Jan 30 2010

Spinster aunt goes to pieces

Oh no! A 40-second video of a dancing cartoon butt wreaks havoc with my neurotransmitters!

Below, sent in by blamer Katie — thanks, Katie! — is the video that generated my paroxysm. According to my secretary Phil, the video is funny, but not as funny as I think it is.


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  1. Shelly

    Phil is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrongity, wrong, wrong, WRONG!

  2. Comrade PhysioProf

    Doggie was all like, “Oh, man. There she goes again, butt dancing in the Aeron chair. I’m getting out of here.”

  3. humanbein

    What’s really funny is watching you laughing and being delighted!

  4. Orange

    My whole family agrees that the Butt Dance video was mildly funny, but that your reaction is priceless.

    Holy crap, the P is trying to ruin the fun. Behold the other “related videos” that appear at the bottom of the Jill’s Paroxysms embed after the video plays. There’s a whole lotta objectification garbage. Hmph.

  5. Michelle Bell

    I agree. Phil was horribly horribly wrong. That is about as funny as it gets.

    Also, I love your snort. I wish to snort so wonderfully.

  6. Josquin

    Chiming in: video vaguely amusing, Jill’s reaction hilarious!

  7. Mary K

    Seconded. It’s as funny as you think it is.

  8. Larkspur

    Fran is concerned. Not alarmed, but curious and concerned. She appears and then she disappears, and then we see her tail wagging (and that will happen when tailed creatures do the butt dance), and finally she comes right up to you and pretty much asks if you need an intervention. I love Fran.

    That is Fran, right?

  9. Kozmik

    OMG I wish someone had recorded me watching the thing. I burst an O ring laughing so hard.

  10. nakedthoughts

    The best part is, that we have linkable proof for next time someone claims feminists have no sense of humor.

    Or the best part is when the cute cheek puffs move from being breasts of an average size, to a very large buttocks.

    but that first thing I said is still awesome.

  11. lawbitch

    Hilarious butt dance! Then again, I’m a fan of Red Hiney on Cow and Chicken. Butts simply amuse me.

  12. Medbh

    My pooches Kima and Omar went apeshit when they heard your chuckling, Jill.
    They did their own butt dance in response.

  13. Shelly

    My theory about why some men believe that feminists have no sense of humor is that they’re so busy mansplaining at us how we’re a bunch of humorless, hairy-legged harpies that they can’t take two seconds to observe whether or not any of that is actually true.

  14. Judi

    Oh my, the raucous chortlefest has alarmed the cats.

    “Butt” is indeed a very funny word. Actual butts are frequently amusing as well. Do you know there’s a Buttsville, New Jersey? Imagine the postcard: Jersey butts filling the horizon.

    A lovely and relevant cat haiku (author unknown – not me) –

    We’re almost equals.
    I purr to show I love you.
    Want to smell my butt?

    Jill, I think my cats want to smell your dancing butt. Savor the honor of it!

  15. speedbudget

    The video didn’t make me laugh out loud, but that haiku did.

  16. slythwolf

    It looks like Bert also enjoyed the butt dance movie.

  17. Jonathan

    I suggest you watch a classic episode of Ren & Stimpy. Apparently, this sort of stuff is right up your alley.

  18. Crystal

    Fans of the animated Butt Dance video may also enjoy:


  19. Victoria

    Now I have to make a video of me watching your reaction.

  20. Laughingrat

    This is the funniest shit I’ve seen all day. Both vids. Thanks, Jill!

  21. Pinko Punko

    I did hit rewind to check pupil dilation, though I didn’t see any doritos or cheesy puffs littering the bunkhouse.

    I can’t wait to show that to the Goob.

  22. janicen

    My dog, Molly, got up from her sunbeam to move closer to my laptop when she heard you chortle. She always gravitates to the dominant female in the room.

  23. lawbitch

    Red Hiney does the but dance Carnival style. lol


  24. Jodie

    No, that is EXACTLY as funny as you think it is. Maybe even funnier!

  25. Judi

    How cool it is that everyone’s animals reacted strongly to this video. Clearly the appeal of laughter crosses species. I wonder how many different species would be affected – did anyone’s goldfish swim over to the side of the tank nearer the computer? Would slime mold ooze over to check it out?

  26. Fliss

    Haha both are lolworthy, and I love the dog. No surprise we have a lack of humour to dicks who need the joke to be offensive to be funny.

    Laughing along together with men at every- day stuff is a privilege completely undue to us. Like how a beggar wouldn’t find jokes at a rich man’s party funny, that’s how women are meant to feel at a comedy gig.

  27. convertX

    If only I could transfer my own boobs to my butt. I would do it in a second if it meant I could butt-slam the floor like that. Have any Aussies out there read ‘What Bumosaur is That?’ by Griffiths and Denton?

  28. Ron Sullivan

    Had the same effect on me. Matt the Cat is staring.

  29. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Of course butts are funny. Farts, too. When I suggested this at a recent family gathering, my nephew accused me of huffing a load of good boo.

    I blame from work, so I’m unable to gauge the reactions of the menagerie, but all the videos made me giggle. Even the mondo-peculiar Japanese one.

  30. Lady K

    It is from the successful reception of this video that I recommend putting anything you are curious about into the YouTube search field.

    “Why does she keep talking about doing the butt-dance? Is there something I missed?”

    Apparently, yes.

  31. Aster Medallion

    I needed a good laugh to help unfurrow my too-furrowed brow. I require the assistance of the Blamers!

    I went to a recreation expo yesterday and there was a pole dancing fitness class expo.

    The two demonstrators were incredibly strong, beautiful, limber, graceful.

    They also were incredibly agile at finding ways to grind their hoo-hoos and do the butt display often seen at mating time for the bonobos.

    Now the confusion: These two young women were completely unashamed about their bodies and sexuality. They were having a great time.

    But. But. I mean, it’s bad, right? Cause they kept talking about empowerment, but then kept getting up off the floor like they were fucking the pole.

    Don’t hurt me too bad, but do help me out.

  32. Hattie

    My reaction was the same as yours. I laughed and laughed but it wasn’t really funny!
    What’s really funny is how I farted in my yoga class! Hahahahaha!

  33. Fliss


    Hahaha for shame (that’s why I never go to yoga anymore, ‘trapped air’ occurred twice in my last session). Used to happen when I was a kid and had to get down on the floor, then get up again. Another reason why I dislike men, they’re saved from these embarassments.

  34. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    A fella who attended a training class with me was tossed off the handbell choir at church for farting. The pastor thought he was doing it on purpose.

  35. karinova

    That was delightful.
    I was feeling awfully glum; that was just what I needed.

    PS: I second LadyK’s advice. True, there are risks— terrible, terrible risks!— but when it’s gold, it’s solid gold. Case in point, just a few weeks ago, I idly put the phrase “my cat is emo” into the Google machine (because he frequently is). It rewarded me with this one-minute gem. Good times.

  36. vinaigrettegirl

    Watching it with the sound off is almost as funny as with the sound on: therefore a truly funny animated film. With respect, Phil, I disagree.

    And it’s a delight to see you happy, SA&GF.

  37. Jodie

    Heh, Antoinette, your pastor needs to a attend a support group meeting of individuals with pancreatic exocrine disorders. He will have much more compassion for involuntary farting.

  38. Zora

    Dear Twisty,
    this rally belongs in an email, but I am blocked from those at work, so I’m, going public.

    Thank you SO much. I couldn’t have even thought it without you. This morning on the bus, this guy got on and asked everybody what time it was. I said, “Well, it must be after 8:16.” (Because that’s when my bus is due.)

    The guy next to me said, “It’s 8:20.”

    Guy asking says to me, “No, it’s 8:20 – little girl.”

    So I turn to the 8:20 guy, who looks amenable o the idea, and say, “Did you hear that fucking shit! Guy without a watch decides that YOUR time is correct. I suspect it’s because your a dude; you must be right.”

    He looks confused so I explain, “If you had a vagina you hear this shit all the time. I mean seriously, ‘little girl’ give me a fucking break! How the hell does he know YOUR watch is right.”

    Guy without a watch starts talking to him. Don’t know or care what he says but I can’t help feeling he’s explaining himself.

    Finally, I get off the bus and he says “Thanks for your time.”

    I say, “You seem like a real asshole.”

    He says, “God bless you.”

    I say, “Yea, fuck off.”

    There’s just no pleasing some people.

    Men don’t just hate you, they think you’re an idot. Thank you Twisty, I woyldn’t ever have rally realized that on my own.

  39. buttercup

    Zora, blame on!

  40. Zora

    I sure hope everybody will ignore my ridiculous grammatical mistakes above. I was clearly in a hurry.

  41. Hattie

    This one is French!

  42. speedbudget

    Were your farts like this?

  43. Mo


    Your laugh is phenomenal.

  44. Antoinette Niebieszczanski

    Y’know, I feel guilty about telling that story on the intertubes, because I was sworn to secrecy never to repeat it. It was part of an exercise in which we had to describe a painful event in our lives. Most spoke of losing friends or family members to death. An engineer in our group told the Tale of Being Asked to Leave the Handbell Choir. Poor guy — the experience musta been humiliating. Gotta give him credit for having the stones to tell it.

    A couple years later I coulda told him the Tale of Being Asked to Leave Pilates Class (that shit is HARD, y’all). And sometimes there’s just no substitute for a good hard belly-laugh.

  45. JJS

    My day.
    It is made.

  46. Mooska

    Ha! Both videos were fucking great.

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