Jun 09 2009

Super cute fawn sprints across Savage Death Island

White-tailed deer fawn
Extremely young white-tailed deer, Cottonmouth County, TX, June 2009.

Although there is nothing particularly heartwarming about an adorable 3-day-old fawn frolicking in a pristine Hill Country meadow without a care in the world, I’m posting this photo anyway, on accounta I finally got my internet connection back online and it is my duty as a spinster aunt to update my blog, and patriarchy-blaming is so passé.


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  1. Laughingrat

    Dunno, looks pretty heartwarming to me. Mind you, I reckon we may have different standards for “heartwarming.” Although I’d also find total radfem revolution pretty damn heartwarming too, albeit not quite in a “super cute fawn” kinda way.

  2. cypress

    That’s a beautiful little creature, heartwarming, too. Here in Beautiful British Columbia, the baby deer abound. The radical feminists, not so much, although some, to be sure. Your ways of embiggening my sense of what is possible in the world give me solace, for which I thank you. And also I thank you for Twisty.

  3. Jill

    Furry woodland creatures, heartwarming? Bah!

  4. zelda1

    One evening, when I was bringing my grandchildren up on the hill, that’s what I call NW Arkansas, and right on the side of the highway was a doe and her fawn. The fawn was nursing. It was a wonderful experience for the grandson.

  5. ambivalent academic


  6. Jezebella

    There is nothing cuter than a baby fawn, but a fawn can’t very well hold a candle to a scorpion when it comes to *heartwarming*. I mean, fawns and kittens and puppies, they’re so *obvious*, you know?

  7. Comrade PhysioProf

    I am extremely disappointed that a huge vicious venomous spider was not depicted digging its fangs into that heartwarmingly spry fawn, injecting its venom, and inducing a painful and horrifying death. I thought this is supposed to be Savage Death Island.

  8. Nolabelfits

    Is there really a county in Texas called Cottonmouth?

  9. Tigs

    Ergh. In the what-goes-for-wilds of New Jersey I was driving down the road the other day and saw a guy standing on the other side of the road shooing a fawn no older than the one in the photo into the adjacent field.
    I stopped to see if I could help, and he pointed out the fawn’s dead mother lying on the side of the road (hit by a car). When he came by the fawn was just standing in the street over its mother’s guts.

    We tried calling animal control, but they were closed on Sunday. I don’t have much hope, but would love to imagine that another doe in the fawn’s herd took over.

  10. Anita

    If I were a meddlesome old biddy I would say the patriarchy has not been blamed enough by a long shot; I think I’d better teach some young things how to do it. And I harrumph and add, that’s the cutest fawn I’ve ever seen.

  11. larkspur

    Gah. Tigs. Lord have mercy.

    Ow. I forgot what I was going to say. Everywhere is its own Savage Death Island.

  12. Oaktown Girl

    I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to report both you and that fawn to the proper authorities.

  13. Shopstewardess

    I agree with Jill that one three day old fawn has insufficient quantities of heartwarming, particularly when compared for instance to this

    But I’m a bit worried now that this is directly following Oaktown Girl’s post.

  14. Shopstewardess

    Ah. Screwed up the link, and no chance to edit. Sorry.


  15. sevanetta

    Jezabella, I agree. My house is full of geckoes and they are just too cute. And turtles! Oh dear gotta love the baby turtles.

  16. Ady

    Blaming the patriarchy is NEVER passe!

    But deer are always endearing too. (No pun intended…)

  17. Pinko Punko

    That is almost a Judy Collins album cover it is so 70s softlight. I just say that because my cynical heart has been warmed. Very nice.

  18. speedbudget

    Around this Savage Death Island, cute furry woodland animals are chased by even cuter furry home animals.

  19. Flame Writing

    Hi, I’ve linked to your (quotation from Andrea Dworkin on) the definition of anti-feminism on my blog. Hope that’s ok.

  20. jael

    Around this Savage Death Island, cute furry woodland animals are chased by even cuter furry home animals.

    then they’re caught. and eaten. it is savage death isle after all.

    My house is full of geckoes and they are just too cute. And turtles! Oh dear gotta love the baby turtles.

    do they make that grrrrrrkkk sound? that’s an awesome sound, unless it’s freaking you out at three am.

    Sea mammals. They’re the money, cute wise.

  21. Givesgoodemail


    As in, “roasted on a spit with a little rosemary butter”?

  22. yttik

    I saw a tourist get too close to a deer, so it turned around and charged her. I found it very heartwarming. I eventually stopped laughing long enough to make sure she was okay.

  23. slythwolf

    I can’t help but wish y’all had different deer down in Texas than the same old whitetails that are all over Michigan. But I suppose the purpose of your blog is not to furnish me with pictures of creatures I haven’t seen, and when it comes down to it, Google Images exists.

    Glad your internet is back! I hate it when mine goes out. I am using it far too much these days on accounta I don’t know how long I’m going to be without it when I move.

  24. larkspur

    slythwolf, you simply must check out Oaktown Girl’s “proper authorities” link, not to mention Shopstewardess’s second (successful!) YouTube link. There’s some mighty fine non-Michigan critters to be seen at each place. So in a way, Savage Death Island is our one-stop shopping gateway to the universe, or some other crap.

  25. SolNiger@gmail.com\\

    Just as I thought my heart was going to explode from the cuteness of Shopstewardess’ video, I scrolled down to the comments section and the stupidity of the human race made my heart harden again preventing it from going ka-blooey. All is right in the world.

  26. slade

    Tigs….Please warn before posting such things as that. Shit, I had nightmares after watching Bambi….I don’t need to hear about this in real life.

    Animals are better than people.

  27. Solniger

    Thats the comments section on YouTube, not here obviously. I thought I’d clarify.

  28. Carolyn

    That is one fucking beautiful picture. Deer ate out of my hand on Sunday! Then they ran away.

  29. prosehack65

    1. Otters ROCK

    2. My younger brother looked over my shoulder and said, “yeah, lets go hunting.”


  30. rubysecret

    Wow. Texas fawns can fly – who knew!?

  31. speedbudget

    jael–My cute, furry animal has yet to catch one. And then I would be shocked out of my fucking mind if she could actually kill the bunny. That avatar is my furry woodland animal. Her mouth is teensy and when we play fight, her bites are like butterfly kisses.

    Her growl is hysterical.

    Now, the old lady at my parents’ house used to kill groundhogs by throwing them up in the air and catching them and whipping them real fast so their neck broke. She was one tough dog. Now she content to bark at them.

  32. Jude

    Thanks to Twisty for all the pictures and posts about “nature crap.” Not to go all dualistic or anything, but ever notice how there tends to be bad nature crap and good nature crap? Like the dandelion puff, good crap for everybody who doesn’t care a bad crap about weed-eating a lawn. (Dandelions, edible and useful for healing purposes when not poisoned or shredded by lawn aficionados.)

    Bad nature crap: “Demonic males” (it’s a book title), which explains so much about how we ended up as advanced patriarchy-blamers. Not “demonic” as in woo-woo religion but destructive (demonic-like) behavior from an anthropological and zoological basis of some serious science. Guys from Harvard and Oxford validate the science; I blogged about it today, bad nature crap, http://thelongestwar.wordpress.com/
    When we can break free of the bad nature crap, we have more time for fun with the good nature crap, like super cute fawns sprinting.

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