May 17 2009

Pathetic fallacy

Plucked (!) from yesterday’s comments: Saturday Night Live parodies the myth of Nature’s devout commitment to the satisfaction of vulgar human appetites. Thanks, moodygirl.


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  1. terristrange

    Ahh, that brings me back to my childhood.
    Memories of trauma due to forced meat consumption and seeing this which I felt validated my belief in the absurdity of animals selling themselves as a snack.

  2. josiemysourceofmostfrustation

    I remember when this first aired on SNL! This parody is pretty damn subversive and bold for SNL. If my memory serves me correctly, it originally aired during an episode that Paul McCartney was hosting (or maybe he was the musical guest). I think it’s probably true that he used his considerable sway and desirability as an SNL guest in order to get this to air. Yay for him!

  3. delagar

    Hey! New, cool header — I love it!

  4. Zach

    Thank you for posting this; the whole “display merry, cartoon versions of the animals upon whose dead carcasses we now feast” thing always creeped me out. I always imagined some dystopian future in which Martians have me for dinner, surrounded by pictures of the Brady Brunch beaming heartily. *shudders*

  5. Antares

    Would someone be so kind as to summarize the video for those of us not in America? Grassy ass.

  6. Twisty

    You have to be in America to see the video? What kind of world IS this!

  7. Deanna

    I’m sure that is a trick question.

  8. norbizness

    And all we have are Church’s on the East Side, where the cartoon chickens are clinically depressed (and Popeye’s, where they talk like Justin Wilson).

  9. norbizness

    Rejoice, international readers, and skip the first 3:30 because it’s just a bunch of Oxbridge stream-of-consciousness.

  10. moodygirl

    I find it excessively awesome that you posted my link, pertinent (and hilarious) though it is.

    For those not in the U.S., the video is an old SNL sketch with Phil Hartman: a parody commercial for “Cluckin Chicken,” in which the anthropomorphic cartoon rooster Clucky regales a family eating dinner at the local chik’n’shack about how he tastes so good because he is “FLAME BROILLEEEED!!!” After he is beheaded, the disembodied cartoon rooster head then floats around and narrates as an actual (not animated) chicken is disemboweled, chopped up and grilled, and finally, the cartoon head takes a bite of the chicken (“That’s me!!!” “I taste so good!!!”).

    Mr. Blamer and I have had a running joke about the sketch for years. Every time we see one of those happy-to-be-BBQ’ed cartoon pigs such as they show at the suicidefood blog, one of us says, “because I’m flame-broiled!!!”

    I eat meat and all, but that doesn’t mean I am so delusional as to think the meat was asking for it.

  11. JetGirl

    On TV in these parts, they run a completely un-ironic bunch of ads for Foster Farms, where two chicken puppets go around trying to market themselves as better chicken. In the latest one, they go to a plastic surgeon for “plumping.” It’s creepy.
    Also, they are clearly hens, but have male voices, so they’re rooster hens, or something. It’s just as dumb a conceit as the milk ad they used to run about the “boy cow.”

  12. Absotively

    Here’s a version of the video that’s visible outside the US (but probably is all in violation of copyright and stuff):


    I’d also like to chime in on the fantasticness of the new header:

    The new header is fantastic.

  13. Jezebella

    The nutty vegan kids who do the Vegan Freaks podcast call this the “Happy Meat” phenomenon. As in, “but the animals are treated so well! they live *happy* lives before they’re murdered & eaten!” The suicide food is also Happy Meat.

  14. slythwolf

    It’s a good thing our cultural norm for eating dead birds is not to cook them whole, including the head, or Clucky couldn’t have narrated most of the commercial.

  15. slythwolf

    Well, I suppose they could have made the character a ghost.

  16. Hattie

    This is very funny. But I’m afraid I will go on eating chicken. And hacking them up, too, on occasion. I’m no damn good, I confess.
    My cat and dog agree with me that chicken is good to eat.

  17. AntiLoquax

    If PETA is serious about reducing meat consumption, they should cut out whatever shit they’re doing and just broadcast these cultural droppings constantly. I ate part of a chicken 3 days ago, and it makes me want to projectile vomit.

  18. pheenobarbidoll

    I’m reminded of Saturday morning cartoons and those weird little cheese commercials where the cheese guy in the cowboy hat talked about wagon wheel cheese and some other little cartoon thing sang about not drowning one’s food in condiments. To this day I have my condiments on the side because of that commercial showing food screaming out for help as they were covered in salad dressing.

    Singing and/or dancing food freaks me out. I once had an acid trip that involved my burger talking to me.

  19. Aunti Disestablishmentarian


    It’s Time for Timer who also did that stand by classic, “You are What you Eat.”

    The other one is Don’t Drown Your Food

    I gotta go eat some breakfast now.

  20. Twisty

    My cat and dog agree with me that chicken is good to eat.

    I suspect that if you were to canvas the views of all the sentient parties involved, including the chicken, you would not have consensus.

  21. pheenobarbidoll


    Yup, those are the commercials responsible. Evidently I was very impressionable as a child and some things stuck.

    I sing Don’t Drown Your Food when I put ketchup on my plate(carefully to the side of course).

    The talking burger was tossed in the trash.

  22. Squiggy

    As long as beings taste good it’s okay to kill them for food.

  23. birkwearingblamer

    Why did the comedians make the cartoon chicken’s eyes so crazy? That ads to the creep factor.

  24. Jezebella

    Squiggy, you’re an idiot.

  25. yttik

    “Yup, those are the commercials responsible. Evidently I was very impressionable as a child and some things stuck.”

    You are not alone. To this day I’m bothered by singing, dancing food, even when they are vegetables. It’s just all wrong. If those foods are our happy little friends than we should not be eating them.

  26. sam

    A beloved show from my youth, Tales From the Darkside, has a funny-freaky episode “Love Hungry” about an overweight woman with a hearing aid that allows her to hear food screaming when people eat it. Then she gets glasses allowing her to see faces on and have conversations with fruit and once they’re friends she can’t “murder” Mr. Banana. It ends with a nightmare-inducing image.

  27. thebewilderness

    I could be wrong, but I think Charlie Tuna was the first cartoon critter presented as food begging to be eaten.
    It is sorta like a thirty second romance novel.

  28. rootlesscosmo

    The title character of Edmund Wilson’s short story “The Man Who Shot Snapping Turtles” (ca. 1947) decides that if he can’t get rid of the snappers (they’re eating the ducks on his pond) he’ll market them as soup; the advertising features a happy turtle eager to be killed, cooked, and canned.

    The analogy with “she asked for it” is kinda hard to ignore.

  29. Orange

    I’ll bet your average meat-eater would find Squiggy’s flesh quite tasty if grilled and served with steak sauce.

  30. Squiggy

    Gee, did I hit a nerve? I thought I was saying an obvious truth. Jezabella calls me an idiot. Orange recommends murdering me, grilling me and serving me with steak sauce. WTF?

  31. yttik

    I heard a comedian talking about seeing singing, dancing M&M’s, so he went to the store to buy some but when he opened the bag they were all dead. Worst, they were missing all their arms and legs. He asked what do M&M’s stand for, Mass Murder? All he wanted was some happy candy and he got stuck with a bag of corpses. He was funny, but it was also thought provoking. We really do have a built in aversion to eating sentient creatures. We learn to numb it out as we get older, to compartmentalize everything, but as children some of us get it right away.

    The patriarchy numbs us down in the same way. We go from ignoring the fact that we are killing and eating living creatures to believing they actually like it and want us to do. It goes very well with objectifying and dehumanizing women because it really is the same kind of cultural conditioning.

  32. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    When confronted with a chicken breast with bones, I am reminded of the face-engulfing stage of the creature from the “Alien” series. Not an appetizing notion. Handling raw ground meat of any sort skeeves me out too, because (aside from the cold-and-slimy factor) who the hell knows what fell into the grinder?

  33. Level Best

    You definitely hit one of my nerves, Squiggy–the one that gets all frayed and snaggledy when an uber fundie pronounces “God put animals here for us to eat them.” Supposedly human flesh tastes like pork. Nom, nom.

  34. Squiggy

    Now Level Best joins the chorus. Uh, er, I’m a vegan for these exact reasons. I was citing the P thinking behind killing beings for P’s pleasure- because they “taste good.” But please chorus,continue having yummy thoughts of how my flesh tastes. I bet it does.

  35. Nolabelfits

    If you intended sarcasm in your original comment, Squiggy, it was not adequately conveyed. Cyber communication has its pitfalls.

  36. Squiggy

    Either way it seems to have made the same point. Activating people is not a bad thing. Same story, different barbeque.

  37. thebewilderness

    Well, Squiggy, just in case you care, I got it.

  38. Spiders

    Squiggy, I also automatically assumed you were paraphrasing P thinking, something that is a norm on this here blog. I don’t know why the over-reaction.

    There’s a fast food place near here called Cheeky Chickens. It totally grosses us out whenever we drive past. Like, why attribute qualities like cuteness to creatures on a rotisserie who we plan to eat??

  39. Hedgepig

    Yes, I also read Squiggy’s statement as descriptive of the way things are under P. Ditto Spiders’ point that we do that a lot around here.

  40. Comrade PhysioProf

    Yeah, Squig’s sarcasm was apparent to me as well. Yo, Squig, tell Lenny I said, “Hi!”

  41. jezebella

    Spider, dude, did you just accuse me of “over-reacting”?? Seriously? I cannot tell you how sick I am of people telling feminists to stop “over-reacting”. I don’t know Squiggy from any other troll.

  42. Twisty

    I got it, too, Squig. But what would the internet be without a daily misunderstanding-turned-pile-on?

  43. Ayla

    As creepy and unnerving as the Cluckin Chicken parody is, it doesn’t really get to me as much as the Chick-Fil-A ads. Has anyone else seen these?

    Basically, you see cows (on billboards or poster type ads) who are exhorting the viewer not to eat them, but to instead eat chickens. This is done in broken, misspelled English similar to the LOL cats pictures (“eat mor chikin” “40 yeerz of saving cowz” “sup wit u and burgerz, eat chikin”)

    I find it disturbing on a couple of levels. First, that the cows are trying to save their own lives by appealing directly to their possible killers/consumers, us. Second, that the cows are willing to sacrifice the chickens in their stead, which feels so much like one woman throwing others under the bus for a patriarchal head-pat that it makes me sick and almost irrationally sad.

  44. pheenobarbidoll

    Gee, did I hit a nerve? I thought I was saying an obvious truth. Jezebella calls me an idiot. Orange recommends murdering me, grilling me and serving me with steak sauce. WTF?”

    She said she bets meat eaters would find you delicious, which isn’t recommending murder. She and jez said these things because they thought you were a troll. Not an unreasonable thought given the fact they do pop up pretty frequently.

    But hey, let’s shame women who have experienced P trolls and react as if they actually live in a world where Ptrolls exist! I thought the onus was on the speaker to clear up any misunderstandings, but that would be silly since we can shame women for not being mind readers instead.

  45. Squiggy

    Murder is the usual preamble to any meat-eating I know of. It’s entirely reasonable that meat-eaters would find human flesh delicious if it were legal. Not any surprise to me. The few references to my specific flesh as delicious and yum-yum yummy, sounded a bit threatening and frankly surprising. Whether I was a troll or not. A quick look back on my participation on especially vegan topics would provide a non-trollish context to any beloved regular. I think it’s a great sign that violent thoughts were directed at me for my original statement. Thank you for that. Proof to me that all the people angry with me are vegan. And possibly non-killers of mice, squirrels, pigeons, ants, fish, etc. Zeal can be beautiful.
    Thank you also to all the commenter support.

  46. Spiders

    “Spider, dude, did you just accuse me of “over-reacting”??”
    Wouldn’t dream of it, jez. The pile-on in general is what I meant.
    To be honest though, it didn’t occur to me that Squiggy might be a troll or a bloke, or both. I guess because this is the one pocket of the internet where I know I can safely expect not to have to deal with either.

  47. pheenobarbidoll

    The few references to my specific flesh as delicious and yum-yum yummy, sounded a bit threatening and frankly surprising. Whether I was a troll or not”

    I believe that’s called “giving one a taste of one’s own medicine”.

    If someone argues that it’s ok to eat meat simply because it tastes good, one can point out the flaw in that logic by using human flesh as an example. Humans may indeed taste delicious, but that’s not a good argument for eating people.

  48. Twisty

    Hello, blamers.

    I have reviewed past comments authored by the blamer known as Squiggy, and can assert without reservation that she is not a troll. Her controversial comment was, I believe, intended as sarcasm. Though, alas, it went south, as sarcastic comments will do.

    Conversely, is not unreasonable for blamers like Jezebella to assume the worst, since the worst is so often the subject of my posts.

    Let us now move on.

  49. Agasaya

    Let’s not forget to look at how the patriarchy abuses human physiology to the point where eating meat becomes the only way to get adequate nutrition. Exposure to multiple chemicals alters biochemistry and the ability to break down the nutrients richest in vegetables such as sulfur (basis for detoxification system, reducing inflammation etc.)

    Asthma is not merely inflammation of lungs but also the G.I. tract, usually due to particulate intrusion. More women then men are affected as ought to be expected if by smaller size and lower weight. The higher concentration of fat cells around our organs also means we store more toxins.

    From a largely vegetarian diet back when I was healthy, I am now forced to eat meat and fish, unable to manage vegetables and fruits any longer. Genetic mutation, thanks to the corporate minds which threw female physiology to the four winds. Why not? We’re only producing the next generation of increasingly damaged male babies but then the corporations feed upon themselves like cannibals.

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