Monthly Archive: October 2009

Oct 31 2009

Heartwarming Nature Crap: Ants Baffle Aunt

The ones with the wings are breeders. Red harvester ants make crop circles that are, I kid you not, 6 or 8 or 1097 feet in diameter. They build’em right there in the middle of whatever lush little patch of prairie grass you happen to be strolling through, usually on the day you neglected to …

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Oct 27 2009

Get well soon, Antoinette!

Word has just reached Spinster HQ that veteran blamer Antoinette Niebieszczanski is in medical lockup, nursing, as she says, “a sizeable blood clot in my right lung.” We are grateful, Antoinette, that the clot is not in your obstreperal lobe. While you cool your heels, here’s some more heartwarming nature crap. May the Blame be …

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Oct 27 2009

Hugs, Twisty: moderated dude yearns to be heard on feminist blog

You know what sucks about the Internet? When Internet feminists don’t stop what they are doing right now and answer your question. Alessandro Machi Submitted on 2009/10/16 at 10:01pm on post Ways In Which The Internet Sucks Ok, this is probably a stupid question, but please answer, anybody. I’m assuming she has had breast …

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Oct 26 2009

Spinster aunt laughed out of town

See this mondo fungal blob? Well, hold onto your hats, because it is the self-same mondo fungal blob a photo of which I posted a few days ago. Back then, it struck me as one of a genus of mushroom known to fungus geeks as Agaricus. It struck me thus because, I am ashamed to …

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Oct 22 2009

No post today, just this long-ass essay

Faithful readers know that, when it comes to feminists who struggle with their own internalized misogyny, the spinster aunt is forbearance itself. But I just have to say I am goddam astonished by some of the comments on the Meghan McCain post. And I’ve survived not only the Great Hummer Wars of Aught-Six, but also …

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Oct 19 2009

Spinster aunt discovers huge mushroom

Finally, a bulbous object worth talking about. Dig my ginormous whoppin Agaricus, baby.

Oct 16 2009

Ways In Which the Internet Sucks


Savage Death Island is happy to launch a new feature. It’s the greatly anticipated Ways In Which the Internet Sucks feature! We begin with a charming instance of Whataboutthemen?! appearing this morning on the Atlantic’s website. But first, the backstory: Meghan McCain — Young Republican, internet columnist, “Colbert Report” guest, and daughter of John — …

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Oct 14 2009

Spinster aunt differentiates between “graphic violence” and “feminism”

Hey! Roger Ebert! A Hollywood movie with a plot device involving a female assault victim “turning the tables in an extended sequence of graphic violence” is not a “feminist revenge picture.” It’s merely a revenge picture.

Oct 08 2009

Yet another reason celebrities should be spurned by polite society until they can learn to stop doing stupid shit

1975 Women-in-prison flick directed by Jonathan Demme. Tagline reads "WHITE HOT DESIRES MELTING COLD PRISON STEEL!"

1975 Women-in-prison flick directed by Jonathan Demme. Tagline reads “WHITE HOT DESIRES MELTING COLD PRISON STEEL!” Originally uploaded at IMDB Kate Harding thinks — and who but an asshole could disagree? — that it would be “superfun” to play a game called “Don’t Give Money To People Who Think Rapists Deserve Absolution, Sympathy, Freedom and …

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Oct 07 2009

Poetry Korner

If a blamer goes to the trouble of writing a blaming pome about a Dr Seuss character who hates hoes, I can go to the trouble of giving it its own page. Untitled by PandanCat I’ll have no hoes! No, no, noes! Hoes with clothes? No, no, noes! Hoes at shows? No, no, noes! Hoes …

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