Jul 19 2009

Blog no longer FUBAR

If you are reading this, lucky you! I couldn’t access the blog for days and couldn’t figure out why, and about 7642 of you emailed to inform me of same. I finally got a wild hair and updated my version of Firefox, and blam! Fixed! I still don’t know what the fuck it was. The internet. Can’t live with it, can’t shoot it.

Meanwhile, please stand by for a trenchant post on something or other. It might not even be a home movie about insects.

End transmission.


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  1. liberality

    I missed you. Welcome back!

  2. Comrade PhysioProf

    Thank fucking god!

  3. BMS

    Freekin’ Firefox.

    I upgraded last week.

    Now my Adblock doesn’t work.

  4. Shelly

    Huh. I’m still using the last version of Firefox (can’t upgrade until one of the plug-ins I use is updated). Your blog was kerplowie for me, too (wanted me to download it whenever I tried to view the main page or one of the posts). Even without upgrading Firefox, it’s now working fine.

    Damned interwebs.

  5. Jill

    “Now my Adblock doesn’t work”

    Damn! I didn’t realize this! Why doesn’t shit just work?

  6. Shelly

    Why doesn’t shit just work?

    That is the question, isn’t it?

  7. BMS

    Why doesn’t shit just work?

    It’s all a capitalist plot.

  8. slythwolf

    Well, you can shoot the internet, but I wouldn’t recommend it; it just makes it mad.

  9. Ron Sullivan

    It was that damned centipede and you know it. Scared the dribbles out of Firefox, it did.

  10. admirerofemily

    “Why doesn’t shit just work?”

    Whenever anything technological doesn’t work I definitely blame the patriarchy.

  11. incognotter

    It is my considered opinion as a computer scientist that most software upgrades are just poorly planned excuses to stick it to the little people while fixing what isn’t broken and thus breaking what is relied upon — all in the name of capitalism and respect for authority, of course.

    Glad you are back and thus we are too.

  12. B. Dagger Lee

    My brother’s car engine was on fire once while I had the misfortune of being in it with him and about 7000 people slowed down and told us our car was on fire.

  13. Michigan

    Well, we can thank heavens it was only the internet and not an Airbus. Airbus fly-by-wire fubars are usually not-updateable for the passengers.

    BDL, your personal Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of prime time? I think I might have been one of the 7,000 folks.

  14. rootlesscosmo

    It sure is a relief to have IBtP back.

  15. larkspur

    BDL, where are those 7,000 people when you have spinach stuck in your teeth, or TP stuck to your shoe? Or unzipped zippers, or nose fug? It’s all about the schadenfreude until you burst into flames.

  16. speedbudget

    BDL- Did you ask them how they knew you were on fire?

  17. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    BDL, the same thing happened when the people across the street’s porch caught fire. Well, it didn’t so much catch fire as it was set on fire. Mr. People Across the Street foolishly tried to burn out a spider nest under it.

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