Jun 21 2009

Stan, genius

Yeah, I got the new video iPhone. I am a pathetic early adopter.

The video is of my giant horse Stanley. He is wishing I would just let him go out and eat some grass already.


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  1. Laura

    Magnificent Stan! (Is he the soccer player?) Oh the warming heart could expire.

  2. Laughingrat

    Wow, he’s beautiful!

    And that’s some hat, too. ;)

  3. elm

    Not only is he a genius, he’s a mind reader, too? How else to explain how he counted to one BEFORE you asked him? Oh, Stanley.

  4. little_sis

    OMG ILY! ALSO STAN! His ears waggle like a dog!

    Unrelavent horse related rambling….A family member recently aquired a horse, who backs his rump toward you in an effort to get you to scratch it, which he apparently quite enjoys. I am terrified of things bigger than me, and was convinced he wanted to HOOF ME! He didn’t though, and now I quite like him.

  5. SoJo

    Okay, so now I want a horse REAL bad. Stan’s got personality.

  6. Carolyn

    :) I was hoping this would be another post I could send to my equine behaviour teacher with the note ‘hey, I thought you said horses couldn’t do this!’

  7. BadKitty

    Hi Stan.

  8. Citizen Taqueau

    Hello, friend.

  9. PilgrimSoul

    Both you and the horse are awesome. Love the ear-language, which essentially conveyed, “Are you done yet?”

  10. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    This little filmlet gives lie to the notion that the four-legged have no sense of humor.

    Sophie is a dog, but she flips her ears around like that when she is studiously ignoring me.

    Stanley! Ai, que guapo!

  11. intransigentia

    I want to give Stan something yummy to eat out of my hand so he will whuffle me with his beautiful pink nose and whiskers.

  12. Casey

    Stanley is really something, but what I want to know is whose rooster was crowing in the background?

  13. Sutton (simply)

    He really does have that “Why are we standing here like this?” expression on his face!

    “You aren’t grooming me, you aren’t tacking me up, what ARE we doing?”

    I’m surprised that hat didn’t scare him right out of the cross-ties.

  14. Jill

    “I’m surprised that hat didn’t scare him right out of the cross-ties.”

    He’s a Texan quarter horse. They’re used to knuckleheads waving tacky-colored cowboy hats around. Stan is scared to death of mini-horses though. They’re his Kryptonite.

  15. Jill

    Casey, the rooster is one of many thousands of exotic chickens that plague the barn. They never shut the fuck up. Makes me want to drive splinters up my fingernails.

  16. ambivalent academic

    My Stan (though he isn’t called Stan) is also terrified of minis. Especially the ones that pull carts. He saw one poor tiny horse being gobbled by a cart whilst it was still trying to trot away and now he shakes in his horseshoes whenever he sees any two-wheeled vehicle, or a tiny horse (there must be an equiniverous cart lurking in the bushes waiting to pounce! we gotta get outta here!).

  17. Ron Sullivan

    He’s right; that’s quite a hat.

    Geez, he is kinda tall for a quarter horse isn’t he? Also dark and handsome, but you knew that.

  18. Comrade PhysioProf

    Stan the Man!

  19. Val

    HE CAN COUNT TO ONE! He’s as big a genius as my Big Dummy Quig ;-)!

  20. Helen

    Oh! Stanley post!!

  21. Josquin

    STAN! Stan is a fine, fine horse. Thanks for that little clip of Stan.

  22. Hattie

    That is one handsome piece of horseflesh.

  23. dr. fantastic

    Very exciting. He seems about as impressed with you as my dog is with me. I mean that in a nice way.

  24. birkwearingblamer

    Stan is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Alex

    Hi, Stan! I was wondering what made his ears go up like that, and then you explained! Not only can Stan read minds, but you can, too.

  26. slythwolf

    Every video you make should always have that hat in it.

  27. blondie

    I’d like to pet Stanley’s pink velvet nose, lay my cheek on his sleek shoulder and smell his horse-y smell (think I’ve been citified and away from horses too much?).

  28. prosehack65


    I love his, “ok, are you done, can you groom/feed/pat/loose me now?” patience.

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