Jan 02 2010

Spinster aunt makes excuses

Beautiful Smith & Wesson Cuff Bracelet

Beautiful Smith & Wesson Cuff Bracelet

As riveting, in terms of spectacle and intrigue, as the actual real life of the Internet feminist may be, I am reluctant to reveal too many details, lest the reader become over-excited by the awesome scope of it and have to be hospitalized. But trust me when I say that an unusually large glob of events, circumstances, matters, and occasions are concatenating around here, and that I appear to be at the hub of it (if an Internet feminist may be said to be at the hub of a glob). As you have perhaps surmised from my undernourished, Twisty-Lite postings of late, I’m blowing off the blog, for an interim of indeterminate duration.

By “blowing off” I mean “not writing very much stuff,” or possibly, “writing not very much stuff pretty intermittently, which stuff will probably turn out to be stuff hardly anybody gives a crap about.” You know. The usual.

For instance, right now I gotta go interview a 22-year-old self-described Rodeo Pageant Trophy Winner (which trophy is, apparently, “a beautiful Smith & Wesson cuff bracelet.” I surmise from this cryptic admission that her big win was at a prison rodeo).

Grieve for me.


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  1. Hedgepig

    I’m happy with Twisty-lite, if that’s what you want to give us. Can’t help hoping the interim of indeterminate duration isn’t, you know, really long, but maybe the blob of activity will give you new inspiration for blaming. A pink hand-cuff bracelet bestowed on a 22-year old woman sounds like fodder for blaming right there.

  2. Hattie

    Whatever you can give us is what we want, Twisty!
    Happy New Year.

  3. Comrade PhysioProf

    I call shenanigans! Everyone knows that globs don’t have hubs. Now blobs on the other hand, they’ve got some serious fucking hubs.

  4. Pinko Punko

    I hope the glob hub allows for various biffing off to sundry destinations that shall remain, as always hoped, centipede free.

  5. Jodie

    We’ll all be waiting here, drooling for another scrap. My dogs would laugh if they could ever figure it out.

  6. Jezebella

    I certainly hope the glob hub is more lucrative than blogging, given the proximity of rodeo pageant queens.

  7. Ron Sullivan

    Bless my soul, are you backsliding into journalism????!

  8. Kossack

    Good luck interviewing! Please please vlog, unless you’re holding out for a feature-length documentary. Oh, I hope you’re making a documentary. Happy New Year!

  9. Sarah

    Oooh, concatenation. One of my very favorite computer programming words, now with hospitalization potential! I’m sure that the pink cuff bracelet endeavor will result in many blame-worthy observations, not least of which is that any Smith & Wesson pageant accessory (or trophy, as the case may be) should surely be some kind of weapon with which to defend one’s 22-year-old self from the slavering masses, instead of a puny ol’ piece of bondage-y jewelry.

  10. rainie

    I’m so confused, yet riveted.

  11. Emmgee

    Shit, that sucks.

  12. agasaya

    For your background research:



  13. nails

    If you just kept the archives online you would be doing a service to internet feminism. Certainly helped me out, though fresh twisty material is always appreciated.

  14. Gayle

    Come back and post when you can, okay?

    You’ll be missed. I miss you already.

  15. birkwearingblamer

    Ooooh! I do hope that the “a beautiful Smith & Wesson cuff bracelet” is encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

  16. speedbudget

    I’m sorry, I can’t help but think of Blanche when I hear about prison rodeos.

    “I just can’t sleep. I’m jumpier than a virgin at a prison rodeo.”

  17. Summerspeaker

    I hope this turns out like the other times you’ve claimed to be abandoning the blog. Intermittent or otherwise, your insights are appreciated.

  18. middle-aged-woman

    Twisty, ma’am. I am already in love with you, so you can’t leave. Found you through the Women’s Colony! Rock on, Spinstress.

  19. Jill

    “I am already in love with you, so you can’t leave.”

    I bet you say that to all the girls before you stalk’em!

  20. Felicity

    Haha, you should keep us informed how the interview went! I usually cringe at the people interviewing feminists, always with a shrill voice and annoying technique. At least you get to do the interviewing!

  21. middle-aged-woman

    No, I don’t. Only the ones with big…brains.

  22. therantingteenager

    :( It’s not going to be sad without you…

    And also, I’d tell you by email but I can’t find it, you’ve won the award! Here:http://therantingteenager.blogspot.com/2010/01/guess-what-i-got-award.html

  23. minervaK

    I merely aspire to one day be the hub of a glob.

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