Jun 03 2009

Spinster aunt still has towel

Large thunderstorm last night here in Cottonmouth County took out the internet. More precisely, it took out my little slice of the internet. I am posting this non-post from my mobile, which sucks because its keyboard was designed for amoebas, merely to inform readers who are still with us despite the recent unpleasantness that I haven’t thrown in the towel or anything, and to thank everyone who has emailed me to say all that nice stuff expressing the hope that I don’t throw in the towel.

You guys are all right.


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  1. Aunti Disestablishmentarian

    More importantly, she knows where her towel is.

  2. Linda Atkins

    From your mobile! That proves you care for us a great deal.

  3. Comrade PhysioProf

    Put your towel in the air! Now, wave it like you just don’t care! w00t!

  4. Ron Sullivan

    Always, like a good hitchhiker.

  5. givesgoodemail

    I personally have not mentioned any possible towel-tossing on your part because

    (obvious lack of ellipses here)

    I’d sooner expect an onslaught of honest politicians, or high-quality food from that Scottish franchise with the golden arches.

  6. Orange

    A real feminist who cares about the earth chooses to drip dry. Towels are a waste of the earth’s resources, what with the growing, harvesting, and shipping of the cotton; the manufacture of the dye; the energy used to weave the towels; the fuel used in transporting the towels to the megatheocorporacratic stores where the workers are exploited; and the wasteful use of fresh water and energy to wash the towels. As a result, I am launching a vigorous boycott…or womancott…of this site. Spread the word!

    But maybe Jill’s harvesting her own organically grown cotton on her Texas farm and putting in the sweat equity to turn it into towels. In which case, carry on!

  7. polly sytrene

    I’m writing from the Priory, but can I borrow the towel, so I can also refuse to throw it in? Or a least a small face flannel of some kind (remembered the link this time for the stats).

  8. Mare Island

    Thanks, Twisty! I’m a daily reader who would miss you terribly.

    Let’s see, Orange posted at 4:22. I’m just going to make a quiet little bet with myself.

  9. C. Atrox

    Don’t forget the fine photos of Texas fauna!

  10. sevanetta

    Yay! You are one hoopy (and long-suffering) frood.

  11. tinfoil hattie

    I love this blog. Selfishly, I need this blog. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for blogging, and for showing me that the world is one big fat woman-hating patriarchal – well, maybe I don’t thank you for that so much.

    And, I am someone who believes that occasional, respectful disagreement can be held in the same heart as admiring and being thankful for you, Jill.

  12. Deanna

    I echo tinfoil hattie.

  13. admirerofemaily

    This blog is the first thing I read each morning.

    And whilst some of the previous disagreement was very heated, I think it does demonstrate that Jill has created a space that has attracted a bunch of people who care very deeply about the challenging patriarchy.

  14. random_anomaly

    Any blamer who can hitch the length and breadth of the Galaxy, rough it, win through, and still know where their towel is, is clearly a blamer to be reckoned with.

  15. gare

    yall threw twisty off her GAME with that cunta-slingfest, don’t JACK with JILL! gare, superglueing ‘crown’ back together

  16. SargassoSea

    If you are, indeed, in the towel business I’d like to order two dozen kitchen types. Mine are done wore out.

  17. orlando

    Four people already there with the Hitchhiker’s references. But only I thought of the comfort that Hell on Hairy Legs’ Feminist Kitty and her towel could provide:

  18. hero

    Lard love a blamer, and thank Dog you’re leaving that towel unthrown!

  19. Pinko Punko

    Don’t panic.

    I will dream of brown recluses getting whipped by towel snaps.

  20. xtimu

    What did I miss? I thought “cuntalista” was a compliment! Dang, I better stop reading & child-rearing at the same time. Woops!

  21. Oaktown Girl

    …merely to inform readers who are still with us despite the recent unpleasantness…

    Well, I’m still here, even though I haven’t chimed in lately.(Did you miss me?). It’s just that I was completely lost and totally out of the loop regarding the “recent unpleasantness”. But I’ve been checking back every day (or almost everyday) to see if we’re back to something I can follow and understand. This seems like as good a post as any to jump back in and say hello. Glad to hear that you aren’t abandoning us.

  22. Laura

    Whomever writes it, it is genuine and sincere and awesome. Also, HG references! My heart-cockles, they warm.

  23. Rachel

    Good to know! The internet is a cold place for radical feminists…

  24. zelda1

    I’m happy there will be no towel throwing.

  25. Cottonpants

    It’s great to hear that we’ll be sailing on bravely from this recent storm. I kept quiet, because, honestly, the last thing those posts needed was yet another comment. But, I have to admit I was still worried; I don’t want to live in a world without IBTP.

    I hope your internet is hastily restored! Random outages really stink.

  26. sonia

    dang! I’m too busy sending you emails with the lamest of patriarchal nonsense. I didn’t even think to be supportive. is that like part of feminism or something?

    ditto Cottonpants. I hope this blog is here forever.

  27. Kim

    Keep that towel — with all those horses (and smelly, skunky dogs) you’re going to need it.
    PS. That’s a very well-kept bridle path Stella has, evident in pic a few posts down. And while she may be ornery, count your blessing she’s merely giving you the ol’ Fart and Swish. I know a gelding who happily, predictably shits when I get to his rear hoofs. Such a majestic animal, the horse.

  28. jenibelle

    If Twisty throws in the towel, I’m quitting the interweb.

  29. Emma

    I dont know where to post this to get your attention. “The Saudi government has instituted a system whereby every Saudi woman must have a male guardian, normally a father or husband, who is tasked with making a range of critical decisions on her behalf. This policy, grounded in the most restrictive interpretation of an ambiguous Quranic verse, is the most significant impediment to the realization of women’s rights in the kingdom.” This is truly grim reading: http://www.hrw.org/sites/default/files/reports/saudiarabia0408_1.pdf

  30. Lori

    Thank you for hanging onto your towel. I, too, visit here every day. This site has opened my eyes to so much. I would feel its loss deeply because I love Twisty/Jill’s writing style and dark sense of humor. Please keep on blaming!

  31. Kim

    Whoops. Seems Maypearl’s the farty friend, not Stella. My apologies to Stella.
    Also, since you’re against the needless breeing of horses, check out Fugly Horse of the Day (http://fuglyhorseoftheday.blogspot.com)
    I bet you’ll dig it.

  32. Shabnam

    Brilliant! Please hold onto your towel, they can be extremely useful.

  33. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Yes! Throw thou not in the towel, nor the turquoise cowboy hat.

  34. jenibelle


    This is old news. The Saudi government has proudly treated Saudi women as sub-human since, well, since Saudi has existed.

    They can’t vote, they can’t drive — in fact, they need express permission from a male to pretty much breathe.


  35. Tata

    So, has anyone tried the cheese dip?

  36. figleaf

    Might sound weird saying it after a post about thunderstorms and towels but you’ve got a wonderfully dry sense of humor.


  37. Mockingbird

    Please blog. Discovered Blame the Patriarchy this morning while researching history of women in a half-butted but hopeful way as part of struggle to understand struggle of females, self included. Need you. As I said above, please blog. Please don’t go away.

  38. hero


    Astringent. Bordering on cruel, and crossing that border when it is necessary to expose and blame the Patriarchy.

    It is why we all heart her so.

  39. Vinaigrette Girl

    Cruel? I’ve missed that bit.

    Thank you for writing. I’m a daily reader and it’s been life-changing, in a good way. it’d be a bleak world without you in it.

  40. Alex

    Damn, I was going to say the hoopy frood thing, but someone beat me to it. Glad you are still en-toweled.

  41. Laughingrat

    Is it a really nice towel? Because dang, a substandard towel just isn’t worth getting out of bed for.

  42. Jodie

    Do you ever wear your turquoise cowboy hat on your lime green recliner? That is my all time favorite color combo. I hope your estate is entoweled to the matriarchal side (sorry, Jane Austen freak here).

  43. Emma G

    Twisty kicked ass. In this tempest in a teapot ass needed to be whipped. Geez. No towell throwing.

    Photos of ranch life are enjoyed, even dead crawlies.

  44. usuallyalurker

    I missed this whole wild explosion of anti-Twisty backlash while I was on vacation, but I’m coming out of hiding to say that I freaking love you, you’re the only feminist blogger that I can agree with consistently, and if you had thrown in the towel I’d have had to retreat to the forest and live on mushrooms and snails.

  45. Narya

    Well, hell, guess I’d better chime in, too! Because we cranky old broads who do not give a fuck any more have well-developed obstreperal lobes (*waves at Ron and BDL*) and well-developed senses of humor, plus an appreciation for the well-made margarita (or other fermented or distilled beverage of choice) and the expertly assembled taco. Oh, and we have to keep exercising the lobe, or it wastes away.

  46. Notorious Ph.D.

    Welcome back from Obsteperon. Glad you still have your towel.

  47. procrastinatrix

    Come on, Internet connection at the El Rancho de Spinster Aunt! I’m jonesing for more obstreperal goodness!

    Good thing I have my towel with me to help cope with the cravings.

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