Monthly Archive: July 2009

Jul 25 2009

Live-blogging not getting off the couch all day

12:14 PM Inevitably there comes a time in every gentleman farmer’s life when heartwarming nature crap wears the her down to a nub, and she is obliged to press the mellow agrarian keister into the lime green recliner, giving Phil strict orders that neither the TV remote nor the laptop nor the medium-sized plastic container …

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Jul 21 2009

Spinster aunt has no time to title post on Apollo 11

Any nerd, geek, dork, or other-type-genius of a certain age who suffered no pang of nostalgia this week during the wah-hoo over the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission might want to have her obstreperal lobe checked for leaks. I offer a few unconnected remarks on the subject. The remarks are unconnected because in …

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Jul 19 2009

Ironical twist of the week

Franny at the emergency clinic My new puppy, Frances Q Smith, has a malformed vulva and is going to need — wait for it — Labiaplasty!

Jul 19 2009

Blog no longer FUBAR

If you are reading this, lucky you! I couldn’t access the blog for days and couldn’t figure out why, and about 7642 of you emailed to inform me of same. I finally got a wild hair and updated my version of Firefox, and blam! Fixed! I still don’t know what the fuck it was. The …

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Jul 10 2009

Spinster aunt attempts to assuage guilt re: centipede

The heartwarming Scolopendra sp. of Spinster Cinema fame dwarfs the striped bark scorpion in the Glue Box of Death. By way of urging the blamer to view in the best possible light the circumstances which led a hapless giant centipede to become ensnared in a glue trap on my bathroom sink: though it might appear …

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Jul 07 2009

iPhone Cinema

Do I just sit around making goofy little movies with my iPhone these days? Yup. Behold Attack of the Bathroom Accoutrements, director’s cut.

Jul 03 2009

Spinster aunt adds dog to bunkhouse

Speaking of film, here’s the latest release from Spinster Studios 24-Hour Emergency Art-O-Mat, iPhone Cinema Department. It’s a dilly. Remember how there was an adorable puppy gonna show up here at El Rancho Deluxe? Well, she showed up. A yella lab. Call her Fran. The credit for this excellent name belongs entirely to my pal …

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