you are already on a nostalgia bender, I don’t recommend spending any more time on Facebook than you already are. I’m currently deeply fascinated with this one dude’s project of scanning and posting every punk rock flyer ever stuck to a phone pole in San Antonio. It’s making me want to revive my pink hair and elf booties look from the late 1980s. It’s not pretty.

  15. Hattie

    I left Facebook after two weeks because I hated those ugly ads for adult diapers. (I keed, I keed)
    Anyway, your wonderful Flickr photos have set my cockles aflame.

  16. Jonathan


    “I can’t seem to work out how to traipse constantly through the countryside while constantly updating all these online things.”

    The point of Twitter is to glue people to their desks (or phones), and to enable low-cost big-brother monitoring through one’s newfound “freedom” of exhibition.

    I also think some people like Twitter because it can waste time. Since only young people, and mostly men, seem to have infinite time to waste (see World of Warcraft) these new time-intensive technologies become very male-friendly by default.

    They’re the latest high-tech boys-only treehouse.

  17. BMS

    This indigo bunting perished dramatically in a picture window mishap.

    Never did find our little Verdin’s body from a similar event the other day.

    Its mate is still around, though, and pips furiously at our feline companion when he’s munching fountain grass in the yard.

  18. Pinko Punko

    Liz, the IBTP hash tag is awesome and I massively encourage its widespread adoption.

    Could this single-handedly exponentially increase the value of the Twitter?

  19. speedbudget

    I just got my Facebook account. It’s enough to keep me busy. But I’m thinking of signing up for Twitter just to be Twitty with Twisty.

    Hey, now, Jonathan. I am on World of Warcraft. The vast majority of my guild is female. Our raid leader/tank is female. The men in our guild wouldn’t dream of being infantile or presumptuous. I like to think we are shaping the young men in our guild to recognize that women are people and capable players. They start out all bluster, but quickly become thinking humans rather than troglodytes. So not only is it a hobby, but it’s a public service I am performing.

  20. MLH

    Love your photos, Twisty. They are beautiful indeed.

  21. Laura

    Whatever else its flaws, twitter is useful for “crowdsourcing” to find out local stuff where there was an accident/details of an accident without having to wait for the awful local news. There was a large power outage here (Toronto) a while back and the best way to find out where power had been restored (or hadn’t) was twitter, which swayed me on its utility.

    Much of the time it is frivolity though, but not incredibly more so than a blog. Same idea, shorter format. In the same way that a blog is not your diary, so too is twitter not for keeping track of which room of your house you are in.

  22. Ron Sullivan

    Twitter is to blogging as haiku is to epic poetry. At least that’s how I’m trying to persuade myself to use it. PZ uses it by way of blog announcing (a la RSS, as said) and kvetching about airports; Laurie Lebo (PBUH) uses it in stits and farts; I use it to tell my fam to check their goddamn email.

    I’m ron_toad on Flickr. Speaking of naturegoosh, I took a buttload of shots in the fake rainforest at the Cal Academy of Sciences yesterday and will be uploading heartrendering pix of nesting euphonias and such over the next few days.

    Plus one shot of a Tshirt about one more self-important young man who sez “I SHOOT PEOPLE” and has a drawing of a camera lens on a pistol grip. IBTP.

  23. Twisty

    “Plus one shot of a Tshirt about one more self-important young man who sez “I SHOOT PEOPLE” and has a drawing of a camera lens on a pistol grip. IBTP.”


  24. rubysecret

    So have I once again missed the major clue as to how to follow you on twitter? Breadcrumb, please.

  25. rubysecret

    Yes, I’m the biggest dope ever. please ignore.

  26. birkwearingblamer

    You can control the adds on FB to some extent, Hattie. There are little icons under the ad. Click on thumbs down to get rid of the ad. No guarantee that the next ad will be any better, though.

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